Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trump vs Immigration Judges: Bribery is Going to Force Quotas

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Repressive nations all have one thing in common: a lack of an independent judiciary.

Trump, and his puppet Sessions, have become a genuine threat to the independence of our immigration bench.

That's because immigration judges are part of the executive branch, unlike the federal district courts and courts of appeal. Article III of the Constitution guarantees the complete independence of those courts, but not for immigration judges. 

Knowing this was a loophole that could be exploited, Trump puppet, Sessions, is intent on imposing a quota system on federal immigration judges, tying their annual evaluations to the number of cases they decide in a year.

It's common knowledge among judges that in the immigration system it's easier, and faster, to deport immigrants than to hold hearings to determine if they can stay.

Under Sessions watchful eye, judges who try 700 or more cases a year will get good evaluations. Those judges under that number risk getting poor evaluations.

There's a principle that has been a hallmark or our legal culture: the president shouldn't be able to tell judges what to do.

Trump, the disruptor, could care less. His battle with federal judges has been ongoing, and his disdain for our legal system is no secret. He's proud of it.

Due process requires that judges are free from political influence. Trump's idea of assembly-line justice is a mockery of our whole legal system.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

The Mexicans Are Coming! The Mexicans are coming...

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You're excused if you're confused by Trump's sudden need to militarize our southern border.

To listen to our Liar-In-Chief you'd think hordes of rabid armed Hispanics are surging across the border and threatening Americans.

It's interesting and telling that there are not yet any details about that Guard shift to the border; Trump's decision caught pretty much everyone by surprise.

The contradiction is that he wants credit for lowering border crossings, but suddenly thinks the problem is so urgent as to require military intervention.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen even called it the "Trump effect" when she briefed reporters at the White House Wednesday -- pointing out that his policies had led to a decrease in crossings during his first year in office.

But then she said that despite the many actions the administration has taken to discourage them and to end programs, "we've recently seen the numbers of illegal border crossings rise from 40-year lows last April, back to previous levels."

That's the opposite of what Trump said Thursday -- that crossings were at a 46-year low.

t's also worth bearing in mind that Trump has pivoted in April to a hard focus on the border and his frustration with Congress.

That he also has an eye on midterm elections, where Republicans are facing headwinds, and how that issue will play with the voters who put him in the White House has been documented by CNN's Jeremy Diamond.

As usual, Trump is trying to have it both ways on an issue. This not only confuses his staff and government department heads, but the American public too.

Remember the little boy who cried wolf once too often?

Trump's base whistle, "The Mexicans are coming! The Mexicans are coming!" is just another example of exploiting fears among a small population of voters who wear his silly red MAGA hat, and think carrying AR-15s around is patriotic.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trump Parasites Infesting Societal Safeguards

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Every corporation that wants a pass on Clean Water compliance is invited to privately meet with one of Trump's parasites in power...Scott Pruitt.

In a new directive, Pruitt said he will make final critical decisions about preservation of streams, ponds and wetlands.

In the memo, Pruitt directed EPA regional offices to "cede their Clean Water Act determinations" to him.

In other words, Pruitt intends to disregard any suggestions that EPA scientists and local EPA officials make, and to pursue his overriding agenda of doing away with all the nations protection for our waterways.

The result of the new memo:

Pruitt, who knows nothing about local environmental conditions, will be making the decisions about wetlands and waterways he's probably never seen.

Prior to the memo, Headquarters approval was just a rubber stamp because they knew regional offices and scientists had the expertise.

The latest move by Pruitt is his Plan B, as it is becoming increasingly clear that his Clean Water rewrite plan is illegal and will be tossed out in court.

Pruitt is only one example of how Trump plants partisan ticks into key government positions in order to further his hateful agendas.

Let's not forget, this is the same scumbag that's already under scrutiny for renting a room in a condo from the wife of an energy lobbyist and for a $120,000 work trip to Italy last year.

The Atlantic also pointed out yesterday that Pruitt put in for huge raise for two of his Oklahoma buddies, and the White House turned him down; which apparently didn't stop him from still finagling a $28,000, and $57,000, raise for them.

After the Atlantic's report, Pruitt claimed he didn't know jack didley shit about those raises, and as soon as he found out he rescinded them immediately.

Yeah, right Pru boy.

Meanwhile, the courts are doing their part in trying to protect the country.

Still, it's going to take a big turnout of Democratic voters in the midterms to start reversing Trump's parasitic infections in our government.

