Friday, September 10, 2021

California Recall Is Facing Another 'Big Lie' By Republicans

The 2020 Big Lie by Trump is surfacing again in the California recall election on Sept. 14th.

The Big Lie will be a Republican mainstay from here on out in any election. The claims of a "rigged election" in California days before the voting even begins heralds a another chapter of corruption in the GOP.

Like Trump, California politicians are claiming the election will be rigged if they lose it

For starters; California has nearly twice as many registered Democrats as registered Republicans. Advantage blue.

This fact doesn't even register with right-wing Republicans who are already whining about losing an election that hasn't started yet.

It's important to realize that we now live in the era of the Big Lie. For better or worse, GOP candidates are clinging to the lie in the hope it will get them elected.

Some Republicans have not even bothered to offer a specific explanation for their baseless fraud assertions. 

Faux News commentator Tomi Lahren claimed, "The only thing that will save Gavin Newsom is voter fraud. So, as they say, 'stay woke.' Pay attention to the voter fraud going on in California."

Not to be outdone by Faux, Newsmax television host Grant Stinchfield said, "They're going to cheat to win. The mail-in scheme is rigged."

None of this should come as a surprise. Trump and his minions have planted the lie firmly in the minds of their extreme base.

Like the original Big Lie, this latest attempt to steal an election will probably fail. Newsom is well ahead on the most recent polls.

It won't matter however. I fully expect to see the Big Lie take front and center in next years midterms.

Thursday, September 9, 2021

Politics VS Public Safety: Republican Governors Crossing The Line Of No Return

Rhetoric and outright lies are not going to stop the deadly new COVID mutation - the Delta variant - from infecting and killing thousands of Americans every day.

Apparently that doesn't stop eight Republican governors from banning masking in schools and public places in the name of...wait for it...FREEDOM.

Free to die from ignorance and partisanship that has conservatives around the country consuming horse de-wormers or bleach.

Among those science-denying GOP governors there's two that stand out like a pimple on someone's ass; Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

DeSantis has been waging war against face masks the moment they were proposed by the CDC. He's threated school districts and even individuals in the education system if they don't comply with his anti-masking demands.

Thus far the courts have held DeSantis back like a rabid dog, but he's not giving up and has filed an emergency appeal in hopes of stopping school masking mandates.


Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and his right-wing Attorney General, Ken Paxton, vowed to punish any school district that defied Abbott's ban on mask mandates.

Then something odd happened. Republican lawmakers (who are in the majority) failed to pass a mandate stopping masking in schools. As a matter of fact, they didn't even bother to put up a bill preventing masking after the first one failed.

That left Abbott and Paxton no other recourse than to take their fight to the courts. So far it's resulted in chaos as different judges reached different conclusions about whether to uphold mask mandates or block them.

There's six other governors that have crossed the line between politics and public safety.

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt is in a standoff with local school officials who want students to wear face masks.

The other five governors that have joined in the culture war are from; Arizona, Arkansas, Iowa, South Carolina, and Utah.

All of these governors have one thing in common, they put politics ahead of public safety. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Texas is the Rape Capitol of the Country and It Just Got Worse

Right-wing maniac, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, is proud of himself for forcing victims of rape and incest to have unwanted babies with the new law he signed.

Let's take a look at three reasons why this new abortion law is such a bad idea:

1.) According to Statista, there were almost 15,000 rapes in Texas in 2019 - the most of any state in the nation.

2.) The new law outlaws abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, which is as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Many women - including rape survivors - may not even know they are pregnant by that point.

3.) It's worth mentioning that Texas has more than 2,000 rape kits backlogged.

In a press conference yesterday, after Abbott signed the bill into law, he was asked about the rape and incest victims getting no protection.

His reply was a typical right-wing retort; "Texas will work tirelessly to make sure that we eliminate all rapists from the streets of Texas by aggressively going out and arresting them and prosecuting them and getting them off the streets."

What? Wait a minute. Does that mean the state is not aggressively going after those cretins until just now because of the new law?

And, Abbott said he's going to eliminate all rapes. I wonder how that's possible?

Texas Democrat, Rep. Gene Wu, hit the nail on the head; "Oh really? The governor had a solution to end all RAPE and he sat on it until now? Does it involve horse de-wormer?"

