Saturday, April 22, 2023

Covering Up the Big Cow Kill in Texas

No one knows what started the fire at South Fork Dairy Farm in Dimmitt, Texas on the 16th. It was the deadliest fire involving cows in over a decade.

More than 18,000 cows became crispy critters because they couldn't escape the burning pens. One person was rescued by responders and flown to a Lubbock Hospital.

While authorities say they are still investigating the cause of the fire it obviously involved the mountain of manure on the property that went off like a bomb. Residents in nearby counties could hear the massive explosion. 

It's interesting to note that authorities had recently allowed the dairy to increase its manure production by 50%. They went from producing 11,500 tons to 32,000 tons, and it required doubling their livestock.

Another footnote to the big cow kill, wastewater from the farm drains into the Brazos River Basin. The owners have assured authorities (here's some money) that they aren't aware of any environmental impacts because of it. 

The owners also claimed the explosion didn't cause environmental problems and that they will clean up the mess properly.

I would love to see what the state fire marshal's office concludes caused the fire. There are 13 million cows in the state and 59, 361 cows in Castro County alone where the Fork Dairy Farm is.

Just a hunch, but I suspect no one will get into trouble for what happened. There will be no new environmental regulations passed.

As it stands, after all, we're talking about the Republic of Texas protecting their cash cows while thumbing their noses at the environmental disasters their creating.

Friday, April 21, 2023

Elon Musk Knows All About 'Space Stuff'

Once upon a time there was a wacky billionaire who claimed to know "Space Stuff" despite the fact that he never had any schooling on the subject.

Elon Musk (SpaceX founder) who apparently considers himself an expert on space stuff launched a giant rocket yesterday and it blew up after three minutes in the stratosphere. 

The now defunct rocket set Musk back three billion dollars, but he still claimed it was a success and that he knew it would blow up. That can of logic epitomizes the craziest billionaire in the world.

Musk has been busy causing chaos on the internet after he purchased Twitter. It's become a landing place for extremists again. 

But I digress.

Back to space stuff. Musk has been bragging that he would be the first to learn about Aliens lately. An odd thing to do after your spaceship turned into celestial junk and you're trying to make a point about how savvy you are about all things in space.

The crazy claim was made on Tucker Carlson's show where crazy knows where to go. Musk bragged that if there were Aliens, he would've tweeted it. Thus, there can be no aliens because... well because Musk said so.

I wonder how NASA feels about that since they've been working with Musk's SpaceX company. A NASA spokesman did say while there's been no Alien sightings confirmed there's been a lot of unexplained flying objects spotted recently.

Well, be at ease knowing that if there's ever a confirmed contact with an extraterrestrial alien Musk will tell us all about it in a quasi-documentary praising his skills at space stuff. Personally, I'd be hesitant to believe the lunatic without confirmed evidence.

As it stands, Musk is making the personal appearance tour on right-wing platforms talking about space while his platform -Twitter - is a breeding ground for domestic terrorists.

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Deceit of the Highest Order: Getting Elected by a Political Party Then Flipping To the Other Party While in Office

Call them moles.

Call them blue or red dogs. 

Call them for what they are, sneaky power-hungry politicians with no conscience or morals.

A disturbing trend has popped up in the poppy fields of poison politics in the last few years. People running as Democrats are switching parties after getting elected and throwing their constituents to the wind.

One species of Cuckoo birds is known to be "blood parasites" that lay eggs in the nests of other species. When they hatch alongside the other babies, they feed on them.

Like the Cuckoo bird, these secret Republicans running in the other parties' races transform shortly after getting elected under false pretenses.

Recently northern Carolina Democrats called for one of their own to resign, Rep. Tricia Cotham, after she announced she was going to switch her party affiliation on April 5.

On Wednesday April 19 Cotham peeled off her blue disguise and officially joined the ranks of red MAGA followers.

The Mecklenburg Democrat was elected to represent House District 112 after she campaigned as a supporter of abortion rights, health care, gun safety, public education and civil rights.

The immediate effect of Cotham's desertion served as a blow to Democratic Gov. Roy Cooper, essentially stripping him of his veto power by giving both chambers a narrow supermajority.

Cotham's bait and switch on her constituents reminds me of Kyrsten Sinema's move of flipping to the Independent Party disenfranchising the thousands of Democratic voters who thought she'd serve them well.

In the last few years there's been a migration of Democrats getting elected under false pretenses.

A Short List

Andrew Yang (2021), Malinda White (Louisiana State Representative), Betsy Johnson (Oregon State Senator), Tulsi Gabbard, (former U.S. Representative from Hawaii), "Bulldog" Ben Robinson (former Oklahoma State Senator).

When it comes to flipping parties it's not just Democrats that flip to Republicans.

Republicans switch to Democrats.

Independents switch to Democrats and Republicans. 

Democrats switch to the Independent Party.

Republicans switch to Independents.

And so on.

The common denominator is politicians with no morals, sense of duty to the voters who elected them, and no conscience.

As it stands, there's a reason politics are referred to as a dirty game in search of fame.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Accountability is a Fantasy in America's Judicial System

Accountability in this country is a hit-and-miss (usually a miss) exercise that's left the majority of Americans skeptical about true justice.

After hearing that the Fox/Dominion case was settled out of court the first thing that struck me was that Fox doesn't have to admit it lied on air to its viewers for years.

