Saturday, September 1, 2018

Giuliani Prepares Fake Report To Exonerate Trump

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In a desperation attempt to protect Trump against Mueller's eventual findings, his crazed lawyer, Rudy Giuliana, is making up a report refuting everything he thinks Mueller will bring up.

It's another case of alternate reality in the Trump era where "truth isn't truth" and lies are the coin of the realm. Mind you, Giuliana isn't exactly sure what Mueller is going to expose, but he's preparing preemptive strikes on what he suspects is going to be revealed.

The report - whether he shares it before Mueller's, or after - is really for Trump's minions. The mainstream media will greet it for what it is...pure bullshit! It's going to rival Alice in Wonderland...and will be dubbed Trump in the Swamp, even as Giuliani stands at street corners passing it out for free. 

This "report" is going to be about as credible as a stuffed crocodile terrorizing New York's infamous sewers. I suspect Trump's Q Anon followers will read it with a sense of satisfaction. They love conspiracies, and I'm sure Giuliani won't disappoint them.

So what's the real purpose of this report Rudy is bragging about?

Simply put, it's a distraction in the news cycle, and meat for his base. He knows damn well that facts will refute his feeble attempts at making up an alternate story for every charge Mueller will file against him.

It's all Rudy has left. Trump has been unhinged after a couple weeks of brutal revelations and everyone who is someone in his circle turning on him. "They Flipped," Trump told one reporter, sounding an awful lot like a mob boss. 

Throw in Trump's recent attitude problem with John McCain's death, and the flag incident that showed the world what a petty bastard he is, and the results are predictable. 

The most recent ABC poll shows Trump's approval rating sinking, and at the worst since he slunk into office in Putin's pocket, in January 2017.

Reality is catching up to the former reality star...expect a spectacular ending.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Dictators, Friends, Family: A Guide To Trump's Warped World

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Just for shit and giggles, let's take a look at the world according to Trump.

Don't expect any insights. He's really just your run-of-the-mill egomaniac and sociopath that somehow got elected to lead the greatest nation on earth.

Let's hop into a boat and go out into The Swamp, formerly known as the White House, to look at some of Trump's cadre of societal castoffs and family during the last 19 months.

A Guide to Trump's Favorite Dictators

If anyone was left in the world wondering if Trump was Putin's puppet, the answer became clear after the Surrender Summit in Helsinki this year.Putin and Trump's bromance is the worst kept secret in the world.

How about that earth-shattering Summit in Singapore where Trump got worked over like a bitch by North Korea's dictator Kim? For a moment there, Trump's cult-followers were chanting about a Nobel Peace Prize because the world was now safe from any nuke threats from Rocket Man.

If you've been following that charade you know the US is back to square one with North Korea. Donny's take on the breakup is he still insists their warm friends.

A Guide To Trump Associates and Friends

Michael Cohen: Trump's one-time "Fixer" lawyer and buddy, pleaded guilty to campaign violations under Trump's direction in 2016. Has a treasure trove of Trump trash.

Allen Weisselberg: CFO of Trump Organization granted immunity for cooperating with NY authorities in investigation of Trump's campaign violations.

David Pecker: Trump cohort for over 20 years, and kingpin behind the National Enquirer and AMI, has been granted immunity in same felony case as Weisselberg, and turned over a vault of incriminating shit about Trump's past.

Michael Flynn: Trump's former National Security Adviser who pled guilty to lying to the FBI.

Paul Manafort: Former Trump Campaign manager, sentenced to eight felony counts (tax evasion, bank fraud), with another trial coming up in September.

George Papadopoulos: a one-time foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign has admitted to lying to the FBI and is awaiting his sentencing. One more thing, he just happens to be the real reason why the Trump/Russia investigation was launched.

Rick Gates: Trump associate and Manafort's business partner was charged with criminal conspiracy against the United States.

For the sake of space, I'll just list a portion of names from here on out...Pat Hannity, Paul Nunes, Kelly Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Lindsey Graham, Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows, David Duke, Rudy Giuliani, Richard Spencer, Steve Bannon, and a host of conspiracy groups (see Q Anon).

A Guide To Family

Ivanka Trump: the daughter Trump would have liked to date if she wasn't his daughter. Recently closed her businesses down because of continued investigations into forced labor products she was selling. 

