Saturday, August 17, 2019

Portland Rally: Domestic Terrorists From the Left and Right Converge

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Todays much anticipated hate rally in Portland may be the biggest yet during the Trump regime.

The morons organizing it, the Proud Boys, are a domestic terrorist group which invited other anti-government groups like Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, and neo-Nazis to attend their rally.

Standing in opposition of the far Right groups, is the Left's answer to them, the Rose City Antifa, one of the longest-standing anti-fascists groups in the country. The group made a call on the website for "the community to defend itself."

Antifa is also classified as a domestic terrorist group by DHS and the FBI. 

All of which brings us to the rally today.

Regardless of our political affliation, Democrat or Republican, it's up to us to stop these groups from dividing and terrorizing our country.

That means there's no need to jump aboard either bandwagon. The alt-right organizers won't be able to run through the streets and attack the public because the police won't let them.

Instead we all should be uniting on subjects like gun safety and health care... not enabling radicals on either side to distort the true vision of America.

To clarify my position: I'm 100 percent against all the Right- Wing terrorist groups, and 100 against any Far-Left terrorist groups. 

The Left's rhetoric of protecting the streets is a call to violence that's totally unnecessary. Like I said, we have police officers in America. It's their job to protect our streets and citizens from hate groups and criminals.

Slipping into anarchy - with armed bands of zealots - is the last thing America needs right now. Surviving under the Trump regime, which has given power to Far-Right wackos, has been challenging enough. 

Violence is not the answer to our problems in America. It's the dark underbelly of our society which we still haven't been able to reconcile after 250 years.

Fear is the unifying factor on both sides. As President Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, "There's nothing to fear, but fear itself."

Going to rallies with the purpose of seeking violence to make a political/ideological point is not only unproductive... it's a waste of your good time.

There are better ways to peacefully protesting politics than resorting to violence. One of them is voting.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Republicans Need to Stand Up To Trump's Anti-American Actions

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At this point in Trump's chaotic regime, the only thing that can slow him down is Republican lawmakers.

In particular, GOP senators. 

They hold the key to saving our American values and economy by standing up to Trump's anti-American actions. Only their votes and the Democrats can hold him accountable.

How long can GOP senators stand helplessly on the sidelines like a bunch of cheerleaders from hell?

For the sake of democracy, and everything Americans have traditionally held dear, they have to stop Trump's assault on our system of government and laws.

At what point does the emergency go beyond partisanship?

When Trump tells a country, Israel, that they shouldn't allow two American Congresswomen to visit because he doesn't like their politics... that's overboard. 

There's never been a president in our history that sought to demonize lawmakers who don't agree with him by suggesting they be banned from visiting a country, especially an ally.

It's not normal. Nothing in Trump's chaotic presidency has been normal. He's an unrepentant serial liar out to promote his brand - not America's.

GOP lawmakers have stood by and watched Trump destabilize the world and U.S. economy with his tariff war with China, and other countries. All the signs are pointing to a recession next year.

Trump's racist policies have torn this country apart, and he's busy dismantling all science-based environmental laws while denying global warming is a problem.

The Democrats could impeach him, but without the support of the majority of the senate, it wouldn't go anywhere.

If there's any real Republicans still in office, the country needs you to stop this slippery slide into America's end days.

Are their any real patriots left in the GOP? Let's see.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Cracks in U.S. Economy Become Chasms As Global Recession Looms

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The only positive note during Trump's regime has been a healthy economy. 

People that loathed the orange ape voted for him because they thought we needed a "businessman" (who turned out to be one of the biggest financial losers in American history by losing 1 billion dollars in a decade) in charge of the country.

Nearly three years into Trump's chaotic administration it's become apparent that his foreign policies are crippling America's economy, and contributing to a worldwide recession.

His America First foreign policy has hurt our own allies and partners in business worldwide. The global economy looks terrible and talk of a recession worldwide is staggering financial markets overseas.

Yesterday the first economic panic button was pushed when the stock market plunged and the Dow fell 800 points.

Worse, when the news came out that 10-year U.S. Treasury notes dipped below the yield of the two-year U.S. notes, it signaled a recession.

It's a rare occurrence described by market watchers as an "inverted yield curve," and the last time we saw it was in 2007, just before the last recession we had.

Trump's foreign policies and trade war with China have set off a series of economic woes worldwide as the European economy faces a recession.

By shaking up markets across the world with tariffs, Trump jump-started what was going to eventually happen anyway:

… a worldwide recession.

What's been happening, even before Trump slithered into office, was a widening schism between China and America - the world's largest two economies.

Trump can't tweet his way out of this reality by giving concessions on tariffs or with some soybean purchases by the Chinese.

The result is a dangerous economic landscape where every global business must learn how to navigate.

