Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Another 2020 Moment: Trump Awards Himself the Nobel Peace Prize

This year has been norm shattering. Many things in our society will never be the same again.

The list is too long to run here, but the top three reasons why our lives have changed forever are; the pandemic, Trump trying to steal the presidential election, and an economy in free fall.

Again, space doesn't permit me to run all the crazy things Trump's done this year.

After watching the video Trump shared Monday, I am submitting it as a great example of what Americans have been putting up with.

In an awkward attempt to congratulate himself, Trump tweeted a montage of his supposed accomplishments (most in his tiny brain). 

The most amusing claim was he won The Nobel Peace Prize. Of course, he didn't, but that didn't matter. He's shown (in a doctored photo) holding up a certificate alongside some real Nobel Prize winners.

A caption below states, "Trump stands for peace" as the logo for the Nobel Peace Prize fills the lower right-hand corner of the screen.

It encapsulates Trump's entire reign; lying and revoking reality at every turn. 

In an interesting result to his latest self-serving promotion, he violated intellectual property law; copywrite and trademark infringement violations.

It's a re-occurring theme throughout Trump's presidency. He's used music from groups and individuals in rallies without their permission. His 2016 and 2020 campaigns used others intellectual property rights with impunity.

Don't expect the Nobel Foundation to go to court over this infringement however. They don't want anything more to do with Don the Con, or his alternate universe.

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