Saturday, December 9, 2017

'Trump Attendance At Museum Opening Is An Insult' - Rep. John Lewis

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I think Rep. John Lewis, and Rep. Bennie Johnson, are absolutely right in not attending the opening of a civil rights museum in Jackson, Mississippi this weekend.

Their reason - that our Racist-In-Chief is attending - essentially making it a mockery.

Trump will participate in a separate private event at the new Civil Rights Museum in Jackson, Mississippi, on Saturday morning, rather than in the public ceremony. The decision came after the president’s plan to attend the opening erupted into controversy. 
The Mississippi Department of Archives and History and the White House agreed to have a separate event after a series of noteworthy civil rights leaders and speakers decided to boycott the event and local groups planned to protest. 
Trump will tour the museum and speak at a private program in the morning, and the public ceremony will begin afterward.
 Lewis, a civil rights icon, was one of the organizers in the 1963 March on Washington. He's served 16 terms in the House of Representatives, and he knows a hypocrite when he sees one.

Donny and his minions in the White House said it was unfortunate that they're not going to attend the opening.

Responding to the White House, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Cedric Richmond, D-Louisiana, called the criticism "laughable."
It’s laughable that the White House is criticizing John Lewis and Bennie Thompson for not attending the opening of a civil rights museum that honors the sacrifice of ....wait..... John Lewis, Bennie Thompson, and many others.
This White House is not serious about civil rights," Richmond said in a statement. "From dismantling the civil rights division in DOJ to equating peaceful people who protested racism to Neo-nazi’s and White Supremacists, they just don’t get it.”
To prove Lewis's point we need look no further than Trump's support of a child molester and racist in the Alabama special election next Tuesday.
Roy Moore, when asked when was the last time America was great, said, "I think it was great at the time families were united, even though we had slavery, they cared for one another, our families were strong, our country had a direction."

Trump's response to Moore, "Go get 'em Roy!"Case closed.

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Friday, December 8, 2017

The Great Race To The Bottom Of The Pile

Good Day World!

I'm not sure when the Race To The Bottom Olympics began.

Some lifestyle experts say it was when Trump was elected president.

All I know is that there are daily contestants from all walks of American life, beginning with our Liar-In-Chief.

Motto: How Low Can You Go? Make America Great Again

Let's get the ball rolling...

1. The current longest member of the House, John Conyers, retired yesterday under a cloud of sexual harassment claims stretching back for years. 

2. Trump and the spineless jellyfish in Congress are endorsing a child molester for a senate seat in Alabama.

3. A judge is looking at charges against Trump by former Apprentice contestant, Zervo Summers. If he allows the case to proceed things will get hotter for Donny the Groper than they already are.

4. Senior Trump transition team member, K. T. McFarland  is accused of being deceptive over the summer about her knowledge of discussions between Michael T. Flynn, the former national security adviser, and a former Russian ambassador.

5. Danny Masterson from Netflix's The Ranch, was fired for sexual harassment. 

6. Dustin Hoffman issues statement that he "...felt terrible for anything he might have done to make women uncomfortable," in reference to sexual harassment charges brought by John Oliver.

7. Democratic Senator Al Franken  resigned under a cloud of sexual harassment yesterday. 

8. Singer, Melanie Martinez, has been accused of sexually assaulting a former friend who says she repeatedly turned down her advances.

8. Republican Rep. Trent Franks of Arizona is resigning next month after revealing that he discussed surrogacy with two female staffers.

That's all for today folks. I don't want to burn you out. The Race to the Bottom Olympics is going to be going on for a long time.

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Thursday, December 7, 2017

America's Fire-Starter-In-Chief On A Hot Streak

Good Day World!

America's Fire-Starter-In-Chief has a hot streak going right now.

He threw a lit match into the tinder box - aka the entire Middle East - yesterday.
Now the pasty-faced pyromaniac can sit back and enjoy the blaze he created.

There wasn't one good reason to declare Jerusalem as the capital of Israel at this moment in time.

Donald Trump’s Jerusalem statement yesterday is an act of diplomatic arson.

There is a reason why no US administration, no matter how pro-Israel, has changed its policy toward the city in the nearly 70 years since Israel’s founding.

Both Israelis and Palestinians insist that Jerusalem must be the capital of their states, present and future, and that that status is non-negotiable.

Then comes Trump, oblivious to precedent and history. Even in a place where history is a matter of life and death.

Every Arab government – including those loyal to Washington – is now issuing sharp warnings on the perils of this move, almost all of them using the same word.

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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Donny Wants His Own Spy Agency

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Apocalypse Now, Circa 2017
Trump Administration

Mission: form new spy agency to combat "Deep State enemies" who want to *undermine the Trump regime. 
(*Defined as anyone the president thinks doesn't like him).

Plan: To create a Global Spy Network that would side step all other American agencies and report to CIA Director Mike Pompeo, who would then run to Trump with information gleaned.

Network developer: Blackwater founder, *Eric Prince, with help from Oliver North and John Maguire.

