Saturday, May 1, 2021

Shameless Pence Pursues Presidential Possibility

Pence has no pride.

Despite Trump's relentless attacks against him, Pence is still pledging total fealty in a bid to run for the presidency in 2024.

He doesn't talk about when Trump's supporters marauded through the Capitol on Jan.6, threatening to hang him. Or, that they even built a scaffold outside in anticipation of lynching him.

He didn't blink an eye when Trump scolded him for not blocking Congress's recognition of Biden's victory. 

He pretends to ignore Trump supporters who are still mad it him for not lying and subverting the electoral process.

Since the election Pence has holed up in North Virginia, sealing a book deal and writing an occasional op-ed for the Daily Signal, a publication run by the extremist Heritage Foundation.

Last week Pence carefully orchestrated a reemergence onto the public stage - meeting with evangelic pastors and top donors to lay the groundwork for a potential 2024 bid.

The challenge for Pence is those loyal Trump supporters who are livid with him for recognizing Biden's win despite Trump's urging not to.

Thus far all of Pence's speaking engagements have banned the mainstream media from attending.

But he can't ignore the reality of his total sell-out to Trump, the most unpopular president the nation has ever had.

As time goes on tough questions will dog Pence and he'll find himself trying to defend his pride and manhood.

The fact is there's no good reason for selling one's soul.

Friday, April 30, 2021

Florida Joins Other States Suppressing Voters, Passes New Restrictions

               If it isn't broke why fix it?

According to Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis the 2020 election went flawlessly in Florida. No cases of fraud.

Yet, DeSantis is preparing to sign a new voter suppression law imposing restrictions on ballot boxes and mail-in voting.

Despite the push from activists, corporate leaders, and Democrats, voter restriction laws are popping up in Republican controlled states like toxic mushrooms.

This unprecedented effort among states to enact legislation with new hurdles to casting a ballot is the result of Trump supporters who can't accept reality, and that Joe Biden is our president.

According to the nonpartisan Brennan Center for Justice, nearly every state has introduced bills like this and at least five have already been enacted.

Republicans admit the last election was successful. but they argued the changes will keep Florida's elections accessible while establishing "guardrails" to prevent potential fraud in the future.

Guardrails for who?

Republicans restricting Democratic voters to ensure a chokehold on the state's politics?

Particularly irksome is the claim Republicans are trying to preserve the sanctity of our elections, when in fact they're busy assaulting our electoral system.

Lawsuits are being filed against states who adopt voter suppression laws. Hopefully they'll be successful in protecting voter's rights.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

US Intel Report Says Giuliani Was Lead Facilitator for Russian Effort To Smear Candidate Joe Biden

Trump's fellow traitor Rudy Giuliani got a rude surprise yesterday when the feds raided his Manhattan apartment and seized his cell phone, computer, and other materials.

It's highly unusual for prosecutors to execute a search warrant on a lawyer. There are some exceptions however like Michael Cohen's case.

The warrant described an investigation into possible violation of foreign lobbying laws and and sought communications between Giuliani and people including a former columnist for The Hill, John Solomon.

One cannot help but wondering who else may get swept into this apparently far-reaching investigation.

It's obvious that Giuliani's communications with Trump and his campaign staff from November and December 2020, and January 2021, will be included in the investigation.

Giuliani has been under scrutiny by Manhattan federal prosecutors since early 2019.

But he always had Trump's puppet Bill Barr to stall and even squelch investigations into his traitorous attempt to frame Biden, and helping Russia in it's public disinformation attempts like "Stop The Steal."

That's all changed now because there's a new AG in town; Merrick Garland. He revoked Rudy's free pass and freed-up the prosecutors to finally do their job.

Giuliani faces a wide range of federal crimes, including violations of the federal election and lobbying laws, as well as money laundering.

Former Senator Claire McCaskill got it right when she told Brian Williams that Giuliani was a "treasonous traitor" who was working directly with a hostile power - Russia - to undermine our democracy.

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Republican Playbook: Performers Not Policy-Makers

When was the last time you heard Trump or any of his minions push actual policies as opposed to rewarding personalities with no brains or ethics?

To be a GOP star includes having an abrasive personality, the ability to glibly lie, and a knack for putting on a circus every time they're near a media source.

I had to laugh when Republicans got together earlier this week to plot the way forward as a party. Words like policy were batted around like badminton birdies.

Afterwards the closest the members could come to was a future plan to continue to demonizing the democrats as socialists.

No actual policy. No surprise.

Republican voters have been spoiled with the biggest circus performer in the land, former president Trump.

The idea of putting on a good show was very attractive, especially to former Apprentice fans of Trump.

Following in his footsteps, actors and con men became popular as politicians. Most with no experience, but all ready to perpetrate the BIG LIE.

This extreme strategy failed in the 2020 elections, but Republicans are loath to giving it up because they fear Trump and his rabid base.

Some Republicans know that personality is not as important as making policies. Third-ranked House GOP leader Liz Cheney has said as much in their recent planning session.

Not that it matters. 

The goal for GOP lawmakers is to raise money through extremist members like Devin Nunes - a political hack and traitor (see Ukraine scandal).

As long as people like Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, and Josh Hawley are pulling in sizable donations they'll continue to be stars for the party.

Republicans abdicated policies when Trump was elected, choosing to be entertained by a clown con man who is a serial liar.

