Friday, September 20, 2019

Is John Bolton the Mystery 'Whistleblower?'

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As more information drips out daily about a whistleblower's attempt to get urgent news to Congress, only to be thwarted by Trump and his cronies, a picture of political corruption is emerging.

 Trump's minions are doing their best to squash the complaint.

Trump is so determined to bury the complaint that he's already broken laws within the whistleblower structure in the first 24 hours of the news becoming public. 

The question everyone is asking is "Who is the whistleblower?"

Political analysts have concluded one thing about the whistleblower; he/she knew they had a political bombshell, and went about reporting it through the correct channels. 

When the inspector general of the intelligence community read the complaint he determined it was within the DNI purview. More importantly, he agreed it was so serious that it was an urgent matter and needed to be seen by Congress according to the rules.

Then Trump's minions went on the offense and blocked Congress from seeing or hearing about what the complaint detailed.

In the midst of this blatant outright obstruction, the topic keeps going back to the mystery person who got the ball rolling. Trump says he has no idea who it would be, but claimed they were partisan.

Thus far, no names have emerged. However, when you put together the pieces one thing stands out; whoever the whistleblower is they had access to very sensitive material.

That quickly limits the scope of the search.

I believe there's a real good chance that recently fired National Intelligence Director, John Bolton, blew the lid off of Trump's shady dealing with the Ukraine.

Bolton would know. He's one of the few possible suspects that would have had access to such explosive material. Bolton knows how the system works, and how to protect himself.

An act of revenge? Maybe. Bolton must have something solid to take this approach. He was fired on September 10th, by Trump's usual method, a cowardly tweet.

Trump has good reason to worry after the Wall Street Journal unloaded this headline:

Trump Repeatedly Pressed Ukraine President To Investigate Joe Biden' Son 

Watch Anderson Cooper's interview with Rebecca Ballhaus, one of the Wall Street reporters who broke the story reporting Trump pressured Ukraine's President to investigate Joe Biden's son.

Trump has publicly stated that he has no trouble where he gets dirt from on his opponents. Even if it comes from a foreign country.

House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff told reporters that Congress will get to the bottom of this complaint, "come hell or high water."

I hope Schiff is right. When the whole story comes out it's time for the proper action to be taken. 

Hint... open impeachment proceedings. Along with the Mueller report, and current investigations, there's more than enough to tar-and-feather Trump.

If this scandal gets tied up in the courts like every other request/subpoena by Congress has, Trump will stonewall it and Americans may never know the true story.

And that could be real bad news for our democracy.

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Trump's Corruption and Failed Foreign Policies Could Lead U.S. To War... and More

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While you're reading this post Trump is digesting his marching orders from Saudi Arabia's murderous leader, Mohammed bin Salman.

It's looking like the tough talk against Iran from Trump and Pompeo is already withering, despite Pompeo's accusation that "Iran committed an act of war" when they attacked the Saudi oilfields.

Since when does the U.S. have to stand down, or wage war, depending upon a dictators' request? Luckily for the U.S., Saudi Arabia doesn't want to go to war with it's neighbor Iran.

In an interesting side story, Pompeo inadvertently admitted that Trump's pulling out of the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran started the shitstorm we're now seeing in the Middle East.

As Americans watch the international chaos Trump is creating with no real foreign policies, they also have to deal with the corruption at home in The White House.

Most Recent examples of Trump Obstructing Justice: (Expect more as his corruption is being drug out into the open with daily, and weekly revelations.) 

Trump at center of new intelligence storm as whistle blower mystery explodes

White House Also Involved in advising DNI not to share whistleblower complaint

Congress is letting Trump decide what it can investigate. This is bigger than Lewandowski

In summary, we could of gone to war on a dictator's whim. Fact: Trump's financial ties to Saudi Arabia are well documented.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Democrats Dilemma: Law, or Politics? The Party Needs To Decide Now

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After nearly a year of buildup towards impeaching Trump in Congress, the Democrats are going to have to make a decision right now.

Either start a real impeachment inquiry, instead of coyly dancing around the subject for seven months, or move on in favor of a political calculation that may or may not be a good one.

