Sunday, February 23, 2020

Feeling the 'Bern' in Nevada: Sanders Is Setting the Democractic Establishment on Fire

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It rained off-and-on in Las Vegas yesterday, but that didn't seem to bother Sanders supporters attending the Democratic primary.

The emerging story today tells a tale that moderate Democrats don't want to hear; voters are feeling the "Bern," picking Sanders as their choice for president in Nevada.

That moderates like Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar didn't do as good as they should have, especially in a diversely populated state, has to be a concern for establishment Democrats.

A Populist, Bernie Sanders was the big story. One interesting sidebar to his story is that 3-in-5 voters made their mind up before yesterday's primaries.

The Democratic National Party is facing a dilemma it hoped to avoid; a growing split in the party between moderates and the far left.

The prevailing thought is that a self-avowed socialist will get pummeled by Trump because he'd be the perfect foil for him and his cult followers.

When a House Intelligence Committee warned that the Russians wanted Trump reelected, and were supporting Berni Sanders as his opponent, Democratic leaders were faced with another unwanted narrative... 

Bernie Sanders won't stand a chance against Trump and that's why his campaign and the Russians are promoting him. How do you deal with that little fire?

Because Sanders took the majority of the Hispanic vote (with Biden a distant second) DNC leaders can't ignore that important demographic if they want to win states like Nevada.

Anyone who saw Sander's rally in Texas yesterday, as he was winning the Nevada vote, couldn't help but see the enthusiasm of the huge audience he was addressing.

It almost looked like a Trump rally, with the exception that most at Bernie's rally live in the real world

Fact: No other Democrat has been able to generate such large and enthusiastic audiences. No other Democrat has more individual donors than Bernie.   

The DNC can't just ignore the groundswell of support that Sanders has been enjoying because their afraid of his socialist tag. No matter who runs against Trump, he'll find something to attack them on.

There's a long ways to go yet before Super Tuesday and the remainder of the other primaries are over. Lot's can happen. 

The one thing that shouldn't happen is the DNC working against Bernie because they can't overcome their assumption that only a moderate can beat Trump.

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The key to beating Trump is having a united front. If Democrats are really serious about winning they may have to think outside the box to beat such an unorthodox opponent.

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Saturday, February 22, 2020

In a Time of Universal Lies... Telling the Truth is Revolutionary

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Trump, our divider in chief, is on a constant mission to debunk the truth, wherever he finds it. 

He's sick of it surfacing and embarrassing him.

When the truth doesn't suit Trump (95 percent of the time) he tracks it down like a big game hunter, and attacks it. 

The most recent example was when all 17 intelligence agencies concluded that the Russians were currently attacking our electoral system to help get Trump reelected.

When Trump was told about the House Intelligence Committee briefing that confirmed the Russians were out to help him get reelected, he flipped his hair piece!

Like a naughty 3rd grader hoping to get his teacher in trouble, Rep. Devin Nunes ran to Trump right after the briefing was over and reported the intel community was sharing the truth. That was intolerable news for the First Narcissist.

Trump exploded at Joseph Maguire, a veteran intelligence operative who was the current acting DNI after Nunes squealed that a Maguire deputy told a bipartisan congressional committee, including Trump's arch nemesis, Adam Schiff, that Russia was back at it again - pushing Trump's re-election.

Wasting no time, Trump fired Maguire and put in one of his puppets, Richard Grenell to stop anymore truths from leaking out.

In a full court press against truth and transparency in his administration, another Trump puppet, John McEntee, his former bodyguard who was elevated to run the presidential personnel office, was instructed to root out anyone that was disloyal to Trump - in other words - truth talkers

Regardless of Trump's attempts at suppressing the truth it always has a way of coming out. Sometimes right away, or later when it's not expected.

A great journalist, Edward R. Murrow, once said,

"To be persuasive we must be believable;
to be believable we must be creditable;
to be credible we must be truthful."

