Saturday, January 21, 2017

Trump's Tweet Threats Against US Car Makers Are Backfiring

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Since day one, Trump has assured his followers that he would bring back American manufacturing jobs. 

He claimed the big corporations would whither when he told them he'd hit them with a 35% tax for going out of the country with their jobs.

Guess what? Trumps tough tweets about Mexican imports have had an unexpected result. Instead of driving companies away from doing business in Mexico, the opposite may happen.

Here's why; Mexico's peso has taken a dive because of Trump's terrible tweets. That now means it's even cheaper to do business in Mexico than ever before.

Several high-level auto industry officials recently told NBC News that the sharp slump in the price of the peso could offset any import tariffs, leading them to consider new manufacturing options in Mexico. 

This unexpected consequence was highlighted by former U.S. Treasure Secretary Lawrence Summers during a speech last week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

In essence the experts say the decline of the peso is a dagger at Ohio.

This is a good example of class populism being counterproductive for those in whose name it is offered as a policy regime.

It gets worse.

There was a study released last week by the Center for Automotive Research (CAR) that warned of the possibility of eliminating or sharply scaling back on NAFTA could seriously impact the U.S. auto industry, especially in the Midwest, where most of the manufacturing takes place.

"Counter to the incoming Trump administration's goal of creating manufacturing jobs, the withdrawal from NAFTA or the implementation of punitive tariffs could result in the loss of 31,000 U.S. jobs," said a summary of the report by CAR, a highly respected automotive research firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
As a result, manufacturers can save substantially by using Mexico as a central production base for global distribution.
Remember Trump's tweets hailing Ford's decision to cancel plans for a new Mexican assembly plant? The Detroit auto maker actually did not reverse its plan to move small car production to Mexico.
The Focus model will simply be built in another, existing and underutilized Ford plant in Hermosillo.
Finally, despite a series of announcements about new U.S. factory investments in recent weeks, there has been little actual movement of manufacturing back to the U.S. — but for a small axle line by General Motors.
To all of those Americans who thought Trump was going to invigorate manufacturing in the U.S., this is going to be their first major disappointment with his regime.
Stay tuned. More will come.
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Friday, January 20, 2017

Trump Inauguration: The Day The Music Died

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Today the music dies and all the good 'ol boys gather to celebrate their master's ascension to the throne of the Divided States of America.

But they won't be alone.

Protesters will surround the triumphant Trumpanzees.

All the big names in Hollywood have passed on attending. Musical groups, like the E Street Band backed out because they didn't want to be seen as supporting Trump's illegitimate presidency.

Has there ever been a more unpopular incoming president?

Trump's inauguration is being protested in all 50 states and 32 other counties. 

A recent survey by the Washington Post/ABC News showed that only 40% of respondents approve of the way Trump handled the post-election transition, making him the least popular incoming president of the last seven chief executives.

People are skeptical of Trump. Sixty-one percent of Americans lack confidence in him to make the right decisions for the country's future.

His transition has featured frequent clashes with intelligence agencies, political opponents, and reporters, particularly over evidence that the Russians interfered in the election by hacking emails from Democrats close to Hillary Clinton. 

Sixty Democratic senators are not attending the event (the most ever not to attend an inauguration).

Tomorrow an expected 200,000 women will march on Washington to protest everything Trump stands for.

I'm reminded of Don McLean's iconic 1971 song "American Pie."  

The song, a tribute to Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson, was written after they were all killed in a plane crash.

The tragic event was described in the song as "the day the music died."

Today is the Day That Freedom died.

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

All Aboard The Greed Train!

Good Day World!

Tickets please! All aboard the Greed Train!

It's never been better to be a millionaire or billionaire than it is now. 

Under Trump's regime greed has become good again, reminiscent of the 1980s.

Corporations are clamoring to fund Trump's inauguration in return for favors they know he will grant. They've already raised a hundred million for the event.

