Saturday, December 29, 2018

Alternate Reality: Trump Minions Think Shutdown Is A Winner

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There's point of view, and then there's reality.

Trump minions have decided the government shutdown is a good thing. 

They see Trump's tantrum for not getting his wall as the way to go...regardless of the real world consequences.

Over 800,000 federal workers don't agree with that assessment at all, regardless of Trump's claim that they're all for it!

Another fact slapping Trump in the face, even as he grins in false triumph, is that the 800,000 employees are NOT all Democrats. Republicans are among their numbers. Trump
ignores that reality like he does everything, in a pathetic bid to spin how he's winning.

Trump and his minions have decided a prolonged stalemate will likely fracture voters along traditional partisan lines, and the ultimate outcome will be a debate waged largely on the president’s terms.

Increasingly, they see an upside in forcing likely incoming Speaker Nancy Pelosi to have to spend the first days, if not weeks, of the next Congress engaged in an argument over border wall funding rather than her preferred agenda: a mix of sweeping ethics and election reforms and congressional oversight.

And they continue to believe that a conversation around immigration and border security is in the president’s best political interests. 

Fact: the most recent polls show a majority of Americans are against the shutdown. Therefore, the alternate reality is Trump's minions are only spinning the shutdown for his base.

Fact: Trump's minority base is fracturing.

A good example of what's happening is Fox News.

For the first time in 17 years its ratings ranked 2nd to MSNBC because of a dwindling viewership that doesn't want to see reality - and Fox has gone off message with real stories criticizing the president these last couple of weeks.

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Friday, December 28, 2018

6 Things That Most Americans Don't Want To See in 2019

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It's good to put limits on some things.

Like how long one's readership will dwell on a post before moving on to something more entertaining.

Here's six things Americans don't want to see next year:

1) A long government shutdown. It's already been bad enough for 800,000 federal employees without having to deal with Trump's temper tantrum over the wall for an extended period of time.

2) Congress has been kicking immigration reform around for years. People are tired of hearing about children dying in caged camps, and families being separated. No one wants to see the misery continue without resolution.

3) Americans are sick of the chaos in the White House. They're sick of the corrupt Cabinet members who keep recycling through the West Wing, and they're sick of Trump's lies.

4) Most Americans, and lawmakers, support special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian investigation, and don't want to see it meddled with by the president, or any of his partisan minions.

5) 2018 was such a divisive year for Americans that our very democratic foundation was rocked. The majority of Americans hope the hate rhetoric and polarization between political parties will be toned down a few scales in 2019.

6) Most Americans were embarrassed by Trump's foreign relation policy of adoring authoritarian world leaders, and pulling out from a world organizations we've been partners with since post WW II. The last thing they want is to see a repeat of 2018.

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Thursday, December 27, 2018

What The Hell Motivates That Squatter In The White House?

                          Good Day World!

Where did that sudden display of courage come from that landed Trump in Iraq for a quick photo op with the troops yesterday?
Trump Finally Visited The troops Overseas - And It Was An Embarrassing Mess

I suspect Melania held his tiny hand and promised to clean up any poop poo that squirted into his tightey whiteys if he'd agree to go.

The mystery is what motivates Trump at times.

On one hand, he hasn't shown any desire to visit American troops abroad since squatting in the White House two years ago. 

When he failed to visit a WW I War Memorial for Americans who died in France due to the rainy weather, he made it clear there were limits on his patriotism.

But what got him to change his mind about visiting our men and women in the military around the world? Is it possible his minions, aka cabinet, convinced him too?

Did Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh instruct him too? He values their vile input.

Was it something as simple as being teased about his cowardice for so long it finally got under his orange skin? A way of shaking off the label, Cadet Bone Spurs?

In the end, there's no reliable way to determine what makes the orange anus act. 

He can wake up in the morning and pull American troops out of Syria (without consulting anyone), or actually stop tweeting for 20 hours (a record since slithering into office) to make a surprise appearance in Iraq.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Back to Work...for Some Americans

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I hope you had a better Christmas than the 800,000 plus federal workers who found out they're not getting paid until Trump's current temper tantrum subsides.

Congress is going to have to unite to override the orange maroon's veto. That means everyone has to put on their big boy, or girl, pants and push through a bipartisan agreement to re-open the government agencies affected.

I know this won't be easy, but short of Trump finally backing down with his childish demand for a wall (not too likely), it's going to be the only path to putting the government back in business.

Speaking of business, it would be nice if Trump and his puppets would keep their traps shut about the Fed! 

Between our liar in chief, and his money boy Steve Mnuchin, they've managed to rock what is actually a sound economy and create a panic on Wall Street.

