Saturday, January 9, 2021

Trumpist Insurrection is far From Over Authorities Warn

The attempt to take over our democracy is not over for fringe Trump supporters and their domestic terrorist allies.

In fact, more assaults on government buildings across the nation and the Capitol in Washington DC, are being planned as I write this.

Authorities are warning Americans about the open threats of violence from small and large groups of fringe Trumpists and their allies.

These insurrectionists have activities planned right up until January 20th when they're having a "Million Militia March."

On January 17th a secondary attack against the US Capitol and state buildings is planned with the intent "to inspire others to replicate the violent acts that took place on January 6th.

On January 19th organizers are having an "Armed March on All State Capitols." A post about the event in Pittsburg included pictures of stockpiles of ammunition.

The traitors organizing these activities believe that there's not enough law enforcement to deploy everywhere.

I say they're dead wrong. Every state has a national guard and governors won't hesitate to employ them if necessary.

America is not going to be taken over by thugs, conspiracy nuts, right-wing militias, and corrupt Republican lawmakers.

I expect that message will be telegraphed in the days ahead.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Twitter Boss Jack Dorsey Should Be Charged With Aiding and Abetting Trump's Insurrection

It's time Jack Dorsey, Twitter's chief executive, should pay a price for allowing Trump to bypass mainstream media, and viciously lie repeatedly during the last four years.

Dorsey's disregard of truth is inexcusable. No matter what his lame response has been for allowing Trump to pollute America, it simply doesn't hold water.

Just look at Dorsey's response to Trump's treasonous action that put all of the members of Congress in harms way - he suspended Trump's account for 12 hours.

JUST 12 HOURS! Other media platforms, like Facebook, are banning Trump indefinitely.

One of the reasons the riot was so successful was that Twitter allowed Trump and others to "call for action" which resulted in and armed assault against lawmakers in the nation's capitol.

Because Trump was never called out by Twitter (until very recently) his actions became more dangerous with every passing month.

Trump unfettered became more aggressive with the passage of time until he got to the place where he convinced his followers to assault the rule of law with impunity.

Here's what really pisses me off about Dorsey; he's allowed Trump to violate Twitter rules because Trump was "newsworthy."


Now millions of Americans believe the 2020 election was stolen because Trump said so, making Dorsey accountable for the armed insurrection.

Everyone is watching Trump closely now. The Pentagon is in the process of protecting the nuclear codes against our unhinged president as I write this.

Let's not forget about Jack Dorsey's complicity in this sad state of affairs. He failed to help prevent future attacks against our democracy.

He needs to be held liable, and made an example of. There's enough traitors in the country enabling Trump without Dorsey stirring the pot.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Here's a Change of Pace: The Polis Chronicles

Just for the fun of it... I culled The Polis Files from my fiction blog - It's a futuristic trilogy.

Book One: 

Post Mortem Party

Polis sat on a bench and watched the frothy tide recede leaving tons of plastics and other pollutants in it's crimson wake. A three-legged man awkwardly scuttled along on mountains of trash that were once sandy beaches as far as the eye could see. His bald head and upper body were red from exposure to the harsh sun, and his three legs gave the illusion he was a crab searching for food.

Read the rest here

Book Two

The Legend

The gathering around the campfire was diverse and grotesque. They were mutants whose parents survived the nuclear war of 2057. Their grotesque bodies had extra limbs. Some with no limbs that looked more like worms than humans. Their tortured flesh were portraits of nightmares yet undreamed. Some with heads of animals long extinct. Blank faces with only mouths. Some exceptionally tall, and others stunted dwarfs a mere three-feet in height. Some of the odd company had horns, and or, tails.

Read the rest here


Ludi's three eyes watered under the bright sun. His tall slim body was protected from the brutal rays under a cloak with a hood. He was getting old. Mutants seldom lived more than 30 years - he was going on 60.

Ludi looked out at the assembled crowd before him. They were twisted versions of human beings. Children whose parents were exposed to the radioactive fallout from the nuclear war of 2057. Hundreds were sitting and standing around him in a semi-circle in what was once an outdoor stadium. Most of the concrete seats were covered in heavy vegetation. Their voices were humming in the scorching heat when he raised his long arms up and called for their attention.

Read the rest here

I hope you enjoy this fictional change of pace from my usual opinion post. It's an experiment. Variety is the spice of life... they say.

Trump Incited Mob to Assault Capitol: 4 Dead During Coup Attempt

                  Enough is enough!

No more coddling the wannabe dictator squatting in the White House trying to overthrow our government.

His coup attempt yesterday demands action.

Newspaper around the world reacted in horror with headlines like ANARCHY in America, and TRUMP SUPPORTERS DEFILE DEMOCRACY.

How bad was it?

The attack by Trump followers was a stunning display of insurrection. It was also the first time the U.S. Capitol had been overrun since the British attacked and burned the building in August of 1814, during the war of 1812.

Both Republicans and Democrat were exploring means of stopping any further damage by Trump by invoking the 25th Amendment, or impeachment last night.

It's still unclear how far that talks will go. 

Maybe this time Senate Republicans will stand up to the sociopath who they should have indicted for abuse of power in February of 2020.

