Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ashes to diamonds - wear a loved one today!

Diamonds really are forever.  A small company in Switzerland uses ashes of dead people to make diamonds! So much for diamonds just being a girl's friend eh?

The technology for making artificial diamonds goes back to the 1950's when General Electric came up with the idea by subjecting carbon to huge pressure and temperature. There's even a place in Phoenix Arizona, that makes diamonds from hair!

President Bush see's 'signs' that economy is improving

President Bush is telling Americans to "don't worry," and "be happy," this Labor Day Weekend. He has seen signs-perhaps a mystic revelation-that we're doing better these days.

This despite other economic news that shows consumer spending has slowed to a crawl and people are worried.


Do you think Bush has had a revelation, or is he just spouting his usual rhetoric?  

Friday, August 29, 2008

Caution:these two columns may piss you off!

These two columns have been published in Nolan Chart today:

1) Paranoid police picked the wrong convention to model riot gear!

    Anyone with any sense should have known that anti-war protestors will go for the source-the Republican's National Convention. Just who started the wars anyhow?

2)Okay let's just get it out in the open: Playing The Gender Card With Palin.

    Everyone on the planet knows that some of Hillary's followers were feminists who were voting on the Gender Card, and that when she lost to Obama they had to go somewhere!   

The truth is out there - and it's X-rated!

David Duchovny recently received a Golden Globe award for portraying a over-sexed struggling writer on Showtime's Californication. Now life imitates fiction and he has checked into a rehabilitation facility for sex addition!

He's been married since 1997 to Tea Leoni, and they have two children. If anybody remembers the Red Shoe Diaries, then they know Duchovny has a backround in so-called Soft Porn.


I've never known anyone that had to go to rehab for sex addition, and can't help wondering at what point are you addicted to sex?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Surprising readership on some columns

For a lark I decided to Google this blog - AS IT STANDS - and was shocked when 3 columns I wrote appeared on the very first page!

Only two short listings appear before my column: "Outsourcing newspapers is offensive."
It was followed by; "Prosthetic ears, thieves, and payback," and
"Animal activists use terror tactics"

On Page 7, the animal activist column again; Page 15 had, "Vehicles that run on air are here," Page 20 had, "Living in the Twilight Zone," and Page 21 finally had this blog!

I didn't feel too bad however, as there were 81 Pages under this category.

It's interesting how some columns become so well read, and others (that I thought were better) don't get the same readership. I guess what I'm trying to say is I don't fully understand who reads my columns by the very disparity of subjects. It's hit and miss. There must be a magic formula that I could follow to have all of my stuff well-read. I'll just have to keep trying I suppose.

As long as it's fun, it's all good!

Biden may have a problem

It's been Happy Days recently for Joe Biden. But there's dark clouds forming in the future as his brother and son have been benefiting from his Congressional ties, according to this article in The Los Angeles Times.


Do you think Sen. Biden running as VP may turn out to be a liability for Obama?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Requiem for a veteran: Bob Porter

Bob Porter was a veteran who was proud of his country, his time in service (2 tours in Vietnam), and who sought refuge in our local veterans stand down. He made friends and became part of the volunteer community. He wasn't famous or high profile.

Bob was just a regular guy who died suddenly and unexpectedly two weeks ago. He will be honored at stand down this year in October when the organizers dedicate the weekend to him. He was an inspiration to many and will be missed by many people.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Flight attendants prepare to be porn police

It's really no fun being a flight attendant these days. Read my column that was published today in Nolan Chart.

The public is peeved with the airlines and having to pay for pillows and blankets. Now Delta, and the other big carriers are going to provide wi-fi access (for a price of course) to passengers.

The flight attendants now have to be ready to confront someone viewing porn and to make them stop it. It could get a little dicey though if they think the nudes in the art site the person is viewing is porn, or someone else thinks it is. Not to mention First Amendment issues.

McCain with PTSD column featured on Daily Crock

Check it out, my recent column on McCain having PTSD has been picked up by a radio show host in New Mexico who also started the blog this column is being featured in today.

This particular column has gotten a lot of feedback on the Times-Standard Online forum. I bring up an inconvenient reminder of the 2000 campaign when his famous temper was an issue. He still has it folks. His spin-boys are trying to keep the topic of PTSD out of the press, but truth has a funny way of leaking out.

Authorities uncover plot to kill Obama

This morning details are coming out about a possible plot to assassinate Barack Obama. Apparently at least one of four men arrested yesterday planned to shot Obama at the outdoor acceptance speech.

I have to admit that my prime concern for Obama has been this kind of thing. There's so many racists in this country that hate him because he's black, that it's not funny. The suspected person that was going to do the shooting has White Power/Supremacy tattoos. The four men were also "geeter-heads" pumped up on meth and holding a quantity of it when they were busted.


Do you think there will be more attempts on Obama's life before he's elected, or afterwards?


Monday, August 25, 2008

It's The GOP's Turn Now!

Those nasty Republicans are trying to keep my presidential pick, Bob Barr, off the Pennsylvania ballot! In this satirical letter to the Libertarian Party I plead McCains case!

Desperate Dems Seek a Miracle

What an interesting Democratic National Convention. Setting security aside, how about having a man with a malignant brain tumor come to hopefully heal the hotheads in the place?

Today's As It Stands in Nolan Chart online, I examine that possibility.

Abandoned baby found safe with dog

A baby was found safe in a dog pen after being abandoned by her 14-year-old mother who had just given birth to her.

The newborn girl was found by a farmer snuggled up with a mother dog and her brood of puppies. Authorities in Buenos Aires aren't sure if the baby was left outside and the mother dog brought her in or not.


It's Monday with another work week ahead fellow bloggers. I don't know about you, but I'll be watching the Democratic National Convention closely. Supposedly, authorities claim that there is a chance of riots, but thus far (and the anti-war people are already there and have been since Saturday) there's been no problems. Let's see what happens between now and Thursday.


I think this is going to be a fairly peaceful convention (outside - or as far as protestors go). Do you anticipate rioting protestors during the convention?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

As It Stands didn't run today

For those of you who were wondering where my Times-Standard column is's my fault that it didn't run.

Yes, I screwed up and didn't get my column into the editor before I left town this weekend. I didn't even leave my cell phone number for her! What a dummy! My apologies to all concerned.

I just now got back, and I guess I'll work on my book the rest of the afternoon. Peace.

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...