The truth will always be Trump's enemy... and must always be used to combat his fake news and outright lies.

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Friday, February 21, 2020

America: A Republic in Search of a Savior

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In these stressful times under a wannabe tyrant, Americans are looking for relief from the daily chaos coming out of The White House.

The only possible answer to ending that chaos and protecting our Democracy and values, is to vote Trump out of office in November.

In the search for a savior, the Democrats have narrowed it down to five presidential possibilities: Joe Biden; Mike Bloomberg; Pete Buttigieg; Amy Klobuchar; Bernie Sanders; and Elizabeth Warren. 

Meanwhile, while the search narrows down, Trump and minions are having a grand old time degrading the Justice Department by flaunting laws and traditions.

The fate of a nation based on laws and equality is at stake.

The question is whether the Democratic party can get behind the eventual winner of the primary process and present a united front against Trump?

If, for instance, Bernie's (infamous Bernie Bros) followers refuse to accept anyone but him, even if he loses the primaries, that will be an incalculable blow to a unified Democratic voting bloc. 

There's no room for errors, or re-does.

If the Democrats don't get it right this time and motivate the maximum amount of voters in every state, Trump will be reelected.

Our republic won't survive, as envisioned by the founders, with four more years of depredations in every branch of government. 

As it is, the new president is going to have a real challenge undoing the damage Trump's already wrought on all of our intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, the State Department, the Treasury Department, and Congress.

There is hope. There's always hope.

I believe there's enough Americans who want to end the reign of our reality show president that they will turn out in record numbers to vote for his Democratic challenger (whomever that may be).

As someone who came of age in the 1960s, I've seen this country meet every challenge and continue to move on with the challenges each decade presented. 

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That we're a republic that needs a savior every so often, is nothing new under the sun.

"Life always promises to give the world a person to take away everything bad." - Eloise Dyson

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Thursday, February 20, 2020

New Domestic Terrorist Group: Not the Boogyman Coming... But the Boogaloo!

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It's a sad fact of life in America that domestic terrorists are increasing like flies around a decaying body.

A new anti-government movement that advocates for a second Civil War is being organized around the term Boogaloo, an inside extremist meme.

Extremism researchers first detected the movement in 2019 when fringe groups from guns rights and militia movements began referring to an impending civil war using boogaloo, a joking reference to "Breaking" 2: Electrical Boogaloo, a 1984 sequel movie about breakdancing.

Boogaloo memes are shared alongside violent text and images that have crossed over from their early platforms like 4chan, to mainstream platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram.

The ambiguity of the term Boogaloo works to cloak extremist organizing in the open, much like the OK hand signal coopted by white supremacist's (who deny the association). 

Like a virus hiding from the immune system, the use of comical-meme language permits the network to organize violence secretly behind a mirage of inside jokes and plausible deniability.

In just the last three months researchers warn that the use of the term has increased by 50 percent on Twitter and Reddit.

Organizers have even monetized the Boogaloo concept through merchandize advertising on Facebook and Instagram ads, marketed to former and current members of the military.

This latest movement is part of a renaissance for extremists in America that have grown since Trump slithered into office.

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Tales from the Swamp: Featuring Trump's Favorite Toady Bill Barr

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It's ironic watching the swamp grow in Washington DC, as Trump's toxic policies and deeds foul our society.

Just a little over three years ago, Trump convinced gullible voters he would "clean out the swamp" in Washington politics. 

The reality is Trump created the mother of all swamps, and it's getting deeper by the day.

Tales from the Swamp

This installment we're going to take a look at one of Trump's favorite toadies... Attorney General Bill Bar.

He's been making waves in the algae lately by ignoring DOJ regulations and openly siding with Trump against his own department's decisions.

