Saturday, February 10, 2024

Welcome to the 1st Politized Superbowl

When Superbowl LVIII is played today it will have a unique feature - it'll be the 1st political football game in the league's history.

That's because Kansas City player Travis Kelce is dating worldwide pop star Taylor Swift and MAGA morons think she's a government operative out to get them.

I know. It's absurd that Trumpies have come up with another conspiracy theory formed in the Twilight Zone. 

What's next? Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson in the sportscaster's booth opinionating on every move Swift makes in her Allegiant Stadium skybox seat in Las Vegas?

Right-wing social media influencers are peddling a new conspiracy theory that Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs player Travis Kelce's relationship is an artificial ploy meant to benefit Democrats in the 2024 election.

What's interesting is not all of Trump's supporters are buying into the looney accusation. CBS interviewed Nic Heimsoth, a two-time Trump supporter from Kansas City, Missouri, who said, "To be honest and blunt, I think that's crazy. It's absolutely crazy."

Meanwhile supporters like right-wing influencer Laura Loomer are alleging a Democratic "Taylor Swift election interference psyop" on X. Psyop? WTF?

Joining her on the ridiculous claim, Fox News host Jesse Watters claimed, "Swift was a front for a covert political agenda." Just like that the theory has become the gospel in right-wing circles.

Former GOP presidential candidate and Trump backer, Vivek Ramaswamy recently posted this on X, "I wonder who's going to win the Superbowl? And I wonder if there's a major presidential endorsement coming from an artificially culturally propped-up couple this fall. Let's see how it ages."

But why go after Taylor Swift in the first place?

MAGA morons believe her views line up with the woke generation (horrors!) and they claim to have evidence that shows that generation's led by misinformation. They don't have proof, of course, but that's never stopped them.

Why go after Travis Kelce? Because he's been appearing in Pfizer ads and promoting the company's COVID-19 vaccine he's stoked the ire of extremists.

To sane people this theory is a joke. They laugh at the extremist clowns claims that the "Sky is falling" on Superbowl Sunday and the America we love is crumbling before our eyes.

What's not funny is the lengths that Trump and his cult will go to create chaos in our society. They're busy planting seeds of hate wherever they go. 

They're polarizing the nation at a critical time in our history. They're hurting the sport of football by making it a sinister political ploy that further divides people.

According to one top talent agent Taylor Swift better not endorse Joe Biden or she'll be vilified by millions and will be risking her own safety! That's MAGA for you.

It's sad people who tune in to sports for good family viewing, are also being poisoned with politics that ruins everything.

As it stands, I hope you enjoy this year's Superbowl - after all, it's about entertainment and we all could use that in this contentious society.

Friday, February 9, 2024

Animals Antics Making News

Residents of an apartment complex in Florida (where else?) had a kangaroo come by and visit them last night.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office responded to a report of a kangaroo on the loose in an apartment complex near Fowler Avenue and 56th Street in Tampa and discovered a wayward marsupial in the fenced-in pool area.

After carding the restless Roo whose name was appropriately Hopper, police found that he had the proper registration papers and was escorted back to his owner.

Big Day for Baby Rhino

Here in Oregon zoo officials had a big reveal today as they trotted out the zoo's newest addition - an Eastern Black Rhino. The not yet named calf is a boy.

He went outside for the first time in his life - escorted by his Mama Jozi - as officials celebrated his turning two months old.

Because zoo officials have not decided on a name for the "tiny tank" they're accepting suggestions from the public.

The birth of a Eastern Black Rhino calf that is critically endangered was a crucial step in conservation for the Africa-native species, according to a zoo spokesperson.

             Walmart Goes to the Birds

A Canadian Walmart store in Saskatchewan has new residents living in the rafters - birds.

One local official pointed out it was no accident the birds were seeking warm shelter - it's been freezing (minus 50) outside for days.  

Jan Shadick, executive director with Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation explained, "The birds aren't crazy, just practical." She advised that the best thing the store could do is ignore them because they would be difficult to evict.

That was easy for Shadick to say but how can the store ignore a steady drip of bird dung from the rafters above? "Only be concerned" Shadick said, "if you spot birds landing on the floor."

Meanwhile local Walmart shoppers are advised to wear hats!

There's a Moose on the Loose!