Related: Trump Claims the Impact of His China Tariffs is 'Virtually None' - That's Not What The Evidence Says

Like in Humpty Dumpty:

Trumpy sat on a wall
Trumpy had a great fall
All of his advisers and men
Couldn't put the economy
back together again...

Time for me to walk on down the road....

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

NRA's Tone Deaf Response To Recent Mass Shootings: Hold a Gun Show

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The NRA's tone deaf response to the recent mass shootings is to have a gun show at Ft. Worth, Texas, Sept.6-8.


Breaking news 4:35 pm PST 6 Philadelphia Police Officers Shot During Ongoing Gun Battle - This is a developing situation.


Texas, the same state that saw Hispanics targeted by a white supremacist with an assault rifle. You'd think that NRA's propaganda producers would be a little more sensitive to what is a nationwide outcry for gun control.

But no. Instead, the NRA is going against what the majority of Americans want - gun control - with a vengeance. The NRA is even ignoring what it's own membership favors - some forms of gun control, according to a national survey conducted by John Hopkins University.

Excerpt: "The results, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, indicate broad support for a variety of gun control measures. About 70 percent of respondents supported bans on military-style semiautomatic weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines, slightly less than the more than 80 percent who backed measures restricting those who could buy guns, such as people with histories of domestic violence or serious juvenile crimes."

It's clear the majority of Americans want some form of gun control, so why can't any measures be passed?

When you have the recipient of the most NRA donations/bribes in the senate, Mitch McConnell, running interference for gun and ammunition makers who are speaking for a majority membership that doesn't agree with them... it's an inside game with stacked odds.

The self-avowed :"Grim Reaper" makes sure no legislation passes in the senate without the okay of his handlers in the NRA.

NRA Corruption Pause: "NRA Agreed to Pay $6.5 million for Wayne LaPierre Mansion"  

Throw Trump's fat ass in the mix because he believes the NRA consists of his base, and there's no way he wants to offend them. Instead, Trump trumpets what he's going to do about the gun problem on twitter, but afterwards next to nothing happens.

Despite being under investigation from everything from money laundering to misplaced funds, the NRA's embattled leadership continues to fight against common sense changes in gun laws.

As long as Trump, and #MachineGunMitch continue to serve the NRA instead of the majority of Americans, we will continue to have mass shootings every day!

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Trump Kicks Week Off Retweeting Conspiracy Theory... Then it Got Worst!

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Yesterday morning Americans were greeted by the president of the United States retweeting an insane conspiracy theory.

He's had plenty in the last few years.

 After accused sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein hung himself in jail, the conspiracy vultures started circling the airwaves.

Enter Trump who gladly jumped on one conspiracy that suggested the Clinton's were behind Epstein's death. Not content with his old "Lock her up" chant against Hillary, he saw this as an opportunity to go after Bill too.

First off, Hillary is living rent-free in Trump's thick head. The orange baboon brings her up constantly in one negative accusation after another.

Then it got worse...

Trump set the wheels in motion to eviscerate the Endangered Species Act, allowing his administration to toss decades of enforcement aside by putting an economic cost on saving a species. 

Stunned environmentalists and experts contend that the changes will speed up extinction for some plants and animals.

But Trump wasn't done...

To round out his Monday, Trump and loyal minion Stephen Miller, came up with a new way to reject legal immigrants. 

Sweeping new powers will enable the orange anus to reject green cards and permanent residency to immigrants who use any government aide.

That's how our president jump-started this week. Expect more of the same today. And the next day...and the next...

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, August 12, 2019

Hey Trump! ISIS is Back: U.S. Serviceman Slain in Iraq

Good Day World!

Another U.S. military member was killed in the middle east two days ago in Iraq.

You can't be blamed for being unaware of this because the Trump administration downplays deaths overseas. Every U.S. death is significant, but this last one comes on the heels of another failed Trump foreign policy decision.

All the top military brass told Trump it is was a mistake to pull out of Syria. That it was sending the wrong message. Ignoring all attempts to stop him he pulled the plug on a small infrastructure of U.S. military members that was helping hold ISIS at bay.

This last death happened while fighting ISIS. The same group Trump declared was destroyed not so long ago. In fact, ISIS has extended it's reach into Afghanistan challenging the Taliban and U.S. forces.

Fact: there has been no comprehensive foreign policies during the Trump regime. Setting aside his adviser's concerns, the orange ape would rather go by his amble "gut" than real intelligence findings.

By alienating our allies and propping up dictators Trump's treasonous actions are based upon how he will benefit, not for the benefit of all Americans. 

Our national security is at risk. Trump's missteps with China, Russia, and North Korea, have put American security interests in danger worldwide.

How much longer can the Democrats hold off on impeachement? At this point, I don't see how they can't go after Trump. 

When Congress returns from it's summer break, it should be the first order of business.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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