Saturday, August 1, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 138: World Democracies Cringed, American's Groaned, Dictators Celebrated

Dear Diary, 

America, once on top of the world food chain, is now slipping as world leaders, ally or enemy, can see the planet's greatest democracy declining.


When Trump finally officially revealed he was going to contest the results of the upcoming election... a chill fell over the nation. GOP Senate and House members cringed and avoided reporters.

Then the orange anus argued the election should be delayed or it would be the "most inaccurate and fraudulent" vote in history.

That's when bells of alarm sounded off across the country as Americans got a dreadful confirmation that Trump was going to interfere with the electoral process.

Constitutional experts quickly pointed out that it's not possible to delay election day, but conceded Trump will do everything he can to discredit the election.

Meanwhile, world leaders are witnessing the destruction of a political system over 240-years old. Imagine what they thought when they heard the leader of the free world wanted to violate the Constitution so he could have more time for the economy to improve - and by proxy helping his re-elections chances.

Once the guiding light of democracies that valued equality and freedom, the USA's startling decline in just a few years has sown seeds of doubt, making it easier for fascists' and nationalists to take control when social unrest is threatening countries.

That's what happening in the world today. We have a global pandemic. Failing economies. Rising racism worldwide. And America doesn't have a true leader. 

Instead we have to contend with a narcissist whose losing in all of the pre-election polls, and melting down before our very eyes when he gives briefings at the White House. I just couldn't squeeze out a tear for Donny when he complained everyone likes and trusts Dr. Fauci, but not him.

Trump's open defiance against our Constitution is rattling democracies across the globe. It's rattling the Republican Party, which up to now has been a pool of jellyfish in his destructive wake.

Trump knows words matter. He's a con man, first and foremost.

With the biggest bully pulpit in the world he promotes conspiracies' and racism to keep his alt right base intact, gambling they will carry him to victory in November. 

Because he has limited brain capacity and doesn't believe in polls that don't favor him, Trump thinks his followers outnumber the rest of the United States. I hope he goes right on thinking that.

Quote for the Day: "I wonder if being sane means disregarding the chaos that is life, pretending only an infinitesimal segment of it is reality." -Rabih Alameddine

Friday, July 31, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 137: Yesterday Was a Huge Day of Contrasts

Dear Diary,

What a day of contrasts yesterday was.

While President Barack Obama eulogized civil rights icon, John Lewis, before the congressman's body was laid to rest in Atlanta, Trump was tweeting about his new bill to save suburbia from invading people of color and restoring The American Dream circa 1955.

When the news broke that the US economy contracted at a 32 percent annual rate from April through June, its worst drop on record according to an announcement from the Bureau of Economic Analysis yesterday, Trump tweeted a few minutes later about delaying the election "until it's safe to vote."

Top Republicans, and rank and file, actually turned on Trump when he suggested delaying the election. Even McConnell said, "No. It's carved in stone." The possibility of Trump trying to pull a stunt like that was accurately predicted by Joe Biden in April.

When President Obama spoke out strongly against Trump's efforts to suppress voters in November there was a standing ovation. It was one of those moments that reminded me what a great orator President Obama is.

Meanwhile, while extended stimulus benefits were desperately needed (they ran out today), Senate Republicans couldn't agree among themselves what they wanted in the proposed stimulus relief bill. 

As those disgruntled Republican senators leave today - for another break from work - while millions of Americans are being evicted from their homes, there's no relief in sight. 

In contrast, The House passed a bill 10 weeks ago - The Heroes Act - that addressed the needs of every American during this pandemic.

The contrast between Trump promoting a wacko who claims hydroxychloroquine cures COVID-19 and that our doctors use alien DNA to keep people from being religious, with Dr. Fauci and a whole raft of other healthcare officials was stark.

Yesterday was about Looney Tunes versus science. Fake News versus facts. It was about a president so far in over his toupee that he's bragging about dementia test scores. 

It was a bad day for Republican face mask rebellion. Herman Cain, a former GOP presidential candidate, died after getting the coronavirus because he didn't wear a face mask at Trump's super spreader event in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Another top face mask denier, Sen. Republican from Texas, Louie Gohmert, tested positive for COVID-19 yesterday, just before getting on Air Force One with Trump for a campaign event where no one would be wearing face masks.

