Saturday, December 1, 2018

Holiday Cards I'd Like to See and a Holiday Memo To Fed Workers

Good Day World!

I'm going to go out on a limb (spruce for the season) and say Christmas cards are probably on the way today.

People are sending greetings to family and friends wishing them happy holidays. 

I think the tradition began when Martha Washington sent George a long letter in a card while he was at Valley Forge. The card read: "Warmest Christmas Greetings," which he thankfully used to start a bonfire.

All right...I'm just kidding. He really used it to wipe his butt because of a serious shortage of toilet paper!

I'm going to be serious for a moment.

While Americans are sending each other holiday greetings, Trump and his minions have sent out memos to 2 million federal employees informing them they can't talk about impeaching Trump or about resisting his corruption.

According to an interview with the NY Times,Cathleen Clark, a law professor at Washington University, said this:

“This goes beyond past guidance about what partisan political activity is and is more restrictive of speech of federal employees than past guidance that I’ve been able to find.
“I think their legal analysis is wrong in this attempt to outlaw all discussion of impeachment of Trump in the federal workplace."
Just the White House's way of saying the First Amendment doesn't apply to federal workers. Wrong. Again.
Christmas Cards I'd Like To See
1) front of the card - A picture of Mueller dressed up like Santa Claus with a cage (instead of a bag of presents) on his sleigh...inside reads;
"Ho! Ho! Ho! Off To Jail We Go!"
2) Front - Illustration of Grinch/Trump character in a sleigh pulled by Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Kellyanne Conway with reindeer horns on their heads. 
Inside -  "Yuge Christmas Greetings from the White House Liar's Club!"
3.) Front - Republican Congressmen (and women) dressed up like biblical characters, kneeling with outstretched hands toward a golden idol of Trump.
Inside: "Good News! Trump Has Risen and If You Want To be Wealthy Donate To His 2020 Campaign!"
Have you started mailing out your holiday greeting cards yet? Support the USPS, and wish someone the very best this season.
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Friday, November 30, 2018

I'm Starting To Get The Holiday Spirit - Mueller's Coming To Town

Good Day World!

I'm really getting into the holiday spirit.

Americans are celebrating all the traditional holidays this December: 

Christmas, Hanukkah, Festivus For The Rest of Us, Kwanzaa (African heritage), Bodhi Day (Buddhist), Krampusnacht (Feast of St. Nichols), and Pancha Ganapati (Hindu's honoring Ganesha).

Christmas carols are playing in the malls and homes of millions of people. My favorite this year is (same as last year);

Robert Mueller's Coming To Town!

It just seems so, how shall I say it? Topical? Timely? Current? Prophetic? Or, all of the above.

You decide after checking out these articles"

Federal Agents Raid office Of Lawyer Who Previously Did Tax Work For Trump

Michael Cohen Admits Talks For Trump Over Moscow Tower Occurred Well Into Campaign  

Pompeo, Mattis Briefing Provokes Senate Backlash

Trump Reiterates $5B For Wall Funding or Face Shutdown

Trump's 'Gut' Sees Pushback from 'Brains' Home and Abroad 

Allegations That Manafort Was Trump's Mole In The Mueller Investigation Will Have Consequences

A Fuming Trump Continues His Intervention In The Mueller Probe

Trump At Bay: Failure Looms As Democrats load 'Subpoena Cannon' 

Mind you, there are other developments that will also lead to the orange anus's hasty exit from power and a room with bars for a view.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Looking For the Baby Trump Blimp at The G-20 Summit

Good Day World!

Eager fans of the Baby Trump Blimp are hoping it'll appear at the G-20 Summit this weekend.

Argentina's government has told it's citizens to leave Buenos Aires for the two-day summit because the capital is going to be on a complete lock down when world leaders meet there.

Still, those leaders will be greeted by 33 planned protests...and hopefully the Trump Baby Blimp. More than 22,000 police and security agents will be deployed during the summit.

Flights over the city will be diverted, and all train lines, subways and other modes of public transport in the city of 12 million will be closed.

