Saturday, February 17, 2018

You Can Stop 'The Witch Hunt' Bullshit Now Donny!

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Now that 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities have been indicted by a federal grand jury on charges of interfering in the 2016 presidential election, Trump can stop crying about a "witch hunt."

That tune isn't going to play well now that it's official: Russia did interfere with our last election and these charges are only the beginning.

Most of the fake news planted by the Russians was derogatory towards Hillary Clinton and favorable to Trump, according to the 37-page indictment.

eal Americans were paid to organize and attend Trump rallies to support him. The irony of this is Trump claimed the Democrats were the one's paying people to disrupt his campaign rallies!

To no one's surprise, Trump interrupted the indictment as saying there was no collusion between his campaign and the Russian trolls.

On his way to hide out in his Florida retreat aboard Air Force One, Trump tweeted "NO COLLUSION."

Congressman Adam Schiff tweeted in return:

"No, Mr. President. The Special Counsel's indictment states no conclusion on collusion or electoral impact of Russian inference on the election. The former is under investigation and the latter is beyond his scope."

Trump and his cronies are soon going to be on the hot seat themselves. It's just a matter of time.

The White House will try to spin this indictment...but the truth is out. There's no stopping the consequences. 

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Friday, February 16, 2018

Generic Condolances, Cops/Alt-Right Victimizing Trump Protestors, WH Security Joke

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After the deadly school shooting in Florida, Republicans are sending their condolences to families...and little else.

The subject of gun laws surfaced, as it has numerous times this year after mass shootings, but no talk about proactive action to address the nation's gun problem.

Trump tweeted his condolences, but didn't even hint at looking at current gun laws to see if something can be done.
To America's shame, we live in a gun happy world dominated by the NRA, and corrupt lawmakers.

More cop corruption in Washington D.C.

DC police and federal prosecutors have been collaborating with notorious right-wing groups known for their fascist statements and using doctored videos to ambush their targets in an attempt to convict and jail protesters at Trump's inauguration.

The cops are working closely with the Oath Keepers and Project Veritas, both known for fabricating accounts to ambush the media and the political left.

Laughing About Security In The White House

We'll start with the biggest security joke, Trump. His affair with a porn star while married to Melania is only the tip of the iceberg.

Trump is a known groper, and at least a dozen women can attest to that.

His buddy Putin probably has some interesting blackmail photos of Trump doing something bad.

Let's not forget about the 47 members of the White House who still don't have security clearances for their jobs, a year after Trump was elected.

When it comes to security risks, we need to look no further than the White House and the jackass in the Oval Office.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Trump Adminstration: Whose the Bad Boy Today?

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If you're going to try to follow the antics and blatant lies put out by the Trump's administration, be prepared for a daily dose of corruption.

Trump's Veteran's Affairs Secretary, David Shulkin, is the latest member of the Trump team to get ensnared in a scandal. The charges are criminal fraud.

Another great appointee by the orange-faced fool sitting in the Oval Office.

This bad boy comes on the heels of some more Trump bad boys that have recently stepped on their dicks. I'm talking about his Chief-Of-Staff, John Kelly, and his personal and White House Counsel lawyer, Don McGahn.

They both lied about how much they knew, and when, about WH staffer Rob Porter's background. FBI Director Chris Wray testified to lawmakers they both knew well in advance of last week.

Of all people, Republican Trey Gowdy is conducting an investigation into what they both knew and how far the cover-up for Porter extended.

Gowdy is also looking into why, and how, so many White House Staffers have been working without a full security clearance. A lot of people want to know that.

I can see the investigation getting dicey when they look at Jared Kushner's FBI files and see why he hasn't been cleared yet. He's the next bad boy to have his ass roasted by some lawmakers.

We all know Donny is the "baddest" of the bad boys lurking around the White House.

It ought to be amusing when Trump's ex-girlfriend, porn star Stormy McDaniels, starts singing about her illicit relationship with Trump who was married to Melania at the time and who had just given birth to their son Baron.

Another Trumpie will soon be joining the bad boy club of shame. That's attorney Michael Cohen, who claimed he gave Stormy $130,000 out of his own pocket, and that he never billed Trump for the money.

Think about that claim for a moment. A lawyer pays Trump's hush money out of his own bank account...because he doesn't want anything bad to happen to Donny.

