Saturday, May 13, 2017

Trump's Lies Are Coming So Fast They're Tripping Up His Lackeys

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Our Liar-In-Chief doesn't care if he's fact-checked about things he says because no one has held him accountable... yet.

That may change some day.

Chump's propaganda team have been so confused lately that they look like three blind mice scurrying for cover during press briefings on the Comey firing.

Sarah, Kellyanne, and Spicy have told varying tales about what led up to FBI director Comey's firing. No two were alike.

Trump topped that by giving yet another version of what happened to Lester Holt in a 60 Minute interview. His version of firing Comey was so full of lies it would take a surgeon to discover them all.

Stump claimed Comey told him he wasn't under investigation three times in the termination letter delivered by his personal bodyguard.

Simply not true. Especially Hump's claim that Comey asked him to meet over dinner to discuss keeping his job. That according to James Clapper, former director of national intelligence.

Clapper told NBC's Andrea Mitchell, that Comey told him on the night of the dinner the president had invited him — and he was uneasy about it.

Clapper also said it would have been inappropriate and out of character for Comey to have asked for job security, or to have told the president anything about a pending criminal investigation.

What happened was Comey wouldn't swear loyalty to The Donald that night. Little did he know his days were numbered after that meeting.

A current FBI official and others close to Comey confirmed that the director did not request the one-on-one dinner, which happened at the White House a few days after Trump was sworn in.

The White House claims that Comey was unpopular and causing problems with his co-workers was another blatant lie destroyed by current-acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe.

McCabe said that Comey was "universally liked" and respected;

"Director Comey enjoyed broad support within the FBI and still does to this day," McCabe said, saying he holds Comey in the "absolute highest regard."

So now the world knows Lump lied about something big once again. Facts trumped his awkward lie. Chump's response?

He's considering not having anymore White House press briefings

That would fit nicely into his philosophy of no transparency. Maybe that was part of the plan. That is if there was a plan. It could have just been the result of another one of his temper tantrums.

As Dump violates ethical standards on a daily basis, the press is going to have to rely on White House whistleblowers willing to leak his latest lies.

Let's face it however, if Bump's own three stooges can't keep track of his daily flip-flopping and lies, how the heck is the press going to? 

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Senate Intelligence Committee Looking At Trump, Top Aides Finances, Russian Mob Connections

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The Senate Intelligence Committee is taking the most direct path to expose collusion between Russia, Trump, and his top aides.

They are following the money. 

Who bought what, when? Was there a money laundering scheme going on?

How Donny Little Hands managed to get elected with his proven past associations with Russian mafia figures (they lived in Trump Tower for years before finally getting busted) I'll never know.

Who vetted Trump when he ran? Obviously no one. 

So far Rump has managed to get away with not revealing his taxes. Hopefully this Senate committee will have the power to examine them and his financial dealings with Russia. 

Americans are becoming use to watching Don the Con and his family take advantage of their positions to promote their products.

The Kushner's use of "Golden Visas" for wealthy Chinese is only one example.

The scary part is Rump is systematically firing any government opposition to his (and his family's) agendas.

His recent firing of FBI director James Comey was a desperate attempt to derail the FBI's investigation on him and his top aides.

Trump Told He Would Not Be Greeted Warmly at FBI:Officials

You can bet Comey's replacement will have to be ready to kiss Trump's ass from day one. To do otherwise would assure he would have a short career.

However, it's looking like there's a chance to expose Dump's corruption via the Senate Intelligence Committee which has managed to take a bipartisan line thus far (with the exception of a few Republicans). 

When the Senate Intelligence Committee's report on Trump's financial connections to Russia and the Russian Mafia is released don't be surprised if Chump squalls like a scalded cat. 

Hopefully, it will put an end to his toxic regime before it totally pollutes our democracy.

Time for me to walk on down the road... 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reverting To Form: Trump Gathers Lawyers To Lend Credence To His Lies

Another typical Trumpian move.

Harking back to his days as a CEO, Trump has trotted out a gaggle of lawyers to defend him in what can only be a preemptive strike against his detractors.

Our first illegitimate president had a Washington law firm send a letter to a member of the Judiciary Committee - Lindsey Graham - saying he has no connections to Russia.

