Saturday, August 7, 2021

What Are Republicans Going To Do Next To Avoid Accounting For Jan. 6 Insurrection?

Today's Republican party is afraid of history.

Turning back the clock to the coup attempt on Jan. 6 is the last thing right-wing Trumpists want to see happen. The truth hurts.

History is not a strong point for the cult of Trump. Starting with their beloved leader, most Republicans have either forgotten history lessons learned in school, or they somehow skipped that part of their education.

To avoid accounting for the coup attempt on the Capitol, right-wing lawmakers are trying to reinvent history by whatever means possible.

But the attack against our democracy doesn't just stop there; whataboutism and outright lies are dished out like a moveable feast to the faithful.

In the last few weeks revelations about how Trump tried to cling to office by using his minions to overturn the election results have been pouring in.

As the evidence continues to unfold, right-wingers are becoming increasingly desperate to sell the Big Lie and cover Trump's treasonous tracks.

The right-wing spin machine is doing it's best to divert attention away from the coup attempt by throwing out shiny objects to draw attention away from the ongoing Jan. 6 investigations in Congress.

--Trump's sycophant's are busy trying to conduct fake audits in states where Biden won.

--Ignoring science, Trump cult followers are fighting the vaccines meant to save this country from more deaths and infections.

Homeland Security is warning people of potential conspiracy-fueled violence this month. That's because GOP extremists are openly plotting on the internet to overthrow our duly elected president.

It's hard to say what these treasonous cult followers will do next to disrupt the nation. Nothing is off the table for Trump and the fools who are enabling him.

Whatever new tactic is employed the result will be the same; truth and justice will prevail because the majority of Americans demand it.

Friday, August 6, 2021

The Mark of the Beast? Trump Supporters Embrace ;Membership' Cards

It was bound to happen.

In the ongoing loyalty tests to Trump a new test has emerged to fleece supporters; they can now become card-carrying Trump loyalists!

All supporters have to do is sign up for this latest Trump merchandize and they'll get the new loyalty card. The price is unclear. The fact is his minions aren't talking about issuing a physical card. At least not yet.

It's just the latest attempt in a long line of fundraising gimmicks used by Trumpworld to show loyalty to Trump and his "American First" vision.

Organizers rolled out four designs and Trumpies are supposed to pick the one they like the best.

It didn't take long for people on the internet to notice a few problems with the design of the cards.

For starters the word "official" was misspelled on one, and another featured an eagle logo that bore an uncanny resemblance to the Nazi eagle emblem first used by the party in the 1920s Germany.

The Lincoln Project (an anti-Trump group) tweeted, "Nothing spells official quit like...misspelling 'official.'"

"Sure they're Nazis, but they're not grammar Nazis," comedian Nick Pappas tweeted.

In a wonderfully vague statement organizers say the card will only be "reserved for President Trump's STRONGEST supporters, and will be carried by patriots across the country."

Presumably the STRONGEST supporters will be the ones who continue to give huge donations.

Trump and his fellow grifters are making millions by fleecing their own followers. The thing of it is, even though many followers realize his scams are bogus, they continue to give money to their "Chosen One.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Why Hasn't Trump Been Indicted Yet For His Seditious Attempt To Overthrow Democracy?

          The evidence grows every day.

The facts are clear. Trump's coup attempt came closer than most Americans realize, and the challenge to democracy still exists.

As we learn more and more about the extremes that Trump minions were willing to go in an attempt to overturn the election, one thing is crystal clear:

Trump committed sedition. He tried to destroy our republic and is still actively pursuing his vendetta against free and fair elections.

The latest example of Trump's perfidy is just one more revelation of how close we all came to losing our freedoms.

Jeffrey Clark, a top official at the Justice Department composed a draft letter where he urged acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and acting deputy Attorney General Richard Donoghue to sign onto a bogus claim that there was "significant concerns that impacted the outcome of the election in multiple states."

It was a bullshit attempt to invoke havoc and luckily for us all, it didn't succeed. Rosen and Donoghue refused to betray their country.

In the end the letter was never sent and Clark was blasted for his seditious attempt. 

For the record: Clark was acting with blessings from Trump. It was a coup attempt with the full knowledge of Trump. Of that, there is no doubt.

Reams of evidence keep turning up as we hear recordings of Trump threatening state officials not to certify the 2020 election. 

There's several investigations going on in Congress to address Trump's attempts to steal the election. Several states have filed lawsuits against Trump and his minions for their unlawful attempt to take over the country.

What I don't understand is why hasn't Trump been charged with sedition by now? The evidence that's already been revealed should be more than enough to indict him for treason.

There's an old saying that the wheels of justice move slowly. In this case eight months have passed since the insurrection and Trump still hasn't been charged.

A dozen of Trump's cronies have been sent to jail since he lost the election. Other MAGA followers are pushing lies, even as they're being called out for treasonous activities.

The Jan. 6 House Select Committee is crawling along and still hasn't named who they're going to question. 

Investigations revealing Trump's attempts to overthrow the will of voters in Georgia and Arizona, are also creeping along.

What the hell are we waiting for? The time for justice is long overdue. We can't afford to let him lead another assault upon American institutions.

Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Trump's Followers Are Actually Scarier Than he Is

Despite being kicked out of his highchair in the Oval Office in 2020, Trump continues to bring grief to our nation.

