Friday, December 3, 2021

The Republic of Florida? DeSantis Wants His Own Vigilante Force

In his campaign to run for president, Gov. DeSantis is pulling out all the stops to make Florida an independent country.

His latest assault on democracy is an effort to create a civilian military force that would only be answerable to him, not the Pentagon or the president.

Attacking the federal government has been a mainstay in DeSantis's campaign. From resisting COVID-19 legislation to suppressing voters, he has established a hard right-wing cadre of supporters in the Sunshine State.

Yesterday, DeSantis pitched the idea as a way to support the Florida National Guard during emergencies, like hurricanes.

DeSantis is calling the proposed militia unit the Florida State Guard. He bragged that they would "not be encumbered by the federal government" and would only be answerable to him.

In other words, DeSantis would have his own vigilante force to enforce his draconian laws and to defy the government with.

Spurred by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin's directive warning that National Guard members who refuse to get vaccinated against the coronavirus will have their pay withheld and barred from training, DeSantis introduced the plan to have his own personal militia force.

States do have the power to create defense forces separate from the national guard, though not all of them use it. 

The Florida State Guard was created in 1941 during World War II as a temporary force to fill the void left behind when the Florida National Guard was deployed to assist in the U.S. combat efforts.

It was disbanded after the war ended.

The reason his plan to create his own secret police force - and they would be just that under him - lies in his insatiable lust for power. 

By making Florida a bastion for extremists, DeSantis hopes to capture the votes to get re-elected next year, and eventually to run for the presidency. 

His present goal is to make Florida a republic that defies governmental oversight, and caters to conspiracy-loving lunatics who will support his political efforts.

It remains to be seen if Florida taxpayers are ready to fork out millions to satisfy DeSantis's private army.

Thursday, December 2, 2021

Three Head Shaking Headlines in Today's News

Let's start the parade with this headline from MSNBC:

Rep. McCarthy Said To Be Urging GOP Members To Stop Infighting

What a laugher! Coward McCarthy wants to be the next Speaker of the House and would willing sell his parents down the river to do so. 

His feeble efforts to unify his peers has been noticed by other right-wing goons in Congress who have even suggested Trump should be the next Speaker when the GOP takes the House back during the midterms.

I wonder how many of his colleagues laughed in his pasty white face? 

BREAKING Handful of GOP senators say they'll block a vote to fund the government

If you read this story from CNN you know that Republican members are frustrated that a small group of their members might cause a government shutdown.

It's no secret that the resisting clowns are polishing their creds with their idol Trump. The problem is, even other Trump supporters in the senate don't want the government to shut down.

This kind of partisan bullshit (and GOP infighting) is what's crippling our government and making it nearly impossible to pass much needed legislation.

Biden's Vaccine Mandate is 'Worst Violation of Civil Liberties in Decades'

Faux News reporter Brian Mast shows how stupid he is as usual.

If Mast really thinks that a health mandate is worse than all the other civil liberty cases involving black and brown Americans in the last couple of decades, then he's teetering on the edge of insanity.

This is just another case of lying to keep the right-wing base salivating: which is of course, par for the course at Faux News.

That's enough head shakers for a day.

Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Lady Justice Walked Away One Day

Lady Justice walked away one day

from the USA...

The allegorical personification

of the moral force of our courts

has turned away from the nation

and moved on to other ports

Distrust of the judicial system is systemic in our society today. And for good reason.

Who can trust a system that can't seem to find Trump guilty of anything? 

During his short chaotic reign, Trump was able to stack the Supreme Court and federal courts throughout the country with his supporters. 

He cheated, lied, and abused every federal department from the Department of Justice to the FBI to place partisan hacks in the courts.

One need not look any further than the quasi-trial of a murdering 17-year-old punk who got away with killing two unarmed men and seriously wounding another with a bullshit defense.

If you followed the Rittenhouse trial, you know the judge was bias in his favor. Having Trump's favorite martial song as the dial tone on his cell phone was one hint on where that judge was coming from.

Turning to one of the most important cases in decades, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on the future of abortion rights in America today.

Front and center the fate of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion nationwide prior to viability.

No decision is expected to be announced until next year, but Trump's stacked court of hand-picked Federalist Society darlings are expected to overturn the decision and take away women's rights to their own bodies.  

The fact that Trump and his minions can get away with abusing the courts using endless appeals to continually stall justice is demoralizing.

Once upon a time "blind justice" was the legal concept regarding the neutrality of the dispensing of justice. Now it means crooked judges and kangaroo courts.

Tuesday, November 30, 2021

GOP Doubling Down Against Vaccinations By Claiming the New Variant Was Invented By Democrats

Listen my children and you'll shall hear

How Republicans utilize fear

to debunk science and facts

with numerous circus acts

As the rest of the world responds to the new COVID-19 variant, Omicron, Republicans are scrambling to blame Democrats for the arrival of the new mutation.

