Sunday, December 27, 2020

Now Is Not The Time To T-P Houses

Public Service Announcement:

"Due to the cost and scarcity of toilet paper T-Ping trees in peoples yards is illegal for the foreseeable future."

Of all the challenges that this pandemic has poised, the weirdest has to be our obsession with having enough toilet paper.

Store shelves have been devoid of toilet paper off and on since March. Every now and then there's a sudden panic (like during the current surge), and retailers like Costco and Walmart have to limit purchases to one package per customer.

The burning question is why TOILET PAPER?

I can see why Lysol and other cleaning products are highly desirable... but toilet paper?

According to experts who study weird shit like this, toilet paper has become a symbol of safety and preparedness during the pandemic.

Cases of hoarding toilet paper have been reported throughout the country since March. 

At one point early on, toilet paper was so hard to get (when retailers were caught off guard without enough supplies) it was selling on the black market for $ 3.50 a roll.

One crazy incident that comes to mind (in April) happened in a Costco in Seattle, as employees were unloading a pallet of toilet paper. It was as if the neat stacks of white rolls was hit by a swarm of piranhas! 


What's the matter with people? Everyone just needs to take a deep breath. I assure you there's more important items to hoard than toilet paper - take any food for instance.

Look at it this way; people have managed to wipe their bums for thousands of years - without a roll of toilet paper.

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