What to look for when Trump meets other world leaders:

1. Will the Trump/Putin bromance be renewed?

2. Lover's quarrel - Will Trump and Putin even talk now that Russia's getting aggressive with the Ukraine? 

3. Will Trump and Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman sneak off for some private time?

4. Will Trump and Chinese strongman Xi compare penis sizes or talk about tariffs?

5. Which country gets to sit next to bin Salman (hint: most leaders are probably going to try to avoid any contact with the murderous prince) during negotiations? 

The only thing that's sure about this summit is Trump is going to:
A. Act like a pompous ass,
B. Pick fights with other leaders,
C. Embarrass America (again),
D. All of the above.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

White House Briefings Are Back: Divert...Lie ...Divert

                                       Good Day World!

They're back! 

Those folks in the Trump propaganda wing are talking to the press again.

In the first White House press briefing in a month, a new tactic was rolled out to give Sarah Sanders a minimal contact with reporters.

Mission Statement: With less time to lie, Sanders won't get attacked as often.

New Rules of Engagement: let other Trump minions (perhaps with harder shells) use up nearly all the allotted time. Using this new strategy, Larry Kudlow and John Bolton appeared and sucked all of the oxygen out of the room.

Kudlow's manner of speaking was slow and measured, eating up the minutes repeating himself. Bolton, true to form, acted like an asshole and screwed with reporters when asked if he heard the Jamal Kashoggi murder tape.

When Sanders did appear she launched into her normal lying mode. For example she claimed Trump cared about clean air even after he lowered omission standards.

When confronted with Trump's denial of the results of a four-year multi-government environmental study, Sanders said it didn't have enough facts and that's why Trump is not going to talk about it during the upcoming G-20 Summit.

She finished up with a flurry of "You'll have to ask (fill in blank)," "The president's position is crystal clear (she always pulls that one out when Trump's position is anything BUT clear), and a serious of denials.

When Sanders was asked about Trump's tweet (Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and 'smart!) yesterday morning - in response to Russia's seizure of three Ukrainian ships - she did her usual denial dance replying;

"Again, the President has not laid out a timetable and is still leaving a number of other options on the table. And we're still considering a number of those, and a final decision on that front hasn't been made."

Considering his options eh? 

The orange anus is still considering his options with what to do about his buddy (and fellow authoritarian) bin Salman's ruthless murder of an American journalist for the Washington Post.

I did notice something that no one else seems to be talking about... 

Reporters asked follow-up questions - which (correct me if I'm wrong) was not supposed to be allowed anymore under new White House Press briefing rules, following Trump's embarrassment by the courts for trying to violate reporter Jim Acosta's Fifth Amendment.

Gee...I wonder what happened to those new rules? I'm going to go out on a limb and say the press pool won't play that game...and they knew it.

Time for me to walk on down the road...


Tuesday, November 27, 2018

There is NO $110 Billion Arms Contract between US and Saudi Arabia

                                      Good Day World!

We now know that Jared Kushner and Trump have wildly exaggerated the amount of arms sales to Saudi Arabia.

If you recall, Trump's first state visit to another country as president of the United States was to Saudi Arabia, where they greeted him like a king.

He's had numerous wet dreams about the experience since, even (longingly) hinting about how much he was impressed by the complete and absolute control the Crown Prince had in his country.

It's no secret Trump has had business dealings with Saudi Arabia for a long time. He bragged about it during his presidential campaign.

With the help of his sleazy son in law, Jared Kushner, they came up with a Memorandum of Intent (not a legally binding contract) suggesting the Saudi's were going to buy $110 billion worth of arms from the U.S.

It was a con from the start. A Trump specialty. Much ado over nothing. A diplomatic nothing burger that he and his ratface son in law sold the State Department and the Department of Defense.

While claiming a diplomatic victory for Trump, Kushner pushed State and Defense officials to inflate the figure of the arms exchanges that were aspirational at best. 

Whatever credibility Secretary of Defense James Mattis had was erased as he supported Kushner's narrative and endorsed the memorandum. The die was cast. More like the conspiracy was launched.

When Saudi Crown prince brutally murdered Jamal Kashoggi and the CIA confirmed it as a fact, Trump rebutted his own intelligence sources to side with bin Salman. At that point, it became Saudi Arabia First...not America First.

He brought up the "significant amount" of investments in U.S. military equipment using the bogus $110 billion as a prime example.

Here's the facts:

There's a $15 billion dollar deal in the works (originally negotiated under Obama's administration) for a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-ballistic missile system and maintenance for other systems.

