Saturday, September 28, 2019

Congress is Cornering Trump's Enablers on the Road to Impeachment

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Let's pause for a moment, take a deep breath, and thank a mystery whistleblower.

If not for the yet unnamed whistleblower, our democracy was on the verge of total destruction.

The end of a Republic, and the rise of a monarchy would have been accomplished in less than three year's under Trump's corrupt regime.

We now know he planned on rigging the 2020 election and after that? The sky was the limit. Remember some of his jokes about a third term?

America has faced over two centuries of challenges to our system of government, and the Constitution, but nothing like it faces today.

We know that Trump was using taxpayer money to force a country - the Ukraine - to go after his main political rival Joe Biden.

We know that Trump's attempts at exhorting a country that we're supposed to be supporting against our main enemy Russia, is a direct violation of the Constitution.

This last week unveiled a criminal conspiracy in the White House. Trump wasn't acting alone. 

We know AG Barr was involved because of Trump's personal henchman, Rudy Guiliani's assertion that he was working with the state department. And, Barr's name comes up in the phone call that jump-started the impeachment inquiry.

We know VP Pence canceled his visit to the Ukraine as Trump was putting pressure on the Ukraine's leader.

Yesterday, we found out that Trump's and his corrupt cronies - as in high officials in the NRA knew Russians were using their ties to the gun rights group to try and bolster their status with lawmakers, or the winner of the 2016 election.

We also found out that Trump's right wing media diet has become a factor in the impeachment inquiry. 

Congress is not taking a planned break to pursue this urgent threat to our country. Trump has to be stopped before he does any more damage and the House members know that.

News is coming in so fast this daily blog can't keep up. I'm doing the best I can to document this momentous moment in our history.

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Friday, September 27, 2019

Snap! No Trump - You're Not Above the Law

Time Magazine- "Ignore. Deny. Attack. Faced with an impeachment investigation, will Trump's longtime playbook fail him?" Photo Illustration by C.J. Burton

                                     Good Day World!

It's Friday, and I'm feeling fatigued.

This week I watched, along with the rest of the world, Trump melt down under the pressure of the gathering whistleblower scandal. 

His response has been typical. Deny. Divert reality.

But it's more than that. It's something deeply ingrained in Trump's reptile brain, where he believes his own lies when he repeats them enough.

Now, Trump's bruised ego is seeking revenge for being exposed, and he's outright threatened the unknown whistleblower with death for treason. He doubled that up with threatening the people in the report by calling them spies.

I don't care how partisan a person is; set aside politics for a moment, and just be an American who loves democracy. It's under fire right now by the most corrupt president in this nation's history.

He's openly defying the Constitution because he thinks he can get away with it. He knows he got off the hook with the Russia investigation because he was able to obstruct justice with no consequence. 

It showed him that he could get away with bullying a foreign power to help bring down his political rival Joe Biden in 2020. 

Trump was so encouraged and swollen with his power, the day after declaring victory on the Mueller report he turned to another nation to help him get re-elected. 

This time, he bullied the Ukraine's leader to get dirt on his political rival Joe Biden. But with the help of a whistleblower, a very real threat to our nation's security has been exposed... just in time.

There's also a very real threat daily from a deranged narcissist who is being backed into a corner. He's trying to marshal his minions to fight back against the evidence that's being exposed in The House and Senate hearings.

Americans are watching the depths of depravity that our commander-in-chief goes to further his own personal gains. I hope every American follows this impeachment process closely. That's important.

History will harshly judge those lawmakers that chose not to impeach our corrupt leader.

I'm looking forward to seeing if justice can finally happen in the era of Trump.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Don the Con's Case is Collapsing Under the Weight of Evidence

                                        Good Day World!

A good con man keeps up his act until the moment when he's arrested by authorities.

Trump is a world class con man whose lies have been so blatant that the whole world is finally recognizing them and challenging him. The House of Trump is on fire!

