Saturday, March 4, 2023

Witness to the 'End Times' Describes America's Collapse to Future Historians

    2088 - files of a citizen blogger, Dave Stancliff, were discovered in cyberspace by future history sleuths. It's the first time an eyewitness account documenting the final two years of the world's greatest democracy has been discovered.


It's March 4th, 2023. 

The growing divide among Americans becomes more pronounced every day as politicians wage ideological battles that don't allow for compromise.

It's Red or Blue States. Not the United States anymore. So-called lawmakers like Rep. Matt Gaetz are calling for the complete defunding of the FBI, CDC, DOJ, the IRA, and other federal agencies. The extreme right wing of the Republican House bullies the majority of moderate Republicans.

More troubling is the former president's run for the White House again. It defies sanity. Trump is the most corrupt politician in American history and there's a core group of supporters who think he's the messiah and they believe every lie he feeds them.

Despite numerous civil and criminal lawsuits filed against Trump there's a belief he will get away with them all including his attempt to overthrow our democracy.

Meanwhile the country is in chaos. It seems like everyone's mad at someone or something. President Biden is reviled by the MAGA crowd who are busy trying to get his son in trouble.

It's Sept. 11, 2023.

The unthinkable has happened. Trump avoided jail time in four of the major investigations because of deadlocked juries. The rest of the civil cases don't amount to anything. Maybe some financial fines.

Trump's followers were sending donations to him whenever he mentioned the "witch hunts" by the state of Georgia and New York. Dark money donors poured millions into Trump's war chest when the DOJ was unable to convict him of treason and other crimes.

The massive groundswell of support convinced the Republicans who were going to run against Trump in 2024 to give up and bow to the once and future king.

2025 Unknown date

Last year was a nightmare leading up to the election, and then it got worse. Trump won. Riots broke out across the country as regular civilians armed themselves against the marauding militias that terrorized cities.

Uh oh! Sirens are going off...

A blogger buddy in Washington DC called me and told me to seek shelter. Apparently Trump nuked Mexico which made China nervous, and they rolled out their nukes and are demanding America surrender. I'm afraid this isn't going to end well.

End of post.

As it stands, the above scenario is one of my biggest fears for America.

Friday, March 3, 2023

'Big Brother' in Florida: Republicans File Bill to Take Away Blogger Rights!

Since Gov. DeSantis has continued his assault on democracy in Florida by threatening people's First Amendment. 

The state is looking like a scene from George Orwell's 1984.

Sparing no one DeSantis has made it his mission to attack citizens personal rights in institutions like colleges, libraries and elementary schools.

His war on woke has been a campaign of terror in the state where he's gone after the LGBTQ community, women's rights, and enacted voter suppression legislation in order to rig the next election in favor of Republicans.

Now the sick bastard (I hope you read this DeSantis) is looking at approving a bill mandating that anyone blogging about DeSantis must register with the state! 

This bill (S.B. 1316) is just the latest effort to censor his critics through intimation.

It threatens bloggers who do not register (after mentioning the snowflake governor) within five days of posting or they'll suffer up to a $2,500 fine.

The bill was introduced on Feb. 28 and requires bloggers to register with the state ethics commissioner (?) of the Florida Office of Legislative Services.

Apparently the First Amendment means squat to the Republican controlled House, Senate, and governor.

The craziness doesn't end there, however. 

Citizen bloggers will be required to register with the state if they write anything about Florida's lieutenant governor, a cabinet officer, or any other member of the Florida legislature.

If a blogger happens to make money on their site, he/she will have to submit monthly reports about their work if they write about elected figures, including how much payment they received for their articles, rounded to the nearest $10, and the name of the "individual or entity" who paid them.

I'm almost wordless.

Florida has become DeSantis's testing ground for what he wants to do if he gets elected president in 2024.

The irony of DeSantis's messaging that Florida should have as much freedom as possible is obviously lost on DeSantis and his willing minions. 