Clown Caucus House GOP members are claiming the Democrats invented Omicron. That's right. As stupid as this claim is, it'll be raw meat for Trump supporters and other low life extremists.

Fox is having fun mocking the new variant. It's really something to see the Good Morning Moron Crew casually joke about a new mutation of the deadly virus.

One Congressional wag (who isn't worth naming) commented that the Democrats came up with Omicron virus to help them out in the midterms. Like a deadly virus would be a selling point? Unbelievable.

What's happening is Republicans want to undermine Biden's vaccine efforts.

As Axios reported Monday morning, the concerted efforts to keep shots from going in arms have escalated in red states, with Republican politicians now openly bribing constituents not to get vaccinated.

"Republican officials around the country are testing a creative mechanism to build loyalty with unvaccinated Americans while undermining Biden administration mandates: unemployment benefits," the short piece explains.

"Florida, Iowa, Kansas and Tennessee have changed their unemployment insurance rules to allow workers who are fired or quit over vaccine mandates to receive benefits," Axios stated in the report.

I can't help wondering how many Republicans/Trump minions are going to die to show their loyalty to the most corrupt president this country has ever seen?

Monday, November 29, 2021

Founder of the 'Stop The Steal' Rally Will Comply With House Subpoena

Ali Alexander, who takes credit for being the founder of the "Stop The Steal" rally on Jan. 6, is going to cooperate with the House Select Committee.

To be sure, if Alexander had the money he would resist, but he doesn't. Praising his "fellow patriots" who are defying the committee, Alexander bemoaned the fact they have an "expensive right" to fight subpoenas - claiming the cost is too high for him.

Alexander told the press that "I frankly don't have the money to spend on legal bills. The only reason I'm going is I don't want to go to jail."

Hoping for a circus-like public setting, Alexander was irritated when the committee said he would be privately deposed in December.

Promising to make the interview as public as possible afterward, Alexander defiantly told his followers he will resist in any way he can.

In a recent video he said that he plans on submitting photographic and video evidence of agitators sabotaging his Jan. 6 peaceful protest.


How two friends farcical, failed schemes ended with the biggest fail of all: Stop The Steal


Alexander, a known conspiracy clown, also claimed he has evidence that Trump was betrayed by someone in his inner circle. 

It's hard to see how much information will be pried from his unwilling lips, but at least it's an attempt to flesh out the insurrection's origins.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Be Prepared For The Worst If You Go Shopping This Year

      Fair warning. Shop at your own risk!

Holiday shoppers are risking life and limb to go shopping across America this season.

Groups of thieves are looting retail stores in organized smash-and-grab robberies putting shoppers at risk. Gunshots have been ringing out in malls from Washington to Minnesota.

The headlines:

**Six Injured after shooting at North Carolina mall sends Black Friday shoppers running in panic

**Black Friday: Another High-End Store is Robbed, In String of Six LA Smash-and-Grabs

How Safe Is It Too Go Shopping?

In addition to the perils shoppers face this season they have to contend with the ongoing pandemic.

First, it's important to note public health authorities are urging people to stay at home as much as possible by limiting errands and outings to just the essentials.

The fact is only 58 percent of all Americans are vaccinated. That means 42 percent are unvaccinated and walking around in public.

Holiday shopping has always been a chaotic experience with crowds rushing stores that feature special seasonal sales.

But this season is special for all the wrong reasons. Just know that if you decide to join those adventurous shoppers you could be taking your life into your hands.

Friday, November 26, 2021

A New COVID Variant Emerges: It's More Deadly Than Then The Last One

The discovery of a new COVID-19 variant spreading rapidly from six African countries has caused a cascade of closures from countries around the world.

The newly identified virus known as B.1.1.529, is causing an unusually high number of mutations that make it more transmissible and could result in immune evasion.

These are the countries that have announced restrictions so far:

* Italy

* Austria

* France

* Japan

*The United Kingdom


*The Netherlands

* Malta

* Malaysia



The closures were announced late yesterday. All flights from these six African countries have been suspended:

South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, and Eswatini.

Germany plans on declaring South Africa a "virus variant area" as of tonight, which will mean that airlines may only enter the country to repatriate German citizens.

Israel's Prime Minister Nattali Bennett announced sweeping travel restrictions for most of Africa after one case of the new COVID-19 variant was confirmed in the country.

President Biden announced new travel restrictions today to and from the six African countries affected, after the World Health Association labeled the new strain as a "variant of concern.

Dr. Anthony Fauci said there is no indication that the new variant - Omicron - is currently in the United States.

According to Fauci, the U.S. is bidding time (with the restrictions) while trying to determine if its vaccines will provide protection against the new Omicron variant.

Tragically, it doesn't look like the world can do anything about the global ongoing mutations other than react to them in real time.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Thanksgiving Day: Finding Something - Anything - To Be Thankful For

Now that most of the country has gotten over the "Thanksgiving myth" that eventually led to the genocide of native Americans, the day has expanded into a generic holiday to be thankful.

