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Monday, August 10, 2009

Here's 27 Links in 24 hours to my recent column about a government monopoly on cannabis cultivation

It's hard to believe that so many people viewed this column (There's a monopoly on marijuana growing & research in America.") in the last 24 hours.
It's was still number One in the Times-Standard Most Read Online as of 6 p.m.
Let's see what happens in the days and weeks ahead.
Meanwhile, check out some of these cool sites that carried this column so far: This site has everything you want to know about cannabis and it's many uses.
Magazine New Data Portal Magazine
This site has plenty of options from hemp to hash oil, to research.
Cannabis News
News about pot from Great Britain and the USA. It's collects news on the controversial herb.
Cannabis Lifestyle Network
On the news menu: politics, hemp, green earth, business, lifestyle, & entertainment.
Tips for promoting healthy plant growth from the UK
My column is listed under their "Hottest Links on Twitter!"
This slick news site provided a picture of the "Pot Doctor" along with my column.
Stoner Nation
This cool blog likes to provide marijuana news that keeps people talking.
Medical Marijuana Referrals
This blog's Dr. Reefer is from Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Clinic
Home Grown BudThis blog has a membership forum with an online chat room: topic cannabis
Treating Yourself
This web site is a cannabis fueled forum for open discussion
Weed Bay
Another blog forum for marijuana talk and news
Shaggy on Twitter
This facebook fan has a lot of friends and enjoys news about cannabis
Marijuana Journal
Nice blog that features pot news and videos too.
High Memories
Another Twitter person with hundreds of friends who want to read about weed in America
Medicinal Marijuana Online Magazine -This sweet site has a picture of the good doctor next to my column, and a wide variety of news categories and videos
The Hemp and Cannabis Association/NORML Daily Audio Stash
Information on Medical Marijuana Clinics, news, entertainment, and more from this site by NORML
A nice growing and smoking forum for those who like marijuana.
Medical Marijuana Inc.
Solutions for an emerging industry!
Canna Nation
An online cannabis community that shares information on the healing herb we call marijuana.
Jack Herer. com
I'm totally honored to have Jack's site pick up my column. The guys a legend. My day has been made. (see Aug.9th, 2009)
420 Magazine
I can't believe it! 420 Magazine. I read this mag as much as High Times! Again, I'm honored to have my column featured with such a sweet publication!
This site calls itself the Marijuana Source.
This is a microblogging service, that picked up my column, by It runs the Laconica microblogging software, version 0.8.0, available under the GNU Affero General Public License.
Recent events in the California Marijuana Legal World (Kroger & Kroger Law Group)
The Marijuana Observer
Observations on Marijuana (See Aug 10 list)

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