Saturday, March 9, 2024

Trump Entertains Autocrat Who Hates Democracy

Since Trump moved into Mar-a-Lago it's been a hot spot for autocrats, racists, Nazis, crooked politicians from every level of government, and people who hate minorities and people of color.

In other words, a MAGA paradise where bad actors gather from around the world to plot against our Constitutional Democracy.

The latest scumbag to visit Mar-a-Lago was the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who hates democracy and loves Trump. And why not? Trump loves dictators and strongmen who have complete control of people's lives.

It marked an extraordinary move: a foreign leader paying a visit to the United States, including making a stop in the nation's capital (the same day of the State of the Union Address), without meeting with the sitting president and instead meeting with his political rival.

What are Orban's credentials? He's known for championing what he terms "illiberal democracy" complete with limits on LGBTQ+ rights and immigration.

Orban posted videos of the events where Trump could be heard praising the Hungarian leader as the "boss" and also a "great" and "fantastic leader of Europe."

Orban joins Trump's list of heroes which include, Kim Jong Un of North Korea, Chinese President Xi Jinping, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. This rogue's gallery has given Trump inspiration to be America's first dictator.

Dinner at Donnie's is every dictator's dream.

What surprises me is these vomit-worthy visits to Mar-a-Lago largely go unreported. I guess the press is just numb after eight years of Trump disrupting the country.

No other president in American history so openly admired anarchy than Trump. He's gotten more extreme every year and his cognitive abilities are rapidly turning to mush.

Yet here he is. Running for president. Blatantly telling us what he's going to do if he gets re-elected. From shredding the Constitution to a revenge tour throughout the land against his perceived enemies, Trump's agenda spells carnage for America.

It's been reported that Trump has a book of Hitler quotes in the drawer of the stand next to his bed. The only reason I doubt it - unless it's a book of illustrations - is that Trump can't read. When he was president, he proved that in briefing sessions.

In another time a presidential candidate that openly supports destroying our government would have been laughed off as a lunatic with no chance of winning an election.

That was then. This is now. Our freedoms are at stake. The American dream can't be allowed to disappear because of one malicious sociopath.

As it stands, President Biden is fact-checking Trump relentlessly in this campaign for America's soul. There is hope. Vote Blue.

Friday, March 8, 2024

Republican Profiles in Stupidity

I'm going to take you down a path littered with Republican profiles of stupidity to share with your friends and family.

Inquiring minds must know what challenges lie ahead of us.   

Foremost among the MAGA lunatics in Congress is Marjorie Taylor Greene. She will do anything to get attention and really has no interest in actually serving her constituents.

She proves how stupid she is every time she opens her big mouth and starts talking about Jewish Space Lasers.

Her antics during two State of the Union Addresses have solidified MTG's place as a needy idiot lusting for the cameras gaze.

Her goal in life is to be Trump's foot stool.

Then we have little MAGA Mike Johnson who rolled his beady eyes throughout the State of the Union Address like a broken puppet in protest.

He couldn't afford to clap regardless of what President Biden was saying because his master Trump was watching his every move. I did see one aerial shot that briefly showed him clapping under the dais before the camera moved away.

The we have Alabama Sen. Katie Britt who gave the MAGA response to President Biden's speech. She proved two things: one, she's stupid to think people will fall for her bad acting job, and two she's a hypocrite and liar.

Britt was one of the senators who worked on the bipartisan border deal and voted for it, but her tune changed after President Biden's fiery speech when she claimed Biden's border policies were "senseless" and a "disgrace" during her staged kitchen delivery to Trump's base.

What changed? Trump didn't want a bipartisan border bill passed because he wanted to use the border as a campaign issue. So, Britt stepped away from doing the right thing for Americans and kowtowed to a convicted rapist who tried to steal the 2020 election.

Perhaps one of the most amusing profiles of Republican stupidity is George Santos, the disgraced GOP House member who was expelled from the House by his peers. He is also facing a criminal trial with numerous charges later this month.