When Barr recently overrode a recommendation by DOJ prosecutor's for Roger Stone to serve between 7-9 years in prison it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

More than 2,000 ex-DOJ employees have called for his resignation in response to Barr's overt interference. When her saw Trump tweeted about how unfair the sentence was to his long-time buddy Stone, Barr intervened and called for a shorter sentence. 

Meanwhile, Barr has been a busy little toad, conducting backroom investigations to exonerate other Trump associates like former national security advisor Mike Flynn.

Barr's unswerving loyalty to Trump was evident when he managed to suppress - and spin - the redacted Mueller report.

He gave Trump's legal team a head's up, and then held a press conference where he offered an alternate reality defense to the public. 

Barr managed to slime Mueller's report so effectively even the Democrats gave up trying to undo the damage and moved on to the Ukraine scandal.

As a top toadie, Barr has managed to steer Trump through the swamp safely every time he's been threatened with legal issues, and even impeachment.

Qualifications for Swamp Dwellers

1. Willingness to lie for Trump
2. Undying loyalty to his "Trumpness"
3. Must not have a conscience

Needless to say, Barr has passed the bar, and earned his place in the swamp.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

News Alert! Trump on Pardon Spree: Ted Bundy Might Be Next!

Trump sent Americans a clear message today. He's preparing to pardon Roger Stone the day after his sentencing and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

He started the morning off by commuting the sentence of a corrupt Chicago politician, Rod Blagojevich.

It was quickly followed by a full pardon for former police commissioner Bernie Kerik who was convicted of tax fraud and lying to officials. 

That travesty of justice was a warm-up for the next one; pardoning infamous "Junk Bond King" Michael Milikin.

The day isn't over yet.

Trump aides have been hinting at a pardon so audacious and dramatic, it will make members of the alt-right swoon!

Ted Bundy could be the next beneficiary of Trump's unhinged exercise in abusing power to show whose in charge before Stone's sentence is handed down. 

One aide, who asked not to be named because Trump minions would hunt him down like a quail and fill him with bullshit shot, reported Trump may make the announcement shortly before the six o'clock news.

The reactions among Republicans to Trump's predation of pardons was predictable. The sound of sheep bleating across the nation.

Stay tuned.

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Living in The Online 'Golden Age of Poetry'

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For a change of pace, I'm sharing a short essay today:

The Online Golden Age of Poetry

The traditional gatekeepers of poetry, professors and such, have long considered themselves quality control experts.
These gatekeepers narrow interpretation of what constitutes what is worthy comes with constrictions and different restrictions.
Examples include:
Haiku, Ballad, Stev, Ode, Free verse, Blank verse, thematic, limerick and nursery rhymes. 
Spoken out loud, they provide powerful images within the confines of each style. 
A feat many writers haven’t bothered to try, poetry was once deemed elitist, and a byproduct of scholarly snobbery.

But The Beat Generation came along and showed us that not all poems have to rhyme, and that provocative word pictures could be painted without formal meter or stanza standing in the way. A revolution that is still happening today.

Even more important to me, is that everyone can feel free to share their poetry on their own websites, or social platforms on the internet and have an audience without conventional publishers dictating terms to them.

This, because of the growing poet population online, is the modern Golden Age of Poetry.  Here's 31 contemporary poets you can check out.
In this age of fake news, poetry is still a reality that reflects our values and emotions. Free from tribal controversy, poets in this golden age help us all keep it real.
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Monday, February 17, 2020

Presidential Day at the Races: Trump Takes Big Boy Car For a Spin in Daytona 500!

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Yesterday's Daytona 500 featured something racing fans have never seen before.

(Photo-Trump shows off his favorite Big Boy car circa 2016)

Rumors circulated that the president of the United States was going to take a lap around the Daytona 500 Raceway in his "Beast" days ago. 

It was going to be an historic moment... Trump, as the Grand Marshal, and wife Melania, would rev up the crowd moments before the race began, circling the track in the presidential limousine.

It did turn out to be an historic moment (only one other president - Dubya did it before), but not exactly what the script called for...