Thankful for anything.

There's a pandemic. Be thankful you're alive and reading this.

The country is polarized. Listen...this is nothing new. A quick look back at our history shows numerous decades of chaos. Yet, we're still here. That's worth being thankful for.

There's so much hatred in the country. Staying above the fray, where anything can provoke anger is a choice. Be thankful that you can still spread love as a potent alternative.

There're traditional reasons about the holiday to be thankful for. Especially the emphasis of families coming together in fellowship. 

I won't sugar-coat it. I know these are hard times. Americans are afraid of a lot of things, from losing their jobs to their lives to the COVID-19 delta variant.

I believe we can all find something to be thankful for. No matter how small. Whatever reasons you have, Thanksgiving 2021, is a good time to recall and embrace them.

Monday, November 22, 2021

Shoplifting on Steroids: Organized Thieves Raid Stores and Run

               (Photo - Flash mob-style robbery of Walnut Creek Nordstrom)

Shoplifting has been elevated to a dark art,
as groups of people dash into stores and steal everything they can get their hands on in minutes before running away.

Here's two recent cases to illustrate just how bad the situation is becoming for retail stores in America today:

Last week a Louis Vuitton store in a Chicago suburb was raided by 14 thieves wearing masks and hooded sweatshirts.

Surveillance footage showed them brazenly grabbing bags and wiping shelves clear before dashing out the front door.

They escaped. All the police could find was one of the three cars used for the getaway (it was stolen). 

The thieves didn't display weapons or attack employees. They were very businesslike in their looting. It's estimated that the merchandize stolen amounts to $120,000.

Also last week:

About 80 thieves wearing ski masks stormed the Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek, California.

Witnesses say the large group raided the store in under one minute! 

In this case two employees were attacked by the looters who punched and kicked them while another was pepper sprayed.

Unlike the Louis Vuitton store however, at least three suspects were arrested. One, at gunpoint.

Police reported the raid was not connected to a string of nationwide riots that took place over the weekend in the wake of the Rittenhouse verdict.

No. It was just another case of organized thieves ripping off retailers. The raids have gotten out of hand and many retailers in areas like San Francisco are shutting down their stores because of the losses.

In mid-October Walgreens in San Francisco closed five of it's stores because "retail theft" has risen to unsustainable levels despite increased investment in security.

Thanks to organized serial shoplifters bare necessities are now rare luxuries on drug-store shelves across New York City.

I suppose you could blame the pandemic for the rise in shoplifting, but it has to go deeper than that. 

It goes to the lack of moral fiber in the country today. Nothing is too extreme. Nothing is off the table. People are becoming more lawless within our severely divided country with each passing day.

This decay in our society is just one more symptom of our country in a crisis.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Divided We Fall: How Two Americas Are Destroying Democracy

Remember when this was the nation's de facto motto?

E pluribus unum. "Out of many we are one."

Now it's about how divided we are. How factions of society don't believe in universal equality. Partisan groups threaten each other in state and federal government with bodily harm.

Religion, always a controversial subject, has been weaponized with the rise of so-called Nationalist Christians. They're goals are simple and cruel.

Christian nationalist agitators are calling for only one religion to be celebrated in America. Christianity. The rest of the religions are being relegated to imposters who seek God in the wrong places.

Broken down to the simplest terms, we are now living in two Americas where everything from belief systems to human equality are in question.

We are now in Defcon 2. One step away from total anarchy. Political road blocks are springing up throughout the country. A sure sign of the stagnancy which has settled into the states and federal government.

The idea of a unified nation has been cast to the winds of chaos as America stumbles through a never-ending pandemic and the battle between two tribes - with one perfectly willing to destroy the other in the name of hateful ideologies.

I've heard and read political pundits who already believe we are engaged in another Civil War. 

How did we get here? Where did we go wrong? How is it a large segment of Americans don't believe in reality and science?

Part of the problem has been the "dumbing down" of American education in the last couple of decades. Ignorance can lead to hatred of things people don't understand.

A big factor is the rise of the Trump cult. Americans never experienced a more corrupt president, and were caught off guard by his cruelty and stupidity.

Embraced by the worst segments of our society, Trump tore down all the norms in our life and government. That the former president is still trying to steal the 2020 election - a year later - shows how dire things are right now.

How can we turn the tide?

The only thing I can see, in the short term, is for the Democrats to hold onto the House and Senate in next year's midterms.

Short of that, I predict we're going to keep on going down the rabbit hole until democracy is dead.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Why Future Elections Are In Peril In America

The practice of a peaceful transition of power has always been a hallmark of our democracy.

We took it for granted until Trump came along and shattered democratic norms and tried to steal the 2020 election.

Our society is staggering under the weight of angry white men pushing for a fascist state.