Guess what? Santos is back in the spotlight as of yesterday when he announced he was going to run for Congress again. Now that is stupid.

Then there's MAGA Mama Kari Lake who has perfected how to lose in court cases after losing her election bid a couple of years ago. She has a perfect record with the Arizona courts... she's lost every case she filed, and her lawyers were even fined for filing frivolous lawsuits.

To prove how stupid she is she's running for the Senate this year despite her unpopularity in the red state... and reputation with the courts. If she somehow does get elected the voters were stupid for thinking she'd serve them instead of her own agenda.

As it Stands, stupidity is an acquired trait that takes very little effort if you ignore truth and reality.

Thursday, March 7, 2024

America? Or Amerika? You Decide

      The gauntlet has been thrown down.

The challenge issued.

Americans are going to have to decide what form of government they're going to have after the November election.

A Constitutional Democracy? An Authoritarian State? A Dictatorship? A Banana Republic? 

Americans face a stark choice this fall between President Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Both have low ratings in the polls because of the polarized politics dividing our country.

Americans don't know who to believe anymore. Once trusted institutions like our judicial system (in particular the Supreme Court) and Congress have the lowest approval ratings in the history of the republic.

As a Vietnam veteran I have seen this country torn apart over the undeclared war in Southeast Asia. I, and my returning comrades, faced a wave of hatred among young politically active students. 

As bad as that was, I was never worried that our republic would ever face a nationwide referendum on our Constitutional Democracy. That America would teeter on becoming an authoritarian state. 

But here we are.

It seems unreal that one party's candidate for president is a convicted rapist, was twice impeached as a former president, and is facing four criminal trials - with 91 felony indictments - for trying to overthrow the election he lost in 2020 and stealing secret government documents.

What kind of candidate is that? Trump is the complete opposite of law and order and he's a worshipper of dictators and strongmen around the world.

In what kind of world could this happen? 

In our world. Like it or not we're going to have to fight to preserve our democratic way of life by calling out MAGA lies and using truth and facts as weapons. 

There won't be any beach landings on other countries shores for this war to preserve our American way against Trump and his cult supporters. The battles will be fought in the voting booths of every state. 

The front lines are the mainstream media versus right-wing disinformation stations like Fox News and Newsmax. For every daily salvo of lies there needs to be the return fire of truth backed by facts.

We can't count on the courts holding Trump accountable for his crimes. His influence with the Supreme Court puppets he appointed along with a legion of MAGA judges in the federal and state courts, has been an effective counterattack against justice being served.

We have to fight for freedom at the ballot box like never before. Our votes are the ammunition against tyranny. What shall it be? America... or Amerika? You decide.

As it stands, it's not hyperbole saying this election will decide the fate of freedom in the United States of America.

Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Just What Americans Didn't Want - President Biden Versus Trump

After Super Tuesday's results it's official, Biden and Trump will be facing off for the presidency in November. 

Just what the majority of Americans didn't want to see.

Were there ever two opposing candidates more unpopular than President Biden and Trump? I don't think so. Voters will be holding their noses when they cast their ballot for America's next Commander-In-Chief this election.

Age plays a big factor in both men's profiles, but it goes much deeper than that. Biden doesn't need to take cognitive tests like Trump who apparently gets them quite often. 

Fun fact, doctors don't give cognitive tests to people that still have their marbles. On top of that he acts like his "passing score" means he's a stable genius.

Here's what we do know. Trump is a malicious sociopath who wants to be the country's first dictator. President Biden has a proven track record of improving the economy and fighting dictators around the world.

These facts should convince any sane person that Trump is a threat to our Constitutional Democracy. The key word is sane.

While President Biden is backed by the Democratic party, Trump is backed by a cult that was once the Republican party.

You can already see how awkward this contest is going to get when there's alternate realities vying for votes. Throw in the fact that Trump is facing four trials with 91 felony counts charged against him and it gets even crazier.

