Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Rush To Save Scientific Research About Climate Change Is On!

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Over the centuries there's been uncounted libraries, and repositories of knowledge, destroyed by conquering armies and new administrations.

Science has been at war with civilizations throughout the world's history. Deniers of science have always treated scientific facts with disdain and fear.

Take the famous "flat earth" belief that went out of style during the waning days of the Roman Empire.

Imagine a coin as the Earth, and then imagine the edge of that coin is actually a giant ice wall—either described as 150 feet or 1,500 feet tall. 

That’s the world flat Earth believers envision when they think about the plane - and because Earth is a disc, that makes it a plane, not a planet - that they live on.

Believe it or not there's still people today who believe in the flat earth myth.  They are the same people who deny climate change is caused by mankind.

With Donald Trump coming into power the Flat Earther's and Climate deniers have a champion. Trump believes climate change is a hoax by the Chinese.

Knowing this, scholars across the nation are rushing to preserve all the scientific research that's been done.

The fight to preserve facts is detailed in the following article:

Scientists Scramble To Protect Decades of Climate Research Before Trump Takes Office

The next four years are going to be a challenge for America.  

Remember when Hitler's minions burned any books he deemed contrary to his rule? 

This is the 21st century version of Hitler's purge. The names change, but the hate and ignorance continues.

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Cold War II Redo: 'Let It Be An Arms Race'

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I grew up during the Cold War with Russia, and can remember getting under my desk at school to protect myself from an atomic blast.

Teachers would suddenly yell "Drop!" and students were expected to kneel down under their desks with their hands clutched around their heads and necks.

If the blast did come, we would have all been toasty critters despite those safety drills.

I thought those days were gone. 

Looks like I'm wrong. Now I find myself worrying about my grandchildren under the Trump regime.

Trump has single-handedly sparked a new age of Nuclear conflict, and he's not even sworn in yet. His outrageous tweets about nukes are giving national security agencies the heebe-geebies.

Trumps blossoming bromance with Russia's Putin has only been marred by one thing; the prospect of a nuclear war. Putin says Russia can shoot down anything America sends their way.

When talking about a possible nuclear arms race with Russia Trump tweeted, "Let it be an arms race." Doesn't that make you feel good?


Analysis: What Will Trump Do About North Korea's Kim Jong Un?

No one knows what Trump will do. Not even Trump. But consider what you know about our thin-skinned, stubby fingered, president-elect...when he's upset, he mindlessly tweets threats and curses. 

Once he's sworn in, his tiny hands will be within reach of THE BUTTON. If that doesn't give your the cold sweats nothing will.

I wonder if America's schools are gearing up for the possibility of Cold War II? If they are, I'm sure students won't be asked to get under their desks. We know better now.

Instead, students will be encouraged to call their parents to say goodbye before the blinding flash ends their reality.

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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Brawls in Malls: What Part Did Social Media Play?

                                          Good Day World!

It's like a ritual. 

Every year the "after Christmas sales" packs people into the malls of America like lemmings.

This season was no different. With one exception; there were 15 malls nationwide that had brawls. We're talking about knock down, kick-ass fights among hundreds of people.

What the hell could have set that off? And all on the same day? 

Authorities in all 15 states are investigating to see if it was a coordinated event. They suspect social media had something to do with it.

But to what extent?

This weekend is the last ad blitz for the season. There was record shopping sales this year (over a trillion dollars) and there's no reason not to expect the malls to be packed again for the New Year sales.

But what about the brawls in the malls last weekend? 

There was heavy security, and luckily no one was seriously hurt, but there's no guarantees when it comes to melees.

As authorities puzzle over the apparent coincidence (no proof yet it was coordinated) they should be prepared for a repeat. Who knows? It could spread to more than 15 locations the next time.

I don't believe in coincidences. I'm also not a conspiracy theorist. What happened can be explained. One way or the other.

I advise bargain hunters to be on their toes this weekend. You won't find me there. I'll be getting my bargains online.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

1920s Robber Barrons Envious of Trump and His Cabinet

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Our new Conman-in-Chief is ready to expand his business empire. 

