Saturday, December 7, 2019

Is a Good Economy Justification For Not Impeaching Trump?

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Trump and minions were touting the robust economy yesterday, while pretending his impeachment wasn't hovering over the White House.

Trump refused to send his legal council to the House impeachment proceedings at the deadline yesterday in an act of childish defiance that can be likened to cutting one's nose off to spite their face.

Should Trump get credit for the healthy economy Obama left him?

Should Trump get credit for lowering the wealthy one-percent of Americans taxes, thanks to his tax law scheme?

Yesterday's positive economic news is going to be short-lived as we move into another year of crippling tariffs for farmers. 

They were forced to live on government subsidies again this year, that were larger than what the failing banks got when bailed out by Obama after he took office in 2008. 

According to this Bloomberg article the job market's decade-end bang risks fizzling in less-roaring '20s.

One basic question.

Is a good economy justification for not impeaching Trump? The Republicans Trumplicans are hoping the current economy will overshadow Trump's attempt to fix the 2020 election.

On the face the two issues have nothing in common. 

One is about our economy, and the other is about a rogue president who worked with the Russians to get elected in 2016, and is still doing Putin's bidding today.

Traditionally, a good economy would carry a lot of weight for an incumbent president. But Trump's presidency is anything but traditional. All norms have been shattered.

GOP lawmakers have been following Trump like helpless zombies, creating the biggest swamp in presidential history. They managed to make the House impeachment hearings a circus at times to cloud Trump's crimes.

Political pundits say that when the Senate gets the articles of impeachment, senate majority leader Mitch McConnell will try to avoid having a circus at all cost. I'll believe that when I see it.

Despite publicly admitting Republican senators are not going to vote against Trump, Moscow Mitch is going to try to put up a fa├žade of fairness, according to some experts on the subject.

To me the answer is clear, a good economy is hardly an excuse to enable the corruption that's thrived under Trump's regime to continue.

What do you think?

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Friday, December 6, 2019

A Christmas Impeachment and a 'Mysterious' Gift To Trump From Kim

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This is not a traditional Christmas this year, in case you hadn't noticed.

Parents are reading the articles of impeachment to their children instead of Christmas stories. 

There's even a good chance that Christmas Day will feature Trump's impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Partisan Christmas tree ornaments are a hot item online. 

Store-side Santa Clauses are wearing blue outfits in Democratic strongholds, and the Republicans are wearing Orange Santa suits in GOP stomping grounds.

There's rumors that Santa's workshop is experiencing trouble with the elves who want to serve Republicans with subpoenas to testify in the Senate trial, and elves who are printing up conspiracy theories to pass out against Democratic lawmakers.

A Foreign Christmas Greeting

Meanwhile, North Korea's bat-shit crazy leader Kim is promising a Christmas gift for America.

His minions sent out a notice to Washington warning the Trump Administration's Christmas gift "depends on the coming days."

That mysterious statement certainly sounds ominous, especially since Kim has set a deadline (the end of the year) before taking some action that America isn't going to like.

Because Trump is a diplomatic moron, he dissed Kim during the NATO summit by calling him Rocket Man (remember that one?) and threatening the US could kick his rotund ass.

That, of course, didn't put Kim in the holiday spirit, and he called Trump a Dotard (another oldie but goodie). 

I have a feeling Kim's Christmas gift is going to be - in Trump's own broken words - "nasty."

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Thursday, December 5, 2019

The Open Secret is Out: World Leaders Think Trump is a Joke

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For the last three years world leaders have tried flattering Trump's massive ego to maintain good relations with the United States.

That tolerance seems to have worn thin with them.

In a hot mic moment at the Buckingham Palace reception for world leaders, following the 70th NATO Summit in England, a group of world leaders were caught on camera joking about Trump.

British prime Minister Boris Johnson, French president Emmanuel Macron, Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte were yucking it up at Trump's expense, unaware they were being recorded.

The bad news is only snippets of their jocularity were understandable, but the basic message was clear... they thought Trump was a clown.

Trump's clashes with Macron and Trudeau were among the highlights featuring a rampaging Trump attacking NATO and its leaders.

In fact the whole Summit was a joke. World leaders couldn't discuss important agendas with Trump who got butt hurt when they suggested he screwed up by helping Turkey and turning on the Kurds.

No real world issues were addressed in that historic 70th anniversary. 

The specter of Trump rumbling through meetings while ranting about how great the US economy is because of him, was a haunting reminder of how low America has sunk in the eyes of world leaders.

Trump has the dubious distinction of the being the first US president to be laughed at by some of America's closest allies at a NATO summit, a sign if his increasing isolation on the world stage.

When the conference was over Trump skipped his usual diatribe about how well things went, and sulked aboard Air Force One... 

confident that when he got home his minions would applaud him like a conquering hero.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Trump's Going to Learn a Lesson From Al Capone's Downfall

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While political pundits are reading the tea leaves to see if Trump will survive a Senate trial after he gets impeached by the House, there's actually a bigger threat facing Trump.

A federal appeals court ruled yesterday that two banks (Duetsche Bank and Capital One) must turn over Trump's financial records to the Democrat controlled House of Representatives.

Let's turn the clock back for a moment to the roaring twenties when Al Capone ruled Chicago's underworld. His corrupt connections always bailed him out when he was taken to court.

After a while it seemed like nothing, not the FBI or local law enforcement, were ever going to bring Big Al to justice. But, the IRS got a hold of Capone's financial dealings and locked up him in prison. It was the money trail that got Capone, and it's going to be the same for Trump.

