Saturday, May 19, 2018

More Dead Students:Trump Sends Prayers, Parkland Survivor Scolds Politicians, Nothing Changes

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I'm sure glad that I'm not a kid going to school these days. 

It's just not safe.

With yesterday's latest school shooting at Santa Fe High School in Texas, there's been 31 incidents of guns going off in schools across the nation this year.

And it's only May.

These school shootings are like a deadly version of the 1993 movie, Groundhog Day

Once again a disturbed white boy who lived and breathed guns, 17-year old Dimitrios Pagourtzis, has chosen to murder his classmates in dramatic fashion.

Do you find it disturbing that I said, once again a white boy is the killer? Don't. How many of these school shootings have been done by people of color? 

I'll wait while you look, but I can save you time and say the answer Imagine if one of those shooters were Black or Hispanic? The uproar would have triggered riots against people of color until the next decade.

That's the nice thing about white privilege in America. You get a pass on a lot of things.

As politicians and the NRA scramble to put a spin on this latest attack, there's one thing we can count on...nothing will be done. No bills passed. No new safety measures.

It doesn't matter if it's 16 students slaughtered, or ten; politicians will crawl into their protective shells and wait out the flak from an enraged majority of Americans.

We know Trump won't do anything about gun control. He showed us that after the Parkland massacre. His tough talk about not being afraid of the NRA was just another Trump joke on us.

Remember what happened? The day after he teased other politicians about being afraid of the NRA he met with their leadership - in the Oval Office - and went on to do exactly nothing to reign the gun group in.

Watch how the Trump administration pretends its going to do something about gun control after this Texas shooting. Expect more lies to calm the public down. And more false prayers.

Just don't be fooled; there will be no gun control in this country until Trump, and the NRA-beholden Republicans (think Marco Rubio) in Congress are run out of Washington DC.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Friday, May 18, 2018

Guilty of Being Black In the Trump Era

                                            Good Day World!

Trump ran on a lot of hateful agendas in 2016. The overall effect since he's been in office has been a boon to racists.

It's no longer safe to be black in America since the racist toads who have been hiding under rocks were liberated by the Racist-In-Charge.

Here's a sampling of 10 articles of what it's like to be Black in America today:

1. A Black Man Tried To Return an Item To Hobby Lobby. Then the White Manager Picked up the Phone 

2. A Black Dad Just Took His Baby For a Stroll in the Park. Then a White Woman Freaked Out 

3. Black Men Arrested at Starbucks Tell Their Story

4. White Woman Calls Police on Black Family Barbecuing For "Trespassing"

5. White Woman calls Police on Black Women For Not Waving Back To Her

6. White Woman calls Police on Real Estate Investor

7. LA Fitness Manager Calls Cops On Black Man Who has An Active Membership and Bans Him from Gym

8. Restaurant Manager threatens To Call Cops On Black Couple After They Sit Down 

9. Wal Mart Allegedly Calls Cops On Black Shoppers For Shopping Too Slow

10. Black Teen With White Parents Mistaken For Burglar, Assaulted By Cops In His Own Home

The above stories illustrate my point about being guilty because a person is black. I would also note that these stories were gleaned from publications over a one-month period, and only highlight a fraction of what's happening during that time period.

You'll notice I didn't say anything about young black men being killed in record numbers for the crime of being black. 

It's just another hateful result of letting racism run rampant in this corrupt administration...a subject I'll address in a future blog post.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Trump Supporters Can Quit Talking About a Peace Prize for Donny

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Raise your arm up if your surprised that North Korea is already pissed off with the Trump Administration's rhetoric prior to the proposed June 12 summit.

Turns out Kim Jong-un really doesn't like America's new national security advisor, John R. Bolton. 

Kim's first vice foreign minister, Kim Kye-qwan attacked Bolton for demanding that North Korea quickly dismantle its nuclear facilities and ship them out, as Libya did eleven years ago, before the United States lifts sanctions and provide other benefits.

Apparently Bolton's interview on Sunday's Face The Nation was watched by Kim and his associates. North Korea's fierce antagonism toward Bolton goes back to when he called the North's Kim dynasty "tyrannical," when he was under secretary of state to Bush's administration.

North Korean leaders have been calling him "human scum" since. Kim also sees through Trump's good guy (Pompeo) and bad guy (Bolton) routine and is deeply offended by it.

The abrupt change of tone began yesterday when North Korea indefinitely postponed high-level talks with South Korea, blaming the joint military drills known as "Max Thunder" with the United States.

Analysts say the U.S. is sending mixed signals. This comes as no surprise from the Trump Administration which thrives on lies and half-truths.

There are some optimistic analysts who say the summit will still happen on June 12th. They also recognize what Trump hasn't yet...there's no way in hell North Korea will give up it's nuclear armament.

One more thing.

Trump's move, relocating the US Embassy in Jerusalem the other day, sparked a fire in the middle east that will continue to spread. 

Over 60 dead Palestinians, and 3,000 more wounded on the day of Israel's celebration with the U.S. to commemorate the move, was condemned by the United Nations.

Basically, the U.S. lost any chance of brokering a peace deal with the Palestinians and Israelis with this swift move by Trump.

I'd say everything listed above makes a strong argument against even mentioning peace prize and Trump in the same sentence. 

When some group comes up with a booby prize for being a World Disruptor, I'll make sure to nominate Trump.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Dictator Love: What's Up With Trump and China?

Good Day World!

Trump's admiration for strongmen who ruthlessly rule countries, is no secret to the world.

In his latest example of dictator love, Trump has suddenly reversed sanctions against a Chinese company by the U.S. Treasury and Commerce departments for doing business with Iran and North Korea...and for spying!