In a last minute change of plans, Trump decided he was going to take the only car he was allowed to drive by himself around the famous track. It was an opportunity the narcissist in chief couldn't pass up.

The Secret Service agents in charge of watching Donny reluctantly fetched his favorite Big Boy car before the race began.

The crowd roared in appreciation every time Trump flipped his Big Boy car on the turns, and turned it back over (with the help of his Secret Service agents) then gamely pedaling on.

The time keeper fell asleep before Trump finally made the whole lap, but the crowd was loving every moment chanting "Help him up! Help him up!" every time he flipped over.

The chants changed in volume as he repeatedly crashed into the wall, but kept going; "Tear down that wall! Tear down that wall!" echoed across the stands.

Fans were thrilled even though the skies opened up and rain came down after his historic lap. Trump's minions were prepared with his favorite orange rain gear. 

After setting the slowest time record for every going around the fabled raceway, fans cheered as Trump was helped out of his mangled Big Boy car.

It was truly an historic event... and one of the most embarrassing displays by a president to ever be witnessed and documented.

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Sunday, February 16, 2020

A Numb Nation: It Takes a Lot To Shock Americans These Days

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The alternate reality show in the White House gets worse daily. It's disturbing and tiring.

The Trump administration's shock and awe campaign to corrupt America has been so swift - a mere three years - that it's left most people numb, and barely able to react to the daily chaos.

Few people are surprised, or shocked anymore that the president of the United States is a blatant liar. In all of the past administrations the president was held to much higher standards. Truth mattered.

Sometimes it's hard for me to look back when I was in school and the president of the United States was considered a man of honor who set the standard for respect, and who always defended our republic.

Now we have a president whose openly bragged that he could shoot someone on 5th avenue in New York, and no one would do anything about it. 

Trump's lawyers even tried advancing that fractured theory in court during an attempt to stop the city from investigating his taxes.

How numb are most Americans? 

** The most corrupt president in American history has been impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of justice but it hasn't stopped his crimes... 

… if anything, Trump has doubled down on violating laws after the GOP jellyfish acquitted him in the senate. He's currently on a revenge tour and unconcerned with governing... and no one is doing anything about it. 

** Children at all age levels in school have been influenced by Trump's racism and are picking on peers who are minorities. Where's the national outrage?

** Trump mocks religion and gets away with it... and is still embraced by white evangelicals and far-right quasi religions like the Church of Prosperity

** Trump believes Russian leader Putin over American intelligence agencies... yet it doesn't seem to matter. People are that numb.

Even Trump's daily toxic tweets bring little outrage nowadays.They briefly go viral on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, and then disappear in cyberspace to make room for the next tweet.

Americans are numb, but not dumb.

During the next nine months voters need to shake off the lethargy that's been enabling Trump. Time is running out. The fate of the nation will be decided in November.

Don't numbly stand by and let the toxic times keep you away from the voting booths. Your vote makes a difference.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Trump's Animal House: Fool Fights, Tweeting Nights, and Outrageous Sights

Good Day World!

It's been a case of animal house in the White House since GOP senators gave Trump a pass, and unleashed a rabid honey badger upon his critics and perceived enemies.

The herds of GOP sheep in the Senate and House are huddled together in fear of the big bad wolf who can blow their careers down with a tweet!

Fool Fights

The mongoose-in-charge is seeking snakes that only exist in his tiny brain. 

Trump's bloodlust even extends to states that he doesn't like. For instance, New York which he has disavowed since authorities have gone after his crooked ass). Now he's attempting to hold the state hostage.

In several chest-beating tweets the Orangutan in the Oval Office bragged that he can tell the Justice Department what to do because he has the "legal right"... which of course is pure Grade A Bullshit.

Tweeting Nights

Like a buzzard circling above it's prey, Trump is ready to pounce upon people with the help of his twitter account. His corruption and lies foul the nest he's made in the West Wing.