All of the president's minions delaying tactics could not stop the banks from eventually turning over his information, as proven by this recent federal court decision. In desperation Trump's cronies will take it to the Supreme Court.

Two things: the Supreme's could kick it back to Congress (thus far they don't have the appetite to interfere in Congressional conflicts), in which case Trump is shit-out-of-luck.

But, let's say the Supreme Court does takes up the case. It would likely be heard next spring - around June - five months before the elections.

Not a good optic for Trump. The chance that the Supreme's will rule against Trump's argument that he can't be held to justice, is good. In the end, I suspect they will uphold our system of justice that says "No man is above the law."

Meanwhile, the Republicans who have decided to buy into Trump's fairy tale that everything is a hoax if Trump doesn't like it, are going to have egg on their faces when justice finally prevails. History will mock their antics.

Capone's men followed his orders without question, killing people and intimidating others with no qualms. The parallel of Trump, and the way he uses his minions, is obvious.

Trump has acted like a mob boss throughout his toxic tenure. Like Capone, he speaks underworld jargon and demands undying loyalty.

If indeed, taxes become Trump's Waterloo, he'll join the likes of Capone and other gangsters who finally payed the price for their vile deeds.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

On a "Monster" Black Hole and the GOP Rabbit Hole

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Scientists have recently discovered a "monster black hole" so massive, in theory, it shouldn't exist.

GOP lawmakers meanwhile, are pretending that Trump isn't taking them down a rabbit hole so deep, there's no end in sight. 

As scientists are scratching their heads about the sheer size of the new discovered black hole, GOP lawmakers are blithely following Trump down his bottomless rabbit hole of conspiracies and lies.

Despite be warned by every intelligence agency in our government that Putin has been spreading conspiracy theories about the Ukraine interfering with the 2016 election, Republicans in the House and Senate have ignored them.

Indeed, these GOP enablers of Trump's corruption, are doubling down on the lies he's spewing while ignoring facts and evidence to the contrary.

Scientists are busy pondering the monster black hole's existence and questioning the realities they assumed were right, forcing them to examine other possibilities.

Republicans following Trump down his rabbit hole no longer question truth, or what's right or wrong. They fear Trump more than doing what they were elected to do - to uphold the Constitution.

While scientists are gaining more knowledge about the universe and black holes, Republicans are getting dumber by the day as they spiral out of control down Trump's rabbit hole.

Time for me to walk on down the road....

Monday, December 2, 2019

Will Trump's "Unswayables" Deliver an Electoral Victory?

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Republicans in the last seven presidential elections have only won the popular vote once, when George Bush pulled off the feat in 2004.

Since then, the Republican Party has relied on the Electoral College to get their candidates elected. By concentrating on swing states in the last decade the GOP has managed to build up a red firewall.

They accomplished that through voter suppression and gerrymandering. The combination has allowed Republicans to fill offices in the key states, effectively controlling the voting process in each one.

Trump is counting on his "unswayable" base to hold the red line in each of those states - Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Florida.

But this is not 2016. 

The 2020 election is going to be referendum on what's happened during the Trump regimes four years of chaos.

What about those "unswayable" supporters though? They'll still be there in 2020.

Let's drill down on that hard core base to see what their chances are of keeping Trump in office in the next election:

Let' warm up with an analysis of Trump supporters in a recent report from Psychology Today.

Next, a Nov. 3rd Fox News poll showed 41 percent of registered voters are against impeaching Trump. Of them, 57 percent say no new evidence could cause them to change their minds.

If that poll is accurate, it would put Trump's true base at 23 percent of registered voters. Not very impressive for a president trying to get re-elected.

It comes down to where the majority of Trump's unswayable base are in the five critical swing states. Can they duplicate 2016? 

Or, has the political landscape shifted the other way with the Democrats repeated electoral victories in 2018, and 2019?

There's a lot of variables to consider, especially with Trump's impending impeachment this month. It could motivate some people to vote for him, or against him. 

Another consideration that could sway the election against Trump is the numerous lawsuits he's fighting to conceal his taxes.

The chances of getting his taxes, and accounting firm records, have been improving with recent court victories for the House of Representatives. There's a very good chance that could happen next spring.

If they show that Trump was cheating the IRS, his captive Republican support in the Senate would melt like butter on a hot stove. Some facts are unassailable, even for partisan Republican senators.

Are there enough "unswayable" Trump minions to carry him to another victory? 

For the country's sake, I hope that the empowered minority of fanatics don't carry Trump across the finish line again.

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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Just in Time for the Holidays: Millions of Americans Could Lose Food Stamps

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The Trump regime is preparing to cripple the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to usher in the holidays.

The goal of the SNAP program is to mitigate hunger and its consequences in the United States. The program was never designed to be a work for food deal.

Trump minions held a three-day comment period last week in preparation for the three new rule changes that will see an estimated 3.7 million people a month no longer getting help, and another 2.2 million would see their average monthly benefit drop by $127 a month.

As if the above wasn't enough harm to hungry Americans, a study released by The Urban League last week showed that in addition to the above consequences, the changes would affect 982,000 students across the country who would lose access to free or reduced lunches.

All of this bad news is just in time for the holidays. It's a Trumpian way to say Merry Christmas to everyone... except the poor and hungry.

The clown in charge of this Grinch-like attempt to ruin people's already challenging lives, is Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, who joyfully said it was going to save taxpayer's money.

How's that for justifying taking food out of hungry people's mouths?

What the Trump trolls don't get is SNAP was never intended to make money or to exclude anyone who was hungry. It was a program created on a bi-partisan basis meant to address food insecurity in the nation.

Simply put, food is not a luxury. No matter what Trump and his ilk think.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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