Until Republicans are able to sever their toxic relationship with Trump cult followers, they're going to be held hostage by a sea of lies.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Arizona GOP Still Trying To Overturn 2020 Election With Ballot Audit Stunt

In the never-ending attempt to Steal The Election Arizona Republicans are conducting a THIRD audit of the 2020 election results in Maricopa Country.

Proof you can't fix stupid is being graphically demonstrated by Republican efforts denying the election results in 2020. 

Arizona Republicans hired a company known for working for QAnon nuts and other extremists - Cyber Ninjas - to conduct an audit in a feeble attempt to rig the results.

In the first place, the audit is supposed to be about transparency, but Cyber Ninjas has abandoned any pretense of such and requested a judge to keep their procedures secret from the public and the press.

For the record, taxpayers are being asked to pay for this sorry-ass attempt to subvert democracy.

Putting an agenda-driven company in charge was the first sign the audit was a partisan ploy to stir up Trump's base. Asking a judge to keep their methods secret was the second sign.

Any reasonable person knows the election was fair. It was challenged over 70 times in the courts by fantasy-driven Trump supporters and went nowhere.

The GOPs latest attempt is dead-in-the-waters, but leaves a sticky film of corruption that will be hard to get rid of. 

The real danger behind these futile attempts is the fact a political party is using the Big Lie to assault our electoral system.

Sadly, there seems to be no end to this stupidity, as GOP hacks try to claw their way back to power.

Monday, April 26, 2021

GOP Announces MAGA Awards

So much for the Oscars. 

There's another award ceremony brewing in Republican caves, basements, and in Congress. 

Coming soon - the MAGA Awards.

Senate Candidates Announced:

1.   Perpetuating The Big Lie.

2.   Opposition to everything Democrats do.

3.   Biggest Hypocrite

4.   Most loyal QAnon Supporter

5.   Successful Political Grifter

6.   Flat Earther Best Known for Science Denial

7.   The Flip-Flopper Award

8.   The Putin Enabler Citation

9.   Top Conspiracist 

10.  The Biggest Asshole

11.  Most Consistent Liar

12.  Most Senile

The list of candidates is too long to get them all in this post. Therefore, I picked the most likely winners for the above categories.

Donald Trump - Should sweep every category but you never know.

Mike Lee - In the running for three categories; #1, #9 and #10.

Jim Jordan - Top seed for biggest Hypocrite and Most Consistent Liar.

Mitch McConnell - Shoo-in for Most Senile and Biggest Hypocrite.

Ron Johnson - Odds on favorite for The Putin Enabler Citation. Also strong contender for Top Conspiracist and Biggest Asshole.

Rand Paul - Has the chance to win or place 2nd in every category.

Tom Cotton - Brings it on in the most competitive categories - #1, #2, #6, #8, and #11.

House Candidates Announced

Kevin McCarthy - Frontrunner for the coveted Flip-Flopper award. He'll pose a serious challenge to these categories: #1, #10, and #11.

Tommy Tuberville - Most likely to win Perpetrating the Big Lie and Top Conspiracist.

Lauren Boebert - Already infamous for Opposition to everything Democrats do. She's the dark horse winner. 

Marjorie Taylor Green - It's a given she's getting the Most Loyal QAnon Supporter. She's actually competitive in every category.

David Madison Cawthorn - Top choice for Most Successful Political Grifter is also guaranteed to be competitive in #1, #2, #9,#10, and #11.

Marsha Blackburn - Expected to make a good run in categories #2,#3, and #9.

Roy Chip - Another dark horse who could win several categories; #1, #6, #9, #11

Josh Hawley - Contender for several categories including The Biggest Asshole.

Andy Biggs - His strengths lie in #1 and #2.

Matt Gaetz - Should be the favorite for Biggest Asshole, but this is a very competitive category.

Joni Ernst - There should have been one more category for the Most Wildest Eyes. She hangs with the worst of competitors and will make a strong showing in every category.

Devin Nunes - Another candidate who should have been able to enter into The Biggest Cry Baby Award - but alas it didn't happen. Mark him down as competitive in every category.

I'll be sure to announce the dates for these prestigious awards as soon as the Republicans quit fighting about when and where the event will be held.

Options for a location range from Epstein Island to the Kremlin.

Sunday, April 25, 2021

Qualifying for the 1st Annual Burnt-Out Olympics

People from around the world qualify for the 1st Annual World Burnt-Out Olympics in Florida, USA.

In order to qualify, contestants are going to have to cite more than the pandemic as a reason why they're burnt-out.

People, like me with PTSD, will have a leg up. However, it's going to take more than that to win.

After consulting some of my friends and family, I've compiled a list of other reasons that may carry you over the top in this highly competitive competition.

Here they are: 

1.   Four stressful years with Trump and minions assaulting democracy.

2.   The Big Lie

3.   Not enough new TV shows and movies during the last year

4.   Loneliness

5.   Homeless

6.   Unemployed 

7.   Politics

8.   Chronic health conditions

9.   Fear of warfare in US and/or abroad.

10. Hunger 

Without a doubt there's countless other reasons for being burnt-out. 

The above suggestions are some of the most obvious.

The rules are simple; every country in the world only gets one winner.

So what does the winner get?

Professional help for all the reasons they're burnt-out. Sounds good to me.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...