This order has not even been fulfilled yet. As for the wildly exaggerated $110 billion figure, it was arrived upon based on an analysis of Saudi requirements in the future and optimal U.S. solutions. In other words...bullshit predications.

There are NO other signed contracts. Period.

Related: The $110 Billion Arms Deal To Saudi Arabia is Fake News

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Monday, November 26, 2018

Fact vs Fiction: Trump's Alternate America Challenged

Good Day World!

Trump's role as liar in chief of a country trying to cling to democratic ideals under his authoritarian regime, has been an insidious attempt to create another reality.

An alternate reality where Trump tells you what to believe despite the facts flying in front of his orange face. 

Let's look at the latest example (I don't have the room in this post to list all of the examples since he slithered into office).

Mexico's incoming government denied that an official deal had been made regarding migrants staying in the country before entering the United States, despite what Trump told his Fox News buddies. To be fair, The Washington Post erroneously ran a story saying the agreement was a done deal at the same time. 

If there's a hint of deju vu here it's probably because we've heard similar claims of cooperation with Mexico when Trump told his base that Mexico was going to pay for "his wall."

The Mexican government laughed at Trump's assumption so he was forced to go to Congress to get American taxpayers to pay for it.

Frankly, I'm not sure his base understands they're paying for that "big, beautiful wall" that Trump likes to crow about. 

With time running out on getting his beloved wall built, Trump's threatening to take draconian measures like shutting the government down next month to get his way.

The nation's courts have had to impose restrictions on Trump's blatant unconstitutional attempts numerous times since he took office. 

His response to real world laws (that he sees as roadblocks to his agenda) has been to attack the highest court in the land and chief justice, John Roberts. That may be okay in his alternate reality, but the poetic price in the real world will be Roberts presiding over his impeachment trial.

Trump has tried hard to destroy nearly everything we hold dear in this nation in the past 500 days. He's caused some lasting negative impact that won't be easily reversed by his successors.

But...and I can't say this enough...freedom-loving Americans have stood up to the dark alternate reality that Trump has been selling.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, November 25, 2018

An Unholy Match: The Church of Prosperity and Trump

Good Day World!

If we have a national religion in the era of Trump, then it must be the fringe Church of Prosperity, where Jesus tells his followers to pull themselves up by their bootstraps when they're poor. 

From writer Amanda Marcotte's article:

Here's How the Philosophers of Selfishness Came To Use Christianity As Their Cover Story 

"It’s absolutely disgusting how the politicians who make the biggest show of how much they love Jesus would be the first in line to bash him if he returned with a message of clothing the naked and feeding the poor. 

The Jesus of the Bible multiplied the loaves and fishes. His loudest followers these day gripe about feeding people, claiming it creates a “culture of dependency.” 

They may even comb through the Bible to take quotes out of context to justify their selfishness toward the poor, as Rep. Steven Fincher did when he claimed the Bible says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.” 

The fact that those jobs are unavailable didn’t give him (Fincher) a moment’s pause when suggesting this very un-Christ-like plan to his fellow Americans."


Here's a passage from author Jeff Sharlett, who wrote: Donald Trump, American Preacher

He (Trump) stands up there and says what we all think,” one attendee said at the rally. “We all want to punch somebody in the face, and he says it for us.”

After a warm-up sermon from a preacher — “He is worthy! He is worthy!” he shouted, meaning both Trump and God — the play list returned to the Stones, mid song, “Let’s Spend the Night Together.” 

Nobody minded the contradiction, sex and the sacred, because it wasn’t a contradiction; it was like the completion of a thought they had all been thinking but hadn’t known how to say out loud: greatness, the end of shame." 

In Summary 

Christianity has been warped to adjust to the 21st century of the gospel which teaches that you can tell how much God favors you by how rich you are.

Yes, some on the Christian right reject the idea as a tad crude, but it's still wildly popular and its adherents, like Oral Roberts, are some of the major architects and organizers for the Christian right.

When a televangelist, Paula White (who is called Trump's spiritual adviser), gave the inauguration invocation America was put on notice:

The die was cast. White, whose former ministry was investigated by the Senate Finance Committee over possible financial improprieties, fit into Trump's world perfectly. 

The rest is history.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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