Saturday, September 13, 2008

Bush says consumers won't be gouged on gas after Ike

Gee that's a nice thought...too bad it isn't true! Just turn on CNN or other news stations today and check out the prices that are going through the roof! In Texas right now people are paying over $5 a gallon! In some stations across the Gulf Coast gas prices are being raised hourly!

Yet, we see this article in the mainstream media that makes it sound like everything is "Jim Dandy!" Bush is looking out for our welfare the article implies...I wonder if he's watching television today?


If this supposed news article isn't an example of corporate media telling lies, then I don't know what is. What are your feelings about this subject?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Todd Palin is going to have to answer some tough questions

It looks like those crazy Palin's are getting deeper in the do-do, as Alaska state lawmakers voted today to subpoena Gov. Palin's husband Todd, in the abuse of power case filed against her. But wait! It gets better...

The Republicans tried to delay this investigation until after Nov.4th, but GOP State Senator Charlie Higgins sided with the Democrats and moved the date up!


Does anyone else share my feeling that this ongoing Palin saga has yet more surprises ahead?

Oil brokers and energy company employees investigation will make a good miniseries

Forget about Peyton Place, Dallas, and those other dated miniseries! We've got a new reality show that promises to be a hit in the coming months. Just in time for the Fall programing.

For a preview

check this out.

Today's 2nd Thread:

How do you think this reality show will do and what happens in the end of the series? 

Palin back pedals on Global Warming position

In her first major interview earlier this week, Sarah Palin told ABC News reporter Charles Gibson that, "I never said there's absolute proof that nothing that man has ever engaged in has had any effect on climate."

Oh really? Here's a couple of remainders for Sarah Barracuda:

1) She told the internet news site "NewsMax" that, "A changing environment will affect Alaska more than any other state because of our location..I'm not one, though, who would attribute it to being man made."

2) Last year in the Fairbank News she said, "I'm not Al Gore, doom-and-gloom environmentalist blaming the changes in our climate on human activity."

I guess she ought to also talk with her running mate John McCain, because he has come out and said that humans have caused Global Warming.


Does Palin even know what truth is?

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lost cat re-united with owners after 9 years!

Dateline London-

Dixie, a ginger-colored cat, disappeared nine years ago and the owners feared she was dead. But surprise!

The cat had a microchip in her and some lady found her and turned her into the human society who called the couple and said,"come get your cat." I suspect that Dixie has used up at least eight of her nine lives in recent years.

Fed watchdog reveals improper relationships among oil brokers, energy company employees

The latest scandal to hit the oil/energy market is full of "substance abuse and promiscuity" as government brokers responsible for collecting billions of dollars in federal royalties had sex with energy company employees, and accepted lavish gifts from them.

As if that wasn't bad enough those brokers and energy buddies rigged contracts to favor firms, according to investigators.


What do you think should be done to these people who are taking advantage of their positions? Lock 'em up and throw away the key? Or just give them a pat on the hand and say, "that's a no-no!"

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Three double standards in Palin's bid for power

First, Republican campaign manager, Rick Davis, says that reporters won't be allowed to talk with Palin unless they show respect and deference. Deference? I can't think of anyone in American politics, including the President of the United States, whose political backers demand such an outrageous precondition!

Respect and courtesy, perhaps, but then don't we all want that?

'Shadow government of the West' the Bilderberg Group aka The New World Order

Have you ever heard of the Bilderberg Group?  I wouldn't be surprised if you hadn't. I just ran across them while doing some research and was astounded.

Why? Because this group contains the most powerful people in the Western nations and is so secretive they won't allow any journalists to attending their conventions/meetings. This has been going on since 1954. I think you'll be surprised when you read this column.


Have you ever heard of The Bilderberg Group?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Get your pic with Palin-it's only $50,000!

If you want your photo taken with Republican VP candidate Sarah Palin, just show up at a California billionaire's compound on September 25th, and be prepared to shell out some big bucks for this Republican fundraiser.

Hey, you can even get a John McCain label pin for a mere $2,500! It seems that Palin's convention speech about "taking on the old politics as usual" was dust in the wind. She's quickly fit right in with the way Washington power brokers do things.

                                             TODAY'S THREAD:

Do you think Palin is really going to be an "agent of change" as she claims?

Monday, September 8, 2008

JetBlue auctions 300 flights on eBay starting at 5 cents!

JetBlue has found a novel way to get people interested in their airlines - put bargain basement deals on eBay and see what the people say.

According to Harla Platt at Northeastern University, who follows the airline industry the bold move will bring valuable "word-of-mouth" advertising. Who needs billboards?


What do you think about this idea?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Marijuana Food Contest could end prohibition

There's a nationwide group of marijuana legalization advocates that are having a Genetically Modified Marijuana Food Contest. Their hoping someone in our nation's colleges studying biology will be a candidate and possible creator of genetically modified chow.

Okay, it's strange but who knows? It brings up a couple of interesting points.

A paradoxical past for Palin

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has a checkered past that is slowly submerging. It's still too early to tell if she's going to be a support for the ticket, or if her past is going to cause troubles for her and the Republican party who so quickly vetted her.


Do you think McCain's hasty pick was because she was a woman, and he felt he needed a woman on the ticket to win?

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...