Saturday, March 2, 2024

Why is Justice So Damn Slow in America?

Exhibit A: Donald J. Trump

After decades of dragging the justice system around by the hair one man has eluded, mocked, and used it with impunity.

Yet we claim no man is above the law.

Forget about Trump's ghost-written book The Art of the Deal... he should have written The Art of the Steal. Or "The Art in Delaying Justice in America.

Delayed justice didn't suddenly become a problem when Trump ambled upon the court scene. He just mastered the art.

Corrupt lawyers and judges have always infected our judicial system. It's a foul byproduct polluting our system of law from the earliest of days. There will always be bad actors in the courts because the world's not perfect.

Some decades are worse than others. Politics plays a major part in polluting both our government and judicial systems. Our Constitutional Democracy is struggling with the biggest challenge in America's history.

Can our republic stand up to a lunatic leading a cult that was once the Republican party?

With Trump judges in the Supreme Court, federal, and state courts, justice is slowly being choked via delays by corrupt judges. 

There's no excuse for the courts to move like arthritic turtles when it comes to making decisions.

Instead of the old hard copy searches for evidence and information, there's these newfangled things called computers that move with astonishing speed.

The Constitution supposedly guarantees everyone the right to a speedy trial, but when's the last time you saw that happen? Trials today are political minefields where lawyers plant delays to avoid adverse judgements for their clients.

Trump's masterclass performance in delaying justice sets new lows in America's court history. It has become the blueprint for MAGA crooks for the foreseeable future.

As William Gladstone said, "Justice delayed is justice denied."

As it Stands, because of justice delayed - all four of Trump's trials that should have begun two years ago - a sociopath is running for president in November.

Friday, March 1, 2024

MAGA World Offers 2024 Trump Trial Tour


I'll be your Trump Trial Tour guide today. First off, make sure you've purchased your tickets in advance for all the locations on this nationwide tour of the country's court houses. All proceeds will go directly into Trump's coffers.

As you know we're offering save spaces across from the nation's court houses that Trump will be visiting on a rotating basis the rest of the year.

In addition, there will be street vendors offering Trump merchandize from gold sneakers (now 50% off at all tour sites), Trump trading cards, and clothing with Trump's orange mug peeking out from behind bars with the saying, "Never Surrender."

Also, just a gentle reminder, there's no refunds if you can't attend due to the weather - like a 100-year blizzard, or you get arrested for rioting. However, the organizers will provide legal assistance at a Special Tour price. All proceeds go to Trump's coffers. 

For your convivence the Trump Tour Association has chartered a Trump train that will have stops at all of Trump's court appearances. Fees will vary from state to state. All proceeds will go to Trump's coffers.

I can promise you will enjoy numerous personal sightings of Trump as he shambles in and out of court rooms. Don't be surprised if there's a bonus rant - especially if he gets convicted of some ruling goes against him.

Consider this, most Americans aren't going to have the opportunities you have to follow around the second coming of Jesus Christ. Orange Jesus, as Trump's referred to by loyal minions like yourselves.

By the end of this tour, you'll be able to share memories with friends and family who'll be wondering why you don't have any money and why you have to keep making so many personal court appearances.

As it Stands, "Gullibility is a knife at the throat of civilization," - David Wong.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Supreme Court Scheme & Photo Ops on the Border While Texas Experiences Worst Wildfire in State's History

Okay. I'm back despite my posting that I was taking a blog break. 

I just couldn't ignore what the Supreme Court has done with the Trump immunity case. The justices handed Trump his first clear victory for delaying his coup trial until after the election in November by postponing the case until April 22nd to "hear oral arguments."

To be clear the justices shouldn't have taken the case into consideration at all. They should have kicked it back to the federal courts who all ruled Trump can't order Seal Team Six to kill his political opponents.

SCOTUS has given a corrupt and treasonous man a free pass to be above the law. It's nearly impossible to hold the coup trial before the election with the obstacles that still lie ahead.

Looking back this was a foregone conclusion when Clarence Thomas didn't recuse himself despite his wife's efforts to overturn a fair election. The scheme to help Trump was baked in after he made three new puppet justices his lackies.

Wildfires and Photo Ops

Nothing can stop political photo ops... not even the worst wildfire in Texas history that has already consumer a million acres and currently is raging out of control.

President Biden and Trump are both campaigning on the southern border with conflicting visions for solving the immigration issue. 

Changing his narrative somewhat, President Biden talked about tougher border security measures while Trump took his usual racist message to his base ... "We don't need these people from other countries invading our border!" 