(*brother of Education Secretary and Trump minion, Betsy DeVoss)

Operation: "Off the books."

As Reported by The Hill

It gets scarier every day...and you thought the Gestapo was bad!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Dear Chump: 'Please Keep Tweeting, We need More Evidence' - Mueller Team

Good Day World!

That's right...keep on tweeting Donny. 

I really enjoyed the one where you stepped on your own tiny dick by claiming you fired Flynn "...because he lied to the vice-president and the FBI" about his discussions with Russia's ambassador last year.

This would mean that you knew Flynn had committed a serious crime when, according to the former FBI director James Comey, you asked him the next day to halt an FBI investigation into Flynn.

Your pathetic attempt to contain the fallout from the Saturday tweet by throwing one of your own lawyers under the bus is vile.

John Dowd, one of your many lawyers, fell on the grenade for you claiming he had composed that tweet and that it was “sloppy.”

The very idea that he wrote one of your official tweets, and broadcast it without you knowing, has jaws dropping in amazement among legal scholars and Democrats.

Multiple legal analysts have said your remark was the clearest indication so far that you tried to obstruct the various inquiries into possible collusion between Moscow and your corrupt campaign. 

Other tweets (and comments) you've made could also put you in jeopardy of obstruction charges.

Several Republican senators have said you asked them to stop congressional inquiries into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election. Now, why would they say that?

Talk about desperation Donny boy; Dowd's sick defense was laughable,The president cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer under (the constitution’s Article II) and has every right to express his view of any case,” he told the Axios website.

Will someone please ring the Gong and tell Dowd to go back to lawyering school?

Laurence Tribe, a Harvard law professor, wrote: “Anyone who buys Trump’s lawyer’s alibi for his corruptly treacherous client is a complete fool.”

Richard Painter, who was chief ethics lawyer in the White House of George W Bush, said: “A lawyer who writes a tweet like that incriminating a client should be disbarred. He can tell Mueller he wrote it.”

Dowd’s denial that the president can obstruct justice carried echoes of Richard Nixon’s assertion, to David Frost in an interview in 1977, that “when the president does it, that means it is not illegal.”

Others experts pointed out that the articles of impeachment against Nixon opened with the charge that he “obstructed, and impeded the administration of justice.”

So, you go right on tweeting Donny. I can't wait to see how you're going to further incriminate yourself.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Monday, December 4, 2017

Panic In The Swamp: Russian Probe Netting Trump Surrogates, Donny's Next

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The murky waters in the West Wing have been disturbed with waves of evidence that Trump and transition team were colluding with Russia during last year's campaign.

It's been a bad week for Donny.

When Michael Flynn, Trump's former security advisor, testified that a senior Trump official (turns out to be Jared Kushner) told him to make contact with the Russians and arrange a meeting a general panic ensued among Trump's minions and Donny himself.

His frantic rabid tweets throughout the week testified to his state of mind. 

Worse yet is, according to a report from ABC News, that Flynn is prepared to testify that Trump asked him to speak with representatives of the Russian government during the campaign.

Facts are shattering Trump's lies and his continued ranting is only making things harder for him. 

On Saturday when Trump made his first public comments about  Flynn after Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about speaking with Russian officials, it suggested that for the first time Trump knew Flynn had lied to the bureau at the time Flynn was fired.

It looks like Mueller is making progress in cleaning out the swamp in the West Wing, but the chore is from over. It's only going to get harder as more evidence is presented.

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Sunday, December 3, 2017

#TaxScamBill: Americans Get Screwed While They're Sleeping

Good Day World!

While the American public slept, the douches in the senate passed a tax reform bill in the dark of night that promises to screw the middle class for years to come.

The bill was pushed through so fast that hand-written amendments were made on the margins right to the final vote at 2 am.

It was a stunning display of sneaky deals on a bill that was nothing more than a shell. Most of the spineless bastards didn't even know what was going to be in the bill.

Why the rush you ask? 

It's really quit simple; the Koch brothers and other major Repug donors told the GOP they would quit funding them if it wasn't passed!

As you can imagine, that set off a panic. It wasn't about giving the middle class a break, it was about satisfying their major donors.

There wasn't even an attempt to modify how badly Americans were going to get screwed, Instead, backdoor deals were made with possible holdouts - deals the devil would be proud of.

#TaxScamBill has gone viral on the web. No surprise. Americans woke up to a scam that was going to hurt them for years.

The bill still has to be reconciled between the Senate and the House.

But that's just a formality. There could be death panels in it, and the Repugs wouldn't care...they're determined to get a legislative victory at the expense of the middle class.

And worst of all, Chump will crow like a rooster for the rest of his time as president. His claim that it's the biggest tax bill in history, is a blatant lie.

It would be only the 8th largest tax reform bill ever passed. A fact that that doesn't deter our Liar-In-Chief though.

This bill will go down as an historic tax heist thanks to Republican donors picking your children's pockets. Future generations are going to bear the cost of this terrible bill if it goes to Trump's desk. 
Note to GOP: payback is a bitch. See you in next years elections!

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Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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