When the news became public it unleashed a fusillade of anger on Capitol Hill - a sudden release of built-up tension over how the institution has dealt with the coronavirus pandemic within the confines of its own workplace. 

I know everyday has been a day of contrasts since the pandemic first infected America. For reasons stated above, I feel like yesterday was a turning point. The stark contrast between fact and fiction was never more apparent.

Quote for the Day: "Nothing exists without its opposite." -Chris Crutcher

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 136: Trump Has Finally Found a 'Doctor' As Crazy As Him

Dear Diary,
I'm imagining
Trump's initial reaction when he first heard Stella Immanuel praising his favorite drug hydroxychloroquine, and claiming it would cure COVID-19.

It was love at first listen. He claimed he didn't know who she was but told reporters "She was spectacular and sounded important," as if that was all that was needed to be credible.

For reasons only the voices in his head know, Trump has relapsed on pretending that he believes in science and is back to pushing discredited hydroxychloroquine as a useful therapeutic for people who have the coronavirus.

When Trump heard more from reporters about Stella and a clutch of questionable doctors pushing his favorite snake oil remedy, he complained that they were unfairly taken off the social media sites for sharing their opinion on something. 

His own stupid son Don Jr., posted a video on Twitter showing Stella and her gang of deniers wearing white lab coats. It was quickly shut down for sharing false information that endangered people's lives. Facebook and YouTube also quickly clamped down on Immanuel's misinformation.

I watched Trump's face twist into a tortured pretzel 
the other day when reporters told him about who Stella was. When he heard enough he waddled off in a huff.
To summarize
**Stella Immanuel was born in Cameroon and got her "medical degree" from a university in Nigeria in 1990. Unfortunately she doesn't list which one.

** Immanuel made videos saying that doctors make medicine using DNA from aliens, and that they're trying to create a vaccine to make you immune from becoming religious.

**She describes herself as a prophet of God and runs a little cult called Firepower Ministries. She describes herself as God's Battle Ax and Weapon of War." She also refers to herself as a "Deliverance Minister."  

**She's a big TRUMP SUPPORTER and tweeted a photo of Trump with the caption "Acquitted!" after senate Republicans let him get away with his crimes earlier this year.

It's interesting how Trump claimed he didn't know her. Anyone who supported him after impeachment would have been on his radar. Especially, on twitter.

**She's anti-homosexual and says they're all sinners.

**She preaches that some ailments are a result of people having sexual relations with demons and witches in their dreams.

In other words...

She's perfect for Trump. A doctor willing to ignore science and who adores him. In the end, no matter how this whole mess turns out, I think the two will end up being friends for life...

or at least until she pisses him off, and he shed's her like a snake's skin.

Quote for the Day; "Taking crazy things seriously is a serious waste of time." -Haruki Murakami 

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 135: Trump and Barr are Planning an 'October Surprise'

Dear Diary,

Trump is doing everything he can to come up with a repeat of his 2016 October Surprise

This time, with the help of his toady AG Barr, Trump hopes to come up with a magic bullet - a damning indictment - against Mueller's Russian investigation by claiming Democrats spied on him during the 2016 election.

Barr's appointed hitman for the counter Russian probe is John Durham, a U.S. Attorney. It's his job to come up with a whopper by the end of the summer that's so spectacular people are going to change their minds about Trump's lies and vote for him, believing he was a victim of a Democratic conspiracy.

It's important to remember that Mueller's investigation yielded no evidence of a criminal conspiracy. 

Despite that, Barr appointed Durham to investigate the origins of the FBI's original Russian probe at Trump's urging. 

The con man, and serial liar extraordinaire, is gambling that Americans can be fooled enough to vote for him at the last moment. What else does he have? Polls show him sinking in popularity daily.

I'm going on record here to say Durham's findings (if he has them ready by October - there are those who don't think he'll be ready until late December) WON'T have a major impact on the election.
Note, I didn't say there wouldn't be an October Surprise of some kind however.

Trump golf buddy, and super hypocrite, Lindsey Graham, is doing his best to produce some shit on Joe, or Hunter Biden that may shock the world. 

Graham has been a busy little suck ass lately and his committee will undoubtedly come up with some trumped-up bullshit story. Again, even if he does, it's a desperate gamble that probably won't work.

Now there is a strong possibility the Russians will come to his aide again. That China will aggressively influence the election through cyberspace. Anything is possible. It's the one thing I've learned from covering politics for decades.

