Saturday, April 15, 2023

Right-Wing Conservatives Embrace Pentagon Leaker Making Him a Hero

Jack Teixeira is a cause-celeb in the extremist world of politics because he hacked military secrets and shared them with a group of young white racist and antisemitic gamers.

While Teixeira's motives aren't entirely clear one thing stands out about him - he fits the MAGA stereotype to a tee.

We do know the young national guardsman was stealing sensitive documents and posting them on his gaming group "Thug Shaker Central," which is apparently a racist joke about young black men.

Reports about posts on the chat group say that members shared racist and antisemitic jokes and memes. 

The New York Times reported he posted documents to "teach the young followers who gravitated to him about actual war." 

Normally teaching others about war does not include stealing top secret Pentagon intelligence documents.

In this case Teixeira and his little gang of gamers and racist Jew-haters, it was all about having fun by combining their love of video games, guns, and Christianity in a toxic mix of right-wing sludge.

After being charged with violating the Espionage Act, the right-wing media and political sphere turned him into a cause-celeb.

MAGA loon Margorie Taylor Greene quickly came to his rescue with a tweet, "Jake (it's actually Jack) Texeira is white, male, Christian, and anti-war. That makes him an enemy to the Biden regime. Ask yourself who is the real enemy? A young low-level national guardsman? Or the administration that is waging war in Ukraine against nuclear Russia without war powers?"

Tucker Carlson was right there on the troll bandwagon claiming Texeira's arrest was some part of a vast conspiracy to cover up the secret involvement of American ground forces in Ukraine.

According to a Vice News report, "On the rabidly pro-Trump message board known as The Donald, members were openly hailing the racist hacker as a hero for what he did."

This is just the start of the lionization of a secret-stealer embraced by the far-right. They'll parade him around on their seditious media platforms calling him a "Fucking Legend."

As it stands, this is just another example of right-wing domestic terrorists trying to destroy our democracy.

Thursday, April 13, 2023

Right-wing Conservatives Continue Culture Attacks: This time it's Against Oreo Cookies, Snickers, and Vegan Sausage

It was once M&M's. Now these items are too woke!

Extremist Republicans are happy with any publicity these days, even if the rest of the country is laughing at their feeble efforts to form a counterculture that attacks everything from food to shoes.

Ban Oreo Cookies?

MAGA moron talking heads, Greg Kelly and Ben Shapiro, are threatening to boycott Oreo's "Gay Cookies" after the company released an LGBTQ film. 

The films message that loving homes allow for people to "come out" and be recognized for who they are was like pouring gasoline on a fire for extremist Republicans.

Snickers "Dick Vein" candy bar battle

It all started earlier this month when an eerily smooth Snickers bar began to make the rounds on hate media platforms.

MAGA nuts got all excited about how smooth the bar was and decided that the company had taken the "veins" (ridges) out because they were too "woke."

The fact that these lunatics think a Snickers bar is a dick tells volumes about their perverted thought process. 

Nothing has changed. The bars remain the same, veins and all. The MAGA morons must have found a rejected bar to photograph.

In any event the company has a sense of humor. They posted this on Twitter, "Good news, contrary to what's trending on Twitter...the VEINS REMAIN!"

The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store War

Conservative wingnuts crapped their diapers when one of their favorite eateries offered a new addition to their menu ... wait for it... Vegan Sausage! Vegan! My God they wailed the place has gone woke!

Despite the fact that chain restaurants like Burger King offer Impossible Burgers (vegan) or KFC's vegan nuggets, Cracker Barrel conservatives bristled at the announcement and claim it's evidence of caving in to "wokeness" (despite being unable to define the cultural catch word.)

As it stands, the paranoid fantasies of the hard right will continue to evolve even as they mentally devolve.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023

GOP Extremists Consider Shutting Down Library System When Judge Orders Banned Books Restored

Somewhere in rural Llano, Texas, there's a battle to keep libraries open when a judge ordered GOP extremists to restore books they banned in 24 hours.

The response from the Commissioners Court of Llano County was predictable. They held a meeting to consider shutting down the entire library system in the county in retaliation for the judge's decision.