Now what good was supposed to come out of that? Does Chump think Graham will believe his lie about having no questionable business ties with Russia because a law firm sent it?

What's happening here is that Hump is reverting back to his civilian days when he could get away with bullying by sending a pack of highly paid lawyers to scare people.

Trump is running scared. His sudden firing of FBI director Comey was damage control.

Comey wasn't towing the line so he had slimeball Sessions (the same guy that lied to Congress during his confirmation and had to be recused from handling the probe about Russia and the Trumpies colluding) come up with some excuse to fire him.

Anybody with even half a brain can see through Donny's con. The fact that he felt he could get away with flip-flopping on Comey and suddenly fire him is troubling. 

You can't erase what's been documented however. We're looking at obstruction of justice.

Is Hump preparing to take total control of our intelligence community with a new FBI director? Who else will he set-up and fire in the other agencies if they aren't in lockstep with his vicious agenda?

While Lump is busy subverting our democracy nearly unopposed, he's gaining total control of all the branches of government.

Say goodbye Mr. President, and hello to America's first dictator, Donny Little Hands.

As long as the Republicans have control of the House and the Senate, it's going to be extremely hard to stop The Donald's deadly agenda.

America is facing the biggest challenge to freedom since WWII. But our enemy is not another country. The enemy sits in the Oval Office surrounding by his mindless minions.

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Trump Meets With 2 Top Russian Officials: American Press Not Invited! That's for Starters...

Good Day World!

You've got to be kidding me!

The Day Trump fires FBI Director Comey he meets with top Russian operatives aka Foreign Minister Lavrov and Russian Ambassador Kislyak at the White House.

Remember Kislyak? He met with Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, and Jared Kushner, to name a few of Trump's transition team.

And the American press was not allowed to attend! What the hell was that about? The Russians were given full access to their little love fest and video-taped the event.

Then they were nice enough to share photos with the American press. Optics anyone! Could it be any worse? Yes it could.

The excuses for firing Comey were flimsy, raising suspicions among Republicans and Democrats who called for an independent investigation after seeing what happened to Comey.

Trump's attempt to derail the FBI's investigation was a desperate move that's going to backfire on him. The ghosts of Watergate are once again stalking the White House.

Expect Trump do do everything he can to continue diverting all the investigations regarding his ties to Russia. 

Especially keep an eye on the Senate Intelligence Committee that is now investigating Trump and his top aides finances.

I always say "go to the source" and money surely is the common denominator between Trump and the Russians.

If the committee manages to examine Trump's tax statements that could be all she wrote for our first illegitimate president.

Until then Trump will be consolidating his power like a third world dictator. The check and balances in our government are being pissed on by Trump and his minions.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Constitutional Crisis: Trump Suddenly Fires FBI's Comey During Russian Investigation

                                      Good Day World!

The timing was suspicious.

Was the FBI getting too close to the truth about Trump's transition team and Russia? Something suddenly changed.

Out of nowhere Dump fired James Comey saying he mishandled Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state.

How did that suddenly become an issue in the midst of the investigation on Trump and Russia? Why didn't Chump fire Comey on Day One if that was the case?

It doesn't take a genius to see what's happening. Bump is eliminating anyone he sees as a threat to expose his corruption.

Don the Con said he acted on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and his favorite puppet Attorney Jeff Sessions, recommendation.

The fact of the matter is both men became enforcers  and made up a reason to fire Comey because Chump wanted him gone.

Never mind that Sessions lied under oath or that he would do anything for his orange-faced master. Never mind that Sessions may someday be called on to testify in the Russian investigation and that he had to recuse himself from it.

The fix is on. You better believe the person replacing Comey will be a shoe-licker and yes-man for Stump.

This desperate attempt to hinder the investigation just goes to show the lengths Lump will go to hide his corruption. Comey wasn't given any notice. Just Hump's signature "you're fired!" in a personally signed letter.

Donny Little Hands has viciously assaulted our intelligence community, the judiciary, the environmental protection agency, immigrants, and any American that dares stand up to him.

It's just a matter of time before he declares martial law. We are in a Constitutional crisis.

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Overt Corruption: Kushner Clan Selling 'Golden Visas' To Wealthy Chinese Who Invest In Their Hotels

Good Day World!

