Saturday, July 14, 2018

As The Liar Turns: Episode 566, Trump's Visit to UK Doesn't Disappoint

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Bravo! Trump's visit to merry old England has been everything we expected thus far.

A complete embarrassment.

Twitter counts the ways Trump 'Insulted' Queen Elizabeth

He no sooner got off the plane when his attack against Prime Minister May commenced. I'm sure his followers loved every divisive moment as he praised right-wing asshole Boris Johnson (who recently resigned from the parliament), and claimed he'd make a great prime minister (!)

He didn't stop there however. Donny was just warming up. He also gave a thinly-disguised warning to May that Britain's trade relationship with the U.S. could face turbulence if May goes through with what's known as the so-called "soft" Brexit blueprint.

When a British Tabloid "The Sun," printed the results of the interview from his first minutes in country, Trump twisted around like the lying snake he is and dared to call the article Fake News! 

Despite the fact there's audio of him making those comments, he still had the gall to hold a press conference the next morning, with May at his side, and claim he didn't say...what we know he did.

May, who is under considerable pressure right now, played along hoping Trump's reversal would continue until he left. Hoping she wouldn't be forced into revealing just how much he's bullying her.

Meanwhile, it's her job to escort Trump around the country and to try and tamp down Trump's rudeness. The 45-minute visit to Windsor castle to meet the Queen went off (if we're to believe the reports) well enough. Donny didn't insult the Queen to everyone's relief.

Needless to say, this whole hate-filled tour is fulfilling his core base's desire to see him sow global discord. They love that he's on the top of his game - lying, and then doubling down on the lie...and getting away with it because of the government's interest in keeping the peace between our nations.

Trump minions are eagerly looking forward to his visit with Putin. He told them he has a gift for the Russian dictator. You can imagine the excitement that news stirred up in his base, who believe Putin is really our friend because Donny admires him so.

I expect Episode 567 to generate a lot of excitement when Putin and Donny have a meeting between just the two of them. Trump's puppets will be pulling for Putin to give him some kind of reward. After all, Donny has one for his beloved Vlad.

Stay tuned.

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Friday, July 13, 2018

A Desperate Attack by House Judiciary GOP To Save Trump

Good Day World!

I can't believe I watched the whole thing. 

It was like watching ancient Romans throw enemies of the state to the lions.

 In this case the victim fought back.

Yesterday's House Judiciary Committee hearing was a circus spawned by desperate Republicans trying to protect Trump.

The meat they were throwing out was Peter Strzok, an FBI agent whose personal emails showed he hates Trump. 

Despite being vindicated of professional bias by the IG's report, the Republican committee members tried to spin that Strzok was part of a conspiracy corrupting Mueller's investigation into the Trump campaign and Russia.

The sense of rats trying to hold onto a sinking ship was present, as each GOP member tried to outdo the other with vile attacks against Strzok's integrity with no proof to back up their accusations.

It was probably one of the lowest moments in Congress. The partisan kangaroo trial (that's what it really was) was an embarrassment to anyone who believes in laws and truth. The Repugs made no attempt to abide by normal parliamentary procedures. 

At one point Rep. David Cicilline, D-RI. said, "This is about promoting a narrative, you're a prop." He also noted that Strzoks texts were "the perfect foil" for Republicans. 

"They are not interested in hearing your context and explanation, because it's not about you," he forcefully asserted.
That accusation was evident for over seven hours of interrogation that resembled an Inquisition more than anything else. 
Time is running out. Mueller is getting closer to wrapping up his investigation. The Repugs see the writing on the wall and are desperate that Donny's collusion with Russia will be exposed.
All of this shit from the current house majority is going to end in the fall when Democrats retake the House. For the sake of democracy...they better. Remember to vote in November.
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Trump Island News: Castaway Congress Defy's Donny's Tariffs

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It was almost like watching jellyfish grow spines, as Senate Republicans pushed back against Trump's tariffs and attacks against NATO the last two days.

