Saturday, March 10, 2018

Snap Shots of America: The Good, Bad, and the Ugly

Good Day World!

Location: Berkley, California - The Ugly

A camera follows two Trump Supporters as they go inside of a book store and confront people.

The male Trump supporter, wearing his ragged MAGA hat and an American flag draped over his shoulders, warned one of the staff that he was going to burn the book store down because no one liked Trump there.

The male and the female Trumpies leave the store when told there was a video camera recording their hateful spiel.

Hurling vile epithet's they stood outside the store for hours harassing people.

Location, The White House, Washington D.C. - The Bad

The camera follows Trump around all day, as he drops two bombshells to divert the negative narratives piling up against him.

One was enacting an ill-advised trade tariff on steel and aluminum. The other was suddenly reversing his position on North Korea, and agreeing to talk with their leader before May.

Not only would he give Kim status in the world, but also a new narrative to North Korea's allies that they're as powerful as the U.S.

The chance that the two oddball leaders actually meeting is slim. There's an awful lot to figure out before May arrives.

If they do, don't be surprised that after the first meeting negotiations break down, leaving Trump alone on an island (there's a nice thought!).

Location - The outskirts of Sepporis, Israel -The Good

The camera focuses on a paralyzed man, Amit Goffer, who reinvented the wheelchair to help people walk again.

After years of research, thousands of paraplegics and quadriplegics all over the world are using his innovative exoskeleton - ReWalk. 

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Warning! Too Much Competing Information Is Causing Chaos

Good Day World!

Timely news and world events have created a 24-hour cycle of chaos that can consume a person.

News travels so fast we only have time to briefly analyze it before another newsworthy event occurs.

The online mainstream media, and social media, are creating a tribal culture that feeds on sites that play to their world views.

What we have is a news overload. Real and fake news stories compete for followers in nefarious ways. They mix entertainment with real news to keep our attention focused on them.

Talking heads insult guests and start arguments for ratings. Web sites offer links to radical groups striving for attention. Truth is tossed around like a football.

I'm at the point where I have to fact check everything I read, regardless of the source. There was a time when I didn't have to do that. When people trusted the major news outlets.

As a journalist, I've watched what's happening to the credibility of the free press with a heavy heart. The public doesn't know who to believe anymore. I can't say I blame them.

So people go to the echo chambers that promote their beliefs, regardless of how inaccurate and illogical they are. It's easier than spending time researching for validity in stories.

The result is the ever-increasing chaos in our culture where everyone is polarized on every subject. Where compromise is mocked, and bullies prevail. 

Short of avoiding news programs on TV, podcasts, and the radio altogether, there's no way to clear away all the haters and lies that will muck up your day.

The same goes for reading newspapers, magazines, etc. Your choice is to be real selective, or don't even bother reading any non-fiction.

Reality is really a bummer nowadays. You'll do best, mentally, by controlling your own environment, and what you let in.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

On Good Coffee, Porn Stars, and Trump's War Against California

Trumpy and Stormy in better days 

                                     Good Day World!

My choice of coffee has evolved over the years. I've gone from brand-to-brand, like a suitor looking for a bride. 

My latest choice is Don Francisco's medium roast Hawaiian hazelnut. It's simply awesome! I've tried other flavored coffees (have you ever tried Snicker doodle coffee?), but this one tops them all.

Pause...while I take a sip.

All right then! Let's talk about Stormy Daniel, a porn star getting ready to really embarrass Trump.
A lawyer for Daniels mocked the White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday for saying President Trump won an arbitration case with with the adult film star, jokingly saying "he also won the popular vote."

Daniels filed a civil lawsuit against Trump Tuesday in an effort to void a nondisclosure agreement between the two. In the suit, she claims that the agreement is not valid because Trump never signed the document.

Trump has claimed she's lying about having an affair with him. I guess we'll just have to see what happens next.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions declaration of War

Gov. Jerry Brown got up on the podium yesterday and slammed Sessions for "initiating a reign of terror" against immigrants in California.

"This is basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy," Brown said. "It's not wise, it's not right and it will not stand."

Sessions on Tuesday filed suit against the state over three new laws, passed last year to protect immigrants living in California illegally, that he argues violate the supremacy clause of the U.S. Constitution and interfere with federal immigration enforcement.

Brown also blasted Sessions for making "wild accusations" and willfully misrepresenting California's laws and its intentions.
"We know the Trump administration is full of liars," Brown said. "They've pled guilty already to the special counsel."
I'll be curious to see how this power move by stumpy Sessions and the snakes backing him turns out.
I'm putting my money on California.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

The Fall Of The House of Trump - A Political Reality Show For The Ages

Good Day World!

Please be seated as I bring you up to date on the latest episode of The Fall Of The House of Trump, a reality show about corruption.

When we checked in last time Hope Hicks (one of Trump's favorite ass-kissers) broke down in tears explaining to the White House staff why she was suddenly leaving them.

Veteran viewers of the show knew that Hicks didn't really leave to pursue a new career - she left under fire from WH chief-of-staff, John Kelly.

It also might have been something to do with her admission  of "telling white lies," to benefit Trump. Mueller probably took exception to the lying part. 

We'll all have to stay tuned on that issue. I suspect we'll hear more down the road.

Here's another heads up moment: Gary Cohn, Trump's top economic advisor, is leaving because Donny won't listen to him about not having trade tariffs that could lead to a trade war. 

