Saturday, November 16, 2019

Day Two Impeachment: Bully Boy Trump Attacks Witness During Live Hearing

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Once a bully, always a bully.

A valuable insight into the real Donald Trump was revealed to TV watchers yesterday.

When he tweeted during the live impeachment proceedings and brazenly attacked Maria Yovanovitch, he showed himself to be a bully.

As usual, Trump threw a grenade into the fray to the dismay of the Republicans who are desperately trying to defend the indefensible.

The Republicans plan was not to attack Yovanovitch and to concentrate on slamming the process. But then came Trump. The bully boy had to attack her during the hearing with a demeaning and threatening tweet. 

As Chairman Schiff entered Trump's tweet into the record and suggested it could be used as witness intimidation, the Republicans in the room turned pale. 

In that moment, they must of realized there was no way to defend a sociopath, unless they denied reality. 

In an angry press conference afterward, the Republicans led by Jim Jordan, took turns displaying their indignant rage - each taking a moment to rant about conspiracies and the process in general.

But when it came to substance, Trump's minions were without ammunition. Shifting arguments - already trotted out without impact - was all they could fall back to.

The truth hurts. Yovanovitch spoke truth to power as millions of Americans watched the historical drama unfold in their homes.

Trump, because of his wealthy upbringing, was always able to get away with bullying people. The power of money was intoxicating. The power he has as president of the United States unleashed his inner dictator.

It's up to all Americans to see that Trump doesn't get away with intimidating witnesses and bribing another government to go after his political opponents.

Don't be surprised if Trump continues to interfere with live hearings next week. As a vicious and habitual liar, he can't help himself.

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Friday, November 15, 2019

2nd Public Impeachment Hearing Today: Will it Matter?

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After watching the first public impeachment hearing, I tried to gauge what Americans thought about it.

No easy task. Both political parties are deeply entrenched in their views about Trump extorting the Ukraine for personal political benefit.

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I found a video of eight undecided voters in Wisconsin who watched the hearing, along with a reporter. In a Q-and-A afterward, one thing became apparent... they were equally divided on the impact of the hearing.

They all did agree on wanting to see more evidence before they made up their minds before deciding if Trump is guilty as charged. I've questioned numerous friends and family about their impression of the hearing, and again got mixed results.

The Republican Party, and the Democratic Party, have both made up their mind's about Trump's corruption. That's a fact. Convincing undecided Americans is going to be a challenge for both parties in this polarized country.

The good news is there are a lot of voters who haven't made up their minds yet about impeaching Trump.

It's instructive to know that a majority of Americans think Trump has ties to Russia, and coordinated with them to win the 2016 election.

A Reuter's/IPSOS poll reveals that 8-out-of-10 Americans believe the Trump campaign had ties to Moscow.

Knowing this, is it safe to assume those same Americans will see Trump's attempt at holding the Ukraine hostage as impeachable? I'd like to think so, but you never know.

Which brings me to today's public hearing with former Ukraine Ambassador, Maria Yavonovitch. The same format as the first hearing will be used.

The bigger battle lies ahead, as both sides go about messaging.
A footnote: This poll notes an upward swing of Independent voters who want Trump Impeached and kicked out of office, even more than just being impeached. 

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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Impeachment Notes: Fact Versus Fiction on Display During the First Day

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Day one of the impeachment hearings went pretty well, all things considered, because the Republicans came primed to disrupt the proceedings.

There were two very credible witnesses who testified under oath that Trump had an "irregular channel" headed up by his pal Rudy Giuliani, who sought dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter for political reasons.

Ambassador Bill Taylor, the acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine and George Kent, a State Department official focused on European and Eurasian affairs, gave their testimony.

The Republican backlash to the facts was to unveil conspiracy themes that supported Trump's desire to discredit his main political opponent, Joe Biden.

The coordinated attempts to make the hearing into a three-ring circus failed, but not from lack of effort from some of Trump's stalwart minions.

No need to name them here. They played their parts like true thespians, and if you watched the hearing you know who I'm talking about.

The GOP strategy to double down on lies is doomed to fail because - in the end - facts do still matter. Perhaps not to Trump's minions, but the rest of America cares about the truth, and the rule of law.

The next witness will be Maria Yovanovitch, former ambassador to the Ukraine, on Friday. 

Don't be surprised if the GOP's antics pick it up a notch. It's important to understand that Trump's most ardent cronies aren't going to agree with any facts that make Trump look bad.

Not only are they shameless in their pursuit to protect Trump's corrupt ass, they're co-conspirators for enabling him to defy the Constitution and obstruct the Impeachment process by ignoring lawful subpoenas.

Regardless of the smokescreens Republicans put up on Friday's testimony, truth and facts will emerge, clear and unsullied after their juvenile attempts.  

