Saturday, November 1, 2008

12 year-old Boy Killed trick-or-treating!

A 12-year old boy died from gunshot wounds last night while trick-or-treating in Sumpter, South Carolina. His father and brother also sustained wounds fired from inside a house. The police caught the crazy bastard and he is now in jail charged with three counts of attempted murder. 

For more details on this tragic holiday death CLICK HERE.

Friday, October 31, 2008


Not all the ghouls and goblins, and things that go bump in the night, are

going to be children out seeking candy.

For instance, take the clown pictured here...he has soul mates across the states, so you're never sure where interesting characters like him will pop up trick-or-treating!

My five grandchildren will be out tonight showing off their costumes, which I can assure you, will bear no resemblance to anything this fellow is wearing.

Isn't Halloween great? Grown-ups get to act like kids and kids get to act like grownups.

Wherever you are tonight, make sure to turn on a light, and be ready for hungry Halloween visitors!

"Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat!"

Former President Bill Clinton campaigns for Obama: kisses everyone in sight!

It's nearly E-Day and the Democratic Party is bringing out all of their heavyweights to persuade voters to put Obama down as their presidential choice. Clinton surprised a number of onlookers when, after speaking out for Obama in Florida, he paused to French kiss a black lab who had snuck into the "kissing line."

An enterprising Clinton fan took this photo as the minutes passed. The touching moment was marketed as a Political Post Card (TWO DOGS KISSING) by the fan, who now says he wants to catch McCain, and a Pitbull that looks like Sarah Palin, in a similar spontaneous moment.

This blog says go for it! Soon this election is going to be over, and then what the heck are we going to do? This whole campaign has been called historic, and it is, if for no other reason than it's one of the funniest on record!

Of course, it's also ranks high in rancor. The name calling has excelled heights that even the Dark Lord ,Karl Rove has been surprised to see! Pundits have played with every nasty accusation, wallowing like pigs in the mire. 

It's not over yet, however, and as we go into the final days brace yourself for more political incoming!



Blimey! This bloke was found on Dave Barry's Blog. He's said to be a product of some Englishman but no name is given. Whoever it was, he must be carving pumpkins for a living.

The Brits do like to celebrate Halloween and they go all out doing it...just like us crazy Americans!

MEET THE JERK-OF-THE-DAY: Bill Cunningham radio host

According to Cunningham, "People are poor in America, not because they lack money; their poor because they lack values, morals, and ethics. And if you can't teach and instill that, we're wasting our time simply giving poor people money."                                                                                                                                          

This moron went on to say, "Unlike many other countries in the world we have fat poor people. We don't have skinny poor people. Ours are fat and flatulent."


"You tried so hard to make us

go away" 2005

"Untitled Forensic Form" 



These guys are ready for Halloween. Roman zoo keepers are plying the two heavyweights with carved pumpkins in the spirit of the holiday. How would you like to be their dentist?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Iraq holds off agreeing to new UN mandate until conditions are met

Things are getting a bit dicey again between Iraq and American officials as they try to hammer out some conditions

that the Iraqis are demanding before signing a new UN Security Council Mandate.


Iraq's Planning Minister Ali Baban, a Sunni, also stressed that the Iraqis want jurisdiction over all US soldiers and contractors unless they are carrying out a joint military operation approved by the Iraqis. They also don't want any possibility of Americans staying in their country beyond 2011.

For more details


The sooner we get out of this mess the better. Too many good men and women have died fighting for oil!

OBAMA and McCain Concentrate on Swing States

As the Republicans become more desperate every day, John McCain continues to rally the faithful and to tell them to ignore the polls that show Barrack Obama ahead.

Obama meanwhile, continues to address massive gatherings of people and to get his message of change across. At a rally today he reminded listeners that they are five days away from making history when they vote for him.

Both candidates are running (okay McCain's walking) from one swing state to another trying to win over any undecided voters who may still be lurking around the American landscape. Despite the pundits pointing at the Democrats, who are leading in nearly every major poll, the argument that McCain could still win via the Electoral College is still out there today.

This is one of my concerns. We need to get rid of the Electoral College.

Make sure to see this Sunday's Times-Standard when As It Stands takes on the legitimacy of a relic from the past - the Electoral College! 

To read more about the possible combinations of swing states benefiting the candidates CLICK HERE.


Billy Joe Parker, aka the real Spider Man, is slowing down these days. Now, well into his sixties, he's given up swinging from building to building and just stands at street corners passing out money to people.

"It's tuff giving up crime fighting," Billy Joe said in a recent interview with this blog.

He made it clear that it wasn't just his health that was causing him to retire from all the action. "I was getting tired of people not even saying 'thank you' after I risked my life to save their asses. There's a lot of rude victims out there," he claimed.

If you think Billy Joe looks bad these days you should see some of his old adversaries. Doctor Octopus spends his day in an indoor pool and looks like a walking prune with eight arms.

The Sandman can't even stay awake long enough to cause trouble these days, and arch-rival Dr. Doom is in a wheelchair and drools a lot.

For all of you Spider Man fans there's good news; Billy Joe doesn't charge for his autograph...he does, however, request that you never kill a spider as it could be one of his relatives!


The Lakers blew out the Clippers 117-79 last night. While it's still early in the season this version of the Lakers is going to surprise teams with their aggressive defense and offense.

The team is so deep that the 2nd team probably could hold it's own with 80 percent of the teams in the NBA. It's going to be an exciting year for the purple and gold.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Something Fishy in the Pumpkin Patch!

Here's a Halloween treat for the Zombies in your life

Take this melon and peel off the outer skin. Then carve channels into it to make it look like a brain!


