Saturday, November 7, 2020

Democracy Wins! WAY TO GO JOE!


Dear Diary,

It's over! After waiting anxiously since Nov. 3rd we know that Joe Biden is our next presidency.

Joe won convincingly. More people voted for him than any other American president in history.

I can breath now. Millions of Americans feel the same way this morning. Today is my 70th birthday and Joe's win was the best gift I could have been given.

I'm not going to worry about what Trump does before Jan. 30th. I fully expect him to continue being hateful and spiteful. 

Today is a day of celebration!

Let's all celebrate the saving of our republic!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Election Day 2020 is Here: Will We Still Have a Democracy When the Results Are In?

Pandemic Diary - Day 229

Dear Diary,

It's never happened before in modern history.

Store owners have boarded up their windows across the country in anticipation of riots on election day. Riots. On. Election. Day.

It's like hearing about Banana Republics that routinely have riots during elections, as one strongman after another gets overthrown. But I'm talking about America.

I never thought it would come down to this. An election that is going to decide the fate of democracy in the United States of America. If Trump wins, the republic loses.

We can only hope Joe Biden wins in a landslide today. Anything close is going to be contested by Trump's army of lawyers. Trump will refuse to accept defeat unless it's a total blowout.

In defeat, we can expect the worst lame duck presidency in history. Donny doesn't play nice when he loses. He never has.

I went to bed last night and had trouble sleeping. So much depends upon who wins. I think Biden will pull it off however. 

When I tune in to the news this evening, I'll be watching from the edge of my rocking chair while white knuckling a glass of Tequila. I have a hunch I'll be joined by millions of Americans drinking their alcohol of choice...

and waiting to witness the fate of our nation.

Quote for the Day: "Talk is cheap, voting is free: take it to the polls..." -Nanette L. Avery

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Election Day Skepticism, Denialism, and Intimidation

 Pandemic Diary - Day 228

Dear Diary,

I'm not surprised Trump supporters in pickups with flags in the back, surrounded a Biden campaign bus a couple of days ago almost bringing it to an entire stop prompting a 911 call.

Naked intimidation.

The FBI is supposedly investigating the scary incident.

 Meanwhile a Texas GOP chairman claimed the whole thing was "Fake News" and "propaganda."

It didn't matter that the entire episode was video-taped and that anyone watching it could see what was happening. Anyone, but the Trump campaign minions.

That's denialism. They have no good answer for showing up at polls with weapons, waving Trump flags, or why they're making it hard for people to vote. 

Trump's minions shamelessly tell falsehoods that they think will defy our lying eyes (reality) regardless of the evidence.

Skepticism is sweeping through the country like the Grim Reaper as overwhelmed and confused Americans try to slog through layers of daily lies.

Out of the chaos that Trump has created this election cycle, Americans must vote in record numbers... 

if we want to save our democracy and defeat this pandemic with science.

We must vote like our future and lives depend upon it on Nov. 3rd. 

Because they do.

Quote for the Day: "Confident and proficient people are virtually impossible for a bully to intimidate in any environment." -Kilroy J. Oldster

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...