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Wednesday, November 13, 2019

A Conversation Between Trump and Lady Liberty

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In this day and age, it shouldn't be too hard to suspend reality for a moment and imagine a conversation between Trump, and Lady Liberty.

On Immigration:

Trump - (referring to DACA protestors) "There's a lot of hardened criminals out there..."

Lady Liberty - "Immigrants aren't criminals. They represent the diversity of America."

Trump - "I'm going to build a big beautiful wall to keep immigrants out."

Lady Liberty - "Give me your tired and poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

On the Judiciary

Trump - "The courts are not helping us (him). It's ridiculous. Someone said I shouldn't criticize judges. Well, someone has to, and that's me."

Lady Liberty - "We are a democracy built upon values, the truth, and the rule of law. Our system of government has been a shining beacon of freedom for over two hundred years."

Trump - "I'm the least racist person you'll ever see, but that Mexican judge was unfair to me!"

Lady Liberty - "...We are a country that cherishes justice for all. Attacking judges is the same as attacking the Constitution."

On Women 

Trump - "When you're a star you can grab women by their pussies!"

Lady Liberty - "All men and women are equal under the law, and when creeps like you commit sexual assault we have a judicial system that'll hold your kind to account."

Trump - "The #MeToo movement is a bunch of women who either aren't getting enough sex, or they're just man haters."

Lady Liberty - "Women in America are becoming more politically involved in our government and their communities. The balance they bring is making America greater."

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Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Is Extortion of a Foreign Country for Personal Gain Enough to Impeach a President?

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On the eve of an historical moment in American history, we stand divided on a very basic issue; is extortion by a president of the United States involving a foreign government for personal gain an impeachable offensive?

After weeks of constantly shifting pathetic defenses that went nowhere, the only argument the GOP has left is to embrace what Trump did.

Faced with facts tomorrow when the public impeachment phase begins, the only recourse people like Lindsey Graham has left is to claim Trump and company were too inept to carry out a conspiracy, or what he did wasn't enough to be impeached.

What will Americans think, however, after watching days of live testimony on their TVs? 

Will the facts that unfold before them be enough to overcome partisan leanings in favor of protecting democracy from Trump's corrupt regime?

In this new age where truth is often buried under a desert of partisan lies, it's difficult to believe anything. 

Trump has succeeded in transforming reality into an alternate reality where he wants people to ignore facts and truth in favor of whatever he says.

Trump claims to be the Chosen One. The fact is, he wasn't chosen to be president by a majority of Americans. Russia chose him.

How powerful is truth and our Constitution? We'll find out in the weeks ahead as America watches Impeach TV.

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Monday, November 11, 2019

Let's Make Today All About Veterans... Not Trump

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Today is about honoring the men and women who served in America's armed forces and who are still with us. 

Veteran's Day shouldn't be a political wedge in America, where one side claims to be more patriotic than the other. 

This is certainly not a day to talk about Trump. 

His name doesn't deserve to be brought up on a day when we're honoring patriotic Americans who have done their duty for Democracy.

Instead, we should take a moment and thank family members, friends, and strangers who have served, because they all took an oath to protect our country.

Today is not about those heroes who served, and died, for their country. We have Memorial Day for that.

Today is about the living veterans in every community throughout our great nation. A pause for recognition.. not remembrance.

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Sunday, November 10, 2019

The Next Phase in Defending Trump: Look for Scrapegoats

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Trump has been slow to comprehend that the House impeachment hearings are a direct threat to his presidency.

He's told reporters that he looks forward to the process because it's going to help get him re-elected. He may believe that, but I don't see the majority of Americans agreeing with him.

The desire to impeach Trump's orange ass is growing every day. Polls show the majority of Americans have had enough of the chaos he's created during the last three years.

Last week was full of damning testimonies outlining his corruption. They also triggered something in Trump's reptile brain: he's in trouble despite all of the stonewalling efforts by him, and his minions!

Time for phase two of Trump obstruction efforts

Slap the blame on other people in his government, including his own cronies, if he thinks it'll help him. He's already made comments about Pence making a call too, hinting there may be something sinister about his talk with Ukraine's president.

Trump's acting chief-of-staff Mulvaney is in the dog house with Trump right now for confirming to reporters there was a quid pro quo in Trump's dealing with the Ukraine.

Mulvaney, one of the group of supportive Trumpies mentioned in the Ukraine scandal is still expendable if Trump thinks it'll help his case.

I mentioned Pence earlier. But other Trump cronies that could be thrown under the bus are also fair game, like William Barr, Rick Perry, Mike Pompeo, and Stephen Mnuchin.

Trump's first phase in his defense - deny all facts - hasn't played so well with the public and his own party. This second phase will be a new page in trying to muddy the proceedings.

I suspect there will eventually be a third phase in Trump's defense of himself... admit complicity, but claim it doesn't raise to the level of impeachment. I can see GOP senators seizing on that defense when all else fails.

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