Saturday, October 13, 2018

Trump/Saudi Love Affair Faces Universial Condermnation

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Trump was thinking about  sword dances and the red carpet treatment... 

when calls from Capitol Hill for the U.S. to halt arms sales to the kingdom after the murder of a Washington Post journalist rang out. 

Governments around the world are condemning Jamal Khashoggi's brutal murder by the Saudis.

Trump Administration Sticks With Saudis As Business Leaders Back Away

Trump is between a rock and a wall. Lawmakers are livid that Saudi Arabia sent a hit squad after Khashoggi for his controversial views on their government.

Congress is demanding to know if the columnist was killed inside the Saudi consulate in Turkey. Trump, who has private business deals, and presidential stakes in the kingdom, is doing everything he can to tamp down the controversy.

The Turkish government has already provided proof of what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. The next move is Trump's. His reaction to irreversible facts will be watched by the American people and the world.

To be sure, Congress has been concerned about Saudi Arabia's policies and the crown prince's aggressive steps to silence his critics for over a year now.

To Trump's dismay, lawmakers are considering halting a arms sales (that Trump bragged about in his visit to Saudi Arabia) to the kingdom.

Furthermore, there is a push in Congress for sanctions to imposed against the Saudis for human-rights violations. They're questioning America's support for a Saudi-led bombing campaign against Iranian-backed rebels in Yemen.

Least we forget, Trump's business relationships with the Saudi government - and rich Saudi business executives-go back to at least the 1990s.

Trump has a lot of irons in this growing firestorm showdown with Congress. He's going to be politically forced to make some hard decisions.

Expect a spin that will challenge reality.

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Friday, October 12, 2018

It's About Time: University Offers 'Trumpaganda' Class

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I wouldn't mind going back to college for an eight-week course examining our lying president and his assault on democracy.

Unfortunately for me, I don't live in Illinois where one university is offering a "Trumpaganda" course starting on October 22nd.

In what may be the wave of the future for universities across the country, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is taking on Trump's disinformation campaign and his "running war" with the mainstream news.

According to Associate Media professor, Mira Sotirovic, who is teaching the class, it's critical to learn how to recognize propaganda. Especially since the White House uses it so often.

I think this is a great idea. Perhaps the people who put together this first Trumpaganda class can share a course summary for other colleges to follow.

Informed Americans that know how their being manipulated will stand up to the Trump regime's lies and propaganda. 

There are still facts, despite Trump's fake news; and the Truth is still the Truth. Open eyes will repel lies.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Most Dangerous Man in Washington DC Is Not Trump

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When talking about destructive assholes in our government Trump's name automatically shoots to the top.

But, on closer inspection there's someone that has done even more lasting damage than Donny. I'm talking about the moron from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell.

His accomplishments include inflicting lasting damage to the presidency, the Senate, and the Supreme Court.

When the non-partisan intelligence officials discovered that Russia was interfering with the 2016 election they told McConnell.

His response, as written in a new book by Washington Post writer Greg Miller, was to threaten them with partisan attacks if they made the news public. He also defended the Russians.

The damage that came out of that infamous meeting is incalculable. 

Then there's the damage McConnell caused in the Senate. It may never be the same after his 10-month-long filibuster of Obama's Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland. He deeply harmed the comity that was still lingering in the Senate.

Finally, McConnell's performance in the confirmation hearing on Judge Kavanaugh was blatantly partisan and ignored all the prior standards of the confirmation process. He managed to get a partisan hack to further infect the conservative leaning of the court.

In the Hater's Handbook that all Republicans are playing by these days, McConnell's achievements were like a hat trick in hockey.

There's no doubt Trump has been the overt face of racial hatred, and a slew of other bad things. However, when you stack up McConnell's accomplishments, it's apparent he's the most dangerous man in Washington DC.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Spinning Nikki Haley's Sudden Departure and the Aftermath

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No one saw it coming.

Can you imagine the sense of panic that permeated the West Wing yesterday morning when the word that Nikki Haley was suddenly resigning got out?

The bombshell announcement reportedly blindsided those in the foreign policy establishment, the White House, and even members of Haley's staff.

Why was she resigning? Was she leaving so she could prepare to run for Trump's job in 2020? Was she the anonymous author of the NY Times Op Ed that suggested Trump was crazy and someone found out? 

Why make this announcement just before the midterms? Why was her resignation signed a week before she made the announcement? 

The day before Haley resigned a headline popped up that a Washington watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility  and Ethics, called for an investigation into her use of private travel on the government's dime. Did this cause her to leave ahead of a scandal?

Or, is she aware of something that is going to take Trump down and doesn't want to be part of his administration when that happens?

These questions, and more, rolled out into the halls of the White House and into media land early Tuesday morning.

ne of the two credible members (Sec.of Defense James Mattis is the other one) on team Trump, is leaving in December. Twelve weeks from now.

The Aftermath
Speculation is stampeding through the White House and Capitol Hill over who will replace Haley.

I almost lost my breakfast when I saw CNN reports coming out that Trump may put his daughter, Ivanka, in Haley's place! OMG! 

To my utter relief he told reporters later in the day he wasn't going to select Ivanka because he'd be accused of nepotism. (I'm not going to touch that with a 10-foot pole.)

I would add that whoever Trump picks, they'll be uniquely unqualified for the job. One need look no further than his track record of appointments in the last 19 months.

If Trump is listening to any of his advisors (and in recent months that seems to be less, and less) they'll try to get him to put someone with at least some qualifications to hold such an important job. 