When Trump and his appointed minions meet for their first cabinet meeting next year they'll bring corporations and Wall Street with them. 

The robber barons from the 1920s are looking up from their perch in hell and are envious.

What kind of assurance do we have that this new administration isn't going to loot the country? None. Just think about it.

As President, Will Donald Trump and His Cabinet Trade Inside Information?

 "If Trump gets advance access to the monthly jobs numbers and the quarterly GDP report. Suppose Trump finds out that the job growth in March is far weaker than the markets expected, or that GDP growth for the first quarter of 2017 is surprisingly strong.
These reports would have a huge effect on the stock and bond markets. Trump could make a fortune by making highly leveraged bets just before the government reports are officially released. 
Or, if he doesn't want to make the trades himself, he can pass the information along to Vincent Viola, his designee for secretary of the US Army, who became a billionaire running a high-frequency trading company. Apparently, Viola plans to maintain a stake in his high-frequency trading company even after he enters the government."
This is just the beginning of ways in which Donald Trump and his top appointees can personally profit from their positions in government. 
We already have heard accounts of foreign diplomats changing their reservations so that they can stay at Donald Trump's new hotel in Washington. 
And, it seems likely that foreign leaders will be more generous in considering licensing requests from Trump-owned properties throughout the world.
The era of Trump is upon us. Can the country survive the damage he's going to inflict during the next four years?
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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Resolutions, Lists, and Goodbyes

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As 2017 painfully inches near after this crazy year, everyone is busy making lists, resolutions, and saying their goodbyes to loved ones and celebrities.


My wish list (you can make any kind of list you want) is straight forward:
1) Donald Trump is Convicted of Numerous high crimes within his first 100 days in office and is put in a high risk asylum for the criminally insane.
2) The need for education has never been higher. A new trend sweeps the country and the reversal of the dumbing down of America begins.
3) I wish I could watch History Channel re-runs On Demand.(The morons where I live don't offer it!) 


I firmly don't believe in making resolutions. After breaking them for decades I came to this conclusion and am happier for it.

But everyone isn't a wimp like me and there are actually people who keep New Year's resolutions. 

Here's some resolutions that may help you.

1) Try meditation. It doesn't cost anything and what have you got to lose!
2) Make sure to play. That's right. Here's 10 Ways To Have Fun and Play More As An Adult.
3) Try to learn something new every day.


1) It was time for "Ziggy Stardust" (aka David Bowie) to go to the next level.
2) I was sad to see "The Champ," Muhammad Ali, took the final bell.
3) The "King of Pop," Michael Jackson, now dances in the stars with Prince. Both musical legends.

Here's a complete list put together by The Daily News.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, December 26, 2016

Presidential Inaugeration Was A 'Yuge' Celebration, Says Trump Follower

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The following are notes from a Donald Trump supporter who attended numerous events associated with the Presidential Inauguration, 2017.

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

"It was cold this morning with a brisk wind from the north as the crowd gathered to watch President Trump lay a wreath at the Confederate Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, in Arlington, Virginia.

Strains of "Dixie" filled the fog that surrounded the solemn event. Tiny Confederate flags dotted the nearby graves like flowers.

I still can't believe I was one of the lucky people who got to attend that night's "Make America White Again! Welcome Celebration at the Liberty County Courthouse (a Confederate memorial) in Hinesville, Georgia.

The ladies were dressed in flowing dresses reminiscent of the old South. When President Trump made his grand entrance dressed as Robert E. Lee, I thought I'd died and gone back to 1865.

Friday, January 20th, 2017

Watching Donald Trump being sworn in as our 45th president, was Yuge! I felt like I was in a dream, as a sharp wind whipped President Trumps golden hair into a halo.

The only bad thing was the sound of thousands of angry voices chanting "Not my president!" that carried from several blocks away from the event.

The noise was soon drowned-out by the inaugural parade. What a sight! I never saw so many all white marching bands in one parade.