While Trump is flying high, some of his minions are facing investigations in the coming days. In particular these two rats:

 Attorney General Bill Barr is set to testify before the House Judiciary Committee on Match 31st, where he's sure to be grilled for he's handling of the Stone case and more.


Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is expected to appear before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Feb. 28th.

He's got a lot of explaining to do....starting with Trump's drone attack on an Iranian leader that nearly led us to the brink of war.

       Outrageous Sights

** Trump awards fascist homophobe, Rush Limbaugh, the Medal of Freedom Award

** The State of the Union Rally that was really a Reality Show.

** Trump fires war hero Alexander Vindman and has him escorted out of White House like a criminal.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, February 14, 2020

'What is America Going to Do?'

                                     Good Day World!

Fair warning!

I'm feeling somewhat poetic today, and have concocted the following poem for your amusement:

What is America Going to Do?

During these dire days
when truth is debatable
and hate
 is setting the country ablaze 

every issue is a stalemate
because two teams rule
the Red and the Blue
fighting in a cesspool
over a world view

What is America going to do?

Oh! America! 'tis for thee
our founders fought to preserve
and keep us free
and to never swerve
protecting our country

What is America going to do?

The answer lies in voting booths
from sea-to-sea
by protecting the truths
in our democracy
our country
from a corrupt presidency


Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, February 13, 2020

After Unleashing Trump Republicans Face New Battles

                                        Good Day World!

To:  Susan Collins, and those other na├»ve partisan Republicans who claimed Trump would be a good boy after being chastened by impeachment

Subject: Just Look at your boy now. He's on a revenge tour while violating DOJ procedures to save his buddy Roger Stone.

The optics of Trump's attacks against witnesses who testified against him in the impeachment trial are not good. Trump's base may enjoy the bloodletting, but the rest of America is watching, stunned by the viciousness of his attacks.

In a "In your face" moment, Trump got the DOJ (AG Barr) to change the proposed 7 to 9 years for Roger Stone's crimes from his own department. Four of five prosecutors immediately resigned in protest of the unprecedented move.

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Republicans in Trouble

Rep. Jim Jordan, one of Trump's most devout brown noses, is in big trouble.

The brother of Ohio State University whistleblower Mike DiSabato told state lawmakers in a public hearing Tuesday that Jordan personally pleaded with him to intercede after DiSabato publicly accused the Republican congressman of turning a blind eye to the sexual abuse of male wrestlers by team doctor Richard Strauss.

Rep. Doug Collins, is giving the Republican Party in Georgia and Congress heartburn.

He's decided the House wasn't big enough for his ego and the senate was. His decision to run is going to complicate the path for a Republican to hold onto the seat and increase the chances where no candidate gets a majority of the vote, forcing it to a two-person runoff. 

All of the Republicans and Democrats face each other in the special election as part of Georgia's election rules.

More trouble ahead for Trump as House Democrats ask Secret Service for details about it's payments to Trump's company.


Collins' career change attempt is giving Mitch McConnell a new headache in his quest to hold onto the senate majority. It illustrates growing cracks in the party.

Jordan's career is on the line, and depending what happens in the investigation, his freedom may also be on the line if he's convicted of enabling a massive cover-up.

Trump is going to be hounded with numerous court cases and oversight issues with the House prior to November.

Democrats are largely on offense in Senate races this November. They need a net gain of four seats, or three if they win the White House since the vice president would be the tie-breaking vote.

Senators Cory Gardner, Susan Collins, Thom Tillis, Martha McSally, and David Perdue are all considered vulnerable this November.

*Note: that if David Perdue and the other contested Georgia seat that Doug Collins is vying for are defeated, it'll be the first time in 20 years Georgia has had two Democratic senators.

The biggest challenge for the Republican Party this election is if Democrats turn out to vote in record numbers. Most political analysts predict they will.

Let's hope so.

Time for me to walk on down the road...