How is this going to work? The short answer is no one knows.

Trump's game plan is to delay his trials until after the election, which he's counting on winning and being able to shut down the criminal cases, and to pardon himself if he is convicted by any of the courts.

Special Counsel Jack Smith has had his hands tied behind his back when it comes to some judges like Aileen Cannon in the stolen documents case. Cannon has gone out of her way to accommodate the Trump team and has been admonished by the 11th District Court for violating rules twice.

Then there's the Supreme Court's "Trump Justices" obstructing state laws to keep him on their ballots. Legal experts are anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court's oral hearings on presidential immunity.

If that supposedly august body decides it's okay for a president to order Seal Team 6 to kill his political opponents, the results would be catastrophic for the republic. 

It would effectively shatter the Constitution and open the door for a fascist state under a twice-impeached former president and convicted rapist.

The Democrats need a resounding victory in November. I'm convinced there are more sane Americans than crazy cultists.

As it Stands, Democrats and Independant's are going to have to swallow their distaste over President Biden's age in order to preserve our freedoms and democracy.

Tuesday, March 5, 2024

MAGA House Members Find Another 'Perfect Witness' for Biden Impeachment Folly

GOP House chairmen Jim Jordon and James Comer have gotten themselves another "smoking gun" witness in the never-ending quest to harass President Biden and his son Hunter.

For the record they've already presented a wanted international arms dealer and a rogue FBI agent working with Russian intelligence in their prior endeavors to discredit the Bidens, making absolute clowns out of themselves.

But Trump's three main butt boys in the House, Jordan, Comer, and Andy Biggs are completely shameless and there's no way they're going to let facts interfere with their disgusting mission to please their master.

So, who is this NEW smoking gun in the saga of liars, thieves, and miscreates that have paraded through House committees?

Here's the story...

the above-mentioned trio of MAGA morons held a transcribed interview with a guy named Jason Galanis who they expect will be their next star witness in their conspiracy theories.

Who the heck is he?

Jason Galanis is a federal inmate sentenced to 15 years in prison for scamming a Native American tribal entity out of tens of millions of dollars. Period.

The new prospective witness pleaded guilty in January 2020 to charges of multiple frauds, among them funneling about 8.5 million of Wakpamni Lake Community Corporation funds into his personal bank account, according to a lengthy release from the U.S. Attorney's office.

Here comes the best part, however. Galanis was part of a notorious New York crime family whose patriarch was targeted by then-mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Sounds like a perfect witness to me. Such credibility. But where's the connection to the Bidens?

Galanis was a partner with also convicted felon Devon Archer. Archer was a former business partner with Hunter Biden - who was not involved in the alleged bribery scheme.

But Hunter's name came up during the investigation as an unpaid member of the Burnham Group, of which both Galanis and Archer were also members, according to the Wall Street Journal. Hunter was not charged.

Going back full circle, the trio of idiots sent out angry letters to the Manhattan-based assistant U.S. Attorney Negar Tekeei and Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Collette Peters - demanding information why Galanis' 2023 early release was denied.

Why are the three stooges so interested in this felon? I'll tell you, in their twisted minds he could be a backdoor to attacking Hunter and allowing them to continue their assault against the Bidens. Something to keep the false narratives alive as it were.

You'd think they'd be too embarrassed to introduce another "key witness" straight from a federal prison. But no. Like I said they are shameless and without honor.

As it Stands, when it comes time to vote in November, I hope the American people remember what the conspiracy ranting Republicans did to the House this year and our country in general.

Monday, March 4, 2024

Creep in the House: MAGA Mike to Release GOP Video Version of Jan. 6 Security Footage

      Speaker of the House Mike Johnson a creep, a disciple of the Nationalistic Christian movement, and the coffee boy for a disgraced former president who wants to destroy our Constitutional Democracy.

"Why a creep," you ask?

For starters, I watched an old video of MAGA Mike taking his preteen daughter to a purity ball

"So?" You reply.

