Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Mainstream Media is Doing a Disservice to American Viewers

I can't trust the so-called mainstream media these days because it's looking more like the lamestream media when it comes to coverage on Trump's bid to overturn our Constitutional Democracy and become America's first dictator.

It seems the news organizations didn't learn their mistake the first time when Trump ran for the presidency, and they gave him carte blanche coverage - lies and all. That's where the problem began when it came to factual and credible reporting about Trump.

This massive mistake by editors has taken its toll on journalism in America, muddying up the truth to the point no one knows what to believe. By giving a malicious sociopath so much coverage - without constantly fact-checking him - news organizations are doing a disservice to their viewers and readers.

Here's the most recent example...

CNBC made a curious decision to WELCOME Donald Trump onto its airwaves for an extended live telephone chat Monday.

Squake Box news line, hosted by Joe Kernen, allowed itself to be taken over by the twice-impeached, four-time indicted, insurrection-inciting former president who immediately launched his trademark "fact free" rants.

Kernen didn't even make the slightest attempt to correct the lies Trump was spewing to thousands of listeners. Listening to the CNBC host brushing aside the insidious comments and outright lies told me that this wasn't a serious interview.

There was one or two feeble attempts to ask him a question, but they were turned aside as Trump dominated the broadcast with his rambling and laundry list of lies.

The whole thing was a disgrace. Not one attempt to live fact-check the biggest liar on the planet. The station running their Mea culpa acknowledgement stating the facts about Trump's claims AFTER THE FACT was a useless attempt to cover up the damage inflicted.

How many people won't see or hear this admission they let loose lips Trump tell lies live on the air? It's a typical Trumpian tactic that only works if a network is complicit - like CNBC was this time.

Why is this happening?

I think it's obvious. Trump is a money-maker who every time he gets a platform his cult tunes in like the loyal minions they are. These once-respectable news outlets have made a decision - milk Trump mania if it continues to bring in readers or viewers - and damn doing the right thing.

What happened at CNBC was the host surrendered the channel's air to Trump, allowing the convicted rapist to abuse the platform and mislead its audience of influential viewers - by phone.

It wasn't a "perfect phone call."

As a former newspaper publisher and editor, I'm aghast at what's happening to journalism in this country today.

I remember when publications and social platforms couldn't get away with blatantly lying because their viewers and readers would call them out. 

Some listeners may call out CNBC for letting Trump spread propaganda, but their concerns will go unanswered because the channel waited until AFTER the damage was done to correct Trump.

And that seems to be the new terrible norm in journalism today.

As it Stands, if this trend continues Trump could very well win and then credible journalism in this country will be totally crushed by that orange ape.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Trump Now Owns the Republican National Committee and is Rebranding It

It's official.

Like termites, Trump's handpicked team of loyalists have taken over the Republican National Committee and fired most of the staff in order to completely re-brand the party.

The RNC has chosen a new leadership team, chair Michael Whatley, and co-chair Lara Trump to carry out Donald Trump's every wish.

I'm waiting for Trump to officially rename/rebrand it the Party of Trump. It's inevitable. The man's ego is bigger than a blimp filled with toxic flatulence.

I can imagine the MAGA morons swarming into offices where the last of the conservative Republicans had Ronald Reagan's photo on the walls being quickly replaced with a 24-hour TV monitor hawking Trump merchandise to the faithful.

The elephant symbol for the party will be replaced with golden painted statutes of Trump in assorted ridiculous poses.

The one thing the new Party of Trump doesn't have a lot of is money. According to a January campaign finance filing the GOP had an historically low $8.7 million cash on hand while the Democrats had $24 million.

Then there's that little matter of coming up with millions of dollars to pay Trump's legal fees which will be foremost on the new party's agenda. 

The legal fees in his criminal cases are literally increasing every day, and the coffers can't cover that big a cash drain for long.

Like everything Trump gets his tiny hands on he's blown up the once proud Republican party whose last real conservative members are leaving Congress in droves.

I almost feel sorry for the ousted Republicans, but then I consider they probably voted for the orange ape and are getting their just reward.