Don Trump Jr.: a loudmouth just like his dad, he may find his cocky ass in jail alongside the old man. Think Trump Tower meeting and Bob Mueller.

Jared Kushner: Trump's craven son-in-law with connections to Israel's corrupt leader Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi princes. Currently being investigated for tenant abuses at his Westminster Apartments.

Melania and Baron Trump: Helpless bystanders to Donny's depredations against humanity.

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Midterm Madness: from Mud To Quicksand

Good Day World!

Now that the primaries are over, let the real circus begin.

We'll get to watch as politicians on both sides throw mud - a regular feature of any election - but with a new twist this cycle. 

There'll be quicksand traps set for both sides. All conventional campaigning has gone out the door. In the Trump era truth is not truth and there's alternate realities.

How will voters respond? 

The Republican candidates have chosen to become mini-Trumps, and are counting on Trump's base to win state elections. Each candidate dresses up in a ill-fitting blue Trump suit and a red tie with a MAGA pin on it, and doesn't worry about local issues.
It's all about Trump worship as evidenced by his meeting  with evangelical leaders a few days ago. He warned them of a coming apocalypse if they didn't vote for HIS minions in the midterms.
He even told them the stock market would crash and they'd all be poor if the Republicans lost the House. The thing that got me is the audience sat there and smiled at the Liar-In-Chief, even when he made his false claim about passing some religious legislation favoring evangelical views. That was pure bullshit!

That is America today.

The Democrats are busy stumbling around trying to take a unified approach into the elections, but the party is in the process of splitting. The old vs the new. Rulebooks have been thrown out, along with the power of super-delegates in the newly approved DNC election platform. 
It's a time of seismic change for the party as brash newcomers have been winning primaries against their traditional counterparts in New York and Florida. The change is NOT going smoothly, as Nancy Pelosi tries to hang on to her position of leadership.

Like the Republican party, the Democrats are undergoing a painful transition period in their search for voters. Each side is going to push the limits of their ideologies - how far right, and how far left, in a bid to win.

I guarantee these will be some of the ugliest races you've ever seen. Look what's already happened in Florida on the first day of the campaign for governor: The Republican candidate, a white man, used the term "monkeying around" when referring to his black Democratic opponent.

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Trump's Conspiracy De Jour is Google

Good Day World!

Welcome to Donny's unreality restaurant featuring the conspiracy de jour...

Trump Claims Google "Rigged" Searches of Him But Company Denies It

This latest attack on reality comes after Trump's ego has taken a beating for his vile stance against Senator John McCain after his death.

No doubt, Trump didn't like being pressured by his staff, senators on both sides of the aisle, and the American Legion, to do the right thing and lower the flag over the White House to half-mast.

But you know what really pissed off our Liar-In-Chief?

McCain was getting too much publicity for Donny's thin skin and ego to take. The fact that someone was dominating the headlines of the nation's press and the whole country was paying tribute to his enemy, was too much.

He had to get the headlines back, so he resorted to his bread and butter: conspiracies. Enter Google, which is out to get him. 

Of course, he wouldn't have even thought of the idea if he wasn't watching Fox TV one morning, and heard some lunatic spouting his theory of how Google was unfair to conservatives.

As the saying goes, "Any ship in a storm..."

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Now You See It, Now You Don't: Trump's Trade Deals

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Yesterday, Trump made a big deal about a PRELIMINARY trade deal with Mexico. 

To hear him you might have thought it was a done deal...guess what?

Not even close.

I'm going to throw some cold water on Trump's attempt to gain some positive press through rhetorical sleight-of-hand.

1) Mexico won't make a deal unless Canada is involved. Period. Trump hinted that he may sign a separate deal with Mexico (another stupid assumption very much like the Mexican government paying for his beloved wall).

2) The deal has to be signed before Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has to step down and give way to Mexico's new president on December 1st. 
Without his signature, Trump can't go to congress for approval of the proposed new deal. 

3) The same goes for Canada's Prime Minister. He needs to sign on. With only three days left for the US and Canada to iron out their differences, American negotiators realize the clock is against them. Canada lawmakers have already indicated they won't be pressured. 