Goldman Sachs executive and former White House adviser Dina Powell's name was thrown out as a possible replacement for Haley.

One more thought, if Trump was planning on Haley leaving (the current White House claim) why didn't he have a replacement ready to make a smooth transition? 

Even more surprising to me is the resignation must have been one of the best-kept secrets in a White House known for having more leaks than a faucet without a washer.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

'Me Too Movement' Takes On Patriarchal Hierarchy in Congress

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Congress is the elite of "good old boys" clubs in America.

Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation was a clear reaffirmation of that fact.

It was a reminder to all women there was more important business to be done: there were ideological agendas that needed to be advanced, and political careers that needed to be protected.

The whole process was rigged from the very start as the Republicans refused to turn over all of Kavanaugh's history while serving under President Bush.

When things heated up after Dr. Ford came out with a sexual assault charge against Kavanaugh, chairman Grassley and Trump made sure the process was poisoned.

With every new revelation, with every apparent lie Kavanaugh told during his testimony, there was always an underlying sense of futility. 

Deep down, we all saw what was unfolding. We sensed the inevitable outcome, but were still shocked when Kavanaugh was finally confirmed. It was like helplessly watching an oncoming train wreck.

Women across the country marched and said, "Me Too," and the Republicans said "So, what?"

Here's so what: we're now going to have a Supreme Court justice who was accused of sexual assault (which was covered up by Grassley and his ass hats) and exposing himself to another woman.

This creep is going to preside over the reproductive rights of women until the end of his natural life, if he so chooses. Americans are stuck with a far, far right court that will undermine women and promote corporations.

Americans like to believe they're virtuous defenders of women's rights. The reality is women are still marginalized in our government and the workplace.

To get any meaningful change, to really challenge the patriarchal hierarchy, women need to make big inroads during the upcoming midterms. Taking The House back looks possible.

The Me Too Movement is real. The fury women across this country feel, is real. Taking The House back is only the first step in restoring true democracy in our crippled Congress.

Please...don't forget to register to vote, if you haven't yet. Your vote has never been more important.

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Monday, October 8, 2018

Drunken Birds, Supreme Turds, and Angry Words

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In northeastern Minnesota they're stumbling along tree branches, and falling out of trees. 

The residents of Gilbert, a city of about 1,800 people, have seen it before.

Birds getting drunk on berries that fermented as a result of an early frost.

Locals are warned when the birds get drunk to try and avoid them, but it's nearly impossible when a drunk Waxwing slams into your windshield. 

The good news is most of the drunken birds will recover and be ready for the next frost! 


The country is still reeling after the Republicans Supreme Court coup. With the addition of Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court of the land, the far, far right, has another champion to go with Neil Gorsuch. 

Worse, the credibility of the Supreme Court, is being questioned by millions of Americans who witnessed the confirmation chaos last week and saw Kavanaugh's naked hatred of liberals spew out in a moment of truth. 

His partisanship is no longer in doubt. He's a conservative stooge of Trump and his minions.


Speaking of our liar in chief, he's managed to ignite a gender war in the last week.

With women coming out with their stories during the current Me Too Movement, the orange anus twisted the storyline by mocking Kavanaugh's accuser and making men look like the victims...instead of women.

The question is, are the Republicans going to pay a price in the midterms? Will the Democrats impeach Kavanaugh when they take The House back, even though it's unlikely the Senate would support it?

Or, are they (as I recommend) going to start investigations into Trump's obstruction of justice, emoluments violations, and exposing his IRS records?

We'll find out 31 days from now. Make sure you get out and vote. Democracy is counting on you.

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Sunday, October 7, 2018

Kavanaugh Was Confirmed Because Democrats Brought Clubs To A Gunfight

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There was never really a doubt Kavanaugh would be confirmed as a Supreme Court judge.

It was preordained when he went to an elite high school and college, and was taken under the wing of the alt right organization the Federalist Society. He was groomed like a prostitute by a pimp.

From the start, the GOP hid a major part of Kavanaugh's history, and only grudgingly gave up tidbits as they were publicly called out for their partisan obstruction tactics. When Democrats tried to pursue more information about Kavanaugh's time serving the Bush Administration they were stonewalled.

When records were produced showing Kavanaugh was aware of his mentor Judge Kozinski's harassment of female clerks, chairman "Ass Face" Grassley, claimed further information on the subject was not for public consumption.

What happened next was a disaster for the Democrats. After holding a "he said, she said" farce of a hearing, the whole process blew up into a giant debacle.

Republicans, with help from Trump, attacked Kavanaugh's accuser Dr. Ford, like a school of piranhas at feeding time. Trump mocked her at a rally and his base bought into the bullshit he was putting out.

It was a great moment for Trump, dividing people again...this time using gender as a weapon. It worked. After severely limiting the FBI's scope to investigate Dr. Ford's allegations, the Republicans were home free with their supreme coup.

It wasn't bloodless coup however. There will be ramifications in the midterms. 

While it still looks good for the Democrats to take the House back, their chances of getting back the Senate are slimmer. The odds were against it from the start, but the Kavanaugh backlash did motivate the Republican base. How motivated, we won't know until the elections.

It also motivated the Democratic base to turn out and vote. It would take a record turnout to get the Senate back. More Democrats are defending open seats than the Republicans are.

Memo to the Democratic Party: don't bring books to a boxing match; don't bring clubs to a gunfight, and for the sake of the American people, come up with a unified Big Message to counter the Republicans challenge to our democracy.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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