Skiers at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Villager Wyoming, were surprised to see a moose chasing them down the mountain.

An onlooker caught the chase on his cell phone camera and posted the video on his Facebook page... for posterity I suppose.

The good news is there's been no injuries...yet.

The bad news is the moose is still on the loose. The antlered interloper is still on the slopes seeking skiers.

BooBoo Goes to College

It was the great escape when a wallaby decided to leave its owner's home in Tennessee to seek higher education.

Lincoln Memorial University posted on Facebook that an Australian marsupial was spotted crossing the Harrogate school's campus before fleeing in the woods behind Grant-Lee Hall.

The animal, named BooBoo, apparently never got a chance to attend any classes as he was captured by rangers at Cumberland Gap National Park, and returned to his owner.

Venomous Stowaway Finds New Home

A venomous scorpion stowed away from Kenya to Ireland in a woman's baggage. The tiny continent traveler apparently didn't have the money for a ticket, so it was forced to hid in a passenger's luggage. 

When the woman arrived in Ireland, she unpacked her suitcase and left the bag in her bedroom. 

Two weeks later the woman decided to move the bag and discovered a venomous Fishers-fat-tailed scorpion underneath it.

The woman didn't lose her cool after the startling discovery, much to her credit. She called The National Reptiles Zoo's venomous unit and told reporters "Luckily the house had underfloor heating, so the scorpion was toasty warm on the floor."

Which is why I assume the yet-to-be named predatory arachnid was in a good mood and allowed a human to take him/her to a new home. 

He/she signed a contract with the zoo to make educational presentations in exchange for room and board. 

As it stands, I think it's only fair I sometimes report on animal stories. After all, we share the planet with them.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

It's Just Another Day in America

              It's just another day in America 

as the Supreme Court hears arguments about taking a former president's name off of states ballots before the November election...


-- a special counsel report over the handling of classified documents conducted by Robert Hur concluded that President Biden willfully retained classified information, but he won't face charges...

-- a vigilante group attacked a man today during a Fox News live shot...

-- Iraq issued a warning today to US after a drone strike killed their militia commander...

-- the Senate advances a package with aid for Ukraine and Israel today...

-- FCC voted to ban scam robocalls that use AI-generated voices today...

-- a 17-year-old boy was shot and killed by police during a welfare check in Columbus, Nebraska...

-- The Federal Aviation Administration said today it will investigate the collision between two JetBlue Airways planes on the tarmac at Boston Logan Airport...

-- Hawaii's Supreme Court declared the Second Amendment infringes on the "Spirit of Aloha"...

-- Marianne Williamson suspended her presidential campaign today after she was soundly beaten by President Biden in the Nevada Democratic primary...

-- Special Counsel Jack Smith said in a new filing today that he wants permission to enter an exhibit under seal about a witness and the threats he or she has received on social media...

--- today the CDC released a disturbing report that found teens who use drugs are often alone, and they do them to ease stress and anxiety or to forget bad memories...

-- it was announced today that a Tennessee city (Murfreesboro) must pay $500,000 as part of a settlement with the ACLU over an ordinance designed to ban drag performances from taking place on public property...

-- The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced this morning they're creating a new competitive Oscar category for best achievement in casting...

-- The Food and Drug Administration named the likely source of lead in contaminated cinnamon applesauce pouches today...

-- The Los Angeles Police Department appointed the first Asian American chief on interim basis...

-- A federal judge denied Trump crony Peter Navarro's bid to avoid prison today while appealing his conviction on two counts of contempt of Congress...

-- A Gallup poll released today says less than half of Americans feel "very satisfied" with their lives...

As it stands, today's snapshots offer a peek at a typical day of what's happening in our country. The good, bad, and the ugly.

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Do Americans Deserve Democracy?

Any democratic country that allows a person like Donald Trump to hold their nation hostage might not be deserving of the freedoms they currently enjoy.

Despite not actually being in government, Trump owns GOP members of Congress in the House and Senate. He pulls his lackey's strings to help his campaign for president.

How could we have let this orange clown's cult thrive when it's based on lies? The political chaos Trump has caused is almost impossible to quantify.

Look at the damage Trump has done to our political, electoral, and judicial systems. The negative effects will probably carry over to the next generation. The Constitution is under attack daily from MAGA lawyers carrying out their leader's wishes.

