Saturday, October 7, 2023

Trump's Two Sons are Living with a Legacy of Lies

Most Republicans want to politically smear President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

It's a requirement in Congress's House among the crazy caucus, and I doubt if the accusations will ever go away despite not having any evidence.


Let's take a look at the Trump Crime Family. They've been convicted of business fraud and are busy watching Daddy's empire crumble during the penalty phase of the trial in New York.

During this particularly painful process Trump has already thrown his son Eric under the buss, then backed up and did it again. Noting that Eric was in charge when he was president was just one of many desperate measures he's taken so far to shift blame from himself.

Real Dad of the Year stuff.

Eric and Don Jr. were raised in a swamp where they learned to lie in order to survive. You can't totally blame them for being two warts on a hog's ass however.

Just think about the indoctrination they received growing up. They learned to be shameless and without moral standards. Their teacher, who now heads a cult, was their standard for a parent.

With a background like that I'm surprised that both of those sociopaths haven't killed anyone yet. That we know of. Eric and Don Jr. have learned how to be grifters on a grand scale. They were taught that the only man who mattered in the world was their dad.

And they went forth and spread that gospel like the two disciples they were raised to be. Following their lives is a study of stupidity and slavish servitude to the dark side of man's nature.

The learned how to mock the truth and to spread Daddy's conspiracies whenever they spoke publicly. If the devil decided to have two sons, he would have modeled them after Trump's offspring.

During their fraud trial, Cameron Harris, an accountant for Trump's accounting firm Whitley Penn, testified that Eric Trump "set the tone at the top" of the Trump Organization's fraudulent business dealings.

It's no surprise that Trump's sons have no social skills and are prone to attacking anything they don't like. Last week Eric voiced his disgust for the venue where his daddy is being tried. 

"The courthouse I was in today, it's disgusting. It smells. You had cables running across all the walls. It's a disgrace and the fact that that's a representation of our legal system..." he whined to a host on Newsmax.

The social media site X lit up after his crude comments.

One X user said, "The New York Supreme Court is not disgusting, nor does it smell. It has a magnificent mural in the ceiling of its central rotunda detailing the history of justice from ancient times. Eric is a whining crybaby."

Another X user wrote, "Eric Trump whining about the smell and appearance of a courtroom is the height of hypocrisy, given the fact that he and his family are accused of massive fraud. He should be more worried about the smell of prison soap!"

I don't expect Eric or Don Jr. to be put behind bars like their crooked father who faces 91 felony charges in three other jurisdictions, but I do wonder how they're going to handle seeing their idol wearing an orange jumpsuit behind bars.

As it stands, the old adage "You live what you learn" is right on.

Friday, October 6, 2023

Trump Supporter Interviews More Entertaining Than Late Night Comedy

If you haven't seen one of the numerous videos on YouTube showing Trump supporters being interviewed on the street, you're missing out bigly on a good laugh.

It's like watching people from another country or alternate universe where up is down and down is up. They seamlessly spew conspiracy theories like they're the gospel.

Here's some examples to get you in the mood:

* MAGA: Hollywood is Evil, Everyone Knows That - link

* MAGA asked if They're a Cult - link

* Trump Made My Life Better - link

* MAGA: The Supreme Court OWES Trump - link 

* Trumper: 80% of People Voted for Trump in 2020 - link


I don't know how anyone can take these people seriously. The only thing they're serious about is their belief that Trump is the Second Coming and non-believers will be shipped to Gitmo and put on large barges.

If the samples above don't leave you gasping for air after prolonged laughter, you just don't have a sense of humor.

Watching one supporter come near tears in her praise of Trump could be a good training film for psychiatrists.

Actually, all the videos mentioned here would make good training films for psychiatrists and comedians.

As much as people enjoy Late Night Comedy it's only a few hours a night. Whereas Trump supporters are spewing their routines during every waking moment.