The sudden reversal was a surprise to Congress. When Trump tweeted on Monday that "Too many jobs in China lost," lawmakers jaws dropped. 

What the hell was happening? What happened to unfair trade practices that Trump was trumpeting about for the last two years?

On Tuesday the nation's top counterintelligence official told the Senate Intelligence Committee that penetration of the U.S. market, by the Chinese telecom firm ZTE could pose a national security risk to the United States.

He warned that the ZTE phones were being used to spy on Americans.

Lawmakers on both sides have come out against Trump's instructions to stop the sanctions and to let ZTE continue to operate in the U.S.

Even Trump supporters find the optics troubling. 

Critics of the sudden move are pointing to the Trump Organization's involvement in an Indonesian theme park backed by the Chinese government, arguing that Trump faces a conflict of interest in negotiations with China. 

Let's face it, the Trump administration is one conflict of interest after another. 

This is just the latest example highlighting Trump's hypocrisy, and ability to flip flop on issues like a mackerel out of water.

Funny how Trump is so concerned about building a wall for the nation's security, while supporting a vehicle by the Chinese government used to conduct espionage against Americans.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Trump. 

Time for me to walk on down the road...


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Two Corrupt Leaders Open Pandora's Box in Middle East

Good Day World!

Yesterday will go down as a day of infamy. 

Trump's moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem is a culmination of two corrupt leaders, Trump and Netanyahu's, efforts to secure personal business ties under the guise of bringing peace to the middle east.

The official unveiling of the new US Embassy on Jerusalem was greeted by mass protests by enraged Palestinians. According to Israel Defense Forces (IDF), they were 35,000 protesters.

While Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump cozied up to Netanyahu and unveiled the new embassy plaque, Palestinians were dying in clashes with the IDF on the Gaza Strip.

The current estimate of 55 dead, and 2,700 wounded will undoubtedly go up, as the result of the carnage is unveiled later today, and in the days ahead.

Fact: Yesterday, was the deadliest day for Palestinians since the 2014 war.

The IDF used tanks, drones that dropped gas on the crowds, and even air strikes against the protesters who were there to regain their homes lost by their ancestors.

France issued a formal statement yesterday:

This decision contravenes International Law and in particular the resolutions the Security Council and the UN General Assembly."

Turkey's prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recalled his ambassadors to the US and Israel in an official protest on Trump's decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

The ensuring blood bath was preordained from the moment Trump made the announcement that the US was moving its embassy, despite worldwide protests.

Thanks to two corrupt leaders, Pandora's Box has been opened in the middle east. Time will tell how many lives will be lost on both sides because of this stupid and corrupt decision.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, May 14, 2018

How Many Counties Has Trump Pissed Off?

Good Day World!

I've got a fun way to start your week this morning...
let's count how many countries Trump's has pissed off in his short tenure as president.

England would be a good place to start. By now, the world knows what England thinks about The Donald. He's about as popular as the black plague with the London set.

Prime Minister Theresa May has found numerous occasions to chastise our rude and racist Liar-In-Chief. She's also made it clear she can't clear the streets from Trump protesters, unlike Saudi Arabia (who played Donny like a fiddle), when he visits in July.

Trump has made it clear that he thinks Africa is a shithole. One can only imagine how popular Trump is there. You can bet he has no intentions of visiting a continent that loathes him.

Tension between the US and Pakistan have increased since Trump's rude ass got involved. Right now an American diplomat is being held in Pakistan because he got into a fatal car accident and they won't release him, violating his diplomatic immunity.

So the Trump regime is playing the same game and are restricting the movements of Pakistani diplomats in America. This pissing match looks like it's going to go on for quite a while.

Then there's South America. Trump hates it's Hispanic populations. He's doing everything he can to stop refugees fleeing to the US from brutal regimes.

Trump puppet, and weasel double, Sessions has proudly declared last week that the US is going to go out of it's way to separate children and their parents as a deterrent to immigration.

When Trump is feeding his base raw meat one of his favorite attacks is against so-called Mexican rapists and criminals invading our country.

European countries are becoming alienated by Trump's tactics that involve breaking every treaty President Obama made during his administration.

From the Paris Environmental Accord to the Iran Nuclear Treaty, Trump has displayed a distain for the rest of the world. His isolationist policies have caused America to lose face with the rest of the world.

Trump's obvious bromance with Putin has shaken up governments across the globe who looked to America for leadership, and to lead the fight for freedom and equality worldwide.

It's impossible to accurately count how many countries Trump has pissed off because new one's are added daily.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Trump's Stooge Has An End Game

Good Day World! 

The Justice Department has been under siege since Trump waddled into the Oval Office.

Facts are poison to Trump, the ultimate demagogue. 

To counter the facts coming out of Mueller's investigation on Trump's team and Russia playing "kissy-face" during the 2016 election, red herrings have been coming fast and hard from all directions.

No one has shown himself to be a bigger SOB and blatant liar than Trump's favorite stooge, Represenative Devin Nunes. 

Nunes war with the Justice Department is just another low coming from a Trump supporter - who just happens to be in Congress - with no conscience. 

The fact that he's abusing the law by forcing access to materials that are usually off limits to Congress under department policy, is troublesome. But with Trump's backing, he's got away with it thus far.

And when Nunes doesn't get what he wants quick enough he threatens top law enforcement officials. He even suggested he'd impeach Jeff Sessions - who has no part in the Russia investigation.

Nunes mission is simple. Discredit Mueller's investigation any way he can. By being a confrontational stooge, Nunes helps feed Trump's base and muddies up the waters of the investigation.

By injecting doubt into Mueller and his team's conclusions, Nunes hopes to thwart the truth...just like his puppet master Trump has shown him how to do.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...