It's been amazing watching the impeachment proceedings in the last 72 hours. 

Todays Full Whistleblower hearing

Things are happening so fast that it's incredible. I've never seen the Democrats so focused. The time  has finally arrived to hold Trump accountable for his many high crimes.

No matter how the Republicans try to spin this scandal, they're just sinking deeper into the tarpit with Trump.


Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Day Three: Impeachment Moves Forward!

Good Day World!

We're in Day Three of what will someday become an historic week in American history.

The wheels of justice have started rolling.

Transcript shows Trump Prodded Ukraine Leader To Help in Biden Probe.

Also: House Launches Impeachment Inquiry after transcript release.

Also: Read Trump's Phone Conversation with Ukraine's Leader 

Also: Giuliani "directly involved at nearly every stage" of the whistleblower scandal. 


"No one is above the law" Nancy Pelosi said, explaining why the House had to pursue impeachment.

We also discovered that Trump told officials to withhold military aid to the Ukraine a week before his call with the Ukrainian president, who he urged to investigate his top political rival's son for corruption... despite the fact that it was a proven lie.

I expected to hear shouts of "Seig Heil!" from the front row (where Trump minions were positioned) at the UN Assembly meeting yesterday, where Trump told world leaders globalism was bad and that all countries should become nationalistic and to stop immigrants from distilling the purity of each race.

Afterward hearing 16-year old Greta Thurnberg speak to the UN Assembly about Global warming, Trump showed why people think he's an ass by mocking her.

Fun Fact: Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, was spotted sleeping during Trump's stirring speech to the UN.

As if this whistleblower scandal wasn't enough, it looks like we're heading for another government shutdown over funds for Trump's dream wall.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Day Two: Gathering Whistleblower Storm Picks Up More Energy

Good Day World!

Today is day Number Two for really holding Trump accountable for abuse of power. 

(2 p.m. PST) BREAKING NEWS: House Moves Forward on Impeachment

This is the point where historians will count every day towards what led to Trump's impeachment. It will be noted as another milestone where truth and justice saved our democracy.

That may sound dramatic, but look what's happening, even as you read this post. Trump and minions are once again stonewalling truth and giving false narratives to deflect Trump's treason. 

The Director of National Intelligence has been ordered to break the law and not release a "credible and urgent" whistleblower complaint.

When White House Trump minions like Mike Pompeo and Steven Mnuchin embraced a conspiracy to deflect the charges against Trump, you know our democracy has been violated and abused.

The scary thing is Trump has clearly demonstrated there's nothing he won't do to protect himself. After deflecting the Mueller report's evidence about Trump's ties to Russia (with AG Barr's help), he feels emboldened.

In Trump's mind he's beaten Congress by working around it with illegal tactics, like ignoring subpoenas and abusing his executive privileges and the Constitution.

Day Two's Gathering Storm in the news today:

** Trump's GOP primary challengers all agree: Trump's acts were treasonous "Pure and simple."

** Trump has already admitted everything you need to know about the Ukraine drama.

** Former Republican Ohio governor John Kasich, called on Republicans in Congress to push the administration to turn over the whistleblower complaint to the House Intelligence Committee.

** Rank-and-file Republicans who have been dodging questions about the whistleblower account are now rallying around a false narrative Trump is trying to sell about Biden's son Hunter.

** Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer has turned up the pressure on Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell today, to investigate the claim's that a whistleblower's complaint was unlawfully suppressed by Trump. 

** Read Nancy Pelosi's letter to Congress on the whistleblower complaint.

** John Avlon breaks down the implications of the Ukraine scandal surrounding Trump.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, September 23, 2019

Dear Congress: This Is 'Day One' For Holding Trump Accountable

                                         Good Day World!

The world is watching today, as Congress reacts to Trump's latest corruption scandal.

On Thursday, Trump's Acting Spy Chief, Joseph Maguire, will go before Congress in an open session to testify why he hasn't turned the "urgent and credible" whistleblower complaint over to Congress, according to law which states, "He shall..." turn it over to them.