4) If, by some miracle, everyone shakes hands and agrees to go forward on Friday, there's no way congress will vote on the deal before the end of year. 
That would be like expecting a turtle to outrun a jackrabbit. 
Getting a bipartisan agreement in congress has gone the way of the Dodo (Trump) Bird.

5) In addition; Mexico's energy privatization is still a sticking point in Mexico agreeing to the deal. 

Once again Trump expects the American public to buy his bullshit when dealing with trade issues that seem to be getting worse by the day, as the growing tariff war takes its toll on American companies and farmers.

Trump's "Now-you-see it, now you don't" parlor games aren't impressing anyone.

No more than Trump's strategy to suck up to North Korea's dictator when he claimed to have negotiated the greatest deal ever for peace on the Korean peninsula.

If you recall, he told Americans they could sleep good at nights because he saved them from a nuclear holocaust. After Kim made a mockery of that claim, Trump moved on to embarrass the nation at the Surrender in Helsinki for good measure.

Time for me to walk on down the road....

Monday, August 27, 2018

Passing of an Era: Who Will Take John McCain's Place?

Good Day World!

When American patriot, John McCain, took his last breath, it was the end of an era.

An era when compromise was possible. An era when the free press was not called the "enemy of the people" by the president of the United States.

McCain's passing leaves a hole in the Senate that can't be replaced in the current partisan polarization that's gripped Capitol Hill.

He dared to stand up to Trump's lies and corruption, even as his fellow Republicans stood silently by...complicit in the destruction of conservatism, and the rise of authoritarian rule under Trump.

Conservative pundits are grieving over the death of conservatism under our Liar-In-Chief. They've declared McCain's passing as an end to an era.

Like many Americans, I didn't vote for McCain when he ran for president because I thought he was too conservative. As a combat Vietnam Veteran (1970), I respected him and considered him a hero for not only surviving over five years of torture at the Hanoi Hilton in North Vietnam, but also for his unswaying advocacy for America's veterans.

The thing I was always sure of about McCain, was that he loved America and all it stood for. Where in Congress today can we find someone with half of his stature, and sense of service to country?

I don't know. 

I've read that his wife Cindy may fill in until 2020, when the seat will be up for grabs again. That remains to be seen. If she does, I suspect she'll continue her father's legacy of standing up to Trump.

Maybe, she'll be able to inspire a spirit of compromise in congress. Frankly, I don't see anyone else even trying to.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Trump Turns To Alt-Right For Solace Following Week of Scandals

                                           Good Day World!

So what's a wannabee dictator to do when his corruption is being exposed daily?

He meets with conspiracy theorists that attack his detractors. In another embarrassing moment for the presidency, Trump invited one of the leading assholes promoting the outlandish "Q Anon" conspiracy to the Oval Office.

For the record, Q Anon refers to an anonymous account on the notorious image boards and online neo-Nazi coven 4chan/8chan that purports to be a senior military official in the White House.

The story goes that "Q" is exposing a monstrous conspiracy by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, George Soros, and the "deep state" are preparing to launch a coup against Trump and to conceal an enormous Democrat and Hollywood-run child sex ring.

The leaders live on pedophile island somewhere in the "Q" universes warped minds. This latest conspiracy is so over the top that many Republicans are denouncing it as an embarrassment to the party.

That doesn't bother Trump, however. He spent part of last Thursday posing for photos with YouTuber (and known Q conspiracy nut) Lionel Lebron.

Lebron proudly posted the photos on Instragram and said, "There simply are no words to explicate this profound honor."

I guess not. The president of the United States is legitimizing one of the stupidest conspiracy theories of all time. Afterward Lebron admitted he didn't speak with the president about "Q" but he assured his cult followers in a video that, "I think we all know he knows about it."

Of course he did. Why do you think he invited the lunatic? In a bad week filled with news about his corruption, he needed to seek solace somewhere. 

The day before his photo op with the notorious conspiracy wackaloon, he announced that he ordered his Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to "closely study" the large-scale killing of "white farmers" in South Africa, which is a disgusting white supremacist conspiracy theory promoted by neo-Nazis like the Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin.

Wrapping himself in a web of conspiracies is Trump's security blanket right now. As more damning evidence of corruption unfolds in the coming weeks, expect to see Donny embrace more's all he has left.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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