The president's chief advisor - and real president according to some - Jared Kushner, is padding his family's fortunes with White House insider pull.

Trump's family and circle of friends have no shame in their game.   

Jared Kushner’s family recently staged events in China to woo wealthy investors into luxury developments, with the prospect of receiving US green cards in return. 
On Saturday, Kushner’s sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer, took to the stage at an event at Beijing’s Ritz-Carlton hotel to urge Chinese investors to back One Journal Square, two skyscrapers currently being built in New Jersey.
“Invest $500,000 and immigrate to the United States,” the event’s brochure claimed, according to the Washington Post, which first reported the story.
As usual, when it comes to Trump and his family, there's numerous conflicts of interest involved. It doesn't seem to bother Jared or Chump, because they are plowing ahead with impunity.
The presidency has been reduced to promoting brands and influences for the Trumps and the Kushner's. It's Donny's biggest con and 1% of the nation is cashing in.
Noah Bookbinder, the head of Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, told the New York Times the sales offensive was “highly problematic” and could be interpreted as selling access to Jared Kushner.
Duh! No kidding.
Here's the part that worries me; no matter how many times the White House is caught promoting the Trump (or Kushner) brand, they weasel out of trouble.
The White House website was recently used to promote Lump's Mar-Lago mansion. This brazen self-promotion was taken down after a couple of days when numerous accusations of unethical behavior popped up in the press.
By now, anyone with a lick of sense knows Dump is not going to release his taxes because they'll reveal his shadowy business dealing with Russia and China (America's two biggest enemies). 
Kusher and Hump, both real estate magnets, now have access to more money than even their greedy hearts thought possible.
We can expect these two family dynasties to take full advantage of their positions in the White House for Rump's term. 
That's because the Republican dominated House and Senate are afraid of them. The chance of getting a negative tweet from Donny Little Hands is enough for those stalwarts of the people to cringe and hide.
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Monday, May 8, 2017

Former AG Yates Testifies About Flynn Connection To Russia - Republicans Didn't Like What They Heard

Update 5 p.m. PST: Yates Testified That She Told The WH That Flynn Could Be Compromised

It took 18 days - and a breaking news story - for Trump to finally ask for Flynn's resignation.
It turns out that President Obama even warned Trump about Flynn.

Up to now, the Senate's Investigation has been mostly non-partisan, but some Republicans decided to discredit the messenger in a partisan attack this time.

Lying Ted Cruz tried to grandstand for his master by asking some really partisan questions. At one point Yates corrected him, which brought smiles to a number of senators.

A few other Republicans did their best to divert the investigation with partisan trivia. 

One thing that did come out of today's meeting: there's a real need for an independent investigation because Trump loyalists are doing their best to sabotage the proceedings.

The only thing the Senate committee did was confirm that the Russian's did interfere with our election. Something the entire intelligence community has known for over a year.

I wouldn't expect more to come from this group.

Time for me to walk on down the road...

Sunday, May 7, 2017

'America First' Means Tossing Values Like Human Rights For New Foreign Policy

                                     Good Day World!

Trump era maxim; "Run the country like a business, and don't sweat the small shit like human rights and freedom issues."

Our new Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, who was ExxonMobiles CEO prior to his appointment from Chump, gave a short speech to his disgruntled staff explaining his new foreign policy approach the other day.

Former US state department officials were blown away when they heard the direction Tillerson was steering the ship of state.

“This is the most clueless speech given by a secretary of state in my lifetime, said Tom Malinowski, former assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights, and labour.
Clueless of what came before him, and of how US foreign policy has changed in the post-cold war era; clueless about what the world expects of America, including that we defend universal values and norms; clueless about what the people he is supposed to lead actually do and the harm being done to their mission and morale by his cluelessness.
The speech was like being told the amputation of your limbs will be good for you by a surgeon who skipped medical school,” Malinowski added.
There's a reason why Rump picked Tillerson. He, like the rest of Rump's nominees, believes running the country like a business is more important than American values, ethics, and morality.
I'm waiting for Lump to come up with a new way to address our country. Something like, "The U.S. Corporation of America."
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Blog Break Until Presidential Election is Over

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