The heavy hitters - those donating six-and-seven figures - will get inauguration packages, including exclusive dinners, tickets, concerts and inaugural balls.

The thing is there are no legal limits to their donations so the bigger they are, the more influence will be granted.

Funny how Trump claimed throughout his campaign that he wouldn't take money from others because he was so rich he didn't need to.

So how much is The Donald spending on his inauguration? Are you ready for this? Zero. Nada. Nothing. If that doesn't give a clue for what lies ahead nothing does.

A complete reversal of what he claimed. Better get use to it however. All those promises he made during his run for the presidency will be broken and forgotten.

All that will remain is a billionaire president getting richer than he even dreamed of. With his two sons running the Trump show (despite the ethical conflict) it's going to be like discovering a new gold mine.

As for the average American who voted for Trump, I'm sorry to say there's no room aboard the Greed Train, and if it slips off the tracks they better be prepared to pay for it.

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eliminating Ethical Constraints is Mission One for Trump Team

Good Day World!

The Office of Government Ethics (OGE) has been under assault since Trump won the election with the help of Russian hackers and FBI director Comey.

Two weeks ago the Republican dominated House made a sneak play to eliminate the office, but had to give up the idea after a massive bipartisan response condemning the bill.

Trump knows that he's going to be violating numerous rules and even the Constitution, and that it's imperative he doesn't have a government watchdog snapping at his heels.

So the Trump transition team is taking another tack and is going after the OGE director Walter Shaub Jr., for publicly raising questions about him and the people he's chosen for his Cabinet. 

On the same day of Trump's first press conference, where he addressed his potential business conflicts, Shaub gave a speech at the Brookings Institution explaining that Trump's action was meaningless.

Then Shaub sent a letter to Senate Democrats warning them that all the nominees hadn't completed their ethics review. 
Missing was required financial disclosures. Just like Trump's refusal to release his tax information.

In retaliation, Republicans threatened Shaub and have ordered him to appear before a committee before the end of the month.

The Democrats don't want his hearing to be held in secret and are pushing for a public hearing. The top Democrat on the Committee, Elijah Cummings, said in a recent statement to the press (regarding the investigative committee);

"The Oversight Committee has not held one hearing, conducted one interview, or obtained one document about President-elect Donald Trump's massive global entanglements.

"Yet this committee is now apparently rushing to launch an investigation of the key government official for warning against the risks caused by President-elect Donald Trump's current plans."

There's no doubt Trump's team is on a mission to eliminate any ethical restraints that will cause him problems in the next four years.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

White House Renovations Raise Eyebrows But Tough Sh*t!

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January 21st - Americans are still in shock.

No one could of imagined that Donald Trump would remodel the entire White House in such a short time.

Dump tweeted about the progress as each new gold fixture was installed in the bathrooms and the main kitchen. Perhaps one of the most controversial changes he made was adding another floor.

When asked by the press why the extra floor, Trump explained that the top floor was for Barron, his spoiled 9-year old who enjoys telling his classmates "Your fired!"

"It's what he grew up with in Trump Tower. He has his own floor there," the new president noted. "When Barron and Melanie move in after his school term in New York, they're both going to feel at home." 

Meanwhile American historians cried when the Oval Office was remodeled and turned into a tiny golf course complete with racks of tiny golf clubs designed to fit Trump's small hands.

No one was particularly surprised when all of the paintings of past presidents came down and were replaced by paintings of Trump in a variety of imperial poses.

Some eyebrows were raised when Trump's daughter Ivanka immediately moved in with Daddy and assumed Melania's position of First Lady. 

It took a lot of threats before the Republican dominated House and Senate agreed to capitulate to his demand of having a gold-plated statue of himself put in the front of the redesigned White House.

Trump's new intelligence directors wasted no time in preparing a secret room for Putin and Trump to have sexual liaisons when the Russian dictator made state visits. 