I can't help laughing at DeSantis's fundraising page where he's hawking gold "Freedom Team Membership Cards." The irony is as thick as a brick.

The bottom line is the bill hasn't been put up for a vote... yet. If they do vote and pass this foul tactic, it will be challenged by every real (as opposed to Trump lawyers) lawyer in the land.

It's a clear case of violating people's First Amendment rights.

The fact that DeSantis has turned Florida into his personal realm that operates like a mob boss's domain is a sure sign of things to come if he ever gets elected president.

I've been blogging for over 20 years, and I have to admit this is the first time I saw right-wingers threatening to censor citizen bloggers. 

I won't be surprised to see more attempts made in other Republican controlled states in the future.

As it stands, I see multiple threats to our democracy daily. We must not allow conservatives to tear our republic apart and transform our government into a fascist state right out of 1984.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

How the 'Angel's Share' Results in the Devil's Fungus: Community Doesn't Feel Blessed

Jack Daniel's has spawned a strain of black whiskey fungus that is coating neighborhoods around distilleries with a stubborn moldy crust.

The fungus is such a problem in Lincoln County, Tennessee, Jack Daniels had to halt construction of a new barrel warehouse recently.

A local court put the skids on the world's biggest selling brand of American whiskey because locals have had enough of the nasty black fungus covering their community.

Ethanol vapor released through porous whiskey barrels during the aging process is praised as the angel's share, but the local mortals don't feel blessed by it.

A local businesswoman sued the zoning office, claiming the fertile fungus was out of control and damaging her business.

The pesky fungus (Baudoinia compniacensis) is no stranger to areas where the barrelhouses are. Because they rely on wooden casks every year up to 2% of the volume of the alcohol evaporates through the barrels as the drink matures.

The result encourages the spread of the fungus. Lawsuits have been brought by residents in several counties complaining that the black mold smothers walls, outdoor furniture, cars, trees, and road signs.

The problem isn't just going to go away, and we can expect future court battles because the company has plans to build 14 more warehouses.

(Photo shows family's house covered in black whiskey fungus. Residents are rightfully enraged)

There must be a solution to the problem like having the warehouses control the vapor release through ventilation or something. 

If the local zoning office doesn't stand its ground and demand preventive action the mere mortals in the area will have to get used to living with the devil's fungus transforming their community into an eyesore.

As it stands, cynic that I am, I don't hold out too much hope for the locals going up against a bourbon behemoth like Jack Daniels.

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Sometimes it's Hard to Find Good News - But It's Worth Looking For

 As a longtime journalist I know that good news doesn't sell newspapers, but bad (or sensational) news does.

In college (during the early 70s) I had pragmatic journalism teachers that explained to us students that we were in the wrong profession if we were hoping to get rich.

When it came to selling newspapers, smart editors made it clear to their staff that when a dog bites a man it is not a story. Full stop. But... if a man bites a dog, then that's newsworthy.

That mentality hasn't changed today. It's just more widespread in social media platforms that didn't exist back then.

It's never been easy to find good news. Having said that a lot depends on what you're reading. 


Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is within yourself in your way of thinking. - Marcus Aurelius


There are numerous publications devoted to nothing but feel-good stories. Mainstream news on platforms from TV to social media want your jaw to drop in surprise (or horror) when you consume their products.

I tell people not to spend too much time absorbing the daily news. An hour of local news is okay. All the hate and chaos on the national news outlets can be detrimental to one's mental health, however.

I'm for staying informed, but there's so much trash on the air waves and internet that sorting through it all is a nerve-wracking task.

It's possible to be informed about what's happening in the world without having your blood pressure driven through the roof. You have to be selective. Don't get caught in a political bubble or a negative echo chamber.

As it stands, remember that happiness is a way of travel, not a destination. - Roy Goodman

Tuesday, February 28, 2023

'Sedition Panda' Hunted Down and Arrested By FBI

The FBI has been hunting insurrectionists since Trump's attempt to overthrow our democracy on Jan.6, 2021.