In a way we owe Trump supporters for providing so many laughs daily. We desperately need comic relief in this chaotic society.

As it stands, I'm not saying don't watch late night comedies. My point is don't just stop there when searching for a good laugh.

Thursday, October 5, 2023

The Podium Returns! Gov. Huckabee Sanders Haunted by Whistleblower

I've got a good Halloween story for you today.

Once upon a time there was a White House Press Secretary named Sarah Huckabee Sanders who bullied the national press from behind a podium.

Being Trumpite royalty she was able to serve up lies daily about what Trump was supposedly doing for the benefit of the American people. Her smackdown of reporters was a vicious and awesome thing to witness.

When Saturday Night Live did a skit of her behind a motorized Podium chasing reporters, I almost passed out from laughing so hard. After that Sanders became a meme and the target of mockery among the majority of Americans.

It must have been a nightmare for her. Then she quit (I'm still not clear why) and lost her Podium of Power. One can only imagine the grief and suffering she went through.

But Sanders wasn't done yet.

She ran for governor of Arkansas because it was a wholly owned subsidiary of her father a former governor and was heavily populated by MAGA morons. And she was elected.

Her regime thus far has been rocky, and she's managed to burn up all the good will among her Republican cohorts by bulldozing her legislative agenda through the Republican majority House and Senate.

Something happened in June when Sanders took a trade delegation (consisting of political cronies) to Paris, France to drum up business for the state. Some skullduggery was discovered by a lawyer/blogger named Matt Campbell who publishes a blog called the Blue Hog Report.

Campbell filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for the records from the trip. In turn he got very limited report, so he sued to get all the records. Two days later Sanders called a special session of the state legislature to make a dramatic revision of the state's FOIA.

Enter the podium. Yes, a podium has come back to haunt Sanders this October. Campbell had discovered Sander's office paid almost $20,000 for a... wait for it...PODIUM!

So now there's a scary scandal that has left Sanders thrashing around like a beached whale on a dark and stormy night.

Get this... at first no one saw the podium. It didn't seem to exist (Ghostly soundtrack in the background). When someone finally produced a podium, it was the same podium she used when she was inaugurated governor.

So where did the $20,000 disappear to? Republicans in Arkansas are pissed about the whole slimy affair and are looking into it.

As it stands, I wonder if Sanders has nightmares with podiums coming after her?

Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Unhinged MAGA Martyr: Trump Wants Blood

He's never played nice, but Trump has now entered a new phase where he's openly calling for the death of his enemies.

As his fraud trial moves forward in the penalty phase, Trump has been getting crazier by the day until he decided not to attend the rest of the third day, leaving for lunch and retreating to his lair in Florida.

Trump was out of control during the press conferences he held every time there was a break in the trial. After threatening the judge's clerk, he was admonished, and his son Eric had to delete the attack post against the clerk in front of the angry judge. 

Then a narrow gag order was imposed. His first in the four jurisdictions where he's being criminally charged for offenses from trying to steal an election to stealing top secret documents. Expect more gag orders to come soon from other judges.

Trump is now officially out of control. He's shown numerous signs of obvious cognitive problems in his speech, his statements out loud and online. He repeats the same old lies like a possessed tape recorder playing around the clock.

As Trump's fury continues to grow, he's going to force a judge to lock him up as a clear and present danger to the public, the courts, and witnesses in his upcoming trials. 

It's a desperate gambit by the man who would be king. He's hoping to start a civil war while caged up by turning his cult followers loose on average Americans.

By stoking the fires of hatred and fear Trump's gambling the authorities will be so intimidated they'll have to release him to save the country from his follower's wrath.

A nightmare scenario for sure. But it's classic Trump. He's more than willing to see people die for him during a nationwide attack on democracy.

Bring exposed as the biggest loser in business history and politics has driven him to cross the Rubicon into full-on lunacy. 