The Billionaires float, affectionately known as President Trump's cabinet, featured golden railings wrapped around ornate silver posts. 

You should have seen the crowd cheer when they started throwing out gold coins along Pennsylvania Avenue! 

I regret to say, I couldn't afford to go to either inaugural ball that night, but I heard they were both really great! Ted Nugent played his guitar (the one shaped like an M-16) and Kid Rock white-boy rapped to every one's delight.

All-in-all, it was a Yuge success. Looking forward to the next four years."

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Poem: Christmas Day 2016

Good Day World!

I picture Christmas as a day for families to get together and celebrate life. 

This poem is for believers of Jesus Christ, and anyone else who thinks Jesus is the Prince of Peace.


It's Jesus Christ's birthday
a miracle play
wrote yesterday
a spiritual bouquet
a cultural cabaret
such a happy day
a Biblical ballet
for souls on Broadway
no fear of a doomsday
a merry melee
showing the way
to a heavenly pathway
a spiritual soiree
no fear of hell to pay
because you won't be led astray
on Christmas Day.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Creeping Smog: A Man Made Disaster That Keeps on Killing

                                          Good Day World!

When I was growing up in Southern California, in the San Gabriel Valley (circa 1960s), the smog was so thick we frequently had public health warnings.

We were advised to stay indoors many times. How things can change however.

Go there now and you'll be surprised at how good the air quality is. Regulations were put in place. Problem solved. It can be done.

I think about that now when I read about countries like China and India. Both have unhealthy levels of smog and are getting worse by the day.

This season the air pollution in China - stemming from power plants, factories, vehicles and other sources - has grown so bad that it has put the safety of half a billion people at risk.

Yet, the Chinese government doesn't do anything about it. 

According to The China Dailythe smog has been so disruptive to travel that severe flight cancellations and delays have taken place at local airports.

You think that's bad? Look at India.

The Indian capital of New Delhi has smog so thick, it's plainly visible from space, showing up as a milky blanket covering northern India.

The smog poses serious public health threats, including heart disease, heightening cancer risks and elevating mortality among the more vulnerable populations.

Delhi has some of the most polluted skies in the world, rivaling if not beating parts of China for this distinction. 

Among some of the varied causes for this? Garbage fires, dung-powered cook stoves, diesel-powered vehicles and coal-fired power plants. 

Yet the Indian government doesn't do anything about it.

My question is why? Is it a matter of politics? Money? Reluctance to regulate? Perhaps all three.

My concern is that at some point China and India's smog problem will become ours, and there won't be an easy fix.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, December 23, 2016

Not So Merry Christmas: 'Tis the Season of Discontent

Good Day World!

'Tis the season of discontent.

Grinches roam the streets, and the mallsspewing hatred instead of Christmas cheer this year.

A demoralized majority of Americans can expect stockings of coal from Santa Trump this Christmas Day, but not the KKK.   

Boardrooms on Wall Street are  brightly festooned with early Christmas presents in the form of nominations that will set social progress back for a generation.
The average American is afraid of what's going to happen under Trump's administration.

And for good reason.

If Trump even keeps half of his campaign promises we're going back to the "bad old days" when 1st Amendment rights were regularly violated, and racism was validated.

Crosses are burning throughout the Old Confederacy, celebrating a "White Christmas" this year. The alt-right are dressed up in their holiday finery and are feasting on fear.

Minorities know they're in trouble as they gather on this Christmas Day, and the only thing they can do is pray.

The ugliness that Trump brought into politics this year, lingers instead of good old fashioned Christmas cheer. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, December 22, 2016

In the Spirit of Christmas Let's Create 'Little Miracles'

Good Day World!

Are you having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year?

How about something that will kindle your inner fire and help you go "Ho, Ho, Ho" this holiday?

The answer; spread cheer and create "little miracles" for others in need of one. It's easier than you think.

Quick example:

My wife and I went out to dinner recently and noticed a young couple in a nearby table. They had three boys, and mom was pregnant with number four.

