Tuesday, December 15, 2020

A Season of Hunger: 1 in6 Children Live in Food- Insecure Households

Millions of Americans are more concerned about where their next meal will come from, than the political chaos under the Trump regime.

Food banks are running out of supplies in every state. If not for volunteers who gather and distribute food to the needy, things would be even worse.

The fact is since the coronavirus hit the effects of lockdowns has increased hunger across the nation.

Last year more than 35 million people experienced food insecurity. Experts say this year there will be over 50 millions Americans looking for help to feed their families.

With multiple federal aid programs set to run out soon, many pantries fear they will run out of food.

The crisis is acute. Congress has to get it's act together before the year ends before it gets worse.

The number one thing Congress can do is to pass an economic relief package ASAP. Food is a basic human right and hunger supersedes so many things.

Here's a link to key statistics providing all the challenges Americans face today to put a meal on the table.

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