Saturday, February 3, 2024

The 2024 Election is All About Putting on a Good Show

"All the world's a stage, and all men and women merely players." - William Shakespeare

Politics involves the art of performance.

Politicians stage rallies that rival Broadway plays with stories about how they're going to make everyone's life better if they vote for them.

None of this was lost on Trump when he went down the elevator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy for president in 2016.

There was a small, but enthusiastic group of people who greeted him after he descended. It seemed spontaneous at first, but later the truth came out.

Trump's campaign paid the people $50 each to cheer and hold up signs so the media could see how popular he was. 

That was the first time Trump's campaign used the tactic and as time went by his rally/productions were salted with paid fans sitting (or standing behind him) supposedly representing minority groups and organizations.

The whole idea of creating an illusion became the hallmark of Trump's 2016 winning campaign, and when he lost in 2020 reality sent him into a cognitive tailspin.

His campaign for re-election in 2024 has invested in every corrupt tactic possible to re-capture the Oval Office. Including such productions as train derailments where he flew in for a photo op in East Palestine, Ohio and paid a group of locals to stand around and cheer his ridiculous rant about trains.

In a knee jerk reaction to Joe Biden joining the picket line this past September for the United Auto Workers (UAW), the Trump campaign scurried around like rats to counter the move.

The Trump campaign paid Drake Enterprises, a non-union auto parts shop in Clinton Township, $20,000 to stage a fake event with people holding up "Union Members for Trump" signs behind him to make it look like he was holding a rally with union workers on strike.

During the paid for rally, he rambled nonsense that if he wasn't elected the entire American auto industry was going to move to China. 

For the record, the media confirmed there were no UAW members in attendance.


"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves. - Edward R. Murrow


Trump's TV performances on The Apprentice for five years built him a fanbase that morphed into MAGA, and they have never left him regardless of the crimes he's committed since.

In spite of his loyal base Trump needs more votes which means he has to keep up the illusion of being there for all Americans. That leads to casting paid actors for his rallies which haven't shown any resemblance to the size they were in the 2020 election. 

This presidential election Trump is holding rallies in high schools and small auditoriums that he's not even filling every time. It seems his act is growing old.

With all the court cases against Trump his calendar is full until election day and beyond. It's getting harder to stage his shows because he's pouring millions into lawyers to defend himself in four criminal trials.

As usual, Trump will continue to grift his supporters and entertain them with misinformation and lies as long as he can get away with it.

As it stands, "Any politician who can be elected by turning Americans against each other is too dangerous to be elected." - Thomas Sowell

Friday, February 2, 2024

If Hypocrisy Could Be Sold in the Stock Market Republicans Would All Be Rich

      Congressional Republicans continue to take hypocrisy to new levels as they defend a twice-impeached president who has 91 felony counts against him in four different jurisdictions.

Oh yeah! Let's not forget. He's also a convicted rapist. Does that sound presidential to you? Well, it does to Trump's lapdogs in Congress.

Watching MAGA morons like Rep. "Gym" Jordan serving a subpoena on Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis today over a trumped-up charge of misusing government grant monies is like taking a step into The Twilight Zone.

Jordan, like his other MAGA cohorts chairing committees, are trying to muddy up the waters in Trump's RICO case in Georgia. It doesn't end there, however. Jordan has still not responded to a legal Congressional subpoena he received and ignored three years ago.

These traitorous Republicans have bought into the Big Lie and have formed a Congressional defense team to fight all of Trump's indictments and felony charges.

Politicians like Jordan hope people won't recall what they did during the Trump presidency and how they participated in trying to overturn the 2020 election.

The GOP House majority has adopted an unfettered "whataboutism" on the question of whether Trump engaged in insurrection after he was voted out of office.

Not only is hypocrisy highly valued in the Republican party it's an intricate part of their arsenal of misinformation and lies. They feel free to defy reality and facts because of their loyalty to Trump who has given them free rein to be the worst they can be.

The only way to combat the rampant hypocrisy the Republicans have adopted is to call them out every time. Tell the whole story. Not a MAGA soundbyte.Tell the truth. Show proof they are hypocrites.

As it stands, the point is: Vote Blue in November if you're fed up with the Republican party's hypocrisy... and lies.

Thursday, February 1, 2024

MAGA Moron Suggests Securing the Southern Border with Alligators

(Photo of American alligator taken near Eagles Pass, Texas, by U.S. border patrol.)

Despite being a myth, 
there's numerous stories about how medieval monarchs constructed moats around castles and stocked them with alligators and crocodiles to discourage unwanted visitors.

It just never happened.

Today however, MAGA moron Lauren Boebert is talking about stocking the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo) with alligators to kill those invading immigrants seeking freedom in America.

