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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Women spend one year, four months of life in tears

An average woman spends the equivalent of one year and four months of her life crying, new research has shown.
The survey of 3,000 females found, that during their first year, they will shed tears for three hours a day when they need changing, feeding or entertaining.

Teenage girls cry for around two hours and 13 minutes a week and, by their mid-20s, they will cry for as much as 2.24 hours a week after falling out with their partner, watching a weepy film or losing a loved one, reports The Daily Express.

Researchers found from birth to the age of 78, she will be in tears for 12,013 hours.

The poll conducted by also shows that the reasons why women cry change dramatically over a lifetime. But spokeswoman Kathryn Crawford said: “Feeling tired is one of the most common reasons adults and babies cry.”
Photo & Text from The Times of India

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