They have been emboldened by "stand your ground" and citizen's arrest laws, inspired by a conservative interpretation of the Second Amendment.

Stop the Steal is a Republican mantra based on a blatant lie. An open door to chaos. A reason to walk around in public armed with AR-15s to shoot unarmed citizens.

Angry white guys are a real problem today. They are encouraged by assholes like Sen. Lindsey Graham who warned, "We're not generating enough angry white guys to stay in business for the long term." 

Lee Drutman, a scholar who has studied political violence, recently told the New York Times;

"I have a hard time seeing how we have a peaceful 2024 election after everything that's happened now. I don't see the rhetoric turning down, I don't see the conflicts going away. I really do think it's hard to see how it gets better before it gets worse."

Fact: White male anger has become one of the most potent political forces in contemporary America.

It was that anger that helped an angry white guy win the White House.

We have enough problems with white male violence as it is. Mass shootings in the country are committed more often by angry white men than any other group.

Fact: There's more threats, more guns and more suspicion that the courts will go easy on white people who employ violence.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial is the perfect example. He got away with killing two men and wounding another. This is the combustible mix that makes more violence almost inevitable.

What we're seeing is more justifications to carry a gun and use it in "self-defense." Somehow unarmed citizens have become the aggressors and the armed citizens who kill them are called heroes.

Our civilian population is already the most heavily armed in the world. Armed militias are getting bolder and organizing every day.

We have laws that not only protect white vigilantes but, in some cases, seem to encourage vigilantes. 

The anger generated by white guys is getting worse daily. A recent poll revealed that 30 percent of Republicans believe that violence is justified to save our country.

To be clear; it's the angry white men - not the black or brown men - who pose the most dangerous threat to democracy in America today.

It's those angry white men who will cause chaos in 2024, challenging our once-cherished peaceful transition of power.

Friday, November 19, 2021

Build Back Better Act Passes House: The Challenge Ahead

House Democrats notched another legislative victory when they passed the sweeping $1.9 trillion bill last night.

The massive economic legislation is a key pillar of Biden's domestic agenda that will dramatically expand social services for Americans, work to mitigate the climate crisis, and increase access to health care to families and children.

But a major hurdle lies ahead. The bill has to get through the Senate where Democrats will have to contend with blue dog Joe Manchin's personal agenda to get the necessary 50 votes under the budget process they're using to pass the legislation without GOP support.

It's hard to see where this is going to end up. Manchin has no morals or conscience as he protects his energy company by swatting down any suggestions of cutting back on coal use.

Manchin is also enjoying his new found power by challenging almost every aspect of the ground-breaking legislation.

If Biden can pull off appeasing Manchin it's going to be a major victory for all Americans. Let's hope one man doesn't stop progress for the whole country.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

The Good News: Oil Prices Pull Back from Highs

The pressure is starting to lift.

The tempest of surging gasoline prices is calming down and American drivers are soon in for a break.

There's four reasons this is happening.

1) President Biden had a chat with Chinese President XI Jinping a couple of days ago and the subject was about releasing millions of gallons of oil on the market.

Bjornar Tonhaugen, head of oil markets at the consultancy Rystad Energy, reported that the biggest factor driving prices right now is the expected release of strategic reserves from the US and China. 

2) OPEC is also steadily ramping up output.

3) This week West Texas Intermediate futures, the US benchmark for oil prices, and Brent futures, the global benchmark, are now trading at their lowest levels in six weeks on signals that supply constraints could begin to ease soon.

4) In the United States, prices fell sharply yesterday after oil inventories at a key hub in Cushing, Oklahoma rose for the first time in weeks.

Needless to say this is good news for the whole country. That includes President Biden and the Democratic party which has been hammered by the far right for the high gas prices lately.

There's no doubt that Republicans will continue to try and make gas prices a wedge issue, but the facts will soon destroy that fiction as the prices go down.

Finally I think kudos are due for President Biden whose diplomacy is getting us through these tough times.

Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Republicans Ramp Up Revenge Politics While Anticipating A House Takeover in 2022

Trump and his cult (formerly known as the Republican party) are gambling on revenge to regain power in Washington D.C.

(UPDATE Photo: Paul Gosar censored and kicked off of Congressional committees today.)

They're still pissed off that they lost the last two elections and that Trump was impeached twice. 

Payback politics is motivating the hard right-wing to defy facts and established laws to pursue fictional crusades against the evil democrats.

When one of their members get in trouble - regardless of the crime - Trumplicans surround them with a protective wall of bullshit spewed from alt-right media like Fox News and Newsmax.

Trump and his minions were furious that former White House advisor Steve Bannon was indicted for contempt of Congress this week.

They were even more outraged when word got out that Paul Gosar will have to pay the price for threatening to kill AOC. The House voted today to censor him and kick him off of two committees.

