Monday, November 30, 2020

Taking a Blog Break: New Format/ Direction Coming Soon For AS IT STANDS


Pandemic Diary - Day 151

Dear Diary,

The election is over and so is my political crusade against the Trump regime.

It also means that I'm reducing the political content in this blog to one-third of what it was.

In addition, I'm reducing the coronavirus coverage and ending my Pandemic Diary format on December 12th.

Some Background on this Blog

The name of my first newspaper column while in college (1975-1979) was, AS IT STANDS. It was a silly play on my last name, but has endured for 43 years - in one form or another.

When I became the editor of The Desert Trail (1983) Newspaper in 29 Palms, California my college column found a new home throughout my journalistic career.

Photo on left: I'm sitting on the left (pointing a finger) at some guy (can't remember his name) who was running for judge in the county.

It was on live radio (1985), and the host (in the middle) was Gary Dainuagh. 

It was my first foray into political reporting, but certainly not my last.

AS IT STANDS has appeared in daily and weekly newspapers for 24 years. 

During that span, I was the managing editor of a group of five newspapers in Palm Springs. From there I went on to become a publisher of three newspapers in Northern California. 

The last time my column was in a newspaper - The Times-Standard, (Eureka, Calif) was April 1, 2012 (here's a link to my columns there).

The next home for my traveling column was this blog. The rest is history. Look to the right of this page and you'll see all of my past posts.

I'm taking a blog break and will return with a wider variety of content. Hopefully, something for everybody. See you again on Saturday, Dec.12th.

Peace out, dude and dudettes!

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