The prime players are Nancy Pelosi, and Jerry Nadler. They're friends who both served together for 25 years in the House. But the issue of impeachment is driving a wedge between the two.

Simply put; Nadler is about the law holding Trump accountable, and Pelosi is all about politics.

Pelosi argument is that there's not enough votes in the House to pass impeachment at this time and there will never be enough in the Senate.

Nadler feels a sense of urgency - to get Trump out of office before he can cause any more harm to the country - and timing, not wanting to launch it next year because it's a bad look in an election year.

There's no doubt that Pelosi is a very effective politician who has managed to keep the party in line... up until now. But she needs to stand by Nadler's side on this issue. Without her, there's not going to be impeachment hearings.

It would help if she'd look at history - where the percentage of Americans were against impeaching Nixon when the impeachment process started. Nine months later Tricky Dicky stepped down.

Pelosi's partnership with Nadler has always been based upon mutual respect. This is one time when she should respect Nadler's instincts, because we're currently in a Constitutional crisis - Trump's defiance against Congress and the laws of the land is unprecedented.

Here's the most recent example: 

Trump's Communications With Foreign Leader Are Part of Whistleblower Complaint That Spurred Standoff Between Spy Chief and Congress  

No one knows what crisis Trump is going to set off with his Twitter account every day... nationally, or internationally. He's becoming increasingly unhinged in public places and even more unpredictable.

When the president of the United States spends a week trying to alter reality with NOAA and the National Weather Service because he claimed Alabama was in danger of Hurricane Dorian (and gets corrected by the weather service), you know he's a psycho.

Throw in hints of war, and there's no denying America is in danger. Trump's unpredictability was a security concern in the past when he shared classified information with two Russians in the Oval Office, and other similarly jarring instances.

I'd rather taker a political gamble than to sit and continue to watch Trump eviscerate our government while gathering more power to overthrow it daily.

The Democrats are at a crossroad: Law, or politics? The country's fate depends upon their choice.

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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Lewandowski Shoots for the Stars by Pleasing an Audience of One

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Corey Lewandoski put on a real performance for Trump during yesterdays House Judicial hearing.

His performance drew praise from the orange anus who tweeted, "Thank you Corey!

You'd think that being outed as a liar by the House counsel, who pointed out what he said on numerous public appearances didn't jive with the facts in the Mueller report, he'd be worried about his reputation - especially when he claimed he was a "truth teller."

Not in the least. He didn't even blush. His constant smirk of disdain and combative attitude were a tryout.

He's hoping his performance was good enough to get an endorsement for his senate campaign. You heard me right. Cory wants to be a senator now.

If his ridiculous run for senator doesn't succeed (and no one in their right mind thinks it will), Lewandowski will make a case to either join the White House, or more likely, the 2020 campaign for Trump.

He's counting on his very public display of defiance towards Congress and show of abject loyalty to be elevated to an inner circle, after being fired as Trump's campaign manager in the spring of 2016.

Yesterday was Cory's shot for the stars.

But the chance of getting shot down is always there with Trump. As much as the orange anus values loyalty, he feels none for others (with the exception of his family). His kids talked him into firing Cory last time. Whose to say they won't again?

You have to give it to the lying little suck ass, he knew what the former reality star was looking for...

A good show. 

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Time for me to walk on down the road...

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Trump Is Busy Rigging Primaries and Disenfranchising the Republican Party

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Fear motivates Trump.

He uses it to attract voters, and to energize himself when he thinks there's a credible challenge to his regime.

Despite calling his three primary challengers "The Three Stooges," the reptile part of Trump's brain senses they could wrest away part of his base.

Accordingly, Trump went about knee-capping his challengers as much as possible. To whit, he ordered four states Republican parties not to hold primaries and just name him their boy.

The states were South Carolina, Arizona, Kansas, and Nevada. 

The Republican Party in Michigan wasn't able to cancel their primaries because the rules didn't permit it. 

So they did the next best thing; they rigged the system to favor Trump. 

Particularly galling is Trump's enablers claiming it was just done to save the states money (like they gave a damn about that) and were simply reflecting the voters will.

