Saturday, January 25, 2014

A look at upcoming Super Bowl ads and great pot munchies!

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With the Super Bowl a mere eight days away, I have a few items to share that’ll make your day. That is if you’re a football fan. If you’re not, I think you’ll still find some of the following interesting:

Experts are predicting commercials for everything from Greek yogurt to luxury cars will tackle rival brands head-on. Viewers who tune in just for the commercials will see as much aggressive competition as fans following the action on the field.

It’s really going to be competitive this year because more brands are gearing up for real-time feuds on social media channels. Last year’s spontaneous Oreo Tweet after a power outage struck the Superdome in New Orleans was a big wake-up call for marketers about the power of acting - and, more importantly, reacting - in real time.

It remains far too early to pinpoint a forecast for Super Bowl XLVIII, but hints of an active and potentially stormy pattern being in place the weekend of the big game are now beginning to show up on predictive weather models.

If you’re thinking of going to Super Bowl XLVIII here’s a link to get tickets.

It happened.

The only two states in the country where marijuana has been legalized for recreational use are sending teams to the Super Bowl this year. The Denver Broncos will face off against the Seattle Seahawks in a showdown that can only be described as made for stoners. The Bud Bowl, Weed Bowl, Hash Bowl - call it what you will, this year's Super Bowl is the game marijuana-enthusiasts everywhere have been waiting for.

The possibilities for marijuana-enhanced food extend well beyond your average pot brownie (which doesn't have to be average at all, in fact). There are cannabis cocktails and no-bake (pun intended) weed cookies. There's caramel "potcorn," mashed "pot-atoes, and "pot chocolate."

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Friday, January 24, 2014

3 GOP Hopefuls for Presidency Show What Not to Do to Win

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The new year is still young, but that hasn’t stopped three Republican governors from making complete asses of themselves.

Here’s a quick look at the three stooges:

Normally I don’t waste space talking about onetime presidential candidates, but in former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s case I’m making an exception because there’s rumors he may run again in 2016.

He claims Democrats are pushing women to believe “they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government.”

I quote Mr. Huckabee:

"If the Democrats want to insult women by making them believe that they are helpless without Uncle Sugar coming in and providing for them a prescription each month for birth control because they cannot control their libido or their reproductive system without the help of the government, then so be it. Let us take this discussion all across America because women are far more than the Democrats have played them to be.”

Oh really? I wonder if women are buying this bullshit? I seriously doubt it. As long as the Republicans have people like Huckabee front and center, they can forget about really reaching out to a majority of women in this country.

Next, we have Republican Gov.Chris Christie’s Bridge Over Trouble Waters! Political payback gone wrong.

Will anyone ever believe he didn’t know about the narrowing of the George Washington Bridge by his staff and circle of friends?

Allegations of withheld Sandy relief funds from the Mayor of Hoboken has drawn the FBI into the case.

Despite going on a firing spree when news got about the bridge’s narrowing for political purposes, Christie hasn’t won over any new converts for his dream of being president some day. As a matter of fact, the latest polls show his popularity is plummeting.

Finally, we have former Republican governor, Robert F. McDonnell, and his wife, Maureen, who were charged with illegally accepting gifts, luxury vacations and large loans from a wealthy Richmond area businessman who sought special treatment from state government.

Did I mention that McDonnell was once considered a rising star in the GOP universe and there was even talk of a presidency? It never went beyond that, however. Just talk.

Seems all three governors have that in common. A trio of corrupt would-be presidents trying to get into the White House.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

A child is hurt every 22 minutes in shopping cart accidents in USA

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It would be a better day if American parents were pickier about shopping cart safety for their children. Unlike other countries, the U.S. lacks stability standards for shopping carts.

I wish someone could explain why that’s a fact. Are we really that lax with our own children’s safety?

Apparently we are. A new study confirms shopping carts are dangerous, with an estimated 66 children a day hurt in falls and spills.

That’s one child injured badly enough every 22 minutes to go to the emergency room, or more than 24,000 children a year, according to research from Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio.

Just last week, a 19-year-old worker at an Alaska Home Depot caught a baby in mid-air after she fell out of a shopping cart. Christopher Strickland of Anchorage rescued the girl seconds before her head would have hit the concrete floor.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

‘Hello World’ I’m ready to chase comets now!

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Or, should I say "Hello, world" because that’s what the Rosetta spacecraft said when it woke up ready for it’s comet-chasing mission Monday.

When I heard the news, I flashed back to a movie that came out in 1968 (the year I graduated from high school): 2001 A Space Odyssey.

Here’s one of the chilling conversations that went on between a computer and a human in that “futuristic” science fiction thriller:

Dave Bowman: Hello, HAL. Do you read me, HAL?
Affirmative, Dave. I read you.
Dave Bowman: Open the pod bay doors, HAL.
I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.
Dave Bowman:
What's the problem?
I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
Dave Bowman:
What are you talking about, HAL?
This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it.
Dave Bowman:
I don't know what you're talking about, HAL.
I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.
Dave Bowman: [feigning ignorance]
Where the hell did you get that idea, HAL?
Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.
Dave Bowman:
Alright, HAL. I'll go in through the emergency airlock.
Without your space helmet, Dave? You're going to find that rather difficult.
Dave Bowman:
HAL, I won't argue with you anymore! Open the doors!
HAL: Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye

And now, today’s article:

“Nervous anticipation gave way to jubilation on Monday when the European Space Agency's Rosetta comet-chaser spacecraft emerged from almost three years of induced, energy-saving sleep to report it was ready to carry out its history-making $1 billion mission.

Rosetta alerted scientists at the ESA mission control center in Darmstadt, Germany, that it was awake and ready to rev up and rendezvous with the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet in August.

The message sent from the spacecraft still 5.6 million miles from its comet destination reached Earth at 7:18 p.m. Central European Time (11:18 a.m. PST) and triggered a preprogrammed tweet of "Hello, world!" in several languages. (Read the rest of the story here.)

I hope the ground crew and the Rosetta computer are good friends and stay that way. You know how important that can be!

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