Fox owner Rupert Murdock shelled out a tiny portion of his wealth to appease Dominion, who were more interested in getting millions than in making a statement about media corruption.

The end result? No accountability.

The ultimate case of no accountability in our judicial system is the Supreme Court's justices. Regardless of what they do there's no recourse.

Clarence Thomas is the alpha dog of no accountability on the bench. His wife Ginni supported a coup attempt against democratically elected Joe Biden, but Clarence has not recused himself from one case about the insurrection.

On top of that he's been exposed as a lapdog for a Republican billionaire who idolizes Adolf Hitler and wants an authoritarian government.

For two decades Clarence and Ginni went on lavish - all paid for - vacations on billionaire Harlan Crow's personal jet and super yacht. The largess didn't end there, however.

Crow purchased three parcels of property that belong to the Thomas family - a house and two empty lots - for $163,000 and Thomas didn't declare the sale on his taxes. His mother - who doesn't pay rent - still lives in the house which is maintained by Crow and has been steadily upgraded over the years at no cost to her.

All of the above are perfect examples of corruption staring at the faces of millions of Americans and making a mockery of the highest court in the land.

Will Clarence Thomas be held accountable? The answer is NO. You can't count on Congress doing anything because they've known how corrupt Thomas is for a long time and fear the consequences of going after him. He's that powerful.

We no longer just have judges. They're all now either a Trump judge, Obama judge, or Biden judge. The concept of neutrality and equal justice is trampled on by political influences.

People talk about no one being above the law but reality disputes that fine notion. Exhibit A - Donald J. Trump.

As it stands, polls will back up the distrust most Americans feel towards our judicial system and especially the Supreme Court. Lady Justice weeps.

Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Trump Announces Trading Card Grift II is Coming: Here's a Preview

Big news from Trump world!

After the former, twice impeached president who was recently charged with felonies in Manhattan saw how successful his trading card grift went the first time,

(Above- Card #1 features Trump Mug Shot for his passport in prison.)

he doubled down on the con and announced a new set was on the way.

Card #2 is expected to sell out quickly as a limited-edition example of just how proud Trump is of being stupid.

The Trump Library card is another hot card as his MAGA followers look forward to looking at his 3rd grade primer picture books full of racial profiling and homophobic stories.   

The Trump for Life card features his orangeness keeping up the fight to get elected somewhere - anywhere - where he convinces his cell mates to vote for him for President for Life in the cell block.

Owning the Libs card is sure to be a best-seller as Trump shows off his golden throne in his new prison cell.

He further showed his defiance by wearing a suit over his orange jump suit.

The Two-Term President card shows Trump smiling as he brags about serving two terms in prison.

He's already made advance preparations for his cell and hired a contractor to paint it orange and gold.

The entire set consists of 10 cards (that's how high Trump can count).

As it stands, I'll never understand how a so-called billionaire needs money from some of the poorest people in the country to defend himself in court.

Monday, April 17, 2023

Florida Govenor Thinks the Road to the White House is by Bullying Mickey Mouse

No one knows for sure why Florida governor Ron DeSantis hates Mickey Mouse.

It might be something going back to his childhood after visiting the famous theme park. Perhaps Goofy and Mickey Mouse actors scared little Ronny. He might have been too short to go on some rides and it scarred him forever.

Regardless, he sees bullying Mickey Mouse as a road to the White House.

It's been a wild ride since DeSantis took it upon himself to wage war against Disneyland because they stood up for the LGBQT community in the state.

It enraged the homophobic governor, and he launched a personal crusade against Disneyland.

Currently DeSantis is seeking to take full control of the private business and install a band of cronies to "rule" the Magic Kingdom. All of this is in retaliation for sticking up for a marginalized segment of Americans.

One thing is for sure. The majority of Americans are not going to vote for a confirmed homophobe and right-wing lunatic. His hate politics will assure a crushing loss at the ballot box.

Meanwhile, the wrong-headed, gun loving homophobe will continue his mission to marginalize Americans who think differently than him.

As it stands, DeSantis's effort to take down the most legendary theme park in America continues.

Sunday, April 16, 2023

MAGA on the Street Interviews Shared

Well folks it's time to hit the streets and talk to MAGA followers about the issues of the day.

Dave - What do you think is the most important issue of the day is? Gun safety? Abortion rights? Immigration?

MAGA #1 - Hunter Biden.

Dave - Thank you sir. Excuse me young lady but can I ask you a few questions?

MAGA #2 - Hunter Biden!

Dave - I haven't even asked you a question yet miss.

MAGA #2 - You don't even need to ask. All of America's troubles start with Hunter Biden.

Dave - Excuse me sir. Can I ask you a question? 

MAGA #3 - USA! USA! Trump all the way! Fire away you liberal lacky!

Dave - Thank you. What do you think should be done about gun violence and daily mass shootings across the country?

MAGA #3 - Shoot Hunter Biden!

Moving on...

Dave - What do you think should be done Miss about Clarence Thomas's corruption on the Supreme Court?

MAGA #4 - Arrest Hunter Biden.

Dave - Thanks for giving me a moment Sir. What do you think we should do about all of the misinformation on TV and social platforms?

MAGA #5 - Silence Hunter Biden. He's tearing the country apart!

Dave - Excuse me Miss, but what should be done about book banning in some states?

MAGA #6 - Ban Hunter Biden from living in America.

As it stands, this is just a snapshot of MAGA Americans on a typical day.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...