Do you know what a purity ball is? Extremist Christian fathers take their preteen daughters to an affair that looks very much like a wedding. The father gives his daughter a corsage and they dance around the ballroom full of groomers disguised as doting fathers.

In the climax of the creepy event the father puts a wedding ring on his daughter's finger and has her sign a covenant that states her father owns her body and she's not allowed to have sex until she gets married upon which time daddy's ring comes off.

There's more. The above is a brief summary.

In MAGA Mike's world it's okay to openly monitor his son for porn use on the computer, and the son monitors MAGA Mike's online surfing. This bizarre behavior is supposed to make them both more godly and good Christians. 

It sounds more like they have a porn addiction, and both are trying to quit. It's got creepy written all over it.

Why Release Jan. 6 Security Footage Now?

A few months ago, MAGA Mike told reporters that he and the GOP leadership team were going to release Jan. 6 security footage, though the videos would be slightly ...altered before reaching the public.

MAGA Mike explained that they had to blur the faces of persons who participated in the events of the day because "we don't want them to be retaliated against and be charged by the Department of Justice."

So according to MAGA Mike suspected criminals had to be protected from possible accountability, so he and his colleagues decided to take deliberate steps to obscure the identities of those who entered the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack.

The idea of misusing cherry-picked scenes to justify a vast array of false claims and conspiracy theories about Trump's coup attempt, has been percolating for months in MAGA world.

Here's an interesting twist. I just found out that MAGA Mike said efforts to produce the videos have been going slowly because it takes extra time to blur faces - thus the delay before the big day. The unveiling as it were.

So MAGA Mike decided not to blur faces. Meanwhile the far-right fanatics are getting restless for results, so I expect to see the videos fairly soon.

As it Stands, the Creep just keeps rolling along believing he's Moses and parting the red sea of stupidity.

Sunday, March 3, 2024

Gambling Pandemic Sweeps America: No End in Sight

Welcome to the golden age of gambling in the good old USA.

Once upon a time gambling was looked upon as a cultural scourge. You couldn't openly bet on any sporting events like you can today. 

Most states didn't allow slot machines or public card games with the exception of Las Vegas, Nevada, that reveled in being called Sin City where gambling was legal.

That attempt to separate the seedier side of gambling from wholesome family driven sporting events - like baseball - is now dust in the wind. 

Odds for betting on games are shared by sports hucksters/announcers who are in the pockets of giant betting companies like Draft Kings and Fan Duel.

Here's a fun fact, gambling is addictive. That's one reason why it - along with the profit - has become legal in all forms today. Greedy politicians have gleefully accepted donations from gambling lobbies to make restrictions on gambling disappear.

Fact: less than six years ago, betting on sports in the United States was prohibited under federal law except in Nevada casinos and a smattering of venues in other states.

But in 2018, the Supreme Court ruled that the federal prohibition was unconstitutional and opened the floodgates to a field of fantasy sports companies that allow gambling on all sports.

The New York Times investigated the dark underbelly of these gambling companies a couple of years ago and discovered that state lawmakers were showered with money, gifts and visits from sports luminaries.

In addition, the article pointed out that the gambling lobby was using deceptive arguments to extract generous tax breaks and other concessions.  

Sports-betting firms cultivated friendly relationships with lawmakers and regulators who didn't have the taxpayers and people at risk of gambling problems best interests at heart.

This pandemic of gambling has spread to 31 states and Washington D.C. and isn't going away soon. Sports gambling is permitted online or in person. There are also five more states that will allow such betting in the future.

A study at the University of Connecticut showed that as many as three in four pre-teens that are exposed to internet gambling become addicted.

I've heard the saying "Money is the root of all evil," and I'm convinced it's true. A new generation of gamblers will suffer financial setbacks that will eventually land them in the streets with the other homeless Americans wondering how they got there.

As it Stands, I understand the attraction to gambling because it's a human thing. However, it's not a smart thing.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...