Taking it as an act of war, the lunatic fringe, led by Lauren Boebert, threatened retaliation. Crazy "Gym" Jordan gloated that the Biden administration will spend the rest of its time under subpoena if he and his fellow servants for Trump win the House next year.

In summary, dangerous extremists like Gosar can literally do no wrong in the party of Trump. If anything, he's burnished his crazy creds. He may even get a medal made up by the great leader himself.

The Trump cult is having wet dreams of revenge, and the circus Congress will become when they regain power in the House. 

As Trump's acolytes plan revenge against the Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill last week, they continue to spread the Big Lie.

The thing is, Democrats have had to take matters into their own hands, just like they did with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Death threats against a fellow Congressmen cannot be ignored for obvious reasons.

Perhaps the most galling thing about Bannon and Gosar's cases is that both will raise funds from them, and they'll get elevated in the eyes of extremists everywhere.

The absence of any political ideology, or future plans for the country doesn't bother those minions who are riding the Trump train bent on revenge and creating a fascist state.

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Why It's OK To Laugh At Cable TV Hosts Who Are Just Plain Stupid

Good day to you. I once read that laughter is the best medicine. It's true.

Some of the funniest things I've seen lately has come from right-wing TV hosts. Forget about those late night comedians.

People like Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham are natural comedians clothed in the guise of TV hosts.

Let's take the latest exchange from one of Laura Ingraham's shows as an example.

Laura had a guest on, author Raymond Arroyo, when a scene out of Abbott and Costello's "Whose on First" routine rolled out.

Arroyo was talking about a Netflix show called "You" when the conversation took a turn for the ludicrous.

Arroyo: "I was watching an episode of You, where measles came up."  

Ingraham then interrupted and asked when she had mentioned measles on her show? A patient Arroyo reiterated that You was a show on Netflix.

But she wasn't done yet. When Arroyo went on to talk about the show she interrupted again to declare she had never done a show on measles vaccines.

"I don't know what your talking about. Raymond, I have never had measles. This is stupid," Ingraham huffed, clearly baffled.

Arroyo finally lost his patient and repeated "You, it is called You."

That made the right-wing host pause and ask if there was a show on Netflix called Laura Ingraham?

It was enough for Arroyo who gave up and tried to talk about something different like the singer Adele.

Millions of viewers of this episode took to social media to express their amusement at the interaction.

Cable TV hosts are competing with the late night comedy shows and frankly, they're even funnier. 

So it's Ok to laugh at them, even though they are trying to act serious or informed.

It's tough trying to find something to laugh about during this pandemic, but if we keep our laugh channels open... there's something funny everywhere you look.

Monday, November 15, 2021

Defiant Cockroach Steve Bannon Booked and Released on Contempt of Congress Charges: Arraignment Set For Thursday

Cockroaches are known for their ability to survive regardless of how bad conditions are.

Steve Bannon is the human equivalent of a cockroach surviving court battles and felonies with the help of Trump and his cult.

The fact is Bannon has set himself up as an anti-American rabble-rouser with no conscience or moral direction. He hates America. The proof is in the pudding.

When Bannon had to surrender to authorities this morning for contempt of Congress he was unrepentant for his roll in the Jan. 6 coup attempt. 

Smirking like a jerk he told assembled reporters "we're taking down the Biden regime" as he was led away to lockup.

Bannon has been charged with one count related to his refusal to appear for a deposition and another related to his refusal to produce documents to the Jan. 6 House committee.

Each count carries a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail.

Shortly before turning himself in he went on social media and told his supporters to "stay focused."

His defiant declaration "I don't want people to take their eye off the ball from what we do every day, OK?" set the tone for more resistance ahead.

Normally something like these serious charges would be a black mark on a person, but for Bannon it could be an opportunity for martyrdom in the twisted world we currently live in.

Particularly galling is the fact that Bannon will try to use the courts - with constant stays and appeals - to run the clock out in hopes of a Republican midterm sweep in the House.

It's not a good sign that Bannon is appearing before a Trump appointed judge. The orange wannabe monarch managed to infect our judicial system from the federal courts to the Supreme Court during his presidency.

What are the chances Bannon will pay for his deeds?

I'm not a betting man, but I fear they're not really good. He's going to use his arrest as a fundraiser and is going to be more popular than ever with right-wing activists.

Cockroaches like Bannon want to see our country become an authoritarian regime. Right now he's doing his best to achieve that goal. 

Sunday, November 14, 2021

SNL's "Ted Cruz Street" Laughs Continue Here

(Sen. Ted Cruz (Aidy Bryant) introduces Burt and Ernie, 'the Proud Boys,' (Alex Moffatt and Mikey Day) on his version of Sesame Street or 'Ted Cruz Street.'NBC)

If you watched Saturday Night Live's
skit mocking Sen. Ted Cruz's verbal assault against Sesame Street's Big Bird, you'd probably like the laughs to continue.

I'll do my best.

