Saturday, May 20, 2023

The Sky was Falling in MAGA World! Then the Real Story Surfaced and Exposed the Fraud

A week ago, the sky was falling in conservative circles and Republicans blamed Biden for it.

Right-wing media responded to a story about "20 struggling homeless veterans" being displaced by migrants.

MAGA world exploded at the news and everyone from Fox News to Newsmax went into a frenzy expressing their outrage at the treatment of the poor 20 veterans by the hotel that kicked them out.

The story was sensational and MAGA morons nationally ate it up for days. 

They used it as justification to demonize migrants for political reasons. 

In reality the explosive story was bull puckey. A lie. A fraud. Fake news.

The perpetrator was a woman named Sharon Toney-Finch, the CEO of a veteran's advocacy organization. She went full out in concocting the stunt by paying homeless men in shelters to pose as the alleged "displaced veterans."

While Republican lawmakers (like New York state assemblyman, Brian Mather, who seized on the story as proof liberals were mistreating veterans) were expressing their patriotic outrage the truth surfaced like a Stinger missile in the New York Times Friday.

Give credit for initially exposing the lie to local reporters in Newburgh, New York. They were unable to find evidence at the Crossroads Hotel where the incident was said to have happened. The hotel said there were no records of veterans' staying there or anyone being kicked out.

In an article yesterday that appeared in the Hudson News the reporter quoted a group of homeless men who said they had been recruited by the YIT Foundation and its CEO Toney-Finch who asked them to pose as the ousted veterans.

Toney-Finch wined and dined the homeless men recruited from a shelter in Poughkeepsie and propped them up for the news media. The men were especially angry afterwards because Toney-Finch stiffed them and didn't give them the $200 she promised for cooperating.

I've always been partial to hometown newspapers like the Mid-Hudson News that hold their own in investigative reporting.

I especially like their motto: "We're the news source where other reporters get their news."

As it stands, this was a much-needed reality slap in the grill to MAGA morons who are shameless liars who follow the biggest liar in the world Donald J. Trump.

Friday, May 19, 2023

The Devil's Share: Fauz Republicans Pay Their Dues to Subvert Democracy

The devil always gets his share when dealing with humans.

In the case of MAGA morons the price is selling their souls to defeat democracy. 

It brings to mind the classic fantasy about a simple New England farmer (Jabez Stone) who made a deal with the devil in exchange for wealth and power for seven years. At the end of that period the devil would get his soul. 

For those who have read the book, The Devil and Danield Webster, it was a warning about the consequences of consorting with the devil.

Farmer Stone came to regret his deal and turned to the greatest legal and oratorical mind of his day. Daniel Webster. 

Webster challenged the devil to put his contract with Stone away and to the test in a fair trial. In case you never read the book I won't give the ending away.

In the 21st century version of the story Trump is the devil and his minions have signed contracts selling their souls to the former twice impeached and convicted sexual abuser.

Unlike farmer Stone who regretted his decision to sell his soul MAGA cult members (aka faux Republicans) are enjoying their newfound clout in our society. 

But a time of reckoning is coming. The signs are in the news every day as criminal investigations against Trump continue to bloom and come to fruition. 

As for Trump's cult members they have been getting steadily kicked under the bus to protect him in the numerous investigations, scandals and conspiracies he's involved with.

As it stands, the last seven years with Trump polluting politics and promoting conspiracies has tested the souls of all Americans.

Thursday, May 18, 2023

Chimpanzee Study Reveals Why Republicans Speak in a Different Language Than Most Americans

A fascinating study published by the journal Nature Communications has opened the door to understanding why Republicans speak a different language than the rest of Americans.

They apparently have something in common with chimps. Researchers report that the chimps can communicate using specific nouns or verbs to refer to present dangers.

This breakthrough research led to diagnosing Republican's motivated by fear using key words (usually out of context) like woke.

The scientists in the study pranked some wild chimps by throwing fake snakes into the middle of their territory. Then they recorded the sounds the monkeys made and concluded they were using a crude form of communication.

In the same way social scientists in America have discovered that Republican rants have key words that only means something to them.

Another key finding is that the chimps responded to a specific combination of calls that motivated them. Likewise, Republicans are motivated by a specific word salad that keeps them in a constant state of fear and anger.