I have no choice but to hope that Trump loses, in spite of the nasty shit I know he's capable of. 

Quote for the Day: "Plotting is an organic, and wildly inefficient process of trial and error." -James Hyne

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 134: A Day in the Life of a Republican During the Pandemic

Dear Diary,

I've been chronicling a day in the life of Republicans during this pandemic and economical crisis to give historians a more intimate view of their corruption, and to give examples of Trump's mindless minions activities.


Trump: Was golfing in Bedminster, N.J., increasing his daily lie count while tweeting conspiracy theories against Biden Sunday. On top of being the most corrupt president in American history, Trump has set new lows for national leadership and made the USA the laughing stock of the world. Quite the accomplishment.

Tom Cotton: Has been talking about the civil unrest in the country and reminiscing about the good old days in the South when"...slavery was an necessary evil." Cotton's been defending every aspect of the Confederacy lately. I won't be surprised if he shows up dressed like Robert E. Lee whenever the senate gets around to voting for a new economic stimulus package.

Mitch McConnell: After spending the last three-and-a-half years confirming partisan judges, Moscow Mitch is losing control of his fellow lapdogs in the Senate this week. Mitch came up with a stimulus bill, but because the party is so fragmented it may never get out of the senate.
Meanwhile, benefits from the last Stimulus Package are running out this week.

Robert O'Brian: Trump's national security adviser tested positive for the coronavirus after returning from Europe where he met with officials in the UK, France, Germany and Italy. Sounds like it may end up being a super spreader event because none of the officials (and that includes O'Brian) bothered wear face coverings and social distancing.

Mike Ditka: Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach, and hardcore Republican, Ditka showed his true colors this week when asked about athletes who kneel during the national anthem;
"If it was up to me, I'd say no," he responded to reporters.
"If you can't respect our national anthem, get the hell out of this country. That's the way I feel." 
My response to that is, Why don't you leave the country you racist old bastard?

Steve Mnuchin: Trump's Treasury secretary and professional tax cheat, Mnuchin is attacking continued enhanced benefits for unemployed Americans. He's an out of touch, ultra-wealthy multimillionaire who was grilled at his nomination hearing about shortchanging the same taxpayers with offshore tax havens sheltering his money.

Ron DeSantis: Affectionately known by his constituents as DeSatan, is running out of lies about how well Florida is doing during the pandemic. As of yesterday, the state was the hottest COVID-19 outbreak on the planet. He still refuses to enact a statewide face mask mandate despite the growing death count.

Mike Pompeo: the most corrupt Secretary of State in political history. He lies shamelessly and supports Trump's conspiracy theories without question. Most recently, while speaking at The Richard Nixon Library, pompous Pompeo laid out a Cold War policy against China every bit as hostile as the U.S. stance toward the Soviet Union. 

It was a speech tricky Dicky himself would have appreciated during his red-hunting days, before the opening to Beijing.

William Barr: will be testifying before the House Judiciary Committee today. He faces questions about why he fired Geoffrey Berman, the former District Attorney for the Southern District of New York. 
Barr is a shameless liar, and will support any mad schemes Trump comes up with. He's managed to take whatever creditability and respect the DOJ had, and dumped it into the swamp. 

Sebastian Gorka: One of Trump's biggest alt-right supporters got kicked out of the White by former chief of staff John Kelly in 2017...but he's back! 
Trump appointed the Nazi-loving asshole to the National Security Education Board. Holy shit! What's he going to inject into our children's classrooms?

Before Trump brought his hateful ass back, Gorka was working with Breitbart News. Enough said.

Lindsey Graham: Easily qualifying as the biggest hypocrite in the Senate, Graham who shed his humanity when he went all in with Trump, is busy leading a committee re-investigating Mueller's Russian investigation... just because Trump thinks it'll help him get re-elected. 

The funny thing is he could be putting GOP asses in a sling with some of the testimonies. Among his list of targets are Robert Mueller (I doubt if that'll happen) and former Deputy Attorney General, Sally Yates whose set to testify on August 5th. She'll be a hostile witness and will tell the truth, something that always scares Republicans. 


First Lady and former pole dancer, Melania Trump announced yesterday she's going to destroy the iconic Rose Garden and restore it to some past glory. She feels it's a great idea to pour taxpayer money on her little gardening project in the middle of a damn pandemic and economical bloodbath! Clueless some?