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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Every Time Trump Has a Twitter Tantrum Stocks Plunge

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Wall Street should be worried.

Traders and investors have been trying to adjust for Trump's tantrums since he took office. Lately, the tantrums are punishing Amazon investors.

Trump, who hates Amazon's owner, Jeff Bezos, has seized  onto a conspiracy of his own making; that Amazon is ripping off the U.S. Postal Service and billions of dollars are being wasted because of the company.

Anyone bothering to look a little closer at Trump's hatred of Bezos, also knows that he owns The Washington Post, a publication Trump loathes!

So far, Trump's attacks have wiped out billions of dollars of the company's stocks, which plunge every time Trump tweets about Amazon.

Other tweets focusing on Donny's trade war with the world have been contributing to the instability that has rocked the stock market recently.

Bloomberg reported that stocks are on track for their worst April since 1929. Remember what happened that year? You got it...the stock market collapsed.

The fact that we have a president who recklessly attacks our own economy and his perceived enemies while claiming to help it, doesn't bode well for the stock market's future.

Particularly galling, is the fact we have a moron like Trump, whose twitter tantrums are a daily occurrence, playing with Americans investments.

I'm no financial expert, or money pundit, but it's apparent to me that as long as Trump sits in that Oval Office governing by tweets, the stock market is going to be in for a long (and ugly) roller coaster ride.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Racist Bully Trump Renews Attacks Against Immigrants

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Here's how classy our president is; On Easter Sunday he stood next to the Easter Bunny and touted our military.

Think about it. On a day of peace, which Easter Sunday is known worldwide for, our dictator-in-waiting also decided to boot the Dreamers out of the country.

His rants on DACA leave no doubt that he could care less about those 800,000 people currently in limbo.

He blames the Democrats of course, but anyone following what's happening in Congress knows full well he cares more about his multi-billion dollar wall than in granting any kind of amnesty for the Dreamers.

What's happening is Trump has nearly gotten rid of all of his official babysitters, with the exception of chief-of-staff, John Kelly, who has become just another puppet willing to put up with anything Trump does. No matter how illegal.

It's apparent Trump has shook off all his restraints after a year-and-a-half, and has returned to his normal self - a damn racist bully!

Trump's willingness to play on deep-seated fears of the "other," helped get him elected in 2016. 

"They" were invading America,Trump argued. "They" were challenging "our" values, changing the face of America in ways that were deeply damaging to the country.

Trump has continued to blow the dog whistle as President - insisting that on everything from immigration to trade, America is under very serious threat from the "other," and that unless things change, we will lose what is fundamentally American.

Look for a relentless focus on the wall and the threats posed by allegedly unfettered immigration between now and November.

Trump is hoping to pump up his base to back up GOP midterm candidates. Political pundits believe a Blue Wave is coming in November, and this is Trump's way of fighting back.

I really wonder if anyone in Congress is ever going to stand up to Trump's racist agendas?

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Monday, April 2, 2018

It's Political Deju Vu Time Folks!

Good Day World!

It's political deju vu time.

You may think it's 2018 and the midterm elections are coming up, but the Republicans think it's still the 2016 election.

Rick Wilson, a Florida-based Republican strategist and ad-maker, said the GOP's strategic bet is that shifting the focus back to Clinton "lets Republicans and Donald Trump pretend like the 2016 campaign is still going on."

Conservative news outlets have never stopped covering her with election-year intensity.

Democratic campaign officials say the GOP's throw-back message reflects the lack of an effective new one in what promises to be a tough year for Republicans.

They may have a point, but it still energizes the haters in the party.

Trump, who is already holding 2020 campaign rallies in key presidential swing states feature "lock her up!" chants.

If you've been following the GOP it's like the election never ended.

Some 17 months after Election Day 2016, Fox News is still devotes roughly equal time to Trump and Clinton, according to an analysis by the liberal media watchdog Media Matters — despite the fact that one is now a private citizen, and the other president of the United States. 

The question is how prolific Trump's base really is. The idea that they will rise in great numbers in November, united in their hate for Hillary is a flawed one in reality.

The Democrats are getting their message out and it's all about the here-and-now. Some are running on "hate Trump" platforms, but most have turned to messages that appeal to the majority of Americans.

It's no coincidence that the GOP has made villains of two women, Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. It's a reflection of the male-dominated Trump crew of puppets.

I'm looking forward to the day that Mueller exposes Trump's corruption and collusion with the Russians. I expect the chants of "Lock him up!" will ring through every city in the nation!

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

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