As it stands, after living in a fantasy world most of his life Trump is now being bitch-slapped by reality.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

CHAOS! McCarthy Loses Speakership

It was history.
No House Speaker has ever been ousted until Kevin McCarthy was voted out of his job today.

The weakest speaker of the house in history has been humiliated.

The vote was 216-210 with eight Republicans joining Democrats to remove McCarthy from his leadership of the party.

Now the House will need to elect a new speaker. The irony is there's no clear alternative to McCarthy. That will guarantee chaos.

House Republicans have shut down any chance at passing legislation until they decide who they want to lead them. Based upon their election performance in January for speaker, we can expect a protracted fight ahead.

And time is running out.

If the GOP House members don't stop their infighting, they'll end up shutting down the government on November 17.

The country is in peril while MAGA minorities continue to rule the GOP. 

As it stands, this is just another example of the challenges America faces today in defending democracy.

Monday, October 2, 2023

Trump's Great American Scheme is "Dust in the Wind'


"Same old song

Just a drop of water in an endless sea

Trump's empire is crumbling

to the ground though he refuses to see


Dust in the Wind

He is dust in the Wind"

(Apologies to Kansas)

The myth has been exposed.

Trump's business acumen was nothing more than dust in the wind. A boast without facts. An empire of failures from casinos to steaks. No one in the entire country has lost more money in one year than Trump has. 

He started out with big money from daddy and managed to blow it and millions of other people's money with bad management and a structure of financial lies that led to his conviction as a fraud, along with his two adult sons.

Watching Trump emerge like a pissed-off honey badger during breaks in the first day of his fraud trial has been a profile in corruption and lies. And tantrums. Hopefully his handlers brought plenty of Huggies along.

The Art of the Deal, Trump's infamous book has been shown to be a mockery. A pathetic boost to his fragile ego. Proof, in his tiny mind, that he was the best wheeler dealer in the Big Apple. 

Trump's schemes are being burned down now by the court systems that are holding him to justice. His next stops when the fraud trial is finished will be in two federal courts and a state court with a combined 91 felony charges against him.

It's a fair argument to say he's the biggest and worst loser in business and politics this country has ever witnessed. As a former president, Trump is both a national disgrace and threat to democracy.

He proves that every day when he melts down on social media and during his creepy rallies where he calls for death sentences for all of his detractors. 

As it stands, I always hoped the truth would catch up to Trump and bite him in his amble ass! It appears that time is finally here.

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Congressional Cage Match Looms Between Gaetz and McCarthy: Tickets on Sale Monday

Two of the biggest wimps in the Republican party are heading for a showdown when the House convenes on Monday.

Gaetz is going to try and remove McCarthy from the speakers post because he compromised with the Democrats and avoided a government shutdown. That infuriated Trump and his bootlickers in the House who were hoping to burn the place down.

This gets a little complicated.

Gaetz and McCarthy are two of Trump's biggest toadies in Congress and when they start slapping each other in earnest next week it's going to be both entertaining and enlightening.

Will McCarthy still be the speaker by the end of the week or will Gaetz get his way and cause some real old-fashioned chaos? I'm counting on PBS to follow the fight to its bitter end.

Side bars to this drama

* We may witness McCarthy actually growing a spine and standing up to his tormentors in the party. In the heat of the moment, he's talking big, "Bring it on!" he openly challenged Gaetz.

* How do both antagonists keep Trump's backing during this Golden Shower party?  

* Will McCarthy pull out the stops and lean on the House Ethics Committee who opened an investigation in July into allegations that Gaetz engaged in sexual misconduct and illicit drug use? 

Who knows? He may encourage/bribe members to fast-track their investigation of Gaetz.


* What made McCarthy bare his ass to his right flank? It was a big move coming from a small man.

There's a lot of drama guaranteed in Congress in the weeks ahead as the Republican party shows they can't govern while cannibalizing themselves.

As it stands, plan on spending the night in line outside the Capitol Building to buy a ticket to sit in the gallery if you want to see the performance live.  

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...