Quote for the Day: "I just want the real, keep the rest." -Unknown

Monday, July 27, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 133: 'And a Stable Genius Shall Lead Them...To Destruction'

Dear Diary,

In 2016 white evangelicals set aside nearly all their beliefs to back their new savior...Trump.

They talked about how he would make America great again by fulfilling their main agenda; electing Republican judges to the Supreme Court.

The plan was to stack the Supreme Court, and federal judge positions with partisans favorable to the white evangelicals and he'd get their vote. 

In 2016 Trump was portrayed as the second coming of Jesus Christ, or some ancient king who was a real shit but still helped out Christianity.

When Trump declared himself a "stable genius" the world laughed. But not the evangelicals. They became concerned. It was obvious Trump was publicly losing his credibility and people were talking about his reduced mental capacity.

Three and a half years later it's dawning on them that Trump is not Jesus Christ, or some biblical king come to save them from the evil liberals in the country. Trump is one stupid son of a bitch that only cares about himself. It must have been a tough revelation.

I suspect some of them will try to get right with God after the blasphemy of backing the most corrupt president in American history, and vote for Joe Biden. 

They, along with an increasing conservative revolt in the ranks and files of the GOP, will combine to help bring the idiot down in November.

Republicans are rightly worried about their leader who keeps bragging about acing a standard cognitive test.

I think someone in the White House needs to get a spine and tell him the only people who get this kind of test are ones suspected of dementia.

It was pathetic listening to him in a recent interview as he proudly recited, "...person, woman, man, camera, and TV."

If anyone has ever seen chimps learning things by rote, they know Trump is in the same company as those primates. Just don't tell a chimp that. They'd be highly insulted.

People voted for Trump in 2016 for several reasons. But the core message Trump and his minions touted was to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. People wearing MAGA hats are now rightly looked upon as racist assholes. No sign of greatness there.

That Trump was a great businessman (with four bankruptcies) was always a myth. Most Americans are realizing that as our national debt continues to bloom like deadly mushrooms in a dark room, the moron is a fraud.

The same fraudulent maroon whose supporters overlooked the Trump University scandal is now squatting in the Oval Office.

The Trump Foundation was another good example of what a fraud Trump is.

It was shut down by the courts and he was forced to pay millions to veterans groups and other charities who never received any funds, despite the Trump Foundation's claims they did.

Still, in spite of his history, Trump was elected in 2016. This November, Americans will have a chance to save Democracy from a stable genius who didn't know that Kansas City isn't a state!
Quote for the Day:
                              "I'm a misunderstood genius."

"What misunderstood?"

       "Nobody thinks I'm a genius."
-Bill Watterson

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Pandemic Diary Day 132: Trump is Prodding the Country... into a Civil War!

Dear Diary,

By injecting unmarked goons into Portland's protests last week Trump threw out the gauntlet and angry Americans replied by increasing the size of their protests. Especially, in Portland.

That's just what Trump wanted. Chaos followed by a so-called Law and Order agenda by the most corrupt POTUS in history. Sending special paramilitary units to Portland from Homeland Security was meant to provoke heated protests.

It worked.

Portland is now a powder keg waiting to blow up anytime. Human walls of moms, dads, and veterans stand between the protestors and Trump's goons daily. 

Meanwhile, black community leaders in Portland are urging local protestors to shift the focus of demonstrations back to the Black Lives Matter movement and away from what has become a largely "white spectacle."

The Portland NAACP has repeatedly denounced the actions of federal forces in Portland but has also criticized "mostly white anarchists" for inciting violence during the protests.

Various stakeholders with agendas are protesting in Portland making it difficult to sort out exactly what's happening from week-to-week in the last two months.

When Trump sent his "little green men" into the mix the focus of the protest quickly shifted from BLM to "Feds Go Home!"

The ultimate goal, as I see it, is to divide Americans so badly by pitting liberals versus conservatives (actually Trump supporters) that street warfare breaks out across the nation. 

Then, like the Lone Ranger wearing his newly adopted face mask, Trump will ride in and declare martial law, effectively seizing the Democratic states that have been defying him.

Quote for the Day; "To a mankind that recognizes the equality of man everywhere, every war becomes a civil war." -Eugen Rosenstock-Huessy

Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

I finally hit the wall today. I can't think of what to say about all of the madness going on in this country right now. I'm a writer...