Think about that. The states are excusing their actions by claiming every Republican (!) in the five states affected wanted Trump. 

If there's one thing in life I've discovered about politics is that no one person ever gets 100 percent of a voter turnout. Period.

Trump is afraid.

He's concerned The Three Stooges are going to make a stooge out of him in the debates. They might even pull off an upset - similar to his own in 2016. 

Trump's reaction to their challenge is par for the course, where rules, ethics, and traditions play no part. It's about any cost. The 2016 election proved that.

The Republican Party is fighting for it's life. There are still true Republicans (the fiscally conservative type who are appalled at the nation's growing debt under Trump's regime) whose voices yearn to be heard.

Despite handicapping his challengers, they are going to give true Republicans a chance to be heard, and to defend what the party has stood for over the decades.

Those Republicans who are busy enabling Trump's corrupt regime - Trumpies who formed a bastard hybrid of the GOP beholden only to their master - are going to pay a price someday.

Hopefully, at the polls in 2020.

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Monday, September 16, 2019

Impeachment: 2 of the Most Powerful Men in America Hope To Avoid It

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The "I" word has been careening through the halls of Capitol Hill for two years as Trump's corruption has slimed the office of the President of the United States daily.

It looks like Justice Brett Kavanaugh's past college experiences have returned to haunt him again...

Kavanaugh was hit with another accusation of unwanted contact by a male classmate who said he saw Kavanaugh expose himself and press his genitals against a woman without her consent.

The most troubling thing about this accusation (from Day One of his confirmation hearing) was the coverup by the Republican Party and AG Barr to demonize one of his victims from college.

The classmate said he told the FBI about Kavanaugh's actions before the confirmation hearings, but they ignored him and never investigated.

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Everyone from our womanizer president to his ethic-free minions knew there was bad shit in Kavanaugh's past, but chose to ignore it in order to get a majority on the Supreme Court.

A bit of history

Is it even possible to impeach a sitting justice on the Supreme Court? Yes. But, I need to qualify my answer:

First off, impeachment is rare. In 1804 the House did vote to impeach Associate Justice Samuel Chase, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence who had been appointed by George Washington.

At the time everyone knew the move was politically motivated. The Senate later acquitted him and he stayed on the court until his death in 1811. 

Here are the rules for removing a Supreme Court Justice.

The other conversation on impeachment continues to revolve around Trump.

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When I think about how two of the most powerful men in our country are corrupt liars with no ethics troubling them, I don't imagine a swamp...

Oh! Hell no! I imagine a tar pit.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Whistleblower Complaint Was Concealed By The DOJ and White House - Why?

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The acting Director of National Intelligence, Joseph Maguire, has until Tuesday to come clean about a whistleblower whose complaint was buried in his department.

In an announcement late Friday from House Intelligence Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff, he accused Maguire of illegally withholding a whistleblower's complaint deemed to be extremely important.

If Maguire ignores the request to release the whistleblower's complaint, he'll be required to testify in an open hearing on Thursday to explain his action.

What triggered the cover up was a letter to Schiff Monday from the Intelligence Community inspector, notifying him that a whistleblower's complaint of a cover up was determined to be credible and of "urgent concern."

The next day Schiff requested the full and unredacted whistleblower complaint, and all records pertaining to his department's involvement in the matter.

The request emphasized releasing all correspondence with other Executive Branch actors including The White House. 

Schiff warned, in a letter to Maguire, that he was concerned about why the complaint wasn't passed on, and who was behind it's concealment from getting it to Congress (the complaint was more than a month old).

In a brief press release Schiff said, "A Director of National Intelligence has never prevented a properly submitted whistleblower complaint that the IC IG determined to be credible and urgent from being provided to congressional intelligence communities."

The question is, how detailed was the whistleblower's account and did it involve Trump as Schiff suspects? The White House, and the Department of Justice, have been partners in crime since Trump slung into office.

This latest assault on justice is just another example of how far this nation has sunk, with a crooked president and a DOJ that mindlessly does his corrupt bidding.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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