One man.

How did the once respected Republican party dissolve and turn into spinless cult members? How could that happen in the oldest democracy in the world?

It's our fault. 

Americans have taken their freedoms too lightly for far too long. We just expect the good guys will win and life will go merrily along. We may or may not vote.  Reality has a way of catching up however, if we don't pay attention.

Now we have someone like Trump who came and convinced millions of Americans that the idea of living in an authoritarian state with a dictator was more attractive than our 250-year democracy.

I know you have heard it already - that this is the year democracy may die at the ballot box - but I can't repeat it enough. We're going to need a voting record turnout among real patriots who want to preserve our republic. 

We need a resounding victory for our freedoms and for the rest of the world to see how we turned away Trump's efforts to dismantle our democracy.

It's still possible to redeem ourselves from past mistakes by standing up for the truth, and challenging the lies spread by the MAGA cult whenever or wherever their told.

We can't count on the courts stopping Trump despite the four criminal cases and 91 felony charges he faces this year. 

His judicial appointees are running interference for him hoping he'll get re-elected president and can pardon himself for the numerous crimes he's committed.

As it stands, we'll find out if we deserve a democracy in November. Vote Blue.

Tuesday, February 6, 2024

Crocodile Tears for Donny: Court Slaps Down His Immunity Appeal

Full disclosure: I have to admit that when I found out Trump's immunity claim was thrown out of the 11th District Appeals court, I did a funny little dance around the Livingroom.

At last! We find out that Trump is not above the law. I suspect, and agree with, the constitutional scholars that say the Supreme Court won't even take up his last appeal.

But if they do...I'm slightly concerned that the three Trump appointees, and already extreme Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, will let Trump off the hook. 

That would be the moment democracy died.

In this age of extremism, it's hard to predict what the judges will do. It should be a slam dunk case, but we shouldn't bet on it.

Meanwhile Trump's team of idiot lawyers will have to file their last-ditch appeal(s) by Monday to block the ruling.

The judges flatly rejected Trump's arguments that he shouldn't have to go on trial on federal election subversion charges.

In a scathing 57-page unanimous opinion the panel of three judges wrote that the public interest in holding a potentially criminal president accountable outweighs any potential "chilling effect" on the presidency.

The judges were clear that the charges against Trump are serious and left no question they believe he can be prosecuted.

It's important to know that Trump's team can also appeal to the full DC Circuit to take up the case en banc, meaning the case would be heard again, but by the full panel of circuit judges.

Because Trump's team is trying to delay every step of the way, I wouldn't be surprised if they try to go this route before settling for the Supreme Court Hail Mary.

There's one paragraph in this new ruling that gives me hope for another ruling Trump faces. The Colorado challenge to keep Trump off the ballot may have gotten an enormous boost.

The court ruling refers to the president as an "officer." Anyone following the 14th Amendment cases revolving around the theory that the president was NOT an "officer" thus he couldn't be banned from the ballot should take note of this paragraph.

There is an open legal question - being argued Thursday before the Supreme Court - over whether the presidency is an "office... under the United States" and whether the presidency is an "officer" as described in the insurrection ban under Section 3.

Turning back to today's ruling, it was a big step in the right direction, but there's more challenges are on the way as Trump tries to delay justice until November when (if elected) he can pardon himself of the numerous felony charges against him.

As it stands, Trump's election subversion case must be tried in advance of the election to give voters second thoughts about re-electing the most corrupt former president in US history. Polls show that 62% of Republicans would shy away from voting for a convicted felon.

Monday, February 5, 2024

MAGA is a Joke Without a Punchline

Average Americans cringe when they see a Trump supporter decked out in full cosplay dress (a mangled American flag with Trump's mug on their shirts, jackets, hats, and flags.)

It's understandable because MAGA morons live in an alternate reality that threatens other people's very existence and freedoms.

The MAGA movement was formed in 2016 but as the years went by rabid followers have slowly defected and moved on to QAnon or other conspiracy groups.

The once powerful cult following has been floundering as Trump keeps losing elections. Despite the appearance of being everywhere the MAGA movement is all smoke and mirrors. MAGA is not unstoppable.