Meanwhile, we're witnessing a new mini-drama by another Trump kiss-ass of long standing - Kellyanne Conway! She violated the Hatch Act on two occasions.

The US Office of Special Counsel made the announcement yesterday. 

So what will be Conway's fate? Will Kelly boot her ass out?

If history is an indicator, nothing will happen to Conway. The results of this investigation will go to Trump to make a decision on.
The counsel's recommendation for a severe penalty will end up in the round files. Trump will praise her. And that, will be that.

You have to admit, it does makes for some good reality TV.

Just look at some of the spinoffs:

The Jared and Ivanka Real Estate Winners special presentation featuring underhanded dealing with bankers and foreign entities.

This touching tale also has scenes of Jared being dominated by Ivanka, who forces him to give her a pedicure.

The Wacky World of Eric and Don Jr., was a two-part series featuring the 21st century version of Bevis and Butthead, Eric and Don Jr. Trump's adventures. 

Forbidden Romance, a movie starring Hope Hicks and Rob Porter's short, but adventurous relationship, and how they experienced multiple "Mile-High Club" moments in Air Force One.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Some Things Will Always Remain a Mystery

Good Day World!

Despite reports over the years about what happened to Amelia Earhart 81 years-ago, no one really knows what her fate was.

It's, in all probability, a mystery that will never be solved.

A modern mystery has sprung up in Cuba, where the American diplomatic staff has been suffering symptoms resembling brain trauma.

A mysterious noise is said to be the problem. The Cuban government denies any wrong-doing (of course) and American experts are baffled.

One low tech possibility was advanced by the Cubans who suggested the noise the Americans were hearing was humming Jamaican field crickets. Not Cuban crickets, mind you!

It's a mystery to me how Trump ever got elected president. Politic pundits have offered a dozen reasons why we're stuck with this wanna-be dictator with a poor hairpiece. But no one really knows how the unthinkable took place.

Moving on...

You couldn't pay me to sleep in a transparent capsule hanging off the side of a Peruvian mountain, but some people think it's a cool idea and are willing to pay $400 a night to do it. That's a mystery to me.


Fifty-five years ago President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. To this day no one knows the whole story behind his murder. It'll forever remain a mystery, and popular conspiracy story.


I'll always be mystified that my wife has stayed with me 43- years. That's above and beyond, the call of duty!


More Mysteries:

Why are so many people racist?

What makes people "haters?"

Why can't dogs live as long as humans?

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, March 5, 2018

Is God Punishing John Kelly? You Decide

Good Day World!

I'm roasting a bowl, and having my favorite roasted coffee this morning.

May yours be as pleasant.

I haven't scanned any headlines yet in search of current topics to opinionate about.

Before you start cheering, that doesn't mean I'm going to start chanting Kumbaya and not opine about something. 

Take John Kelly, Trump's feckless chief-of-staff...

He had a light - dare I say it? Kumbaya moment - while being interviewed last week. Basically, he said he missed his old job, and good friends, in the Department of Homeland Security.

You can even say he was full of nostalgia over his old job as Secretary of the agency. At one point he let his guard down - or had a divine vision - and said God was punishing him by making him Trump's #1 whipping boy.

Kelly may be a hypocrite, and liar (both qualifications to work for Trump), but for just a moment he was a sad old man in between a rock-and-a-hard place.

It's hard to explain. I know underneath Kelly, and other dedicated Trumpies fa├žade, there lie human beings who have signed a pact with the orange devil.

As more Trumpies become disillusioned with Trump's tantrums and the chaos in the White House, there should be re-habilitation centers available for treating their addiction to Donny.

I see Trump, and his witless base, as a virus that needs  treated for the safety of the nation. 

I also think the Republicans in Congress should be tried for crimes of conspiracy against the country after Trump is locked up for conspiring with Russia in the 2016 election, and Obstruction of Justice.

Just saying...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Moments of Stupidity Showcased This Sunday

Good Day World!

We all know that stupidity stalks our society like a pissed-off honey badger.

There's idiots everywhere we turn.

There should be a Hall of Shame for Stupid People. There isn't however, to the best of my knowledge. Here's a few recent examples:

In Arizona last week, two people were running from the law and ran smack dab into the parking lot of the local police precinct - a large, well lit, sign clearly stated "Peoria Police." 

The clueless couple then hopped a fence which landed them in a secure area of the department, where several officers were in training at that moment! Oops!

They were both charged with multiple felony counts.

Stupidity finds a home when it comes to our politicians. The stupid/pedophile contingent in Kentucky's state senate stopped a bill that would make it illegal to wed girls at 13 years-old.

 Known as the Child Bride Bill, Senate Bill 48, (outlaw child marriage) was pulled off the agenda hours before a scheduled vote Friday.

It's the second time in a week the bill has been stalled. Kentucky has the 3rd highest rate of child-marriages (Texas is 1st, and Florida comes in 2nd) in the nation.

It's more than apparent, there are some stupid people - with clout - in Kentucky's Senate. Anywhere else in the nation it would be called a rape.

When it comes to stupid, Trump leads the way. Just check his daily comments.

He recently got mad - issuing a tweetstorm - at actor Alex Baldwin (who imitates him on SNL), while Putin ratcheted up a new Cold War on the same day as Trumps Baldwin tweet; bragging about nukes that could hit our mainland at any time.

That should be enough for today. I came not to salute stupidity, but to share it's pervasiveness in our world.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...