The skit introduced a series of characters who populate Cruz's neighborhood. From Marjorie Taylor Greene to Joe Rogan, the right-wing universe was well-represented.

An new episode on Ted Cruz Street:

Cruz, wearing a MAGA hat, appears before a group of children with MAGA hats on.

"Isn't it the greatest thing to be on the MAGA Team where we all get to defy reality daily?"

Cheers from the group of six-year old's.

"Today I'm going to explain why we all should worship Donald Trump - who is actually still the president." 

Cut to commercial.

More scenes I'd like to see;

Ted Cruz's big adventure in Cancun, Mexico where he encounters Paul Gosar in drag hiding from summon servers. 

The zany duo is spotted on the beach strolling along wearing "bandana hammocks" and stalking underage girls.

Another new Ted Cruz Street episode:

Correcting History in MAGA classroom

"Let's start off with debunking the rumor that the South lost the Civil War. The Confederacy still blooms in red states as proof.

"Regardless of what the libtards say, the Bowling Green massacre did happen. And Kellyanne Conway should get a reward for speaking up about the incident.

"The 1950's were the good old days when people knew their place in society.

"That's all for today kids... make sure to pick up your MAGA coloring books and videos showing Democrats trying to destroy our democracy."

Cut to commercial

The show concludes with a shot of Ted Cruz lumbering along through the streets of his district leading a herd of sheep. The message is clear; a wolf in sheep's clothing shall lead them to the bottom of the rabbit hole.

Saturday, November 13, 2021

Celebrating A Trump Cult Thanksgiving

A majority of Americans will enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving this year, where families gather together, devour turkey and all the fixings.

But we shouldn't ignore those Americans that follower Trump, and are content with alternate realities and holiday stories.

The Trump Thanksgiving Story

"Once upon a time a group of superior white men and women came to America's shores and slaughtered the indigenous savages who lived there, paving the way for future white power.

They eventually took slaves, both brown and black, working - and treating - them like animals.

There was once a strict order of the way things should be throughout the southern states, but the damned Yankees whooped their rebel asses and laws protecting minorities were passed.

But those were the dark days because Trump has resurrected the Old South in the last five years.

For this, all conspiracists, right-wing racists, Trump acolytes, and trolls embedded in our society, are eternally grateful." 

Trump Thanksgiving Activities

The children look forward to cartoons and coloring books featuring the Big Orange Turkey who passes out free orange Kool Aid to everyone.

The adults go all out and have Trump, Turkey, and Pumpkin Cosplay rally's throughout the south.

Yes, folks.

Thanksgiving has morphed into another opportunity for Trumplicans to show they live in a universe where Trump is their once and future king.

Friday, November 12, 2021

Coup Redo? Trump's Setting The Table As We Watch in Disbelief

After five years, I still feel like I'm in a bad dream when I look at the news every morning.

Trump Plants his flag on a logical absurdity

Trump defends threats to Pence on January 6 in new video

Trump could use the courts to run out the clock

The ongoing attempt to undermine our democracy is gathering steam as Trump and minions prepare to steal the next election out in the open. It's no secret.

The basic groundwork of suppressing voters is well underway in red states. The daily dialogue about the Big Lie is repeated in the halls of Congress and throughout what use to be the Republican party.

Trump's cult has gone mainstream with bad actors placed in state positions to rig elections against democrats in 2022 and 2024.

Right wing media is enjoying a golden age of disinformation where reality is undercut by a lies so numerous they're like a rampant plague.

Many Americans, like me, are having a hard time believing Trump will ever be held to account for his myriad crimes. Or, for his blatant coup attempt.

His history suggests he can work the courts like a mad maestro conducting evasive actions until either time, money, or patience wears out on the litigator's part.

After subverting laws for four years in office Trump is confident he can keep up that act. It worked well all of his corrupt career, so why not now?

As long as Trump's enablers in government and the quasi Republican party continue to cover his ass, we can expect the worse if he isn't held accountable for his heinous attempt to overthrow our democracy.

It's like watching an impending train wreck. You know it's coming, but are helpless to do anything about it.

Our nation's survival is dependent on the courts ability to overcome Trump's baseless eternal appeals. If they move slowly enough, Trump wins.

If the courts do their job in a timely way (due to the seriousness of the challenges) to protect our Constitution, Trump's last line of defense will be destroyed.

Then freedom can ring victoriously. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Vietnam Veteran Speaks Out On Veterans Day

It's been  over a half of a century since I waded through rice fields and jungles full of man traps and hidden NVA, and or VC.

(Photo taken in 1970. I was a combat engineer in the Army)

Since those days I've watched Vietnam veterans get vilified and eventually honored. It's been a wild ride.

When I think of Veterans Day I think about why members of our military must always be prepared to sacrifice their lives for freedom. To preserve the union.

As a veteran I want to see unity in this country.

Millions of men and women have died preserving our rights and freedoms for all Americans. 

