Saturday, July 6, 2013

As It Stands blog:A dark day for LA, Dwight Howard thumbs his nose at the Lakers!

Good Day World!
What a sight! Mitch Kupchak met with Dwight Howard two hours before he decided to go to the Houston Rockets, and groveled for him to stay with the Lakers!
Coach DiAntonio, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Jim Buss, and Tim Harris, also pleaded with Howard to stay in LA and win a championship. Howard however, already had plans to leave LA one way or another. It was a bidding war between The Golden State Warriors and The Houston Rockets,and the later prevailed.
Still no word, as of this posting, on what the Lakers got in return for the leagues best center.To say the Laker’s future looks murky is an understatement.Who knows if Kobe can come back from tearing his Achilles heel? No one else has successful done it yet. That leaves an aging Nash with back, knee, and ankle problems, who’ll be lucky to play one-quarter of the season!
I can’t see Staples Center selling out NBA season tickets for the failing purple-and-gold dynasty this year.For a 50-year fan like me…this is agony!
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Friday, July 5, 2013

As It Stands blog: It feels like Friday…looks like Friday…TGIF!

        Good Day World!

Whatever you have to be thankful for don’t forget to ring the bell at happy hour wherever you imbibe your favorite spirits these evening. Speaking of spirits:

The biggest Vodka heist I ever heard of took place in Florida yesterday. Thieves with a very expensive taste in liquor were caught on camera lifting $1.1 million worth of Spirits of the Tsars Golden Vodka!

Friday night trivia: A recent poll revealed which women’s shoes men hate the most: wedges! I would have guessed high heels.The damn pointy things hurt when you get stepped on by one!Especially if she’s drunk and big!

Real romance? Smitten spies? Snowden got two proposal tweets from Russian agent. Seems like the sneaky types stick together like birds of a feather. Getting together is another matter, but stay tuned…you never know these days with online dating!

Time for me to walk on down the road…


Thursday, July 4, 2013

As It Stands blog: When we getting that sinking feeling…

Good Day World! Got that sinking feeling like things aren’t right?

As you can see below, someone’s day was ruined. Sinkholes happen more often than you may think. In Winter Park, Florida their facing sinkholes as you read this.

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Swallowed by a sinkhole…what a way to go!










Here’s a giant sinkhole in Oklahoma, as if they haven’t had enough trouble with weather-related events.

In Chicago they had a monster sinkhole gobble up three cars!

In New Jersey they have a new view at a street intersection…straight down!

Houses are disappearing down sinkholes in Russia!

Sinkholes in China gobble up whole skyscrapers!

I could go on and on, but I think you have a good idea of how common those sudden openings in the earth are. Worse yet, there’s seldom a warning. One guy disappeared down a sinkhole while sleeping in his bedroom last month in Florida!

I hope you’re on solid ground as you got about your day. As for me,

It’s time to walk on down the road…

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

As It Stands blog: It’s a Red - White- & Blue hump day today

Statue of Liberty

  Good Day World!

It’s a red-white-and-blue hump day today as we prepare for the 4th of July holiday tomorrow. The big event will be the re-opening of the Statue of Liberty for tours.

Months after Superstorm Sandy swamped her little island, the Statue of Liberty will finally welcome visitors again on Independence Day.

Sandy made landfall one day after the statue's 126th birthday, flooding most of the 12 acres that she stands upon with water that surged as high as 8 feet. Lady Liberty herself was spared, but the surrounding grounds on Liberty Island took a beating.

Folks across the country will be celebrating our independence with ceremonies and fireworks. I have to admit the fireworks part drives me crazy! And animals! Perhaps because I was a demolition expert in the Army. Loud sounds tend to make me uneasy.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back from my blog break.

Time for me to walk on down the road..

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