I'm not sure if they waited until Trump set off on his travels purposely, or what, to make their bold move, but it was sure refreshing.

The senate voted overwhelmingly for Trump to get congressional approval before using national security as an excuse for imposing tariffs on other nations, as he did recently with steel and aluminum levies against our allies, Mexico, Canada and the European Union.  

The 88-11 vote sent a clear message to Donny, that even his minions have revolted against his heavy-handed actions that are threatening the American economy.

Senate spines started growing Tuesday, when they voted 97-2 to pass a pro-NATO alliance resolution before Trump landed in Brussels, and blasted our allies again. Which, of course, he did.

Trump doesn't mind being on an island. He could care less what experts on anything have to say. His mind is always on Trump island time, where he enjoys creating chaos and eating cheeseburgers before going to bed at night.

Meanwhile, our castaway congress is awaiting Donny's return...and hoping he doesn't spank them!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Donny's Great Adventure 2.0: NATO Nastiness, Baby Blimps, and a Gift For Putin

Good Day World!

When we last saw our Liar-In-Chief during his first Great Adventure at the G-7 Summit, and with dictator Kim, Trump made a mockery of America.

He blew up the G-7 Summit and threatened everyone with tariffs, then went to Singapore to rendezvous with North Korean leader Kim, which turned out to be a grip-and-grin reality moment...but nothing else.

Trump agreed to stop defense exercises with South Korea and in return the US got...nothing substantial. We still haven't gotten the bodies of American soldiers from the North - despite sporadic reports of progress and Trump's lie that they are already being released.

Just to emphasis what a failure that supposedly historic meeting was just look at the current situation with Kim. His people are accusing Americans of being robbers and gangsters! Reports that they are enhancing their main nuke facility have been coming in for two weeks, after analyzing numerous satellite photos.

There's no reason to believe Donny's latest Great Adventure is 
going to be any more productive that 1.0 was. In fact, it may be even more disastrous. 

Today, on the first leg of the journey,Trump is already attacking Germany and other world leaders in Brussels. He started the first meeting off with a combative attitude. Very much like the last G-7 debacle. His pre-meeting tweets have already warned world leaders that Donny was going to have another temper tantrum. He did. 

When he's done pissing off all of our allies, he goes on to merry England, where Trump will be greeted by an enraged population and a baby Trump blimp over London. 

The Britishers really hate our racist president, and have been planning receptions for him for months.

Pre-arranged stops that the British government has arranged, in hopes of cutting the number of protesters down, will still likely see some acts of protest despite the harder to get to locations.

Although the Queen is going to see Trump, it won't be in the traditional Buckingham Palace like other world leaders have enjoyed. The low-energy meeting is happening at Blenheim Palace, far away from London. The equivalent of meeting in a back alley.

After that warm greeting from the British people, Trump goes on to his favorite part of the Great Adventure where he gets to meet with his favorite dictator, Putin, in Helsinki, Finland. 

He coyly told the press that he has a "gift" for Putin. I hate to even speculate on that one.

Seeing Putin will be the easiest part of the trip, Trump told reporters yesterday. "Who knew?" he sarcastically told the press.

Just the world, Donny...that's who!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Open Corruption: Trump Family Can Get Away With Anything

Good Day World!

Blatant corruption has long been a hallmark of Trump's before his current reign in Washington DC.

Donald Trump set the standard back in the early eighties when he cavorted with billionaire pedophiles and members of the Mafia out in the open. He was the darling of tabloids for his cruel treatment of multiple wives, and his habit of openly cheating on them.

Since assuming office, Trump has collected an impressive array of ethics violations, but suffered no consequences for them. Because of that, family members like Ivanka and Jared have been able to flout laws and rules with impunity.

Let's take a quick look at the most recent example of open corruption as demonstrated by Ivanka's products in China, where she is free from tariffs that both countries have levied. 

As smelly as that arrangement is, Trump continues to bleat about buying American. Those words he claims to love; "Made in the USA (see recent cult/campaign rally in NC)."