Instead we have red and blue states living in two different realities. Talking about a second civil war.

We can honor living veterans by showing them this country can be unified under the Constitution. That we all believe in the same basic human values.

When right-wing jerks call for uprisings against our government they are dishonoring every man and women in the military.

If you want to honor a veteran today...come together peacefully and show you care about our veterans by acting to preserve our union.

Monday, November 8, 2021

In Search Of Holiday Spirit: Can't We Just Get Along To Celebrate?

I don't know about you, but I've yet to see any holiday spirit spreading across the country.

The toxic hate and fear that's been infused into our society from a combination of the pandemic and Trump still denying he lost the 2020 election, has been devastating for most Americans mental health.

The country is torn between two tribes - the red and the blue - who see each other as sworn enemies. We don't have a functioning Congress, despite the recent passage of the infrastructure bill.

Sadly, a lot of people don't feel there's anything to celebrate this Thanksgiving or Christmas. That our country has gone down a rabbit hole so deep we're facing an authoritarian government in the near future.

Growing up I remember how different these holidays were and the universal joy and tidings of peace across the nation. The holiday spirit was tangible. You could feel it in crowds and holiday activities from coast-to-coast.

It was a time when we didn't talk about red and blue states, or the possibility of a second civil war. It was a time when families set their differences aside to celebrate the seasons.

Peace. Forgiveness. Unity in spirit. The feeling we were one America once gave us comfort. 

I'm hoping for a holiday miracle this year.

That people are able to shrug off the hate and fear flowing through conversations and come together to celebrate. 

Life is too short not to recognize the good things around us. To celebrate. To pray together. To understand anything is possible with unity, and understanding. Happy holidays!

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Biden's Bipartisan Bill Passes House Restoring Hope For Democrats


Joe Biden was able to prove his credentials as a negotiator, coming away with the biggest infrastructure bill in history.

Somehow he was able to break the impasse between the moderates and progressives in the party and broker the deal of a lifetime.

Give Biden credit for this accomplishment. Political pundits were predicting the bill would never get passed because the Democrats weren't unified.

Biden's final push to get the bill into the end zone was motivated by what happened in Virginia when Democrat McAauliffe lost the governor's race to Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Democrats went into a panic mode afterward, because they were sure that Virginia was a blue state and they should have won. The possibility of a red tide in the midterms left the party shaken to its roots.

When Joe Biden's infrastructure plan got the green light last night, there was a collective sigh of relief. Now, Democrats will have something to run on next year.

The tide is turning. Trump and his minions have been thwarted from blocking this major legislation. 

The economy also got good news yesterday when over 500,000 new jobs were created in October - exceeding predictions. The stock market hit a new historical high.

Look for Biden's poll ratings to go up in the coming months as millions of Americans get relief during this pandemic. More jobs will be created to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure.

Friday, November 5, 2021

Trump Justice Lackey Doesn't Cooperate With Jan. 6 House Select Committee Today

A foreboding forecast for future hearings seems likely after today.

Members of the Jan. 6 House Select Committee met with former Trump Justice official Jeffrey Clark for 90 minutes.

It was a waste of time.

Clark and his attorney walked out of the room several times and refused to answer any questions. End of story.

All the buildup on how the committee would hold Trump and his minions to task if they didn't cooperate was a mirage. Maybe it was just hopeful thinking expressed out loud.

What's particularly frustrating is Clark wasn't even one of the insurrectionists claiming executive privilege while ignoring subpoenas. His resistance will probably be the template for future Trumpies called to testify.

I'm seriously wondering if this select panel can get anyone to testify. 

After the Senate Judiciary Committee shared it's report on how Trump and his allies pressured the DOJ to overturn the 2020 election, the pivotal figure who emerged was Clark.

Yet, he gave the select committee the finger and proudly left the building. 

I don't know for sure, but I suspect Clark just kept claiming his 5th Amendment rights to keep his flap shut, and that short-circuited any fact-finding. 

So...where does that leave the committee's investigation?

Between Trump's stonewalling in the courts and minions perfectly happy to lie for him, the prospect of the committee accomplishing it's goal get dimmer by the day.

All the Republicans have to do is stall for time and gamble that they'll get the House back in the midterms. If that happens the committee shrivels up and lands in history's dustbin of good intentions.

I feel like our democracy is slip-sliding away under the authoritarian assault from Trump and his cult followers. 

May God have mercy on this republic.

Thursday, November 4, 2021

Exposed: Coup Command Center Funded By Trump Campaign

One of many questions about what happened on Jan. 6 was who funded the effort to overthrow our electoral system?

The picture has become more clear in recent months as evidence compiled by Congress clearly shows the insurrection was funded by various sources.

One of them was Trump's campaign. For a detailed account read the Washington Post's story today - Trump Campaign Payments for 'Command Center' at D.C. Hotels could undermine executive privilege claim in Jan. 6 Investigation.

What's Been Discovered Thus Far?