They have loud influencers who puff up the strength of MAGA, and there are, sadly, many in the political press who buy in and amplify that belief.

Time has exposed the extreme group as a comically disorganized and useless parade of con artists and the conned, drifting from one apocalyptic grievance to the next.

The latest MAGA flop involves a "God's Army" convoy that was touted by organizers as a mighty force of 700,000 or more people from every corner of America attending. 

The convoy of trucks, buses, and cars descended on a town near the southern border to protect against an invasion. What happened is a couple hundred vehicles parked at a rural ranch in Quemado, Texas and the MAGA morons were disappointed not to see an invasion of migrants.

It always amazes me how Trump followers are so easily grifted. The God's Army group ended up being bored but the hucksters selling MAGA merch made it look like a little country fair for the damned. 

One of the convoy-goers, Misty Gregory, told CNN, "It's not what I expected, but then again I don't know what I expected. I can tell you it's not as bad as I thought, so that's kind of eye opening in itself."

Residents of Eagle Pass, where the group were assembled to protest, were furious at the political theatre by the outsiders.

Jessie F. Fuentes of Eagle Pass told WOAI Channel 4, "The reality is that it has brought dangerous, violent groups into our beautiful, peaceful city. We don't appreciate these staged events that dramatically misrepresenting our reality on the border and that invite extremist group that pose a real danger to the people."

This kind of stunt would have been more successful had it happened in 2016-17. But it's 2024, and MAGA is a joke without a punchline.

Thus, it came to pass that God's Army's foot soldiers who came, in underwhelming numbers, accomplished little beyond showing everyone how tragically gullible they are and making the locals nervous.

As it stands, Americans need to understand that the MAGA movement is not serious and is nothing more than a rambling wreck of a cult following the world's biggest conman.

Sunday, February 4, 2024

Divinely Corrupt Republicans Who Claim God Annointed Them

When election denier Mike Johnson became Speaker of the House, he said he was divinely appointed by God. 

He quickly followed that claim up by comparing himself to Moses as he parted the MAGA waters and was put in charge of Trump's defense team in Congress.

Fun fact, MAGA Mike belongs to a hardcore Nationalist Christian sect that advocates against the LGBTQ community and minorities.

Co-opting God into the Republican party has been a corrupt tactic for decades. With him on their side they can claim to make righteous restrictions on our freedoms. 

Take the newly elected Arizona GOP party chair, Gina Swoboda, for an example. She was on extremist extraordinaire Steve Bannon's podcast recently telling listeners that God talks to her, she has daily visions, and is on a mission to reclaim America for Christians.

In the dreary wastelands of MAGA there's not a clear difference between God and Donald Trump. 

That was illustrated by the golden statue (not real gold) of Trump that has been displayed in Republican conventions around the country.

Supporters genuflect before the statue's presence and take photos alongside of it. Some followers in Congress call Trump the Orange Jesus. See what I mean? It's confusing because 53% of Republicans think Trump is a "person of faith" according to a poll by Deseret News. Talk about brainwashed.

Pure Perversion Conversion

Pastor Jentezen Franklin of the 25,000-member megachurch Free Chapel in Georgia, has been Trumps spiritual advisor since 2016. "You cannot be a Christian and vote for democrats," Franklin claimed at a recent Trump rally in Coralville, Iowa.

What's really blasphemous is some of Trump's most enthusiastic believers are pastors who share his dark view of U.S. politics - or who've touted him as they've risen to prominence on social media.

Paula White-Cain is a prominent pastor who backs Trump is popular in the Christian prosperity movement. (Basically, a scam to fleece faithful followers.)

South Carolina televangelist Mark Burns praises Trump's every word and action and claims he the second coming of Jesus.

Darrell Scott, an Ohio pastor and radio host goes out of his way to promote Trump every day.

And the list goes on.

What's concerning is Trump is having an easier time reaching evangelicals now than in the past two election cycles, in part because of the changes in the evangelical world, according to Tim Alberta, author of "The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory."

As it stands, there's a reason why America's Constitution firmly separates church and state. We believe a secular government is fairer to all Americans...not promoting one religion over others helps assure that.

It's Time the Mainstream Media Admits This is not a Normal Election

The mainstream media is sending signals that they don't know what to do about the most corrupt presidential candidate in history. Trump ...