The reality is there's no way to totally eliminate rapes. But there are things Abbott and the state could do to reduce rapes. Passing a law that criminalizes rape survivors is not one of them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2021

You Pick The Color Of The Sky: It's Optional in America Today

Fact and fiction are being redefined as our society sinks deeper into a rabbit hole of hate.

There is no longer room for compromise among the red and the blue. White and black realities are more stark than ever.

The chaos from the Trump regime continues nearly a year after his loss to Joe Biden. If anything, things are getting worse as voter suppression has become mission number one for Trumpy Republicans.

The Mike Lindell's and Sydney Powell's of the far-right openly lie and laugh at the fools who believe their fever dreams. Reality is no longer recognized by right-wing extremists and their sheep-like followers.

That's the reason QAnon is spreading like noxious mushrooms through rural areas and cities. Followers prefer to be divorced from the real world where their reality sucks.

Anti-vaxxers disavow science and common sense in favor of off-the-wall remedies that often prove fatal.

The color of the sky, or grass, has become questionable as Republican's ask people to not always believe what they see...or hear. Denying facts gets easier every day.

Apparently we've reached a point in our society where questioning reality has become commonplace. Nothing is too far out.

The ramifications of this willing brain drain will become part and parcel of our republic's demise from within. 

There's consequences for denying reality. One of the biggest that comes to mind is denying that climate change is ravaging the planet. 

The forces of nature get deadlier every year with massive droughts, "super-wildfires," monster storms, increased tornados, huge hurricanes, flooding, and rising temperatures across the globe.

If you believe in the real world, in facts, and what you see and hear, stay strong. There's a good chance the odds will catch up (it probably won't be pretty) to those who live with alternative realities.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Insurrection in Brazil? President Bolsonaro is Following Trump's Roadmap for a Coup

Latin America's "Trump" Jair Bolsonaro, must have liked what he saw during the USA's Jan. 6 coup attempt at the Capitol.

Today may see Brazil's coup attempt akin to our insurrection when Bolsonaro's supporters flood the country with mass marchers who want to overturn the country's constitution.

Bolsonaro has been priming his followers with rants about Brazil's congress and supreme court after it allowed an investigation into his unsubstantiated claim that Brazil's electronic voting system is vulnerable to fraud.

Sound familiar? It should. Trump's minions claimed Smartmatic and Dominion computers were hacked. We now know that they weren't.

Another Trump Deja vu moment; Bolsonaro is claiming fraud before the general election set for October 2022. This false claim comes as he's up for re-election. 

Back to Today

Twenty former world leaders are warning that Bolsonaro is backing a coup attempt on Tuesday.

If his followers are anything like Trump's - and I suspect they are - expect chaos at the very minimum.

The people of Brazil have struggled for decades to secure democracy from military rule.

It would be a crime to see a Trump wanabee take over the country and take away people's freedoms.

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Texas 'Snitch Website' Back: New Home is Provider for Neo-Nazi and Extremist Sites

The controversial Texas abortion "whistleblower" website that was kicked off of GoDaddy's platform is back.

The new host for is a far- right platform - Epik - an infamous provider for offering safe harbor to neo-Nazis and other nuts.

Critics have gone online calling the website the "snitch hotline.

It was created by the anti-abortion evangelical group Texas Right To Life.

From the day the snitch line was created it was flooded with bogus tips and Shrek porn which crashed the site numerous times.

The Catalyst For The Snitch Line

Texas Gov. Abbott passed a near-total abortion ban last week. The Supreme Court did a disservice to women throughout the country by refusing to block the measure.

A good barometer for how extreme the snitch site is the decision to go to a platform of last resort for extremist websites that other domain hosting companies have deemed too toxic is an example of how unpopular the site is.

Epik's infamous sites include the QAnon home base, Alex Jone's conspiracy theory network InfoWars, as well as right-wing social media sites Parler and Gab.

To my utter surprise, there's apparently limits according to the founder Robert Monster (no, I didn't make the last name up), who disabled the snitch site's anonymous tip submission form!

It's ironic that a platform that deals in conspiracies and lies about everything from COVID vaccines to a stolen 2020 election, had to put limits on the Texas Right To Life snitch site for "violating Epik's Terms of Use."

Apparently even the crazies have a problem with Abbott's attempts to pay people a bounty ($10,000) to take away a woman's rights to her body through underhanded means.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...