Saturday, December 21, 2019

Trump's Corruption Is a Magnet for Liars and Cheats

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Like a worm in an apple, Trump is hallowing out the Constitution's safeguards to further his personal goal to become a dictator.

It's important to remember Trump couldn't get away with brazenly defying laws without some help. Like from his cabinet, a collection of rogues ready to sell America down the drain for personal gain in a moments notice.

Trump attracts corrupt politicians to him like flies on shit. For example, take Alaska's Republican Gov. Mike Dunleavy. 

Gov. Donleavy's been secretly in cahoots with a mining company - Pebbles Limited Partnership (PLP) - to develop a gold-and-copper mine near Bristol Bay; home to the largest run of sockeye salmon in Alaska's waters, which are currently protected by the EPA.

After Gov. Dunleavy got in office last year, the first thing he did was lobby Trump, with the help of PLP, to move forward with the project.

Long story short. Trump is doing everything in his power to help with the permitting process and the environment be damned! 

In the world we live in there are people who foresake the truth and laws, for power and money. It's a sad statement that our society is riddled with these souless maggots rotting our social fabric.

Trump's sordid history is a beacon of light for like-minded liars and cheats. Wherever Trump goes, someone else goes down. 

The past three years have been a golden age of corruption where Trump minions have infected our government and society in staggering ways.

Trump may have been impeached, but he's still an at-large unhinged sociopath spreading his poison like a snake thoughout the country.

If the senate doesn't stop him, then voters better. Americans can't afford to let him steal another election.

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Friday, December 20, 2019

Institutional Chaos: It's America's Own Fault For Electing Trump

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Yes. Russia helped Trump get elected, but it was America's own fault for giving the keys to democracy to a wannabee dictator via the electoral college.

In modern times the only way Republicans have managed to win the presidency is through a system that should have been dropped 100-years ago; the electoral college

Faithless electors misrepresent the popular vote in key swing states. Republicans count on defectors going against their own party's selection.

The electoral system is why we're suffering under Trump's mad regime where reality is bent like taffy and GOP lawmakers swear fealty to a liar, and a cheat.

The Democratic candidate who ran against Trump, Hillary Clinton, won the popular vote by netting a 67 percent majority (2.8 million votes), but still lost the election.

The electoral college was a system born of compromise. It came about because the founders couldn't agree on anything else. Thus, it was never a perfect system.

After more than 240 years, it's time we fix that imperfect system that has been exploited by Republicans for over a generation.

It's America's fault for allowing what the founders feared more than anything else, a monarch to emerge from the slime because of the imperfect system we tolerate from decade-to-decade.

Winning by the popular vote is the American ideal of equality, where the majority reigns.

Today, we're stuck with a demagogue exploiting fear and racism. 

That Trump was impeached for his crimes by the House, is belated recognition Americans discovered their mistake.

The saga will go on into the new year when a senate trial will be held to decide whether to convict or acquit Trump of his numerous high crimes.

Lawmakers and voters will have to stop the sociopath in the White House from rigging the 2020 election if the senate turns away from justice, and let's him continue to assault our republic.

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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

IMPEACHED! Trump's Corruption Will Forever Be a Dark Chapter in American History

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Trump brought this fateful day upon himself

History will remember him as the third American president to be impeached by Congress.

Trump's ego, corruption, and hubris have led to his impeachment - a day the nation, and he'll never forget. A humiliation that will haunt him the rest of his life.

Trump's unquenched thirst for revenge is a direct threat to everything our Constitution stands for. In an irate letter to Nancy Pelosi that Trump wanted entered into the annuals of his impeachment, the reader can plainly see his disassociation from reality.

Trump's old mentor Roy Cohn taught him well. Never admit you lie, even when caught doing so. Instead project the accusation onto the accuser. When all else fails, divert, and continue to lie.

The next step in this historic process, happens when the House of Representatives turns over its findings - the two articles of impeachment - to the Senate for a trial that will decide if Trump stays in office.

Because the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell has already stated that he's working "hand-in-hand" with the White House to make sure Trump goes free, the outcome of the so-called trial appears to be predetermined.

Bloomberg reported McConnell admitted he is not an impartial juror.

Perhaps one of the most stunning aspects of this drama is what's happening right now (as you read this post). Trump is still actively pursuing his conspiracy theory with his lawyer Rudy Giuliani... 

despite the fact it's one of many reasons he was impeached!

Political soothsayers are predicting Trump will evade justice because the Republican Senators are all afraid of him.

Still, no one really knows how the Senate trial will go next January because we're in uncharted territory. 

Regardless, Trump's troubles won't end there if the GOP senators fail to uphold the Constitution and set him free.

Major (long delayed) court cases will actually be settled after years of obstruction next year, as the Supreme Court has agreed to review Trump's weak claims that he doesn't have to turn over his taxes, financial records (Mazars), and that he's all powerful as long as he squats in the Oval Office.

Bottom line: Trump's reality show went off the track, and he was punished. Next stop. The senate.

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A Final Six-Hour Debate and then the Full House Votes on impeachment

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As the country waits today for the shroud of impeachment to envelope our 45th president, there's a sense of expectation.

Fifty-percent of Americans want Trump impeached and thrown out of office. The other fifty-percent aren't for impeachment. 

So where does that leave us?

In a chaotic limbo that's destined to play out during a senate trial in January, and beyond. 

Trump's defiance against the system of checks and balances built into the Constitution has been systematic and corrosive throughout his administration.

Trump's total lack of morals allows him to brazenly use his power as president to enrich himself, and his family. By gathering minions loyal only to himself and not the country, he has effectively subverted our democratic foundation for personal gain.