Grinning like a brain-dead zombie, Boebert told reporters she would gladly sign legislation that included "alligator moats" to secure the southern border.

Apparently, the idea of men, women, seniors, and children being savagely torn apart appeals to Boebert and her MAGA cohorts. That lack of humanity is pervasive in what was once the Republican party, now the party of Trump.

This is not the first-time alligators have been brought up as a deterrent to immigrants. In 2022 Mexican media reported that "giant alligators" were being released by the U.S. border patrol into the Rio Grande.

People grew alarmed when U.S. border patrol agents photographed an enormous alligator swimming near Eagle Pass, Texas, which is a regular crossing point for migrants.

The official U.S. Border Patrol Facebook page displayed their cruelty and grim sense of humor that year. 

The page stated: "Alligators ask a lot of questions! So much so that they would make great interri-Gators... or even an investi-Gator...or if you need directions, a navi-Gator..."

The Mexican newspaper Excelsior reported that the reptile in the photo was a "crocodile," claiming it was there to scare migrants from crossing to the U.S. side.

Native to Texas, alligators are found in wetlands, marshes, lakes, and marshlands along most of the areas along the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Texas state government.

In 2019, then President Trump wanted to build "alligator moats" along the border. He also suggested using snakes to secure the border. Luckily cooler heads prevailed in that instance.

How any human being, let alone a member of Congress, can be so hateful and cruel baffles me. The scary part is Boebert is not alone when it comes de-humanizing people - whether they're migrants, or minorities.

As it stands, immigration is the hot topic of the day and if MAGA Republicans get their way the chaos on the border won't go away... until their idol Trump gets re-elected in November.

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Impeachment Fever Gripping MAGA World

"Off with her head! Off with their heads! - The Queen of Hearts in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

A GOP fever dream infection began three years ago and is openly festering today in the House of Representatives.

Current calls for impeachment echo throughout the corridors of the People's House every week. 

They're baseless calls spawned by MAGA World who see impeachments as a way to help Trump's election campaign.

Impeach President Joe Biden, and his son Hunter.

Impeach Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

Impeach Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin.

Impeach Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Who's next?

(Despite not being elected officials)

Impeach Taylor Swift?

Impeach Mickey Mouse?

Impeach Stephen Colbert?

Impeach Jimmy Kimmel?

Impeach LeBron James?

Ever since MAGA morons found out about how much chaos they can cause by abusing impeachments they've gone out of their way to impeach someone... anyone.

House Republicans are getting closer to impeaching Mayorkas. If they do, it'll never get past the Democratic majority Senate. 

The MAGA morons know this, but they're preforming for an extremist base who'll dance around in their basements and caves with glee.

"Owning the libtards!" They'll chant around little orange statues of Trump. And that will be the extent of that false impeachment.

Extreme conservatives infected with impeachment fever plan on using what power they have in Congress to keep filing frivolous impeachments up until election day in November.

What else have House Republicans got to brag about? Certainly, there's no legislation they can tout as an accomplishment during their reign in the House. 

Pathetic as the fake impeachment efforts are they still provide fodder for MAGA World which is constantly in need of new lies.

On a more positive note, Republicans are going to reap what they sowed when they lose the House next year. Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.

As it stands, the only reason Trump wasn't impeached in the Senate was Mitch McConnell and a group of corrupt senators saved his orange ass!

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Republicans Are Pushing Another Big Lie

In so-called conservative circles the main mission has been to promote the Big Lie that Trump won the 2020 election.

There's another Big Lie that has been gaining traction this year - the false notion that diversity makes industries and institutions less safe.

Recently Republicans have been hammering military officials, accusing them of crippling the Defense Department's military capabilities by promoting diversity and inclusion in its ranks.

Don't ask me how treating our military members equally and with respect is affecting their fighting ability. It's not. Period. It's a ridiculous lie to feed Trump's base more raw meat. 

Right-wing Fox News hosts are coming up with absolutely stupid theories like host Maria Bartriomo who suggested the three soldiers recently killed in Jordan died because of DEI (diversity, equality, and inclusion).

"Maybe the military is focused too much on DEI," Bartriomo told viewers. There's no low too low for Fox and Friends.

It's so ironic hearing right-wing messengers claim to be deeply concerned over the military readiness and capabilities after putting our nation at risk when Sen. Tommy Tuberville had a month's long blockade against the approval of military appointments over his opposition to the Pentagon's policy of reimbursing service members, veterans, and dependents for travel expenses related to abortion and reproductive health care. 

That traitorous stunt hurt our military's readiness a hundred times more than the imagined harm of diversity.

The MAGA cult - aka the GOP - would have us think Wokeness, DEI, and Critical Race Theory (all fever dreams) are ruining the country. They're not. MAGA is with their messages of hate and racism.