The parents looked so young to us and we couldn't help remembering when we were that young and the financial struggles we had to contend with.

When we were ready to leave we asked the waiter for their bill. After paying it, we both had fun imaging their surprise when they were ready to leave.

A little miracle. Did Santa's elves pay for their meal?

It doesn't have to take money to create little miracles. Just imagination and observation.

I was in Costco the other day and when I came out to the parking lot and saw an older gentleman who looked confused. I stopped to ask him if I could help.

He'd been looking for his car and couldn't find it. It was 24 degrees out and he looked weary, clutching a bag of dog food to his chest. 

I asked him what color and model it was and helped him look. As we walked around the parking lot we had a good conversation.

He seemed to perk up as we looked and chatted. By the time we found his car he was smiling. He thanked me for helping and appeared less weary.

A little miracle. Help when it's least expected.

Spreading good cheer around this time of year should be everyones goal. 

It's a time of peace and giving. The rewards for spreading Christmas cheer will last you throughout the next year!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

A Sad Reality: Democracy Is a Mockery in America

                                       Good Day World!

Today's poem is about Democracy. We live in a Republic. Our society isn't a Democracy, nor do we practice it's basic tenets. 

The divide between rich and poor grows wider every generation.

is a fantasy
a mythology
a novelty
for a minority
victim of bureaucracy
unable to see
the conspiracy
by the autocracy
whose baloney
is so phony
claiming equality
but really
a rich man's ideology
is all they ever see
a political economy
not meant to be
a reflection of their reality
a policy
of hypocrisy
crippling democracy
under a corporatocracy
run by the wealthy
who can only see
the color of money

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Day Social Media Tore Down The Fourth Estate

Good Day World!

Take a peek into the future.

On a wintery day in 2030, historians released a comprehensive report on how Facebook and Twitter crushed America's Fourth Estate.

Researchers pointed to Donald Trump's rise in politics - while Twittering like a grotesque orange bird - for the beginning of the end of journalism. Facts fell to world views based on lies and propaganda from there on.

Despite the fact that Trump was impeached for corruption after his first year in office, the power of Twitter and Facebook continued to grow.

Trump's successors furthered their clout, effectively weakening the print media's influence until the day came when their corporate overlords decided they were no longer profitable.

People could barely read and relied on social media's graphics, holograms, photos, and videos, to get all of their news.

The demise of journalism went un-noticed by the under-educated masses.

Webster's American Dictionary went out of print, along with all the rest, and still no one noticed.

By the time someone was too late.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, December 19, 2016

How Santa Trump Saved Christmas and Made It White Again

Good Day World!

Of all of Donald Trump's many lies, the one that he saved Christmas has to be the biggest whopper.

During his little (rub my ego) victory tour recently, he informed the crowd that he was bringing Christmas back. From where, I don't know, but the Trumpenzees were certainly elated and howled like hyenas in heat.

It was kinda like saying the Grinch is bringing Christmas back. 

Somehow, I find it hard to believe that Santa Trump is not really an evil elf with a "Yuge" ego problem. Not too mention that he would be on the real Santa Claus's naughty list for serial lying.

Santa Trump, supported by the alt-right, promised his minions, during the campaign, that a white Christmas was on it's way.

He wasn't kidding. Take a look at all of his appointments thus far. Nearly all white men. There's a few token white women thrown in for good measure.

Operating out of Trump Tower, his own North Pole in Manhattan, Santa Trump has lot's of surprises for everyone. 

Right now he's handing out appointments like candy canes to what he feels are good little boys and girls who speak Trumpinese.

Why is this an issue at all?

In part because the past few years have seen the issue of "Merry Christmas" as an effective point of leverage in political culture wars.

That's the only reason Santa Trump adopted the issue: he recognized its resonance, particularly among religious conservatives.

It was a vote-getter from a segment of society that felt political correctness was running amok. It was attacking the greeting "Merry Christmas" and forcing them (somehow) to accept other ways to greet the holidays. 