The result of their stupidity was the worst December economy since the Great Depression in 1931, and a stock market in free fall before the new year even begins.

Those federal workers waiting to get paid again, join millions of other Americans in uncertainty during the Trump regime.

Looking ahead to 2019, our country faces the greatest challenge yet; somehow stop Trump before he starts a war, abroad...or at home!

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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

#MerryChristmas - Our Little Christmas Miracle

Good Day World!

One of the best things about Christmas is when a family gathers at one place to celebrate.

It's not easy these days. 

Families are separated by the realities we live with like members having to work on Christmas Day.

The challenges are myriad ranging from politics separating families to the cost of travel to get together. Airfares go up. Gas goes up. It's almost a conspiracy against unity.

We have three sons and five grandchildren. It's been many years since we all got together for Christmas. My wife and I quit planning on our children coming for holidays because it seemed to be mission impossible.

That's why we didn't plan on having the gang today.

Now for our little miracle.

Two days ago, all of our sons and their families called to say they were coming our way for Christmas!

It's truly a Merry Christmas in the Stancliff household today!

I wish a very Merry Christmas to my followers, and new readers of this blog! 

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Monday, December 24, 2018

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...and Dictators Throughout the World are...

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                                        Here we are.

Christmas Eve.

As Americans hunker down for a good nights sleep with visions of gifts, dictators and strongmen worldwide are dreaming of war, power, and continued suppression of their people.

Feeling especially grateful tonight is Vladimir Putin. His Donny finally came through by pulling our troops out of Syria and strengthening Russia in the Middle East.

It's the kind of Christmas gift any dictator would love. It also proves the bromance is still on, despite Congress's efforts to intervene in their love story.

Trump didn't forget his buddy, Turkey's tyrant Recep Erdogan. He served up our allies, the Kurds, in a disgusting betrayal, for a special holiday gift that also reverberated for his base at home. 

Chinese leader for life, Xi Jinping, is busy plotting payback for Trump's gift of tariffs and disrupting their relationship by flirting with other dictators.

Feeling angry, and butt hurt, North Korea's leader for life, Kim Jon-un, feels ignored tonight. His memories of his first meeting with Trump (was it love at first sight?) burn in his pig he watches one of his relatives tortured for the holiday.

The murderous Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, is celebrating Trump's resistance against the U.S. taking any action against him for butchering Washington Post columnist, Jamal Khashoggi.

The bloodthirsty Crown Prince is passing out seasonal greeting cards tonight with a photo of Jared Kushner kissing his bare ass with the caption, " Allahu Akbar! I got Kushner in my pocket, and his head up my ass!"

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Trump's Space Force Set To Intercept Illegal Alien Bearing Gifts

                                         Good Day World!

It's been tense today. 

Trump's tantrums have been volcanic in recent days and now he's swearing "No damn illegal immigrant is going to get past his Space Force carrying questionable cargo."

Meanwhile, somewhere in the North Pole, Santa Claus has contacted the White House and is hoping there will be an adult to talk with along with Trump. No luck.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Santa Claus that the administration needs to inspect his bags full of gifts, and that he needs to apply for a temporary Visa to distribute them.

Looking evil in a green elf costume, Stephen Miller and a clutch of Trump minions set up a border ice wall in Alaska where Santa Claus must report to.

Upon hearing the outrageous news, the rest of the countries in the world all rallied for Santa Claus, demanding Trump knock off the bullshit and let Santa do what he's always done.

Despite the international plea for the jolly old elf and all the cheer he spreads, Trump has remained determined to destroy Christmas, according to White House Spokesperson (and sociopath) Kellyanne Conway.

"The president believes in tariffs and he's not going to let all those gifts enter the country illegally. As for the VISA, Santa will have to be vetted and we're not sure how long that will take."

Reporter: "Kellyanne, is it true that Trump's Space Force will be scrambling in the skies over America on Christmas Eve?"

Conway: "That all depends..."

Reporter: "On what?"

Conway: "If Santa decides to be compliant at our Alaska Border."

Reporter: "Why is the president doing this?"

Conway: "Doing what? He's looking out for our best interests. Just look at our booming economy...

Reporter: Statistics just out shows this December has been the worst time for the stock market since the Great Depression in 1931..." 

Conway: "...and the world is safer now than it's ever been before...

Reporter: "How's that  possible when Secretary of Defense Gen. James Mattis, suddenly quit because Trump abruptly called for an immediate retreat out of Syria? 

Conway:"That's all for now libtards! We'll just come up with a new holiday!"

The suspense mounts...

TV Reporter; "The skies are dark this night before Christmas Eve. Dark with the threat that looms above...Trump's Space Force on patrol..."

Time for me to walk on down the road...

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