How does Trump's base account for this open ethics breech? Either they're not aware of it, or (more likely) they just don't care.

Where is the outrage in Congress?

I'll tell you where the GOP jellyfish that continue to enable Trump's corruption are...hiding in their office closets, shaking with unbridled fear of The Donald.

I really wonder what it'll take for those gutless Republicans to rebel against his corruption and lies? 

Frankly, I expect those same cowards to reject the findings of Mueller's investigation on Trump's campaign and his complicity in obstructing justice.

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Restocking the Swamp: Even Trump's Minions Don't Last Long

Good Day World!

Enough credit hasn't been given to Trump for his ability to keep his swamp viable in Washington DC, despite the constant turnover.

That takes a special talent. One that has been honed over a lifetime of embracing cheaters, known mafia figures, Russian oligarchs, racists, white supremacists, corrupt billionaires, and misogynists.

It was a masterstroke of politics on Trump's part to embrace the worst of America, claiming them as his loyal base. In a sad recognition of reality today in Trump's America, we must concede there are millions who follow him like cult members. All ready to embrace the Fake Fox News lies that Trump spews.  

Instead of draining the swamp in Washington like he told his gullible supporters in 2016, he created a nearly self-sustaining quagmire that allows for departures and the constant stocking of new corrupt individuals.

It's amazing how he flipped the swamp thing around and got his slavish followers to believe the inhabitants of his private swamp are patriots - one, and all.

Now you see it, now you don't. What else can you expect from a con man with no conscience, or morals?

What's sickening is Trump's base is infecting our society; dividing two-thirds of Americans against Trump, against that other third which continues to crawl out from beneath rocks and assault our societal norms, and the laws of the land with impunity.

Scott Pruitt, the EPA head that Trump loved for turning back safety laws and industry clean air standards, was finally driven out of his job by a dozen ongoing ethic scandals that couldn't be ignored any longer. They were too blatant.

Trump reluctantly bid Pruitt ado, and Pruitt wrote a lovely resignation letter praising Trump as the Second Coming. His ouster however did not save the EPA from further ravishment. 

There's always another rock to turn over, and a new slime ball to replace outgoing ones. Andrew Wheeler, Trump's pick to replace Pruitt the puke, was waiting in a dark place for his opportunity to continue Pruitt's destruction of the agency. 

When Trump's finally ran out of office (one way, or another), he'll be able to use his experience in the Oval Office to get into a new profession: Wildlife manager for the nation's largest swamp.

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Sunday, July 8, 2018

Trump's Foreign Policy is Clear: Demean Allies, Praise Dictators

Good Day World!

Donny sets out on new adventures this coming week with a strict itinerary; belittle NATO allies and praise Putin. 

A trip to Great Britain is also on the radar. The population is eagerly awaiting his visit so they can show him what they think about his foreign and local policies.

A blimp of Baby Trump will be proudly exhibited over London, and will sit above the parliament building for Trump's visit. Working with English authorities, Trump's minions have mapped out safe spots where he's unlikely to be confronted by common British citizens.

The long-planned protests make a sharp contrast to his reception by the Saudi government which treated him like a traveling emperor. Mutual business interests between the Trump family and the new King paved the way for that spectacle.

Members of NATO know that Trump is going to bad mouth them Wednesday when they meet in Brussels. After last month's controversial G-7 Summit, foreign affairs experts in the US are concerned about what's going to happen next when Trump confronts world leaders again. He didn't sign off on the last meeting, refusing to sign any agreements.

There's high expectations from inside Trump's circle, and his deplorable base, that he'll enact another reality TV moment and fire all the world's leaders.

Finally, Trump's favorite part of his upcoming hate tour is when he and Putin get to snuggle alone in Helsinki. What comes from that fateful coupling could change the balance of power in Europe. 

Despite Russia's efforts to undermine the 2016 election, and their current attacks in the social media, Trump believes his bro Putin is telling him the truth that the Russians didn't conduct cyberattacks against America while they continue to threaten our upcoming midterm elections.

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Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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