A constant stream of anti-diversity boogeyman nonsense saturates right-wing media and Congress. 

Earlier this month, conservatives began boycotting various airlines, citing bogus claims that the aviation industry's DEI initiatives were allowing unqualified pilots to captain planes.

Instead of blaming Boeing for the recent malfunctions, including a door flying off an Alaska Airlines plane mid-flight, conservatives chose to attack female and non-white pilots for safety problems.  

Un-American piece of crap, Elon Musk, asked his 170 million followers if they "want to fly in an airplane where they prioritized DEI hiring over safety?" 

As it stands, America has always been a diverse nation. The grand goal (not yet achieved) is total equality and freedom for all.

Monday, January 29, 2024

Georgia Residents Resist Massive Monkey Farm in their Backyard

Bainbridge is a rural outpost in Georgia that is destined to have more monkeys than humans in the near future.

Some sneaky local officials got together with Safer Human Medicine, a newly organized company that intends to build one of the largest monkey breeding facilities in the nation... behind the townspeople's back.

County and city officials involved in the project had to sign nondisclosure agreements, so the public wasn't notified until the day the deal with Safer Human Medicine was signed.

Angry residents held meetings expressing their concerns about the large 200-acre Monkey Farm in their backyard. Finally, during a public meeting at the county commission chamber there was a ray of hope towards stopping the project.

The agreement granting Safe Human Medicine tax breaks would be voided because the commission didn't properly notify the public before approving it.

Unfortunately, it didn't halt the project or nullify the land lease deal because the city of Bainbridge owns the land, not the county.

What the Local Citizens Fear

People fear that monkeys might spread diseases and - in the case of a major hurricane or tornado - escape.

They're concerned the massive facility's waste may damage the environment. Especially the nearby Flint River, which flows into Lake Seminole and whose waters are a prized jewel where residents swim and it's a nationally recognized place for fishing competitions.

There are 15,000 residents living in Bainbridge. The Monkey House's goal is maintaining a residence for 30,000 monkeys that will be experimented on. In other words, tortured for the sake of science.

The project's organizers say it'll bring in 250 jobs, but residents are more concerned about preserving their way of life.

Using Animals as Research Subjects is Immoral

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine claim they have no alternatives that can fully replace using nonhuman primates and dogs.

I call bullshit on that excuse!

In this day of artificial intelligence advancements, I can't believe there's no viable alternatives. They probably cost too much and its cheaper to slaughter primates and dogs in the name of science.

As it stands, the citizens in Bainbridge have banded together and are getting help from organizations like PETA to fight for their town. As one lifelong resident was quoted as saying, "We can't give up now. We got to keep telling them we don't want this in Bainbridge."


Sunday, January 28, 2024

It's a 'Catch-22' Situation on America's Southern Border

If you describe a situation as a Catch-22, you mean it is an impossible situation because you cannot do one thing until you do the other, but you cannot do the second thing until you do the first thing.

This is exactly what's happened on our southern border.

Everyone in both parties agrees that something has to be done about the un-checked flood of migrants crossing our southern border.

But taking action is an entirely different story. There's a bipartisan bill in the Senate that will address the immigration problem. It's stalled now because Trump told Mitch McConnell and Mike Johnson NOT to pass any legislation that will solve the problem so Trump can campaign on the hot button issue.

Even if the Senate does pass it, MAGA Mike said he won't even bring the bill to the floor, effectively paralyzing the House. 

To be clear, the Republican party is prepared to make the border situation even more perilous in order to get Trump re-elected president. So now until November there would be no hope for a solution.

Meanwhile Texas Gov. Abbott is preparing to go to war with the federal government. Abbott ignored the Supreme Court's ruling to take away the concertina barbwire in the river and to let federal agents resume their monitoring duties on the border.

In an act of total defiance, Abbott has refused to obey the Supreme Court ruling and has declared Texas has the right to defend itself against an invasion. Twenty-five GOP governors are supporting Abbott, and some are sending (or already have) their national guard units to join the rebellious state.

Trump is smiling right now. His operatives in Congress are obeying his every demand and MAGA governors are defying the Supreme Court in order to keep the chaos level high. In his tiny lizard brain Trump sees himself solving the border problem with draconian legislation.

On Monday a convoy of MAGA big rigs are going to travel along the border, starting in California, then Arizona and finally Texas. Tune in to your news and count the Trump flags. 

Blocking the Biden administration from being able to solve the dire situation is one of Trump's many corrupt schemes to become America's first dictator. He could care less about the continued chaos.

Hopefully sane Americans who love their country will somehow prevail against this deadly Catch-22. I believe average Americans can see what's happening right now. Trump is no longer hiding his authoritarian vision for our country.

As it stands, the bottom line is to vote blue in November. It's that simple if you want to save democracy and your own freedoms. 

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