Early reports this morning say that four people died; one was shot after Trump supporters breached the Capitol Building, and the other three suffered "separate medical emergencies that resulted in death" connected to the riot.

More than 52 people have been arrested but the FBI is still searching for participants and asking the public to identify attackers. The FBI's digital experts spent the night watching surveillance videos to match faces with social media posts.

This morning there was a confirmation that pipe bombs were found at the headquarters for the DNC,RNC and grounds of the Capitol building.

While it was a dark day for America, Congress still did it's job and confirmed the electoral votes that made Joe Biden our next president.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

The Senate is Turning Blue: Grievance Rally Being Held by Trump and Minions as Congress Counts Votes

             Raphael Warnock (left) and Jon Ossoff Celebrate their Victories

It looks like
Joe Biden's agenda has a chance now that the Senate is turning blue.

Both Democratic candidates have addressed their campaigns, thanked their constituents and declared victory this morning.

It's a stunning defeat for Republicans who typically win in Georgia. Mitch McConnell's reign of terror has ended. A newly minted Senate will take charge.

Trump is still trying to steal the election today.

While Congress is counting state votes, Trump and his supporters are outside the Capitol holding a rally to overturn the results of a fairly won election.

Republicans in another display of blind loyalty are trying to make a mockery of what is normally a routine event in an election process.

For those seditious Republicans who chose to make a drama of the event, there will be a reckoning. Their all on the wrong side of history.

As for Trump he's cemented a legacy of losing and assaulting our democracy.

Today is a day to celebrate democracy, and a return to some normalcy in a country ravaged by Trump's corruption.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Georgia's Special Election Underway: Meanwhile Georgia DA Investigating Trump's Extortion Call

(From left to right - (R) Kelly Loeffler; (D) Raphael Warnock; (R) David Perdue; (D) Jon Ossoff)

Election Day

It's difficult to recall a more important special election in any state in recent history than the one happening in Georgia today.

The stakes couldn't be higher. If the two Democrats win they clench the Senate and Biden's chances of passing meaningful legislation are greatly enhanced.

If even one Republican wins, Democrats are stuck with Mitch McConnell for another years. Everyone knows what that means. He'll obstruct Biden's every move like he did with Obama.

The loser, in this case, would be Americans who are counting on seeing the direction of this country steered in the right direction.

Trump has been busy eviscerating Georgia election officials who wouldn't cheat and overturn the election he lost to Biden. 

In his desperation Trump called Georgia's secretary of state, Brad Raffensperger, two days ago and threatened him if he didn't find enough votes to overturn the election in his favor. 

As voters go to the polls today the newly-elected district attorney for Fulton County, Fani Willis, is opening an investigation into Trump's less than "perfect phone call."

Willis made history when she was elected the first female district attorney in Fulton County history.

It ought to be interesting to see if she shatters another political norm and ends up charging Trump for attempting to manipulate the state's presidential election results.

It would be poetic justice seeing a woman be the first to prosecute Trump the misogynist for breaking a law.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Why is Trump's Unhinged Abuse of Power Going Unchecked?

Trump meltdown.



Abuse of power for all to see and hear.

Why is Trump getting away with openly trying to steal the 2020 election? 

His latest naked attempt to cheat has been recorded Here is the audio tape. He tried to get the Georgia secretary of state to illegally overturn the state's voting results.

It was another "perfect call." The other happened last January when he tried to extort the president of the Ukraine to dig dirt up on Biden.

What's it going to take for the Republicans - especially those in the Senate - to pick country over this madman trying to subvert democracy and a fair election?

He's been enabled for far too long, and now this is the price the nation has to pay. A dangerous sociopath who won't stop at anything to live his fantasy of winning the election that he lost in reality.

Unless the Republican party - along with the Democrats - stop his escalating madness during the next 16 days, the nation may pay even a bigger price than it already has for not holding him responsible throughout his presidency.

There must be something Congress can do to assure national security isn't further compromised by Trump.

Right? Right?

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Christian Nationalism Versus the Pandemic

I'll get right to the point; Americans who embrace Christian nationalism are skeptical of science.

Followers believe scientists are hostile to the faithful. 

This twisted notion goes back hundreds of years to when the Catholic Church barbequed scientists claiming they were wizards or heretics.

The bottom line was the Catholic church wanted complete control over the masses, mentally and physically.

No surprise then when a recent study found that Christian nationalism is a leading predictor of ignoring precautionary behaviors regarding COVID-19.

Research has revealed that religious states disobey stay-at-home orders at a higher rate than anyone else in the country.

Christian nationalists prize individual liberty or economic security rather than the protection of the vulnerable.

Today the Christian nationalists in America strongly support politicians who promise to advance their values and oppose targets of suspicion.

This defiance of science has cost thousands of lives last year. Ignoring social distancing advice from the CDC may have been an act of faith to followers, but it was deadly for the rest of the country.

The worst is still coming because Christian nationalists are anti-vaxxers. The only way out of this worldwide pandemic is vaccines. 

Americans want to return to a normal life, but that time will be extended when religious zealots oppose the science that is our very salvation. 

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...