It's been a long hunt that still continues to bring culprits in. Take Sedition Panda (aka Jesse James Rumson) who has eluded authorities until his arrest on Monday.

Frankly I'm amazed this maroon eluded capture for as long as he did. Online sleuths who helped identify hundreds of Capitol rioters dubbed him Sedition Panda in their search for him.

I'm reasonably sure those amateur sleuths helped the FBI who already knew who he was since they viewed the initial footage of the break in.

They knew what Rumson looked like because he wore the Panda head on and off during the storming of the Capitol and was caught on video and in photos with his face in full view.

During Sedition Panda's 15-minute tour of the Capitol he was seen on video encouraging rioters to breach a door, yelling, "Get a ram!" Later on, he assaulted a police officer, by grabbing his face shield.

It's obvious the faux bruin head didn't achieve its purpose of identity concealment because Rumson was either, 

A. Too stupid to realize there would be cameras all over the place, or

B. He was auditioning for membership in an exclusive MAGA fraternity for Trump cosplaying morons.

Anyway, shame on those who hunted him for so long before nabbing him when it's apparent he's no genius.

The only reason I can think of how Rumson eluded everyone for so long is because there's a secret underground MAGA cave system of interconnecting right-wing enclaves' fugitives can flee too.

Just a thought. 

As it stands, at last count at least 985 people have been arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 riot.

Monday, February 27, 2023

Would Criminal Indictments Bolster Trump's Bid for the Presidency?

This is how upside down the world is today, political pundits like Stephen Silver suspect Trump's criminal charges may actually help him get re-elected!

Silver and others aren't predicting that will be the case. More like they're pointing out a possible scenario that could only happen in our chaotic political world today.

There's no modern equivalent to the sheer craziness of someone criminally indicted (possibly in multiple cases) running for a federal office let alone the presidency.

One longtime Fox News commentator, Juan Williams, wrote an op-ed where he stated, "It pains me to say it, but if former President Trump is soon indicted, it might have zero effect on his campaign for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination."

Predictively Trump will resort to the Russia, Russia, Russia and Witch Hunt refrain. As Williams pointed out, "Most Republican voters continue to ignore his blatant lies about a stolen election in 2020."

What I'm going to find interesting is how other GOP candidates running for the presidency treat Trump's trials in their campaigns. I have a hunch most will not have the guts to attack him out of fear of his crazy base/cult.

In other words, Trump is counting on his cult minions to carry the day for him. It remains to be seen just how many cult members he can count on to win the primary and eventually the presidency.

Because few people are predicting Trump's failure and most seem resigned to watching him get away with breaking every law on the books, I'm saying not only will Trump fail, but I expect him to go to jail!

As it stands, while it's still early, I'm going to predict the Democrats will stay in the White House in 2024.

Sunday, February 26, 2023

Here's 1 for the Books: MMA Fighters Protecting Drag Queen Brunch

           (Photo - Ohio Valley MMA members ready to defend drag events) 

When talking about mixed martial arts
athletes you're talking about macho on steroids. The men and women in the MMA are all bad ass fighters.

That doesn't necessarily mean all MMA athletes are homosexual or trans haters. To make that assumption one would have to be hater and uninformed.

Case in point.

A drag brunch was slated to happen in a West Virginia restaurant today, but the owners had to cancel it because of the number of threats against the event organizers, the drag performers, and even the patrons.

Everyone involved in the event scheduled at the Primanti Bros. Restaurant and Bar, in Triadelphia, were intimidated.

Then along came an MMA coach (Ohio Valley MMA) and his trainees who offered to stand guard if the event is re-scheduled, or at another drag Queen event.

I know this is just a snapshot in time and nothing empirical can be taken from this example, but it does offer a different narrative towards acceptance of others who are different.

As Republicans campaign on their hate for trans people there are plenty of Americans that defend LGBTQ rights, but they seldom get much publicity.

As it stands, the best way to counter hate is to show love to everyone without exceptions.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...