Seven residents have sued county officials claiming their First and 14th Amendment rights were violated when books deemed inappropriate by some people in the community and Republican lawmakers were removed from public libraries or access was restricted.

The lawsuit talks about how county commissioners were kicked off the library board in 2021 and replaced with a new MAGA board. Their mission was to weed out books from the library system that they didn't like.

The commissioners that appealed the judge's ruling are meeting on April 27 to consider possible sanctions against the defendants for failing to appear for depositions in the case.

There's other states battling to save their books from a nationwide MAGA conspiracy to control people's minds. 

In just the last year the attempt to censor library books reached an unparalleled record high since the American Library Association began documenting data about book censorship over the last two decades.

The group cataloged 1,269 demands to censor books in 2022 - nearly double the number of challenges in 2021.

Book banning has become a signature for the far-right conservatives who deprive thousands of people the ability to go to a library because they're afraid of the power of books.

The Nazi's did it in WWII. Take a look at archival footage of Germans burning books and indocterating children in fascism.

Republicans are basically doing the same thing. They want to brainwash students to reject American history and values.  

As it stands, the fight for freedom is an ongoing battle against enemies of our great nation.

Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The Big Lie: Post-Truth Politics Dismantling Democracy

American's political culture is crashing up against reality resulting in a societal struggle to determine what is a fact and what's fiction?

Post-Truth Politics is a culture in which the distinction between truth and falsity - as well as honesty and lying - have become a focal part of public discourse.

The term Post-Truth Politics first surfaced in a 1992 essay in The Nation. Oxford Dictionaries declared the that it's international word of the year in 2016 was "post-truth." 

A book written in 2004 by Ralph Keyes used the term "post-truth era" in his book by that title. His thesis was deception is becoming more prevalent in the current media-driven world. I recommend checking his book out to get a more detailed description of the term.

Scholars believe author Colin Crouch's 2004 book "Coping with Democracycoined the term "Post-Democracy"

As can be seen above there's various names for what's happening to our democracy. They all end up concluding that the lies and conspiracies are rattling the republic. 

A Post Truth Society has been defined as one in which "objective facts" are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal beliefs. 

Those Post Truth politics have been diagnosed as harmful to both knowledge and democracy.

Right-wing extremists depend on reshaping reality into their version of a perfect (authoritarian) society. 

As it stands, our biggest defense is telling the truth and not buying into conspiracies that threaten our freedoms.

Monday, April 10, 2023

How Does One Judge Have the Power to Attack American Women's Rights?

He is a Christian legal activist against abortion.

He is a judge in a small courthouse in Amarillo Texas.

His court is where extreme conservatives go to challenge the Biden administration on all things.

His goal is to take away women's access to mifepristone (an abortion pill) by banning it.

His name is Matthew Kacsmaryk and he hates women. This so-called Christian doesn't care if women live or die. 

What led up to this attack on women's rights?

An extreme anti-abortion group led by Texas-based Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine sued the U.S. Food and Drug Administration last year, claiming that it approved mifepristone for abortion in 2000 using an unlawful process and did not adequately consider the drugs safety.

They went to Kacsmaryk a willing crony against women's rights and asked him to revoke the drug's approval. He did.

Meanwhile another judge, U.S. District Judge Thomas Rice in Spokane, Washington, ordered the FDA not to make any changes to mifepristone access.

The Biden administration is seeking an emergency stay of Kacsmaryk's order that would stop the order from taking effect until the court hears a full appeal.

The big question is how can one man decide what's right for every American woman's health?

This latest battle is going to wind through the courts for months, even years, before it ends up being decided by an extremely conservative Supreme Court.

As it stands, it's apparent to me that our system of justice is breaking down under the extreme conservative MAGA-loving cretins assaulting it.

Sunday, April 9, 2023

May There Be Peace on Earth

Happy Easter Sunday!

Let this truly be a day of peace as people around the world reflect on their religious beliefs.

No school shootings.

No nasty politics.

No hate.

No fear.

No war.

No racism.

Just a day of peace.

The world needs it.

As it stands, hug friends and family and share love with all.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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