With the help of white evangelic voters, Santa Trump was able to make Christmas "great" again. Coupled with the alt-right, you have to admit, he did bring the white back into Christmas.

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Refreshing News That Won't Give You The Blues

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There's just not enough positive news stories being shared nowadays.

I find myself hunting daily for positive, life affirming, news stories in the vast wasteland of our mainstream and social media.

But it's worth it.

Here's a few I've selected for you:

From Inside Edition
An inspiring story of a woman with Down syndrome, Collete Divitto,  who was tired of being rejected by prospective employers and took matters into her own hands.

The 26-year old started her own bakery out of her house. Divitto's first client was a local grocery store, the Golden Goose Market.

Since then her story has gone viral and she has more than 4,000 orders to fill.

There's been numerous stories about gangs this year, especially in Chicago, that are killing each other - and innocent people - daily.

Finally, something good to report on this subject from the Good News Network:

There's an organization in Baltimore that has been using ex-cons to deescalate street violence in five different neighborhoods, and it's making a big difference.

Safe Streets is a groundbreaking community program that has been a resounding success in the toughest neighborhoods.

I love reading positive stories about police officers because they have such a tough job. 

It's good to see the human side of those men and women in blue that are making the streets safe for me, and you.

Police Officer Goes Extra Mile For Kid Whose Elf On The Shelf Got Stolen

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Titanic Surfaces in China, Why Men Don't Get Boners, and You Better Watch Out For Santa Claus!

Good Day World!

I've got a mishmash of trival trash gleaned from the wastelands of the internet for your amusement today.

Let's get to it, shall we?

I'm beggining to think the Titanic may be unsinkable! 

Construction of a life-size replica of the doomed passenger ship has begun at a Mediterranean-themed attraction in China.

Visitors will get to experience the sinking and feel the impact of the iceberg that took the legendary vessal to it's watery grave.

If you've been naughty you better repent fast, so Santa Claus doesn't put you on his shit list. He's not just leaving a lump of coal this year, he's going after naughty people with a vengence! 

Did you hear about that clown who was so hard up he tried to rob an adult store? It happened in San Bernadino, California (watch here) yesterday. 

The shop's two female empoyees threw sex toys at the armed robber, who lost his nerve and ran away!

I don't care what you've been told, or think, men DON'T GET BONERS. Get over it. I've got an article here that explains why.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

It's About How We Run The Race

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Thanks for stopping by.

My offering today comes as a commentary encased in poetry...


It's how we run the race
not our birthplace
or knowledge base
or coming in first place
in a footrace
It's about grace
and in cyberspace
not trying to disgrace
others in the workplace
not afraid to embrace
anyone in any place
even outer space
because it's how you chase
your dreams and interface
with people in a happy place
without a trace
of hate, ready to embrace
everything it takes
  to run a good race...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trump - Communist Loving Traitor On A Personal Mission

Good Day World!

Facts have always annoyed Donald Trump. Especially when he's on a mission.

Instead he relies on lawsuits to skirt around facts. He can tell you an outright lie to your face without blinking. 

A lifetime of lies will do that. It's like having a superpower.

However, his recent actions prove he's worse than just a liar... he's a traitor planning on selling out America to Russia. 

His whole life has been about enhancing his wealth. Not the American people's fortunes.

Trump's latest attacks against American intelligence agencies that outright said the Russians were inferring with the election, are more than troubling; they're a scary sign of what's coming down the road.  

When it comes to Russia, Trump has a real credibility problem. 

Why wouldn't he take a foreign government's suspected interference in an American election seriously, unless he doesn't want to know the truth?

Or worse yet, maybe he does know the truth, and his minions have been working with the Russians all along.

U.S.Officials: Putin Personally Involved In Election Hack

The troubling signs have been there throughout the presidential campaign. 

Putin and Trump's bromance blossomed while staffers for Trump with Russian ties were added - and later dropped when the press found out.

Watch what happens in the months and years ahead, as Trump drops sanctions against Russia and boldly buddies up with communists - whose main goal is to wipe out Democracy.

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Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...