Meanwhile catastrophic wildfires are ripping across the Texas Panhandle and have killed at least one person and threaten to destroy more homes, cattle and livelihoods as it engulfs more land every minute.

To make matters worse Texas governor Abbott won't excerpt federal disaster help after declaring a state of emergency in the Lone Star state. Why? Because of politics.

As it Stands, watching border photo ops while the state burns are like watching Nero play a fiddle while Rome burns.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Blogger Hits Pause Button

I know. 

I just came back from a blog break and now I'm taking another one.

Some readers may be saying, "Hey Dave! What's with all the blog breaks?"

My answer is simple. Because I feel like it. This blog is my pastime not my job. I'm retired. I do however warn my readers when I'm going to skip school and when I'll be back. 

I'll be back on Monday March 1st, 2024.

Meanwhile, here's a few thoughts...

If you thought that Congress has become a big hot mess you haven't seen anything yet!

With Republican Mitch McConnell stepping down from his leadership in the Senate and opening a door for a new crazier successor, both houses will be on fire daily.

What semblance of sanity that was traditionally in the senate will disappear like smoke in a windstorm when the MAGA morons compete for McConnell's position.

On Our Justice System

The way Trump abuses our laws and continues to get away with high crimes is not only a crime within itself but a condemnation of our whole judicial system.


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As it Stands, have a great weekend and I'll be back Monday.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Two Alien Anthropologists Were Talking One Day....


Excerpts from audio files recently discovered by the United States Space Force.


"So, you see Xan humans aren't as advanced as one would expect after thousands of years of inhabiting Earth." 

There's a shrill sound of levels being pulled by one of the alien anthropologists as he puts their spaceship on cruise control.

"Do you know what fascinates me," Zur asked?" 


"How stupid humans are. I've been studying them for eons and every time they start making advances in their civilizations, they blow them up and have to start all over again."

"Speaking of stupid when was the last time you interviewed a human politician?"

"A few years ago, in the United States after their 2020 presidential election. I found this 77-year-old rotund human with tiny hands and hair that resembled a rooster in distress who was very talkative.

"Okay. After your interview what did you think?"

"The planet is in peril. He's leading a cult that may upset the longest democracy in the world which would cause a catastrophic ripple effect across the rest of the nations on Earth."

"How much time do you think we have left to study the Earth's inhabitants before they blow the entire planet up?"

"It's hard to say. I remember when Alpha Centaur was vaporized by its clueless inhabitants after 120,000 years on that planet."

"I've nearly completed my studies here. What about you?"

"The same here, but I'm curious to see if that cognitively challenged zealot is the spark that ignites a nuclear holocaust that destroys humanity."

"I guess we could hang around a little longer and see how stupid these earthlings really are."

Audio Ends  

"Did you hear that General?"

"I did Lieutenant. Get me the President immediately!"

As it stands, if there are extraterrestrial beings observing us, they're going to have one hell of a story to tell other civilizations in the universe about Earth's demise.

Monday, February 26, 2024

Telltale Signs That Someone is a Modern Republican

By now it's obvious that the modern Republican party has nothing to do with conservatism and traditional values that they once touted.

All pretenses of normalcy have been stripped away in the last eight years and we're left with a cult that wants Trump as their dictator for life.

Here's some signs to tell if a person is a modern-day Republican:

- If they can't tell reality from fiction... they're GOP material.

- If they believe Trump is the Second Coming... they're MAGA Republicans blinded by Christian Nationalists who worship false prophets.

- If they still insist the 2020 election was stolen - the central focus of the Big Lie - they are true Trump loyalists.

- If they try to tell you that Putin is a good guy, and we shouldn't help Ukraine... they are probably a Republican politician trying to protect Trump.

- If someone thinks the earth is flat there's a good chance, they're a modern Republican.

- If someone thinks the Constitution needs some changes... it's fair to say they're a Trump toady Republican.

- If someone likes to cosplay with MAGA shirts and hats and fly American flags disgraced with Trump's face on them... they are truly representative of today's sad version of the Republican party.

- If someone tells you they'd rather die than see Trump lose the 2024 election... back away slowly because you've found the heart of his base!

- If you meet someone who brags about what a genius Trump is and how he keeps passing basic cognitive tests... back away because not only have you found a certifiable idiot, but you've also found a modern Republican.

- If someone tells you women shouldn't have autonomy of their own anatomy... they're a modern Republican.

- If someone admits they're still going to vote for Trump even if he goes to jail for numerous high crimes... you've met a modern Republican who swills orange Kool aid with every meal.

As it Stands, we have met the enemy, and they are modern Republicans. 

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...