Saturday, October 3, 2020

Super Spreader-in-Chief Screwed His Own Campaign

Pandemic Diary

Day 203

Dear Diary,

There's no delicate way to put it... Trump's re-election campaign has been derailed by his own stupidity.

The Trump train ran out of steam when he tested positive for COVID-19 two days ago.

His staff had to cancel his future in-person super spreader rallies in swing states with just 31 days left before the election.

White House officials were seen scrambling around in confusion Friday, as some chose to stay (wearing a mask) and others went home to either quarantine themselves, or to wait until it's safe to go back into the "people's house."

Trump's defiance, dating back to February, against wearing face masks - because they didn't appear to be a "good look" - is a chilling insight into the mind of a malicious narcissist. 

To illustrate how malicious he is we need look no further than what happened Wednesday night when he knew he tested positive for the coronavirus, but still attended an in-door super spreader fundraiser.

To be clear, Hope Hicks, his most trusted aide and White House communications official, may have spread the virus to him because she had tested positive the day before.

The fact is no one really knows, but it has since come out that people present at other Trump events, including the Rose Garden super spreader ceremony introducing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett, have had people who tested positive in recent days.

Face masks were nowhere to be seen at any of Trump's events, and there was certainly no attempts at social distancing at them.

Surprisingly, Trump hasn't been on Twitter since the shit storm happened, and his Karma caught up with him. Could be he feels too sick. There's no way of knowing because the White House communication staff is bunkering in and only dribbling out information on his condition.

One common theme is Trump's habit of being his own worst enemy during the campaign. 

His lies, lack of leadership, lack of morality, empathy, civility, humility, and underlying support for far-right extremists and conspiracy groups like QAnon, have destroyed any attempts to achieve the necessary credibility with most Americans to re-elect him.

Trump the showman is pulling down the curtains on his own reality show.

Quote for the Day: "The ego is the false self - born out of fear and defensiveness." -John O'Donohue

Friday, October 2, 2020

Trump's Army: Who are these People Ready To Defy Democracy?


Pandemic Diary

Day 202

Dear Diary,

One of the things that came out of the last presidential debate was that Trump is openly counting on white supremacists and militias to vote for him.

His pathetic attempts to clean up his coded comment to the Proud Boys (an extremist right-wing hate group) "Stand down. Stand by" was a chilling call to arms.

Unsurprisingly, the leader of the Proud Boys is also the head of a Pro-Trump grassroot organization to re-elect him.

Republicans and Democrats have roundly criticized Trump's inability to say anything negative about the violent fringe groups that are on the FBI's list of domestic terrorists.

FBI Director Wray recently testified under oath to Congress that white supremacists are the biggest domestic threat in the country today.

Unfortunately, the public has been getting a crash course on extremist groups with names like The Proud Boys; Patriots Front; Bugaloo Bois; QAnon; and Oath Keepers. 

It's fair to say that these groups, especially the Proud Boys, after Trump's coded message to them, all believe he supports them, and that they're willing to fight for him on the streets of America.

These groups all have one thing in common: they hate anyone that doesn't look like, and act like them. Another common theme is racism. 

The most dangerous of all the right wing groups are the militias. Every state has militia's dedicated to bringing down the current government and establishing their own racist rule. 

Because these paramilitary groups support chaos and anarchy, Trump's encouragement to riot if he loses the election is the signal they've all been waiting for.

Finally, who are these people that are so ready to destroy democracy and everything our Constitution stands for? A common denominator among militias is fear.

Fear that someone will come to take their guns away. Fear that people of other races are out to take over THEIR country. Fear that liberals will force them to stop marginalizing the LBGT community. Fear motivates their every decision.

As all Americans know by now, Trump has always, and will continue, to motivate people by the use of fear. He has that in common with authoritarian leaders worldwide.

Quote for the Day: "Fear cuts deeper than swords." -George R.R. Martin

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Commission on Presidential Debates Should Be Ready for Trump Next Time


Pandemic Diary

Day 201

Dear Diary,

Short of putting a Hannibal Lecter style facemask on Trump when it's not his turn to speak, debate organizers had to come up with a way to muzzle him when he interrupts Biden, and the Moderator during the next debate.

No sane American wants to see another performance like the last debate.

It's going to take a long time for the rest of the world to stop laughing...and to stop worrying about about the fate of Democracy in America after that humiliating performance.

The debate event organizers should institute a "kill the mike policy" when Trump won't shut up in the next round. There's already talk of that and we should know the results tomorrow.

The commission is trying to ensure an "orderly discussion" for the next round. I wish them the best.

I realize Trump will just talk louder when he's disconnected. There's probably a good chance he'll throw one of his famous tantrums the first time the mike goes silent amid his ranting.

That's okay. Undecided voters won't have any trouble making up their minds after another disastrous debate displaying Trump's ignorance and blatant racism. If there are any undecided voters still wandering around in the hinterlands.

I suspect they're as rare as unicorns. 

It's sad that the only way to go forward is for the organizers to make necessary changes because Trump's camp would never allow any restrictions on his antics. That would be taking baby Donny's rattle away, and that'll never happen.

These are not normal times. Long-held traditions have been trashed. Morality and civility are just two of the causalities in our society during the Trump regime. 

Truth is the biggest causality as a president who lives in an alternate reality refuting facts from experts, whether scientists or doctors, squats in the Oval Office.

Trump the grifter pulled off a long con (with the help of the Russians) in 2016 that's nearly brought our republic to ruins in the short period of three years, and eight months. 

The Russians are back again, following Trump's lead to discredit our electoral process. The very foundation of a free nation is in jeopardy.

We must vote Trump out of office, and begin healing the country that he's divided so deeply. Vote for Joe Biden, and you'll be voting for America's future.

Quote for the Day: Authoritarian political ideologies have a vested interest in promoting fear, a sense of the imminence of take over by aliens and real diseases are useful materials." -Susan Sontag

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Debate Analysis: The Most Disgusting and Embarrassing Moment in American History

Pandemic Diary

Day 200

Dear Diary,

Last night's presidential debate was a shit show.

There's no other way to put it. Trump went off the rails within moments of the first question. It was like watching a kindergartener debate with an adult.

What was supposed to be a debate was nothing more than a shouting match with Trump ignoring the rules of the debate his side had agreed upon. 

Watching Trump's orange makeup glisten under the hot lights highlighted the impression of a mad clown as he contorted his face in expressions of rage and constantly interrupted Biden.

There was no attempt to address any real issues on Trump's part. Instead he practiced being an asshole with Chris Christie's help prior to the debate. 

Last night was the super bowl of politics for Americans...and the world. It was also deeply embarrassing to watch. Our allies cringed. Our enemies celebrated. Our standing in the world community took another hit.

What all the viewers saw was a democracy in crisis. The polarization and division in this country was laid bare for all to see. It was obvious the incumbent president was crazy with desperation because he knows he's losing in all of the polls.

When the debacle finally came to a close one of the first questions to come up was, should the other two debates be canceled? The idea of seeing a repeat of last night was a popular concern.

I think they should go on however. People need to see Trump outside his protective bubble to understand how deeply stupid and evil the man is.

Quote for the Day: "There is one thing that has disappeared, not just from the U.S. but from the entire world, is the idea of ever being embarrassed by anything." -Fran Lebowitz

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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