That's about as believable as Trump never lies!

Here's the kicker, when Cohen publicly announced he paid her a $130,000, Stormy felt she was free to tell her story, according to her manager.

And let's not forget another Trump appointee, Scott Pruitt, who is the first EPA administrator to have a 24-hour security detail that accompanies him at all times, even at the agency's headquarters in Washington.

His first-class flying habits have been questioned for months by taxpayer groups who demand an explanation.

Pruitt was asked about the issue following a Washington Post report on Sunday that detailed some of his travel expenses, including a $1,641.43 first-class seat for a short flight in June from Washington to New York City.

Pruitt's ticket cost six times what EPA paid for his aides seated in coach.

His reasoning for this? He's afraid of the public. Probably for good reason.

A recent AP report also talked about how Pruitt personally took off (he sat there and dictated to a flunky) all climate change information from the EPA website. 

The use of luxury air travel by members of Trump's Cabinet has been under scrutiny for months, after the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price in September following media reports he spent at least $400,000 in taxpayer funds on private jets for himself and his staff.

No shortages of bad boys during the Trump regime. The question is, whose the bad boy today?

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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Immigration/Infrastructure Scam Spending Proposed By Trump is Heartless

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Our Moron-In-Charge has been acting like a troll again on Twitter, threatening that this is the "last chance" for DACA and Immigration reform, if he doesn't get his full agenda.

On the chopping block, so-called entitlement programs like food stamps for the poor, to offset state infrastructure costs.

Under Trump's proposal, states and local governments are responsible for coming up with the money to carry out their own infrastructure needs.

And the way to do that - according to Trump's latest scam - is to dismantle social safety nets across the country by making the states do what the federal government couldn't do.

Giving up domestic programs for the poor in exchange for some political agenda. It sets well in Trump's putrid playbook, and the GOP have been trying to do just that for years.

Trump also made sure to include a ridiculous waste of money ($25 billion) to build his "wall," or there would be no deal.

He tweeted a thinly-veiled threat by noting March 5th is coming up (a deadline he imposed on the DACA program) and there won't be another chance to help the Dreamers if he doesn't get his way.

As usual Trump has it wrong. A recent court ruling has rendered that threat meaningless by erasing Trump's timeline.

Another Judge Blocks Trump Administration From Ending DACA Program

Threats. Lies. Diversions. This is Trump's management style and Republican lawmakers are enabling him.

But, there will be a price to pay at the voting booths this fall when Republicans have to face an accounting for their treatment of the Constitution, laws of this land, and slavish support of Trump.

Speaking of Immigration...

I wonder why Trump isn't talking about Melania's parents who are now living in the USA?

How did they get here? Chain migration? Living here illegally? Work permits? Special exception?

We'll never know because the White House has refused to talk about it. Like so many other issues.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Porter Supporters in the WH Are Morally Bankrupt, Just Like Trump

Good Day World!

The clock is ticking for White House Chief of Staff, John Kelly.

Unlike his boss Trump, Kelly is going to go down for lying (something Trump does daily) about the whole Porter affair. The facts don't line up with the bullshit being spewed. 

The Washington Post and the New York Times have reported that Kelly knew all about Porter's wife-beating past and instead of firing him, Kelly elected to keep him in the White House.


Did Trump want Porter to stay? 

If it was just Kelly's decision to allow Porter to work without a security clearance, how long did he think that he could get away with it before someone in the FBI spoke up? He's been on the job for over a year without one.

Meanwhile, how many others in the White House knew about that "bad boy" Porter's past? I'm willing to bet WH staffer Hope Hicks knew all about Porter's former wives for a long time.

After all, they were "dating." That's Washington speak for they were screwing like bunnies. You can't tell me someone as bright as Hicks didn't know the score with Porter's past.

It didn't matter. In the Trump White House anything goes...until someone finally catches up with by one.

Either Porter lied to the FBI about his past (a crime), or his accusers lied to the FBI. The FBI, based upon evidence, believe his former wives accusations of domestic abuse.

If the FBI wouldn't give Porter a security clearance, they had good reason not too.

If Ex-Marine General Kelly is given his marching papers, it's going to be fascinating to see who Trump replaces him with.

I have a sneaky feeling there won't be a long line of applicants for the job. Working directly under Trump can't be appealing, even if you're a sado-masochist.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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