Really one should be surprised by the changes. For those of you who didn't vote for Trump and don't like them there's not a damn thing you can do.

For those who did vote for Chump, and don't like the changes to the White House Trump House...tough shit!

The Trump House is here to stay...for four years (unless he's impeached, tarred and feathered, and tried for treason).

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Comrade Trump Goes To Washington Instead of Mr. Smith

Good Day World!

Remember that classic movie "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington?"

It was about a naive political outsider who got appointed to the United States Senate.

The difference between Mr. Smith's trip to Washington and Donald Trump's arrival there is that the two men are complete opposites.

While Mr. Smith fought corruption, Trump brings it with him like a dark cloud.

Mr. Smith was a real patriot. He knew the Russians weren't our friends.

"Comrade" Trump can't wait to get sworn in so he can have a slumber party with Russian dictator Putin. 

Mr. Smith was well-spoken and sincere.Trump talks in jingoistic monosyllables and 140 word tweets (usually with misspellings).

Mr. Smith was out to stop greedy Congressmen who cozied up to corporations. Trump has formed a Billionaire Boys Club for a Cabinet, stocked with the greediest men on the planet.

There were no scandals (despite his enemies attempts to create one) about Mr. Smith's life. Trump's scandals are so numerous that you need to categorize them alphabetically.

Mr. Smith was all about honesty. He refused to tell lies to further his career. 

Trump has never done anything honestly in his life. Try reading his book "The Art of the Deal." He praises any means it takes to get one's way.

Lying is second nature to Trump. As the Leader of The Boy Rangers (same as the Boy Scouts) Mr. Smith stressed that the truth must be told at all times.

Mr. Smith eventually helps "Drain the Swamp" in Washington and there's a happy ending. Democracy won again.

Trump drained the swamp of alligators and replaced them with crocodiles (who are significantly bigger than the the alligators). 

Mr. Smith's story had a happy ending.
Trump's story may be the prelude to Armageddon...

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

'A Man With Tiny Hands and a Large Twitter Account Shall Lead You'

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In the past year the "religious right" that supported Trump has lost any claim to morality or decency.

I fully expect a new printing/updating of the Bible explaining how "a man with tiny hands and a large Twitter account shall lead you."

Somehow good Christians got lost, and when they saw the Orange One glowing on TV and promising to bring Christmas back they took him as their new Messiah.

How can a religion that prides itself on obeying the 10 Commandments support a known liar, adulterer, and someone who is a billionaire narcissist lusting for wealth?

I'll never figure that one out.

Just for chuckles let's see how Donny Little Hands rates on the list of things Christians say you shouldn't do:

1. You shall have no other gods before me.
Trump is a demagogue whose god is money

2. You shall not make idols.
Trump Tower - aka the Tower of Babylon - is a monument full of idols (Trump photos) and golden statues.

3. You shall not take the name of the LORD your GOD in vain.
As Trump's god is money, it automatically disqualifies him as a God-loving Christian, and someone who cares about swearing.

4. Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy.
Nothing in Trump's entire history indicates he's ever considered the Sabbath day a time to reflect on God. More like it's been a favorite day to golf.

5. Honor your father and mother.
If following in your father's greedy ways is honoring him then Trump is not guilty of violating this command.

6. You shall not murder.
There's no proof Don the Con ever murdered anyone...yet.

7. You shall not commit adultery.
Chump really rings the bad bell on this one having cheated on his first two wives.

8. You shall not steal.
If cheating can be equated to stealing (and I think it is) Trump has spent a lifetime practicing the foul art of the ripoff.

9. You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
A quick examination of Trump's shady deals include attacking anyone living near a Trump golf course (think Scotland) who complains. His battery of crooked lawyers regularly lie their asses off for him and attack his neighbors.

10. You shall not covet.
With his finely honed greed guiding him, Trump has repeatedly coveted land and businesses, taking them over by whatever means presented themselves.

That about covers it.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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