But, it's his followers who are doing the real damage to democracy by parroting his Big Lie, and all of his lesser lies.

Trump has united his supporters around an impulse to be openly racist and contemptuous towards anyone who doesn't drink his Kool aid. Simply put, he has normalized hatred.

While Trump holds quasi cabinet meetings at his golf resorts his minions are on the attack daily.

Sycophant's like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, are literally condemning Floridians to death by resisting masking rules in schools and threatening to defund them if they take the precaution to wear masks.

This outrageous demand comes as Florida is setting national COVID increase records and it's hospitals are near capacity with the new wave of the Delta Variant.

One-in-five Americans who have become infected with the new variant are from Florida. Under DeSantis - who has presidential aspirations - the state has become a killing ground with no relief in sight.

In a recent interview with Salon mental health expert Dr. Bandy X. Lee described the pathological relationship between Trump and his followers:

"Trump unites his supporters in a shared idea of opposition to some other groups or individuals they revile. It doesn't even matter whether they are Black or Muslim or immigrants or migrants from Latin and South America, or democrats for that matter.

"They are all to be dehumanized. Trump has found a way to unite his followers by granting them the freedom to normalize hatred."

In his capacity as political cult leader, Trump exemplifies what psychologists describe as 'the dark triad' of human behavior:

Machiavellianism, narcissism, and psychopathy.

With Trump minions infecting congress and state governments, democracy faces one of the biggest challenges our republic has ever seen.

Faced with an enemy inside our borders, the battles to defend truth and justice are increasing as the Republican party slimes all norms in their pursuit to reinstate the Chosen One.

While Trump is the north star of his fascist-minded followers, it's the rank and file who are fighting on the front lines. 

The Paul Gosar's and Marjorie Taylor Greene's are the foot soldiers in Trump's vile campaign to seize power again. They are the immediate threat to American democracy today. 

Monday, August 2, 2021

GOP Guide To Pushing Misinformation: Lies Equal Money

If someone wanted they could easily make a case that we've been living in an alternate America for the last five years.

Trump's short reign hit democracy like a tsunami, flooding facts with lies the size of whales. It provided hard-right extremist's with internet and cable platforms that sailed smoothly in a sea of falsehoods.

Most of all, Trump's Big Lie and ensuing lies are providing a steady stream of funds as false state audits cash in with the MAGA crowd. Just about any lie or outrageous claim is worth cash in TrumpLand.

People like GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene are proving how effective lies and accusations are as she's raised one of the biggest war chests of contributions in the House.

Denying facts and evidence compiled after the Jan. 6 insurrection has been a lucrative outlet for Republican politicians who blithely ignored what really happened on that tragic day.

Republican politicians seek Trump's blessings by wrapping their arms around his lies like proud parents of a rabid hyena.  

And why not?

With a war chest of 100 million dollars from donors, Trump sets the standard for other corrupt minions to follow. Lies are golden for Republicans right now.

How long will the master puppeteer be able to perform, is a question worth an answer. Without the ability to foresee the future, I suspect the tide will turn if the people Trump is endorsing keep losing.

He's currently 0-1 with his Texas endorsement of Susan Wright who lost last week. 

Another test will be in Ohio tomorrow. Trump's endorsement of Mike Carey to represent Ohio's 15th Congressional District against against a field of other Republicans will give another clue to how effective Trump's strategy is.

It's possible that two defeats in two weeks will dull the golden goose's attraction. But the real test comes during next year's midterms.

Meanwhile the Republican party will continue to cash in on lies about the vaccine, the 2020 election, Hunter Biden, immigration, and the rest of Trump's assaults on our democracy.

Sunday, August 1, 2021

The Delta Variant Is Killing Unvaccinated People and Spreading Faster Than The Original Virus: America's Response? Confusion

                  It should be clear cut.

America was rebounding from the challenges that COVID-19 brought earlier this year. There were positive vibes rippling throughout the country.

More people were being vaccinated in record numbers every day. Businesses we're re-opening. Masks were not needed if we were fully vaccinated.

Then the Delta Variant struck 

It came like a thief in the night and nearly all of the progress made against the pandemic was lost.

The death toll among the unvaccinated went from just a few cases across the country in several months - to over 100,000 a day nationally.

The Delta Variant turned out to be more contagious and more severe than the original COVID-19.

Inject partisan politics and mass disinformation campaigns and the result has been chaos.

The CDC had to issue new masking regulations because of the new challenges the Delta Variant is presenting. 

Among the most challenged guidance is that vaccinated people have to wear masks again inside. It turns out they can infect others in this new reality.

However, this new guideline has been a river too far for Republicans, and some Democrats. Science deniers have seized on the change as proof the CDC doesn't know what its talking about.

Despite the explanation above, conspiracy theorists are using the changing rules as a cudgel against the CDC.

The worst part is that we've lost a lot of the progress made against the virus, and it's looking like last year as the infections continue to grow daily.

Because we live in a polarized country there's no unified effort to combat the variant. Being unvaccinated has become a badge of honor for Trump followers.

Now we're seeing people who are vaccinated getting pissed off at others who aren't following safety guidelines. 

This toxic atmosphere in our society, while facing the biggest health challenge in 100 years, is crippling the country. 

The confusion and chaos must end, or else democracy will.

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