-- The so-called 'Command Center' was set up by a former New York City police chief, Bernard Kerik, and Rudy Giuliani. It was located at The Willard Hotel in Washington D.C.

-- The two men were central players when it came to creating the Big Lie, that Trump lost because of fraud.

-- Last December Kerik was getting really nervous because he had shelled out thousands of dollars and the Trump campaign turned down his request for a campaign credit card. It looked like he was going to get stiffed and stuck with all the bills.

-- To the rescue, Judge Jeanine Pirro, a longtime Fox host. She convinced Trump to repay Kerik's costs

Why? The answer probably lies with the fact that she's one of Trump's favorite Fox hosts, and he pardoned her husband who was serving time for tax evasion.

-- In all, more than $225,000 in campaign cash went to Kerik and Giuliani - including close to $50,000 for suits at the Willard Hotel/aka the command center.

Final Thoughts

It's interesting to note that Kerik and Jeanine's husband were both convicted of tax evasion. Something Trump now faces in New York.

I found it amusing that both Kerik and Giuliani thought Trump was going to stiff them. No honor among thieves, I guess.

The Jan. 6 investigation continues to collect evidence leading up to, and the weeks after the coup attempt. Pieces of the puzzle are falling into place.

But how long will all of this go on? It seems like the Jan. 6  Select Committee is moving as slow as molasses. 

My biggest fear is Trump will string out the proceedings until the midterms next year when there's a very real chance of Republicans taking back the House. 

If that happens, the committee dies along with any justice for attempting to overthrow the will of American voters. 

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Democrats Don't Have Time To Whine: They Need To Unite Before The Midterms

When Republican Glen Youngkin ended a decade of democratic governors in Virginia by beating Terry McAuliffe, Democrats were shocked.

The state that has been turning more blue since the 2020 election has now become a swing state that Democrats can no longer count on.

Pundits are busy burying the Democratic party that has been in disarray for six months. Predictions are warning of a red tide steadily building momentum.

Youngkin took the Goldilocks approach when it came to Trump; not to close, not too far, just the right distance. 

This tactic allowed Youngkin's campaign to tailor its message to Trump's base as well as independent voters in the suburbs.

The big question is are Democrats going to come together and give Biden's Build Back Better agenda a fighting chance by adapting their approach to voters and uniting for the common cause?

They have one year to produce results, or the midterms will be a Democratic massacre allowing Republicans to take up Trump's agenda and cause chaos for the rest of Biden's term.

Youngkin's win in Virginia was a blow that Democrats need to get over fast. It's not the end of the world. A lot can happen in the next year.

Hopefully Democrats learned their lesson about their lack of voter enthusiasm. It's the key to winning and without it Democrats won't have a chance next year.

What has to happen between now and next November is the passage of the two infrastructure bills.

Otherwise they'll have nothing to run on except vilifying candidates who support Trump. A plan which didn't work for McAuliffe.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Hiding Behind Ignorance: Conservatives Embrace Bogus CRT Threat in Schools

People are voting in Virginia today for a new governor.

 Normally that wouldn't be national news. 

But today it is.

The fate of the state's future direction rests with either a Democrat, Terry McAuliffe, or Republican Glenn Youngkin.

The hot button issue that Youngkin is counting on to get elected is based upon lies about CRT being taught in schools - both elementary and high school. 

For the record, CRT is not being taught in the public school system anywhere in the country. 

But that doesn't keep the right-wing conspiracy theorists from violently invading school board meetings with misinformation and outright lies.

It's obvious Republicans muddled arguments about how school children are learning that whites are bad and blacks are good, has taken hold of nativists fears of many parents.

The galling part is most of the protesting parents aren't do any factual research, instead they're happily getting misinformation from such partisan sources as Fox News, Newsmax, and Oann.

What's intriguing is that those sources don't give any detailed information to their viewers. They just blast their horns and say "CRT is bad because we said so." 

Which, as it turns out, is just fine with the mindless sheep wearing MAGA hats. They don't really want to be bothered by such minutia. Give 'em catchy phrases and the believers are sold.

I saw a good example of this kind of attitude while watching the news this morning. A reporter was going up to voters in Virginia and asking them what was the most important issue they were voting on? 

One man said he was voting to keep CRT out of the state's school system.

When the reporter asked him if he knew what CRT was, he frowned and said he wasn't sure... but he didn't like it! That moment told me everything.

The guy was firmly against something he knew nothing about. But, because his right-wing information bubble said it was bad...well by God, it must be. 

It's this kind of partisan ignorance that's turning school board meetings into battle grounds. The real losers in this insanity are the students who are being pulled apart between reality and fiction.

We won't know who won in Virginia for some time as the ballots are still being counted. The results are set for certification on the 15th.

Will Virginia go further down the rabbit hole with Youngkin, or will McAuliffe bring some sanity back to school districts under fire from right-wing activists?

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