Trump is a loser. He has solidified a following of losers who live in an alternate world and are untouched by reality and facts. This dangerous segment of zombies in our society are directly challenging yours, and mine, freedoms. 

As it Stands, the question this November is do we want a Constitutional Democracy? Or do we want an autocracy? We'll find out at the polls.

Monday, March 11, 2024

Remember When?

Do you remember when presidential candidates weren't convicted rapists?

I do.

Let's take a stroll down memory lane in America before chaos set in and a cult that worships dictators that overthrew the Republican party took hold like a cancer in our society.

Remember when there were consequences for trying to overthrow an election? 

Today we have a candidate who not only attempted a coup but who also promises he'll tear up the Constitution if he gets into the Oval Office again.

Remember when it was safe to go to the grocery store or movie theatre? 

Mass shootings have become common in every public space possible - including schools.

Remember when politicians that had extramarital affairs couldn't get elected for president? Think Gary Hart.

Today we have a man convicted of rape, fraud, and charged with 91 felony counts in four jurisdictions, who is the party nominee for president.

Remember when Americans all watched the same news programs on three television stations? ABC, NBC, and CBS. We trusted newscasters like Walter Cronkite and Edward R. Murrow in those days.

Today there are so many news sources with misinformation that people no longer trust what they hear, unless it's a platform featuring things they want to hear. Millions of Americans are living in news silos that gratifies their personal desires.

Remember when there was only one interpretation for the word patriot?

Now the word has been demeaned by the far right and is used to portray followers of the Trump cult. 

Remember when Republicans believed in our Constitutional Democracy?

Now they believe in an autocratic state ran by one man with no limit to his powers.

Remember when it was shameful if you were caught lying in public?

Now it's a badge of honor for Trump's minions who have learned how to double down on lies.

As it Stands, I'm deeply disappointed with the current state of affairs in our not so United States of America. Despite that, I still believe there's enough good people in this country to reverse the negative trends we face today.

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Why is there so Much Hostility Against Churches?

A new report has found that there is a growing "hostility and distain" for Christians in America.

Note that the report, coming from the conservative Family Research Council, is only about Christian churches and does not address the violence against Jewish Temples and other minority religions.

According to Rev. Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Grham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse. the report showed how far-left ideologies have infiltrated the culture and increased "distain" for Christians.

On Christian Churches in America 

When you talk about Christian churches in America they are really divided in their interpretations of God's laws and Jesus's mission among the people.

The majority (42%) of Christian Americans are Protestant, though there are significant numbers of American Roman Catholics and other Christian denominations such as Latter-Day Saints, Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox Christians and Jehovah's Witnesses.

Off shoots to the church like Baptists and Evangelicals are becoming dominate among the religions groups and are more likely to get involved in politics. Nationalist Christians are on the rise.

Which brings us to the question of why there's so much hostility against churches?

With the emergence of the Trump cult congregations, we're seeing a war against other religions and secular citizens across the nation.

Evangelical pastors are worshiping Lord Trump and preach hatred against anyone who defies the wannabe dictator.

How Trump managed to pollute and indoctrinate so many pastors is a mystery to me. The result has been a rise in antisemitism and anti-government propaganda spread by gullible parishioners who think taking a stand for Trump is what God wants.

The narrative these fake pastors pass on is that socialism is taking over the country and they fear "true Christians" will be locked up and prosecuted by the liberals. That doomsday scenario appeals to these false representatives of God who spread lies instead of the gospel.

In the Bible there's a passage warning about "false prophets." They are here now spreading the seeds of hate.

Today's false prophets are pushing for anarchy instead of talking about love and forgiveness. 

MAGA pastors complain they are experiencing a "white collar persecution," such as threats, government harassment, and efforts by politicians or activist groups to silence the church.

What's happening is there's resistance to these prophets and their deplorable followers who would like to run the government and install their Lord Trump as a lifetime dictator. Most Americans aren't happy with the chaos these false prophets have brought to our society.

As it Stands, there's other reasons why church attendance is down in America and why violence against all denominations is at an all-time high.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...