A tasty treat for all to eat!

My visitors in the last 24 hours ...

It was a busy day (yesterday) for this blog and I thought I'd share some of the places that visitors hailed from:

Foreign visitors: CapeTown, Western Cape, South Africa; Manchester, United Kingdom; Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel; Berlin, Germany, and Rawalpindi,Punjab, Pakistan.

National visitors: Boise, Idaho; San Antonio, Texas; Signal Mountain, Tennessee; Morton Grove, Illinois; Kalispell, Montana; Minneopolis, Minnesota; Quantico, Virginia; Littleton, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; Alpharetta, Georgia; Butler, New Jersey; Chicago, Illinois, Ketchikan, Alaska; Montgomery, Alabama; and Starkville, Mississippi.

California visitors: San Ramon; San Francisco; San Jose; Marina; Redwood City; Los Angeles; Arcata; Eureka; McKinleyville; Sunnyvale; Fortuna; San Bernadino; Diamond Bar; and Riverside.

I've noticed a growing trend of national visitors outnumbering California visitors. I'm not sure why, but it's interesting to note.Thanks to all of you for stopping by. You all come back now...ya hear?

Schwarzenegger Warns California Educators that Big Cuts are Coming

Shocked California educators are bracing for cuts of $2 billion to $4 billion in the state's schools. Schwarzenegger is also

looking to push for a tax hike to close the state's budget gap. Educators are saying cuts this large will be catastrophic.

To read more about these drastic measures CLICK HERE.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Take Notice Active Military Personnel: Obama urges counting of military votes

A 2002 Virginia law threatened to toss some absentee ballots but was stopped by Virginia's attorney general who stepped in Monday and said all the ballots had to be counted under federal law, which trumps state law.

For more on this latest election news and further explanation CLICK HERE


In an astounding advance today the Dow Jones industrials soared nearly 900 points in their second-largest point gain ever as late-day bargain hunters stormed into the market. CLICK HERE to read more.

PRAYING FOR THE APOCALYPSE: Southern Baptists Prepare for End Times

Truthdig author Chris Hedges talks about the guru of the End Times Movement. He is Timothy LaHaye, a Southern Baptist minister and the co-author (along with Jerry Jenkins) of the popular book series "Left Behind"

The series of apocalyptic thrillers provides a graphic depiction of mayhem and cruelty that God unleashes on all of the

non-believers when Christ returns and raptures Christians into Heaven

For more information on this movement CLICK HERE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    HELL ON EARTH:The Christian video game Left Behind: Eternal Forces" uses graphics to depict a battle between Good and Evil.

KING SOLOMON'S Mine Discovered?

A massive copper smelting plant in the biblical land of Edom is at least three centuries older than researchers previously believed, placing it firmly in the traditional timeline of King Solomon, considered the greatest ruler of ancient Israel.

For more about this discovery CLICK HERE

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bynum's return makes the Lakers the favorite to win title

Kobe Bryant is focused and at the top of his game. With Andrew Bynum back at Center the Lakers are looking like the team to beat. After winning the Western Conference the Lakers fell to their ancient rival the Boston Celtics.

It's not going to easy however, as the Western Conference still has most of the best teams.

The East doesn't look much different from last year with Boston being the class act. Detroit maybe there and Lebron is going to make Cleveland a team to contend with as usual.

But, for an old Laker fan like's all about fun when the NBA gets underway next



The photo above is one of the punks

His name is Daniel Cowart, 20, of

Bell, Tennessee.

Two white supremacists allegedly plotted to go on a national killing spree, shooting and decapitating black people and ultimately targeting Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, federal authorities said today. CLICK HERE for the full story.


This monster pumpkin has been sighted on the  north coast and residents have been warned not to  interfere  with it.

Rumor has it this ponderous pumpkin is looking

for the famous Pukin Pumpkins who made their

debut here on this blog recently.


Of course, anyone who has been following

this blog realizes this is just another pathetic

attempt on my part to get people to visit this site.


For some reason, perhaps it's the season,

pumpkins doing anything lately are quite



This is Leo, who firefighter's say is a hero for his efforts to save a litter of newborn kittens. Leo, who is a terrier cross, had to be revived with oxygen and a heart massage after his ordeal. CLICK HERE to read more about this brave little dog.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Anchorage Daily News Endorses Obama

I just don't understand. Wasn't it McCain who was saying Palin was the most popular governor in America? Then why didn't the state's daily newspaper endorse her? I wonder if it had something to do with this recent Abuse of Power scandal she's involved in? Poor Palin...she isn't getting any respect!


Will the GOP's campaign to deter new voters and disregard Democratic ballots determine the next president?

CLICK HERE for the full story.

Palin look-a-likes compete in strip contest!

Here's just another example of how popular Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is. These ladies are competing in a strip contest in Las Vegas, Nevada,for $10,000 in prize money and a trip to Washington, D.C. for the presidential inauguration. Can you imagine if Palin is the next VP...she'll have plenty of look-a-likes to go to functions she finds boring!

DIVORCE WARS: Woman kills Hubby's Avatar

A 43-year-old Japanese piano teacher's sudden divorce from her online husband in a virtual game world made her so

angry that she logged on and killed his digital persona, police said. She was arrested for breaking into someone's computer. I got to tell you, the Japanese take their virtual world gaming very seriously! CLICK HERE to got all of the sordid details.

As It Stands today in the Times-Standard

Your vote is under assault these days, as cases of voter registration fraud,and computer fraud are rampant.

CLICK HERE to read the whole column.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...