Simply put, if what Trump has done by holding a foreign country hostage to get them to find dirt on his political opponent is okay and gets a pass... future elections will all be decided by other countries like Russia.

Todays impeachment of Trump will either lead to free future elections, or America is in clear and present danger.

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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Hot Political Memorabilia For Christmas: #1 Seller, Trump on the Stump

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Political memorabilia is an American tradition that goes back as far as Santa Claus when he first appeared for good little boys and girls.

Since America's first presidential inauguration, when metal pins bearing the phrase "Long Live the President" and George Washington's initials were worn by his supporters, political memorabilia has been popular.

The first mass-produced and collectible buttons for presidential campaigns came out in 1896, when William McKinley ran against William Jennings Bryan.

Which brings us to Christmas 2019.

Your can still get Trump Christmas memorabilia from the Republican National Committee, or Trump's re-election campaign.

I hear that one of the hottest holiday items is "Trump on a Stump." Unlike the friendly little Elf on the Shelf, the Trump version has a hidden camera and a voice-activated recording devise.

Trump has been passing them out to GOP lawmakers in order to better monitor their every move. The damn thing is, the Republicans know it but they're too afraid to turn down his Christmas gift.

Other hot memorabilia items are the infamous Red MAGA caps from Communist China, and t-shirts made in Pakistan with forced child labor that proclaim, "Read the Transcript!"

Hot Wheels teamed up with Joe Biden's campaign and is selling a replica of the "No Malarkey" campaign bus that toured Iowa recently.

Republican senators up for re-election next year are already putting out campaign buttons announcing "I'm With Stupid," with a photo of Trump's face next to theirs.

The Democratic National Party has already sold out of "Impeachment 2019" sweaters that reportedly came out in vibrant holiday colors.

Sen. Lindsey Graham's re-election campaign is selling sets of 30 silver coins embossed with the statement, "I've already made up my mind, and don't need to see any evidence."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's supporters are hawking bourbon glasses with Oligarch Oleg Deripaska and McConnell shaking hands. 
(Background note: Deripaska was granted sanctions in Moscow Mitch's home state of Kentucky to build the largest aluminum (Rusal) plant in America in 45 years.)

The Democratic National Party reported selling over 10 million reversible Moscow Mitch badges with Putin on the other side, in less than two hours on Black Friday.

That's all for now. I'll keep my eyes open for any new items that might come out before Christmas Eve. Be Merry!

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Monday, December 16, 2019

Pathetic Foreign Policy Could Bring Unwanted Holiday Suprises

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Kim Jong Un is promising to send Trump a mock Christmas gift this year to show his displeasure with their relationship.

No. It's not a bag of coal. Trump would like that too much. According to American undercover sources, Kim may attempt to use a rocket to launch a satellite into orbit.

Why is that nasty news, as Trump would so crudely put it?

Kim has already successfully placed two satellites into earth's orbit. This threatened satellite however, could demonstrate North Korea's ability to send a major payload into the North Pacific, experts warn.

Thus far, the North Koreans have not demonstrated the ability to bring a large payload back. Their recent testing strongly suggests they're preparing to try again.

Past experience has encouraged Kim to threaten action to get his way with Trump. As for North Korea's blowing up tunnels at their nuclear test site, Punggye-ri, there's a big question about the authenticity of that claim.

Journalists, not experts, were the only ones invited to the denotation ceremony. No real negotiations came after that. A grip-and-grin or two for show was the end result.

It appears Trump and Kim's bromance is over. No more love letters. How Trump responds to Kim's Christmas gift - if it happens - could bring another unexpected holiday gift... WAR!

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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Many Americans Have Lost All Sense of Decency, Honesty: The Rest Are Paying For It

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Americans. Are. Confused. And. Numb.

How could we not be? We're living in a reality nightmare orchestrated by the most corrupt president in American history.

There is no normal anymore. Traditions are trashed. Truth is challenged daily. Lies are the lead headlines coming from media platforms like Fox News, with it's warped view of reality.

Trump has told us he's the chosen one. He also told us what we see on any other channel than Fox, is fake and part of an insidious plot to drive him from office.

Openly inviting other governments to look for dirt on his main political opponent in 2020, and Obstructing Congress, will more than likely lead to his impeachment next week.

There will be a moment of humiliation for Trump (behind closed doors) when he realizes future generations will always associate him with Abuse of Power and his impeachment.

Outwardly, Trump is chomping at the bit for HIS Senate to get the Articles of Impeachment from Congress so he can watch them being torn into red-white-and-blue confetti.

The Senate Majority Leader Moscow Mitch has assured everyone within listening distance that Trump will not be convicted. All sins absolved. Case over.

Meanwhile most Americans can see what's happening to our democracy. Polarization on steroids fueled by a sociopath camping out in the White House is destroying it.

Those conservatives who voted for Republicans have seen their representatives strip away all decency and honesty in the impeachment process. The upcoming Senate kangaroo trial will be a repeat. 

If Trump pays no price for what he's done since he slithered into office with Russia's help, this country will be on life support. We'll have a dictator taking our freedoms away.

Partisan politicians are openly plundering laws for personal gains. The biggest liar in American history is gambling he'll get away with his crimes... and go on to successfully cheat his way to another win in the 2020 election, with Putin's help.

We're all standing in the crossroads of freedom and justice, and anarchy in our lives.

There will be no bigger challenge to America's future than the one facing this generation, who will either vote Trump out of office, or back in.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

GOP Governors Unite in Fight to Stop Unions in their States

Six Republican Governors have gathered to warn their residents against the evils of unionization which they claim would threaten their jobs...