As it stands, I encourage studies that help me understand the threat within: Republicans.

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Seditionist GOP Lawmakers Are Shredding American's Rights

They're embedded in Congress and states like parasites draining away American's rights.

Republicans, or more accurately the MAGA cult, have been busy suppressing voters, taking away women's rights to their own bodies, and promoting AR-15s with little badges on the suits.

We live in two Americas, where in one truth matters and the other where domestic terrorists spread misinformation, lies and conspiracies. 

It's our own fault. Those seditionists have broken into mainstream media and school boards by being voted in. They're sucking the life out of our education system by banning books and rewriting history.

Fact. The majority of Americans don't vote. We trail many of our peers in the developed world in voting-age population turnout. 

The country with the best voter turnout is surprisingly Uruguay with a 94% turnout in their last election for a president.

We have a silent majority that seems content to accept their fate and not participate in our electoral system.

This is how democracy diminishes when a majority of our republic doesn't participate in exercising their right to vote for change.

As it stands, are you a participant or an observer when it comes to voting?

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Game #1 in Western Conference Finals Today: Lakers Looking to Upset the Nuggets

The Lakers looked so bad the first half of this season I seriously doubted they were going anywhere but to the cellar.

Let alone to the NBA Finals.

You want an underdog? 

The Purple and Gold would have been your best pick to fail this season. They started out with a miserable 2-10 record and very little mojo.

The fact that they parlayed that start into contending for the Western Conference Championship is amazing.

Today the Lakers play the #1 seed Denver whose been the highest scoring team in the playoffs thus far.

Once again, the Lakers are an underdog and rightly so. They're playing a highly disciplined team coached by Mike Malone, arguably one of the best coaches in the league.

While the Nuggets are #1 in offense in the post season, the Lakers are #1 in defense making for a classic clash.

Did I mention that I love underdogs?

The combo of being a Laker fan for over 60 years and my love for underdogs have come together to form my prediction that the Lakers will win the series in 6 games.

As it stands, whatever happens we can be assured this is going to be a great series for basketball fans.

Monday, May 15, 2023

A Civil War is Not Pending: It's Already Here

The signs of another Civil War are everywhere.

Look around you. Which side do you belong too? There are only two tribes. The Blue and the Red (MAGA cult). 

If you don't belong to either you live in a no-man's zone and are excepted collateral in the battles that are taking place in all 50 states and Washington DC for the soul of America.

Voter suppression and taking away women's freedoms are the 21st century equivalent of slavery in Dixie. 

We have a former twice impeached president and convicted sexual abuser trying to openly overthrow democracy and turn our country into an autocracy.

There are politicians who are supporters of sedition in Congress and in every state legislative body.

There's battles every day - mass shootings that go unchecked by MAGA cultists who encourage racism, antisemitism, and homophobia. 

The 2nd Amendment has been twisted into a pretzel by the NRA and gun lobby who encourage buying weapons of war like the AR-15 turning it into a symbol for cult followers.

When I look around at the violence in this country today, I see a Civil War underway. The battle between truth and lies gets more intense with the toxic rhetoric flooding some media platforms.

Like the Civil War in the 1860s, we have families divided against themselves. Brother against brother. Family units shattered by two different opinions of what America should look like.

As it stands, the only difference between these two wars is the second one is an undeclared war.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Motherhood Misunderstood

There are people in our society who treat mothers like no others expecting them to fill a stereotypical role in life.

Christian White Nationalists believe motherhood is something akin to owning cattle. They expect a woman to forfeit her rights to her body and to breed profusely. 

When they talk about motherhood being sacred and a woman's calling in life, you'd think they would put mothers on a pedestal instead of a cage. But that's not the case.

Right-wing Evangelicals extol the virtues of women while taking away their rights. They want to see women pregnant, barefoot, and at home cleaning the house and preparing supper for her man. Not out in the workplace or in politics.

Many people misunderstand motherhood despite making it a national holiday. Mothers are no more perfect than any other woman or men in our world today.

Moms make mistakes.

Moms are human and shouldn't be judged for the decisions they make. 

Some moms don't care about their offspring.

The best Moms raise their children with love and understanding.

As it stands, Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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