Saturday, January 2, 2021

Georgia is on My Mind: A Special Election That's Going To Determine the Nation's Future

 "I said, Georgia, oh, Georgia

No peace I find

Just an old sweet song

Keeps Georgia on my mind."

-Ray Charles

I can't remember the last time when all eyes were on Georgia to decide the political fate of a newly elected president and administration.

I suspect it's a first

Georgia Senate candidates have just three more days to sway the remaining registered voters to cast their votes for them.

Thus far there has been a record early voting turnout. More than 2,8 million people have cast their ballots.

If the Republicans win one of the two races they will maintain control of the Senate. If both Democrats win they assure a Senate majority, giving Joe Biden an opportunity to pass more laws.

The most recent poll from JMC Analytics gave Democrat Jon Ossoff the edge: 53 percent support Ossoff, and 45 percent support his Republican opponent David Perdue.

Republican Kelly Loeffler was trailing Democrat candidate Raphael Warnock by 1.9 percent.

This election is too close to call a winner. Whoever does win, it's not going to be by a wide margin.

Our country's fate is tied to this special election. If Mitch McConnell retains his position of power in the Senate, it doesn't bode well for change and a new direction.

McConnell will treat Biden the same way he treated Obama, by obstructing every legislative move he tries to make.

Biden's challenges will be many, but his term will produce more needed changes if the Democrats take the Senate.

The damage Trump has done to our government is going to take years to repair.

My eyes are on Georgia, hoping for the best result.

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