Today is the first day that must lead to exposing Trump's toxic obstructions of justice, and accountability for going after a political opponent (who he fears) by bribing a foreign government to investigate Biden's son.

Our government's credibility is on trial today. Lawmaker's have to stand up for the truth, no matter how painful. The nation is facing the biggest threat in it's history - a rogue president who truly believes he's above the law.

If the Democrats allow Trump to weasel his way out of this latest scandal, they'll lose all of their moral high ground, not too mention momentum for impeachment.

This textbook demonstration of obstructing our laws must not end in another political quagmire bogged down by the courts in a never-ending cycle of presidential stonewalling.

What America is facing today is not a partisan threat.

It's a very real direct threat to democracy, and our Constitution. Trump's attack on American values and traditions are without parallel.

His constant attempts to divide the country will never end. 

His attempts to sell alternate realities for political gains are threatening our national security.

His attempt to weaken truth by telling constant lies and denying reality has stressed out millions of Americans, in-and-out of government. 

To Nancy Pelosi: 

It's time to quit playing games with Trump. You know he cheats. You know he lies. You know he's obstructed justice countless times since slithering into office. You also know you can break the court deadlock of investigations into his corruption with the powers of impeachment.

It's beyond a political choice now. It's a matter of justice and trusting the American people will do the right thing when presented with evidence of Trump's wrong-doings.

There's a time for all things. Now is the time to stand up for everything that means being a patriotic American.

Good luck Nancy. I'll be rooting for you to rise to the occasion.

Time for me to walk on down the road...  

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Has Trump's 'Day of Reckoning' Finally Arrived?

Ukrainian President (left), Volodymyr Zelensky, was concerned when the promised aid - $250,000 million - didn't come despite Congress giving it the green light.

                                       Good Day World!

The earth shifted slightly 48-hours ago, and it had nothing to do with Global Warming.

Impeachment is in the air this fall as Congress confronts the biggest scandal in American history... 

A president that has been abusing laws - often right out in front of everyone - and who also has no trouble going to a foreign country to collect dirt on his political opponents.

The nation is facing a Constitutional crisis with a president's overwhelming abuse of power that everyone can see... but the Republican Party.

When the whistleblower story broke the response was crickets from Republicans in the House, and Senate. Still is. Lawmakers have been seen running through Capitol Hill to avoid reporters questions about the whistleblower's report.

Trump's most loyal minions at Fox, and his crazy aging attack-dog, Rudy Giuliani, quickly jumped to Trump's defense with the usual response; divert-lie-divert-deny-discredit-lie...

This scandal playbook is not going to work this time, because there's a gathering juggernaut of corruption charges. They're led off with Trump's latest attempt to hurt his political opponent by making a deal with a foreign leader.

Trump reportedly asked the new president of the Ukraine to open corruption charges against Joe Biden, and his son Hunter, while dangling foreign aid from the U.S. to the Ukraine like a carrot.

As soon as the Democrats can verify the accusations against Trump by viewing the mystery whistleblower's charges, the gloves should come off and Nancy Pelosi needs to formally call for an impeachment hearing. If she doesn't, this scandal will end up like the rest - buried in the courts for years.

If what Trump has done here, once again trying to collude with a foreign government (like last time with the Russians in 2016) to get dirt on his political enemies isn't enough to tip the scales and spur Congress to act... then nothing ever will!

The American people are watching history unfold as the president of the United States acts of corruption become clearer by the day at home, and abroad.

This is the moment that should be seized by the Democrats if they are serious about stopping the corrosion and damage to our nation and democracy.

Come Monday, I expect impeachment to be on the table as more information comes in - and, it will.

On Sunday morning, the House Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said impeachment "may be the only remedy" to Trump's refusal to make public the whistleblower's complaint.

9/22/19 -Related: Ukrainian Leaders Feel Trapped Between Warring Washington Factions

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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